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Create a Custom Map Chart Infographic in 10 minutes

teacher avatar Filip Kordanovski, Graphic & Web Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Data Visualization: Creating the Actual Map Chart

    • 3. Conclusion & What Now?

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About This Class

Thanks for checking my class on data visualization. Today we'll be looking at a real world issue [obesity in children] and in the meantime learn how to create amazing map charts/infographics that display great visual representation.
You can use the finished products in your projects, blog posts, websites and more. 
I will only take 10 minutes of your time, but after, I promise that you'll be able to create cool map charts to display any kind of information through data visualization. Join me now!


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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Filip Kordanovski

Graphic & Web Designer


Filip Kordanovski is a self-taught front-end web developer & designer from Skopje, Macedonia.
He is truly passionate about his work and he loves to learn new stuff everyday.
Filip has more than 4 years expertise in the field of web development & design and has recently started teaching and publishing courses to share his knowledge with the world.
A truly dedicated persona with huge enthusiasm towards teaching, always aiming to deliver affordable, high quality education/content.

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1. Class Introduction: Hey, guys, it's made Philip Welcome back to get another class that I've created just for you. In today's class, we will be discussing on how to create your own custom map charts with descriptions off your choice. These infographics can be extremely useful when trying to showcase any kind off comparison or by chart information. Feel free to use your finished product ing any off your projects or block posts to achieve great visual representation. I'll walk you through the short process off, creating colorful lap representations. And trust me, it's not going to take you more than 10 minutes. You can choose from different maps, including the world, Europe, United States and even separate countries. You can customise colors. The borders did bag ground's pretty much everything. I will also be addressing a real world issue for the demonstration showcase because I want to raise as much awareness as I can, and for that reason, and the best part off this class is that it will be completely free for anyone who wants to join in. So what are you waiting for? And roll now and let's start 2. Data Visualization: Creating the Actual Map Chart: Alright, guys, Thank you for enrolling into the class. I don't want to do any teach chance. We've already met each other. You already know who I am. So, without further ado, I want to start this short but effective class on creating infographics map charts for free , which is the most important thing. So open up your favorite Web browser. In my opinion, that is Google home, and I want you to go to a website named map chart dot net. All right. And once you're there, you're gonna be presented with this window here. Now, what you want to do is pretty simple. It's as using from your project or your blood for a great visual representation. And that is actually correct. If we scroll down past all this point, I'm going to explain everything how it's done, so you don't have to waste time. This is going to take all of 10 minutes or so. Scroll to the part where it says select a map chart you want to create from below. So here we have a lot of detailed information, a lot of detailed options that you can pick from, depending on your project size or depending on your project needs. So would have the world here simple or detail have Europe with the countries we have United States with older countries and the states hopes if you scroll down, we have Onley Canada, for example, or or like China. Then we have Russia, only Brazil. Maybe so basically, the list is endless. What you want to do is big. Whatever you feel like it's best suited for your project. In my case, I'm going to be picking United States, and I'll pick the state's option if I pick in the countries, we're gonna get this very detailed representation of all the USA countries. But I'm not going to go that in depth with our map chart with our demonstration today. So I want you to big United States and the state's option. This is what I'm going to be doing for the presentation and four today's map chart for the demonstration of map chart and then I'll be showcasing. I wanted to address a really issue that has been present in the United States even today, and that is obesity. I think that obesity in Children, especially, is one of the most important issues that United States is facing right now, actually. So if this raise a just a little bit of awareness about that issue, I will be glad. That's why I've decided to create this class and address that problem that the United States is facing. So in this map chart today, we are going to be discussing the percentage off obeys Children, the SATs and the information that I will be providing to you are from the year 2000 and 11 . So that is not very long ago. And what we will be doing here today is the percentage. So we're gonna pick states which have, for example, 20% off the Children are obese. And then we're gonna pick states where, for example, only 5% off the Children are beast or even 0% off Children. Araby. So you're gonna get a nice representation off. Where are the Children most obese in the United States? And at the same time, you gonna learn how to create a mop chart for your project. So we have further ado. Let's get right into it. For example, I'm going to bake a dark red color to represent the areas that the most obese Children are present, and those states are Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and South Carolina. So in these four states, the opacity, the percentage of obesity in Children is actually really high. And that ISS 20% or more. So what you want to do here is first, let's title our map chart, and we're gonna pride percentage off all based Children 2011 by state. Okay, And then remember this first color? These red color was for 20% of the Children. So I'm going to be writing here 20.1% for more and the images going to press on, enter or just click away. And that's our first step. So, for example, the next less extreme part off the United States off a basically is the following states. I'm going to pick a slightly different color here, not that of a dark red. For example. I'm going to be picking this one, and then I'm going to select all the states in the United States that have percentage of obesity in Children from 15 to 20. All right, so Dad is California and then it goes. Fatah, Arizona, North Dakota, Texas, Oklahoma Americans is Illinois, Kentucky Ohio, West Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama and Georgia. So these plenty of states doesn't of states have a Kobe city percentages in Children off 15 to 20% someone to adhere 15.1% to 20. Okay, and then I'm going to click away. All right, Now, the next step is to find out which states have the opacity percentage in Children from 10 to 15. And for that, I'm going to be picking a slightly lighter color. By the way, you're going to get the screen, and then you're gonna press on Mawr, and then you're gonna go to the damp where you can select any red color. And then I went to big a slightly lighter red color, and then I'm going to click on all the states that have 10 to 15% perfect. I'm gonna pick up, choose or press on, choose. And then in the States that have 10 to 15% off Children obese are all except three. So I'm going to select all off the states except or a gun. New Jersey and Hawaii. So I'm too big Washington, that dark hole and then so on and so forth. So there goes our countries that have 10 to 15% off obeys Children. Someone we're gonna drive band right here, 10.1 percent to 15%. All right. And the last three countries that have the least or best Children are Oregon, Hawaii and New Jersey, and we're gonna pick them and color them. Wait a very light thread color Oregon, Hawaii and New Jersey. And then inside here, we're gonna write zero from zero to 5%. And there goes our high quality mad guys. And this demonstration I've used the opacity as I think it's a very important issue here, but by now I hope that you know how to create a mop chart for your project for your school project, maybe, or for your blood or anything. So when you're done creating this where you're satisfied with the income as I am, you can click on convert image. If you're not satisfied yet, you can click on add it or if you want to remove all you can click on clear all a couple of more things that you can actually do is change the bank around off this whole picture. I'm going to leave that as white you can change the border color off the states as shown here. I'm also going to leave that at white. You can turn off the borders if you want, or you can show and hide in the state names. I'm going to leave everything as ISS, and I'm going to be clicking on Convert to Image and there is our image done. Now. It's as the image may seem blurry right now, which actually is true. If you downloaded, it will look OK, so I'm going to download the image is right here and moved to Click that. And there we have our fish product. Perfect looking map. Chart info graphic showing demonstration all real ourselves. 3. Conclusion & What Now?: So, guys, please post a project to diss class showcasing your work showcasing your infographic mop chart off any country or any state or any information that you want to share. I want to see your results. Thank for watching guys until next time. My name is Philip, and I approved this message.