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Create a Custom Content Planning Calendar

Tamara Budz, Marketer. Instructor. Gator MBA. Coffee Addict.

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6 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why Plan Your Content?

    • 3. Choose the Right Platforms

    • 4. Create Your Content Planning Calendar

    • 5. Use Your Content Planning Calendar

    • 6. Wrap Up


About This Class

Do you have a content strategy? Do you have a social media strategy? Do you need a calendar to keep you on topic and on schedule?

Create a custom Content Planning Calendar for your business to keep you on track. In a few short lectures, you'll create a custom calendar based on the needs of your business. Use your calendar to plan and execute your content strategy.





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Tamara Budz

Marketer. Instructor. Gator MBA. Coffee Addict.

Tamara Budz is an experienced marketing consultant who specializes in brand management, ecommerce, and merchandising for small and mid-sized companies. She has over 15 years of marketing and merchandising experience at companies of every size, from startups to multi-national corporations. Tamara is the founder of two eCommerce startups and currently manages the marketing firm, Silver Shade Group. Prior to her work at Silver Shade Group, Tamara worked in Merchandising and eCommerce at two...

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