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Create a FOREST MAZE in Terragen

teacher avatar Film VFX

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. 2. The Maze

    • 3. 3. Tweaking the Maze

    • 4. 4. Colour wheel and where to find plants

    • 5. 5. Terragen Forest Maze

    • 6. 6. Add ground and tweaking

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About This Class

In this course you will learn how to create a FOREST MAZE, techniques you can apply also to a flower maze:

- Where to find the maze and how to design it to look impressive and aesthetically pleasing

- How to tweak it to allow enough space in the corridors of your maze

- Where to find the trees and flowers for your maze and what type works best for a maze

- The importance of color combination using the color wheel

- How to make the maze in Terragen

- How to work on the ground

- How to tweak the render settings

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Film VFX


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1. 1. Course Introduction: welcome. In this course, I will teach you the skills to create a forest maze. You will learn where to get your maze, how to design it and what it needs to look like for it to be impressive. Number two is what you need to do about your maze so that it gets all the para meters necessary for you to be able to import it in a three d package. Number three. I would even talk to you about where you can get your trees. Your plans for vegetation, your flowers free of charge. Those that some posit are offered free of charge. Or if you want, I will also show you the paid versions. I will be using a model here, and I will show you a kind of trees work best for the maze. We're going to work on the ground as well so that we can get an aesthetically pleasing combination of colors based on the color wheel as well. And we're going going to work on the lighting and on the render perimeters. I cannot wait to see what you do with it. Well, come to this course. Click to enroll 2. 2. The Maze: The first thing you want to start with is your maze. You need to make a maze on. Then from there you can populate it. OK, Now, how do we make the maze? There are a few ways, the manual way on the laborious way, which is going to Adobe Illustrator and then designing it manually, depending on the style that you want, chances are you're only going to do to do this. If you are paid for a custom job like in terms off, you're being asked to do something specific on the maze. Has to look in a particular way. What are the chances of this happening? Very, very, very remote. Okay, so if you are asked to do something very specific like the maze has toe have a specific look, then you have to do it yourself. And under B illustrator. Now, I am not going to take you this route because it is the longest route. But I'm gonna take you to another route because amaze is amazed. And you can get something quite interesting mathematically quite aesthetically pleasing and are gonna give you some tips for that. So what it is we're going to ignore administrator for now and go to a whip site. Go to this website called Mays generator dot net. What is this? Well, this is what it takes. It generates a maze. Okay, so we are going to generate Timmy's first thing is, don't bother looking at all these parameters. Just click generate. No, no, no, no. We're not gonna take the default one. We're not that lazy. We're just gonna generate and see what it looks like. Okay, Good. Right. So this is a maze, and then you think, Well, well, hold on a moment. If I'm going to populate something on the maze and in our case, it's vegetation. We're gonna put some trees or flowers or something. I think we'll go first with trees. You look at this and you think the white is thicker than the black. So how is that gonna work? Is the white, the vegetation and the black? The corridors, Then the corridors are too narrow on. If the black is vegetation and the white is the quarter staying the black is insufficient for a convincing maze. Don't you worry about that. We're gonna sold that after we decide the aesthetics off our maze. now, what does the screen look like? We're just working now is that this is and a bit of advice In terms of aesthetics. All screens are rectangular. There is an aesthetic rule. Not really ruled that when you add a circular form to a rectangular form, you get some sort of diversity. Looks more pleasing instead of having a rectangular in rectangular, so shall we start with that? First we go up here shape. Don't get rectangular. Go to circular. I mean, you could take anyone that really wants a circular and then generate for triangular generate. Feel free. I'm just giving you the options here. Generate whatever form or shape you want. But we're going to go now with circular. Okay. Shall we do that? Actually, this is quite interesting. A lengthy hexagonal one. Let's go with circular. Okay, so in a click, generate. Is that it? Okay, Yeah, it is a maze. It is amazed. But then how about to stop messing with the perimeters? Outer diameter? Let me tell you something. If you have amazed, you better have it big. Like really big, so big that you are able to choose when you are shaping so many. When you're change choosing your camera view, you can decide what angle to take, and you are not limited or bothered by the borders if it's too narrow. So let's put here at least 50 and get something really big. Okay? If I'm going to have my camera probably is gonna cover. Just here on then is everything else waste? It's not called Waste just called. We make sure we have enough room to play with. Okay, so we put their at least double or three times what we need in terms of maize, that's number one. Number two is the inner diameter. Depending on what do you want to put inside the maze when you're designing your stuff in view or Introgen or in any three D package? It could be intriguing. It could be interesting that you just don't put vegetation and ground, and you put something interesting exciting in the middle. Not for that middle for you to use it. It needs to be blanket used to be empty. Actually, you need to have enough space in it. So how about putting in the inner diameter something like 10 unlikely generating you. So we are making this one bigger. That depends on what you want. It is. There's nothing interesting inside. You could bring it back to four or five. Whatever. Whatever you want. Ok, now you have done this and I think fine is this is aesthetically pleasing. It will be aesthetically pleasing. Once we do some other work on ticket out of here, I strongly recommend not to download it. Now, how are we going to get it done? Um, do you think? Well, okay, I can get P and G when I click on download. I just noticed that I'm when I don't know this stuff. I get two or three files in 15 and I just don't feel comfortable with that kind of stuff. So I just go right here and right click and say, Save image us. And it's taking me to maize. And you've noticed that I've already saved. So this is my maize folder. But something is in here. We're gonna look at these things. I've already saved an image generator there, and it is very svg format. Fine, whatever this video format. So let me say that this is new because I've already done it before. Let's put it there. OK, done. We have now gotten our amaze. Now this is not enough because we need to work on the size off the corridor and the size off the vegetation. If this is gonna be like a forest maze, which could be quite interesting, the trees need to be enough dense on the corridors. Need to be enough visible when you look at those trees are quite big, and they can cover corridors if their narrow. We need to have an angle off the camera that shows both of them, but at the same time, we need to give the camera enough things to work with. We need then corridors to be wide enough, and we need the black area to be wide enough as well. So let's do that. Next step is to take it to on image processing application, whether it's Photoshopped or gimp, let's take it there 3. 3. Tweaking the Maze: All right, let this Let's take this image. Now, Teoh for the shop on what we're going to do is most of purpose. Click OK, when we get this, why are we bringing this to an image processing application before taking it any further? Because we need to make enough space. Actually, we need to have them equal the white on the black need to be equal. In this case, it's transparent. But guess what? It doesn't matter cause, you know, when you bring it to view or charity and you get the white and the black, it's in the white and black, so that's fine. In our case here, we're going to need to do a few things because it's so big. You have Theo pocket, you have the option, the option Generally, I think, to recommend to make the canvas bigger because then we have enough space that you do when you want to have the full um mais in the comer. If it if the full maze is part off a bigger landscape that you put it in there than you, please do. Please do increase the converse eyes. So it's gonna be something image, canvas size and then make it bigger here. Okay, Like 15 or something. Just allowed enough space that it doesn't get cropped hair. Why? Because we're going to play with the blacks Now we're going to play with the blacks Were gonna make it thicker. I need to make the black stuff taker because that is either the corridor or the trees the vegetation maze on. And we prefer to have enough space not to get it cropped. You know what? I'm gonna do it anyway, because although I'm not going to use the full maze, I want you to get in the habit off, creating enough space around your stuff. Good. This way we don't have a problem, so I'm gonna do it anyway. That's number one. Number two is very simple filter. Other minimum just member. That filter other minimum, you click on it and something is gonna happen. Okay, It happened in my case because I have kept the defaults in your case, it's gonna be in something like one. Probably one or zero something. I don't remember the default value. Just increase it to a value that works for you. Let's go back to the default. For example, okay. I think default was once like, a little bit thicker. You can go with two. Three. What? You guessed it because you found in my day local boxing with seven. Sof messed around with it, and I found that seven was actually pretty cool. They do not need to be equal for the simple reason that when you have the camera view the angle you're gonna be struggling to see, actually, you are going to be able to see the trees. What you're going to be struggling to see are the corridors. So I'm trying to give more space toe one than to the other because the camera needs to see more the corridors because the trees are gonna hide some of the corridors not only by their shape but also bad day, but by them shadows. So let's just keep it a seven on move on. What have we just done? Increased the thickness off the black filter, other minimum putting the number done, and then you save it as a format that, um, can be used in derision or view. So I'm using here PNG. I think my use in PNG. I remember using the polls. I used tiff. I use it if in the past. You know what? Let me go. It. If again, you could do PNG If you want. I'm gonna tiff. Okay? Tiff knew these two FISA warrant used earlier. Don't bother with these for us. Now we go. Just go in image generator. And you know you notice I've already started this one and then electron experimenting that I found that actually, seven is the right numbers are wrote Image generator seven less to share the logic. Okay, so now we're going with this one as stiff. Good save. Whatever done, this part is done. Now we're going to talk about something like before moving into the region or view or any through the package. We have made the the shape we want to work with. It's big enough. It has enough thickness. It has enough space for the corridors. Enough space for vegetation. Now that, I think, is about how do we feel in this stuff? Because it's old, black and white or black on transparent was gonna be interpreted as white. For now, it's just black and white. So where do we get the stuff from? Where do I get vegetation from And what kind of vegetation? Let me show you. In the next lecture, I will explain to you how things work. 4. 4. Colour wheel and where to find plants: Now we have finished our or what was that again? Here we go. We're finished. Our maze design actually, having designed much, we just generated it. Could you imagine if you spend how much time you spend doing this stuff in Adobe Illustrator or something similar That's gonna take you a lot of time. So the maze generator dot net website is an amazing one. It's for free. Just get your stuff and you move on. And this you have to carefully designed something in a specific full. Okay, let's move on. I have now asked the question About what? Where do we get the stuff from On. The first thing you see is a call. Wait, I think Aren't we supposed to talk about where to get the vegetation from? Okay, okay. Before we get carried away and then talk about vegetation and where we get the trees and what kind of form of trees I want to do a draw your attention to the aesthetics of things. If you are okay, this is in case you are going to use flowers or vegetation off different colors. If it's just a tree, amaze ah forest maze forest maize, which has trees that are green fine. Which which I think we're going to do. But I'm giving you all the information without even if you go further with flowers and you say I want to have double maze, Okay? What I mean by double Muslim and not confuse you If you think If you say Okay, listen, the black stuff. I don't want to have any corridors. I want to have the block the black areas in a certain flower format for certain flower type color. And I want the Korea the area to be filled in with other flower style, which is beautiful. It can give you something beautiful. That's why I have taken you first to the color with Please pay close attention. It's not any color that matches any color. Traditionally, it's a very good start to begin with your color wheel. Haven't you noticed that Hollywood films always go for a certain look? That's why sometimes do you think the picture looks gorgeous? Looks brilliance. Fantastic. Why is that? Because they are pairing colors from the color wheel. You are familiar with the orange and blue. Look, right, Okay. Doesn't mean you're gonna look for orange flowers and blue flowers. They do exist. But the idea is that you may find, read and think. I don't think you don't mix red and pink. Actually, you can. There's nothing against that, but aesthetically think goes with green. It really looks great. So you want to have something around the opposite. It doesn't have to be exactly the opposite. Sometimes you see, for example, have you seen? I don't remember Price. What has corporate is a company like? Why are we mentioning process? Corporate used to have really brilliant logo. It's beautiful one in terms of any, just like a background on text. B wc President Scoopers as a company. And it used to be political An orange, just these two. So get in the habit whenever you're designing something that involves covers colors to have a look first at your color wheel. Are you gonna use flowers? You got something in red, Have a look at something in green or somewhere close to it, Like just somewhere like this. Just look at the three in front of it. If it's purple, something like that, you can go a bit here. Fine, but red like a rose red rose and the rose rose like a pink rose. Read Rosen. Pink roses. Thank you. Yeah, It's gonna look the way you look for it. And now here. Okay, that's it. Um, so it's it's aesthetics to make a difference. Okay, so this is step number one. If you're gonna play with flowers, I'm gonna show you where together flowers. If you want to play with these, um, have a look at the Cory, Please. Chances are you may be limited in terms of free stuff. Okay? Because I'm taking you to a website that has bay things, but also has free stuff for you to play with and unfortunately, has got the red under pink. But you know what? You could take it a photo shop. It could change the hue off the picture to make it a little bit greenish or something. Whatever. Let's not move to that whip site. Here we go. This this one, I'm not making any advertisement for export. Whatever, but they do have some stuff that you can use for free. So for your experimentation exploring things, you can come over here and get it for free. Let me just take you from the beginning. Explore dot com and you come to shop. Okay. Shop. You can get in any former possible. So it doesn't matter what your three d packages if you want to have it in Taraji and all, you want to have it in in view or into this Max, whatever. See is a drag and drop compatibility with all these formats. This is amazing. This is like a big on forest. Back is actually for through the three DS. Max, this is amazing. This is why I'm taking you Hear the reason Number one Another reason number two years Because we've got a lovely free section here for you to experiment with. So there's simple. And then you've got stopping here all. Sorry, I made a mistake. It was not red and pink was read in purple, so Yeah, whatever. So if you want to play with, um vegetation flowers. So if you go in the flour maize route, then you can take these ones. Grab them when you downloaded. I think you're gonna have to register. Put your email address or something. That's when you get it for free. You get my email. The link for download on you get a huge drinker three DS Max Fbx or B J. Whatever view even I think view Bob format all sorts of things. So grab the one you are comfortable with. Okay? Comfortable like something you want to play with. I am going to give you an advice when it comes to trees because the flower is a flower, it's gotta shape. It's got a format that it looks like a flower. However, when it comes to trees, if you say you want to have a forest maze because trees are ah, hi, right. Andi amazes by definition, something that is challenging you should not be able to see through it, right, So the floor amazes more for aesthetics. But the forest maze is meant to be a little bit like scary. Or you shouldn't be able to look through the trees. Right. But if the three is too high and you only have the branches like the trunk, um you're gonna be able to see through it will be able to walk through them. That's why the choice off maze. Sorry. The choice off the type of tree matters I am for the purposes off this tutorial to give you something that works. Going to use a paid vision. Right. But you can absolutely fine grab any one of these andan use it. All right, So what you are going to do is just grab literally any one of these. Probably the closest one is gonna be this one. Maybe because the format is a little bit Well, it's It's it's a matter off. It's not stitching them together. It's basically what's gonna happen if you put them next to each other. Like, and they squeezed them next to each other. What's gonna happen when you look at him? You think OK, this is not gonna fly. I mean, you you could try it, but this could be interesting in red, but whatever. Okay. The palms don't do great. Um, yeah. I don't think it's gonna be a great thing for our for amazed for first maze. Okay, Jake, whichever one works for you to this one, or I think this one even this one, that one. Yeah, that should be fine. Okay, I am going to take another one, which is in one of their Bendel's on is gonna be Which one is that gonna be? Let me have a look. Mais this one is called. And as 018 sir, Blacked annoys They've got fancy names these things. But let me take you now straight to the two. We're gonna import that in view. Sorry, intelligent first and see how it goes. But now that we have explained how to give these things, let's move on to Terra Gen. 5. 5. Terragen Forest Maze: right here. We are intelligent, and we are going to import our object on anything. Where was not was not supposed to be a maze. Yes, the important as a maze is important as a population. All right, how do we do that? Now you're going to notice when I scroll back and faltering nostril when I start moving windows that you may see some things. I'm already at the same time working on other ones. So let me just show like Vegas. If I click on this, there's this one. I've been working in this one as well, which is to show you this is a flower. This is a flower thing. Let me just click on Arctic the ray tracing. Ah, but I need to do it. Not in object mode. I need to do it in most here. Note Render nerd, and then you get you get some goodness there. Ok? This is an example of bean. I've used one of the flowers instead of mixing two colors. I just thought that just keep the corridors clear. Andi, use one of the flowers. What you've seen here is not a render. I know it looks ugly because This is an RTP ray trace in stuff is just their origins view Trying to help me see what is going on. But basically that this is not a render. OK, but OK, so we're going to try to do something like a days again. It looks ugly because it's RTP. This is not a render. The render is somewhere else. You're under is gonna be okay. We're gonna render it later. Okay? So let me take you now to this and start from scratch, Showy. Now I like to have minded knowed stuff down so that we see what we're doing. This is the origin, right? Okay. We are going to import one object. You have downloaded your chosen tree and you're going to populate that. How do we do that? We go to object up, right, and then add object. It's still a bit slow because he's got so much going on. Maybe for the purposes. Off this tutorial, it would be much better that I closed the other things. Yeah, let me see if it gets any slower. I'll do that object. Don't do that. Don't do at object Object because you're important of the populations. You need to do Population Obi Jerry, There you are Important LBJ if this is the case for you because you have when you receive it from explode, Or actually, if you get from any source, I showed you explore because it's the quickest way to get something free on off reasonable quality that we could get that from every motion. You could get out from our city trader for any place you want, does not need to get something that works. And, yes, I should have said this in the earlier lecture. But I really want to emphasize this. Guys, this is just like cooking. It's literally just like cooking. The quality of ingredients are going to define the quality of your meal. So if you bring in rubbish, no matter how great your work, intelligent or view or anything through the package is gonna be, the ingredient is gonna look rubbish cause it's rubbish by default. This is why the kind off tree you're going to choose it is going to take you some time to experiment, to find the right one. The kind of flowers, especially if you're going to flower way, you are going to take some time and just to just to get the right flowers too much. Because some of them, although they look shiny, the quality is not that great. And be careful with when you are mixing two flowers, please. I know we're supposed not to work on the forest maze, but I'm talking about the flowers just because I'm not taking in the flower root now. I'm not gonna do it now. Eso better give you enough advice on that. Pay attention to the fact that when you are looking at these things, they have different measures. Length So one of them is 40 centimeters, whereas the sunflower is 70 centimeters. So you are talking about that in the rose that is 25 centimeters arose and a sunflower. You are talking about 3 to 4 times the size of a rose. Now, if you want to mix these two things, you want to do something about the size, right? So just a few things. Number one, OK, object at object population. And over here, either we're now going to bring in that stuff. Okay, I'll go to my maze on here. These flowers here are These are flowers. So I'm going to Ellis 01 which is a tree. These are flowers have been experimenting with. So this is, I think, grows a red rose. This is a, um it's not Think this nor is it, um it's a purple one. This is yellow Sunflower. Okay, so I just have been experimenting with colors and stuff. Some of them look great. Some of them really don't know that great sunflower doesn't look great. It does not great at all. It's good work, but it's not really that I don't use it. Don't use it for your the flower mates. But for for the for In my case, I have chosen me to show you what the tree looks like because I think it would be fair for you to know what a tree looks like. This is what it looks like. So from ex drug, I have chosen just the 1st 1 off landscaping. There is a specific Bendel that talks about landscaping, which has just scroll down here to show you some fancy things. Number you're not gonna use amaze for this this stuff in a maze, But they look pretty cool for some of the stuff for some other use. This is fate thing. So, yeah, um, I have just chosen the 1st 1 it 01 and not this one. But the variation like this, which is a little bit rectangular. Why? Because I want to stitch them next to each other so that I have something that looks like a wall off vegetation wall of trees. This is an artistic choice. Yours could look much different. You may think I don't want to do that. I want to go with something round, or I don't mind having enough space or space between Frank, so that doesn't conceal little bit. But you won't be able to tell where decks it is. That's fine. I just thought I'm gonna do this one. I'm gonna take this one. So this is variation number eight, which means I'm going to go to the garage in here and go import 01 London, which is landscaping, landscaping 01 and go into a variation number eight on import. I am important that as a population brilliant introgen, there's a question is this object will explode because Expo is let's say different in the way things are androgen already thought I'm gonna do some homework before you imported a few important. I'm gonna make sure it works for you. It doesn't always work. Let me tell you, it doesn't always work. So thank you very much, Terra Gen. For making this effort. But sometimes it really doesn't work. So we were going, I think in this case, we're going to need to do something about it. So I'm gonna say yes. Click OK? Yes. I think I'm running low on the few things. I'm gonna close the other ones. That so it's fair for you. Just let me just close this one. This is the render of the flower bit. I'm just close its on that. I'm gonna close the other ones as well, Shall we? Yeah. This is the ray tracing of the flower it was. Close it. I don't need to say this on close this one as well. Just we stay now. Okay, fine. It has imported. So these are the objects we have here. Ls 01 and pop. What meaning population on you have two lines. You have two lines. The first line is the population itself. On the second line is actually the Obrecht behind the population you're going to notice that the object is actually read wrong now, even with the dialogue box saying, Is this coming from extra? It's It's lying on the ground. It's not, But that's fine. First thing you do is come over here. Click on this one looking here. Does it look right? Doesn't look right. No problem whatsoever. Come to rotate. Click on 90 and the tree is up again. Fine. Now there's another think you want to do. You are going to use a huge maze. We're talking about a forest. A forest is something big. It's not about 10 2030 40 5100 1000. Forest is a forest is big populating. Amaze off for us, basically means we're gonna have a huge area. That area is already actually defined here in the population as 1000 by 1000. Now, this may need to change. For now. Let's go and import our maze because before clicking on populate American Do that. If you want to have a little bit of comfort that things work in life on that actually terrorism is going to populate it. You can do this stuff. I want to take you straight to the maze and popular just amaze on. We're going to be a bit efficient. We are going only to populate the part of the maze We need just what the camera sees gonna be efficient. I don't want to populate the forest behind the comer. Why would you do that? That's not OK. So first things first. Things now is to go to density When you want to import a form when you want to distribute, put your trees based on a specific design. Then you come to use density. Shader, click on this one over here. I'm talking about the population line here. Not the object one. The population. You have density. Great Khan density. And you have the beautiful bit here. Inverted. Insufficient. This is wonderful. If you want to keep inside empty If you're bringing it from mais generator .net without changing without inverting the white, black and white in photos show you converted here. I think I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna I want to keep inside empty. It's like the something is gonna be inside the forest on you could you could put a three d object there like a house like a deserted house or like a well or something. We come over here and see when you say creates new shader colors either And image map. We're bringing our maze. This is how you bring your Mays? Use density. Shader converted. If you fancy that, create new Shater color Shader image map We could combat. Let me go back. Where is my new one? My new one is is my new one? Imagine returning beautif I think I could have imported SVG because it's visible. Maybe what? I prefer to go safe. What if? Okay, so what has just happened? Important and nothing happens. Okay, So what? Well, we're still in the process. We send the process. So what we need to do is number one. You have important something that may or may not fit the measures off where it meant it's meant to be. You have a population that has 1000 by 1000. Always the first think the first step to do is to have a look at this one and then come over here and go to image map. Have you imported something? Go look at it. Please click on that one. This is what you have This is the path. And then what have you got? It tells you position lower left. I think that as you need to do some better work in terms off defaults because stuff starts in the center, we always start from the center. And then I don't know why Tara, Gina has this weird default, so it's putting you off every time I put it in the center. Number one number two is the image. Size is 45 by 45 Okay, I know it's gonna look a bit too much, but we want undersize you bringing it actually is. 500. This is a default. I would have wished that religion automatically reads my side. My image size and populated here. Why do you want me to go? Why would I need to do that? And hopefully in the new releases of terrigino gonna need we don't need to do that. Opened this one and go click center and then populate 4500 Come over for 500 Well, I'm bringing an image size of this off that size, so it needs to be like that. Okay, enough. Enough talking about what you should do This is done now, but this is for five on. This is one. That's a choice. You wanna keep like that. Fine. But you're only going to see 1000 dissenter the 1000 parts off the 400 4500 bucks, basically just just the middle part. I don't want to do that. I'd like to see everything. So let's make it 4000 by 4500. Yep. Lo fi. Wonderful. This is making our population big. Well, this is a forest bullet. Come down here. Clip to camera. Yes. I want to see everything, but only stuff that is in front of the comer. There is a little problem with this. One is when it comes to shadows. Sometimes there is a core either. And that's the last thing you see on the edge of the camera. And if there is no other line off trees there, you won't find them. Uh, the shadow. So it is not gonna populate it, and you won't be able to see the shadow. So everywhere else there's a shadow except that corner that is a little bit. I am, I think, the best way for Theragenics too. these on it in such a way that it does the camera plus 123% 5%. Um, on both sides of the camera, Like, added just a little bit a margin off. Just so we get some shadows from whatever should be put should be there. Okay, so that's that's what thats one. Is it not time to see what we're doing? It is Okay, Let's now remove this stuff and click. Okay? I'm just clicking on Altan. Done the middle scroll button to go a little bit away. Scroll way back. Something like this. Just just to see what we're doing. I'm going to leave the camera there. Now you need to click on this one here to change the camera. I'm not going to change the come. I'm gonna leave it the way it is. Why? Because I'm gonna ask Toe populate. Clipping the cameras is gonna populate just this part. Let's see how it does. I think populate, and that's very small. Basically, you have white. I was expecting to see some green there because I've got some trees. All right. One of the things I wanted to be careful with is the size off the tree you are bringing in . If something goes wrong, it really goes wrong. So, Tara gin when it said, Is this an ex frog? Um, is this an X program? Dent kicked? Yes, but still, you notice that the tree came lying on the ground or basically, even the scale is not properly calculated. So we need to do something about this scale. Let's go back. Look at the scale. I'm gonna go down here and I'm just go down. Gonna go away. Down. You got to notice that now. It's so tiny. Yeah, scale is very tiny. I'm going to bring get up. So go down here to the object part off the population where we have turned it. Oh, and we're going to go with a big number 50 50 on 50 right? So I'm just using the same navigation buttons as for the viewer on December tree. I have multiplied it by 50. Now let me click this populate again. Stop it Now, how we have bounding box is this happens because Terra gen thinks we want to go efficient from the beginning. So you have here somewhere up in this on this menu, Think here changed object display mode. You cooking this one? It starts by default as bounding boxes. All right, I'd rather see my trees showing us textured when you have texture. Now what do you see? Something that looks quite ugly in terms off stuff. But it's just like the view in my interview Porting Meyer, this is not really This is just giving you color isn't telling you where things are going to be. I mean, this isn't how it's meant to look. This is just the view port. Look, if you want the rate race, you can go retrace RTP. But I think it's a bit too early, right? And you're gonna see some white stuff in durable white white. Okay, why do we see white? What do you see? White here? The tree is green. Why? Why do I see what RTP is trying to give us a ray? Tracing is trying to give us ah feel for the render could look like so getting us a little bit closer. So you get more off what the trees going to look like in terms of shape? You see a little bit more off it. But why is it right here because I am on object up when I moved to render top or atmosphere or lighting. It's a different story. The Arctic is gonna be different. It's gonna be green. So don't get put off by the colors or not Know if your shader czar right or if the, uh, textures were important properly. It's just where are you if you're working, object and you care more about the object in about the texture. So, at every stage, you see what you need for that for writing. You see everything on the four under, You see everything okay? Good, Actually, like this stuff. Yeah. Okay, so we're getting too close now to the mountains on there's gonna be distorted. So let me go a little way down here and grab just parts like this. Something like this. You see, the trees are big and you won't be able to see much of the corridors. Boat. Let's let's just right. In a way to be able to do that if you click no, populate the your camera. Still there? One of them? I wouldn't say annoying things that probably they made it for a particular reason. They don't have that view when you move the view port the view the camera hasn't moved. You need to move it. You need to click to move it. So you need to go back every time here and say yes. Please move that camera when you move it. Then you click populated based on creep camera. Then you populate everything that's in here right now. We started seeing stuff. Actually, this is not so bad. Well, this is this is a choice. No artistic choice. Actually, you are able to see the that's actually even more more depressing. Yeah, actually, this is even more. This is scarier, I think. Can you imagine yourself in the middle here? And then you are able to see through the trees, but because there are so many of them and so many routes, although you feel you can get through but you can't get through every time. It's like giving you even more openings. Then you need so complicating your life. That's actually probably quite scary. I like this better. Okay, it's it's an artistic choice. If you want to have another type of tree, you can you can absolutely do that. But the angle the angle. Now we have important our tree. If you want to add some other things, let's say for example, that for the corridors you want on some grass, what you need to do is do exactly the same thing. You know we're going to do it now. But I'm just import population. So at objects population on O B J. And once you import whatever you import, if you have here, invert then the other one you should not invert. If this one is not inverted, then this one should be inverted. So one of them is inverted. One of them is not. Then you're able to populate the opposite side if you want to feel the corridors with something. Okay, so now let me I think I've moved the camera a bit. I moved the camera a bit. Um yeah, like the ray trace of you object populate again Up. Sorry. Sorry. I didn't I didn't lock the camera, locked the camera and then populate now. Good. All right. Now the lighting makes or breaks your seen. The lighting is definitely going to make or breaker seen. So let's go to the lighting bit Here. Um, and Ray tracing is too much. I think I'm asking too much from the computer now because I don't need to see it. I know what it looks like. I'm gonna turn off retracing, right. Turn off retracing and go to lighting. Generally, you just want to move the sun position. I'm not seeing about elevation. I'm just saying about the heading. Can you see here? Up here. So this is your world, And this is the sun. When you couple there, you start moving it. You can experiments. Which one looks better? Especially We're talking here about where do you want the shadows to be? Right, That you may actually prefer to have the shadows that something like this is gonna be visible. Some parts are gonna be visible. Yeah, you're gonna be able to see, but at the same time have a longer shadow on the left. Something like that. Okay. Shall we go for a first render a very small one. Um, I just just to see what we're doing. I don't We're going to get color of the ground, which is default. And I don't like that we're going to have to to change the default of the color change the color of the ground or phenomena Just keep everything as is on go to view render and pelican render. By the way, the quality of the render is definitely different to, um when you to make it properly. I mean, when you drink the render parameters when you change, it is quality 0.5. You move it to 0.8. It takes longer, but it gives you more stuff. Antill. Yasin, You move it up. See, this is started to look interesting. And then I think it's more the ground. It it's more the ground bit. Maybe Maybe you wanna have more density off, Actually, probably been touched. The density. You have not touched the density. We could do that or we could leave it like this. Okay, so the render looks can you not cooking? He's here. The shadows are really ugly. Why is this? Because this is a very low quality render just for you to have a little look at what we're doing. Plus, we under lighten have not activated do soft shadows. Right? But we do that when? When we already So let's take everything we need to tweak is this move this one a little bit. I think. Some reason, even if it's not at the center, I would like to see it like this. All right, let's go back this object. And you know what we've done, which is populated based on the defaults. Defaults are defaults. Right? So you might want to change that. Actually, I like it the way it is now. Better than what I've experienced, abused before. Maybe one do less so me? Meaning? If you want to add more trees, you want to go with less distance between them. That's like you're allowing 10 between each tree, one tree and another. But it goes something like five. You're gonna have double the number off the trees. Populate now. Great, Crowded and more dense. I was sorry. I forgot to move the camera again. That's the thing with religion. The comer moving the comer. All right, there we go. So this is denser. Um, I think if if you keep pushing it more and more and more, it's gonna look and realistic maybe staying. I'm just experiment and see which one works for you. How much? How many trees? Not really the number. What spacing? Seven maybe eight or nine and have a look. Justice. Quick Runda. Good credit to see how it looks like. Right, It's coming. Coming. Okay. Have you noticed that we are already seeing say, we can already see in the edge over there? We can only see the edge off our maze, so I'm not enough greedy. Actually, I didn't makes a That's the biggest I want. I want to, cause when it's their forest maze, it needs to be intimidating in terms of size. So you need to show in the camera as much as you can. You know what? We're just going to go a little bit up to cover for this. Why is it that we see? Yeah, because we've used all of it. Let's do like this. Okay? We have just moved a little bit up Seymour from talk, and then one more under. And then now we're going to move to match in a little bit, the color off the ground to be aesthetically pleasing with the trees. So first things first is bring in the right format of the tree and write is actually just artistic choice. Second is import your maze. Andi populated the way you want as in. Do you want to invert it? Do you want this middle parts to be empty or full If you wanted to be full on the corridors changed to trees and trees change according as it is inverted. And then now we're going to work on the delighted of course. Maybe I'm gonna move the some a little bit. What is needed? You can. You can tweak the lighting to your liking as you want in the next part. We're going Teoh trying to align because it's all about aesthetics. The color of the ground. Let me just check music. This is Gray. Now this is greyish. I know it's got some noise in there, but it's no, it's not pleasing, aesthetically pleasing. We're gonna have to do something about that right in the next section. We're going to do that 6. 6. Add ground and tweaking: Now it's time to work on the ground because amaze is not just a maze. It's everything you see when you look at the camera. Okay, so we're going to work on the crab ground. We're talking about Schrader's Let's Go to Shade er's on. There's a base color here I recommend. Don't mess with that once. Leave it the way it is. What happens Introgen is that whenever you add something, it comes down. So I'm going to add a service layer. All right, no doubt a surface layer. And it is that's change something to purple, whatever. Just to show you, Why did I do that? To tell you that actually based color is now covered. It is not like in photo shop, the higher layer layer the layer. That's what the top that has priority here is the one that's at the bottom. That's priority. Is there a way around? Okay, so this is why I have changed to this weird color. Let's go brown on this. We're gonna have something brownish and then we're not done. No, the color we have we need to have plenty of noise in this stuff and noise. You do by two things. Number one reduced the coverage. What does that mean? It means that this color is going to open up. Um, 32% off. It's space to see through so that we see through the base color. Okay, on. You need to maybe increase the fractal break up something like this, and then we're going to add a child layer, so one surface layer inside of another one and this is gonna be darker orange. Let's try to get it from the so darker brown Doc LeBron, while we talk about orange. And between this Dockers going green. Now, you know what I'm gonna do like this on the darknet like this. This is much better. But what do we see now? We can't see through properly because we need to have the coverage brought down again. About 60%. So we only see 16%. 40% is left to whatever is beneath it and then increase the frontal break break up. So now we're able to see the dark brown of the lights of brown on the gray that we have here. Right? Let's make a quick render to see what it looks like now every time you are render on When you have the clip camera clip the population to come out It re populace them the population , the trees. I think this is too orangey, You know, whatever. I'm gonna drink, bring Okay, it's to reddish, but it it gives a little bit more contrast. Let me bring it down. Although I like some of that, I'm gonna bring it down. But this is what you're looking for. Something that goes as a contrast. Should we go back to the color wheel? Let's go back to the corner. Where is that mais generator color wheel? Where they got in there Green goes with Yeah, Green goes, goes with something like this some. I was trying to get a bit closer to this, but it's not very, very, very, very realistic in nature to have such a brownish reddish look. But it's more assertively pleasing. Let's say we're gonna bring it down a little. Okay, let's bring it down a little. Although it's it works. Let's bring it down. I'm gonna bring it down here under the shade er's I'm gonna go to the reddish one. Which one is ready? Okay. They could just little lighter and make this one a little darker. Maybe this is gonna work better. All right. Another render and I'm gonna leave it as it comes. Right? Come in, come in. I just want, like, about Sarah. Jean has quite fast render good. Have you noticed that we haven't tweaks anything about the, um, the rotation on, uh, you know, can you see here and you see her? Can you see this stuff here? Stop getting out and you see that all the trees actually are equal in terms of hate, it's almost unrealistic. It's too perfect. Perfect is the one. Where do you want to stay away when you're making something in nature that is meant to resemble to look like realistic or to give the impression it's it could be realistic. So we need to tweak that we need to treat. Let's go back. Okay, now we've worked a little bit on the ground. I like the contrast. Okay. This is an artistic choice. I'm style izing things. I want to be that close to this color. You could go from a different color. I wanted to week the hate off the the trees because this is not realistic. We're going now back to the, um, to the object. No, we're going to the population and we go into scale scale here, minimum and maximum. One basically means give me all the trees exact. Same size. You never have that. It's never like that. So I'm gonna need at least something like 90 to 1%. You could bring it down for even more visible difference. This is number one, number two. I have brought this tree specifically because it's rectangular on a wanted to fit a certain shape. And now I see that Italian is rotating as part off vacations. It is a very good default, but it may not work for us. In this case. It keeps rotating my trees to the point where I can see some greasy here some ages coming out. Let me have a look at the render. See, this is not okay. Um and they say it's not. I would I wanted to say it's not perfectly aligned. You may prefer to go for this. Yeah, keep it like that. Yeah, if you prefer. It's fine. This is how it goes. You have maximum rotation. Fine. If you think No, I wanted to be a perfect line for amaze. And then yes. Good. I can play with hate. Then I give you this choice. Then you can say Fine, then just make maximum similar at minimum. And then it's not gonna work. I mean, it's not going to have the rotation, so let me populate again. When I do that, I'm going to get differences in hate. Not really. Big ones of just 15%. But that breaks that monotone. Same measurement and is going to look a little better. Okay. Okay. Is it? We're almost there. Okay. You have variation. You notice that now it's a little bit more. You have some variation because there are plenty of them, by the way. It's crap, but it's a crowded place. You know what? I'm gonna I'm gonna reduce the number of trees. Probably still be able to see more because it's very crowded here. You could even have, I think here you have 10. Just this area here then so it's you can see. It's like some small bits are open, small, bitter down. It's like noise, but it's different trees being having different hate. Just 15%. Okay, I think this is kind of OK, except of course, for the color of the ground, which I have deliberately stylized for contract. Contrast. Purpose is just too much to color wheel. Lovely thing. But if you want, we can bring it down to something that is more realistic. Yeah, let's go to something more like this, shall we? Basically, this is how you doing. This is how you bring in hot. This is have you created maze on? You do exactly the same thing with flowers. Exactly the same thing with anything. Any object that you bring in the quality type style format off your ingredient defines the look of the final maze. The quality of your ingredients in cooking defines the meal. It is gonna look great first. Great smell. Great. Or north. Okay. No, What you see now is an ugly vendor. That's the default render. If you want to go higher resolution, then I'm not saying registries. Elation. Sorry. Higher quality render. Then what you could do is come over here. Renderers at the render. You can tweak the default one where Just recommend you leave it in peace. Because that one is like the quick and dirty want to tell you what's going on at the render on. In this surrender, you can go crazy with the perimeters quality, right? And to appreciate 0.8 until use him. I just don't mind pushing it till the maximum on. What else do we have then? If you want to render again with more Corliss's and you're going, make sure you have deuce off Cheddars enlightens ago. Lighting son deuce off Cheddars. And then you go to the atmosphere. This is one of the craziest ones book. Yeah, number of samples from the atmosphere, which basically means it's it's gonna take much longer than is that of taken 16. You may want to go for 64 if you want higher quality renderers possible. It is available for you. Okay, so you have atmosphere. These are the quick, quick winds in terms off quickly increasing the quality than you. This isn't the quality here, right? Lighten, son. Douche soft feathers on. Then render quality 0.88 Yeah. This is not the way to do it every time. But this is the way to get something much more quality, sometimes maximum compared to the quick and dirty one, which is render 01 Please pay close attention to the fact that when I now try to click on Render, I'm going to get an error. Why? Well, let's see why. Let me render and say, Because I have no render to selected. Likely surrender. And it says we're going the way we were. Which coming? Are you using? Which camera am I used? What is their agenda? Referring to Let's go down here. I know sometimes I close this one because I'm designing what? The landscape. But it's good when you are closer to the render that you have it open. Come over here. Down. Cameron, render this render is not touched. Any camera? Do we need to create a camera? Maybe. Maybe? No. Both. If you what I mean is don't do you have to know? But what is your camera and what? You want to keep the same view? Fine. Just drug this one down here and we're done. And you could render it now. Okay. Sorry. I forgot something about this. Render here that you may want to go depending on your version off their idea. I've got a professional one as I can go for cape off, okay or whatever. Version one of, ah, resolution I once but that actually going that's going to take a long time to render. If you just want o normally Judy, scoff then Oh, you can actually can style is it like you can have it like something like this or something . Like like this Just, you know, the stretched images not stressed about justly on a more frank looks and things anyway. But what can do it like the TTP 10 80 p. I, um, not going to click around now because it's gonna take a huge amount of time is gonna keep you waiting. But you can do that on your own on. Um, by the way, if you have, if you don't have the professional version of religion, you are going to be limited to 0.6. I think here you can't go any higher and until Yasin, I think it stops you at four or something like that. So it's just it's just morning, but it's ah, it's Ah, it's a fun think Teoh to make a maze, okay. And this is how you make her maize? The forest maize, which also applies to flow remains. If you want