Create a Colorful Butterfly Art Canvas! | Joseph & Celeste Smith | Skillshare

Create a Colorful Butterfly Art Canvas!

Joseph & Celeste Smith, Skillshare Father Daughter Duo

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8 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Trailer: Make a Butterfly Art Canvas

    • 2. Supplies and Alternatives

    • 3. Painting the Canvas

    • 4. Making Colorful Butterflies with Alcohol Inks

    • 5. Punching the Butterflies

    • 6. Arrange Your Butterflies on the Canvas

    • 7. Gluing the Butterflies to the Canvas

    • 8. Final Thoughts: Upload a Photo of Your Art!


About This Class

In this FREE class by father and daughter duo Joseph and Celeste, you will learn how to make a colorful butterfly art canvas to brighten up your decor. Anyone can do this project with stunning results, as 7 year old teacher Celeste expertly demonstrates. It is easy, fun and beautiful!

You will learn the basics of using alcohol inks (which have vivid colors), but you could also use watercolors, paint or markers if you prefer. I'll demonstrate each step and provide helpful tips. I can't wait to see what you create!





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Joseph & Celeste Smith

Skillshare Father Daughter Duo

Celeste Smith is a young entrepreneur and artist: "I'm seven years old and I love art and teaching! I hope you enjoy my classes."

Joseph Smith, Ph.D., is her father and biggest fan.

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