Create a Food Story: Cook, Photograph and Share Your Favorite Recipe

Doug + Kelsi Klembara, Travel & Food Photographers based in Texas

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6 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Choosing a Recipe

    • 3. Prepping to Photograph & Cook

    • 4. Styling & Photographing your Final Image

    • 5. Quick Edits for a Dynamic Image

    • 6. Sharing the Story


Project Description

Document and share your favorite recipe

Now it's your turn to choose a recipe to share. Whether you choose to cook and photograph a challenging, new recipe or an old favorite, we want to see what you create and where you decide to share it!

One of our favorite aspects of sharing food stories is that sometimes the simplest ingredients or recipes can be the most beautiful and inspiring. As you decide what photograph you want to share, remember to consider the type of food you are most passionate about and the recipes that hold the most significance to you. Keep things simple and have fun with what you create! 

Make sure to tag your recipe with #skillshare and tag us, @potsandpans_

Upload your final image and tell us how and where you posted your recipe, or send us a link to where we can find it. 

As for those waffles we just made, you can find the final food story on Pots and Pans here:

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