Create a Brand Tagline - Build Your Brand T.A.C. 1 | Elisha | Skillshare

Create a Brand Tagline - Build Your Brand T.A.C. 1

Elisha, Freelance Writer, Artist and Lifestyle Blogger

Create a Brand Tagline - Build Your Brand T.A.C. 1

Elisha, Freelance Writer, Artist and Lifestyle Blogger

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6 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Welcome!

    • 3. Preparing for Success

    • 4. What Is a Brand Message?

    • 5. The Golden Thread

    • 6. Complete Your Project

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About This Class

This is Take Action Challenge No. 1 for the Boho Blogger Bootcamp: Build Your Brand course series on Skillshare! In this class you will discover the golden thread that runs through all of your brand's content, so you can create a tagline and message that will instantly show your readers what you're all about. Doing so will help you grow an amazing relationship with an audience that resonates with your brand. 

I look forward to seeing you in class!

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Freelance Writer, Artist and Lifestyle Blogger


Elisha is a freelance writer and lifestyle blogger for modern mystics. Her favorite topics include spirituality, writing/blogging, holistic parenting and heart centered entrepreneurship. 

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1. Intro: Welcome to the Boho Blogger Boot Camp, a series of skill share classes that will show you how to start your own blawg with hustle and heart. I'm Alicia Cane, professional writer, lifestyle blogger and modern mystic. In the Siri's, we will break down the steps of blogging from the pre planning stages, tow, launch and beyond. Build. Your brand is the first boot camp We started with the foundations course, so you could get an understanding of why you want to block. Now we will take the first step with Build your brand's first take action challenge. In this class, we will learn how to create your own brand message or tagline. I'd love for you to join the journey, See you in class. 2. Welcome!: Hello, everyone. And welcome to the build your brand boot camps. Take action Challenge number one. Today you will write your brand message and or tagline in case you're just now joining us. We're on a journey toward building our brand one step at a time. If you are an aspiring, infra preneurs, heart centered small business owner or blogger in this class series is perfect for you. Whether you're just starting out or thinking about rebranding the build, your brand boot camp can help you take action towards reaching your goals. I'm Alicia Cane lifestyle blogger, writer and work at home homeschooling Mama, If you haven't taken the foundation course yet, I highly recommend and rolling in that class first so you can get the basics. It's always good to know what direction you're going before you start moving forward. This is a serious which means that each course builds on itself, so if you can, I recommend doing them in order so you don't miss anything. Today we will be creating a brand message or tagline 3. Preparing for Success: in order to get the most benefit out of this challenge, I highly recommend that you immediately take action the second you finish watching his videos. I purposely kept this class as short as possible so that you can save time and spend less energy absorbing information and mawr energy moving forward in your business. Trust me, I'm very familiar with overwhelm analysis, paralysis and entrepreneurial a d D. That's why I love the skill share model. Get in, learn fast, immediately, take action and get an instant win in less than an hour. In today's world, it can be very easy to get distracted and to accidentally spend half of your productive hours playing on social media, checking your email and browsing through your favorite blog's. Do yourself a favor and either close out all your tabs. Yes, all 15 of them if you're like me or open up a fresh window so you can stay focused on this task. Okay, step one accomplished Step Number two is to either pull up a Microsoft Word file Google Doc or grab a pen and paper so you're ready to brainstorm Step number three. Print out your worksheet and be ready to answer the questions. If you prefer not to print, you can use Adobe Reader to take virtual notes. Or you can simply transfer the questions down to a notebook step for If you already have a published blogger website, I also encourage you to open a tab and log into your admin page to that one to decide on a final tack line. You can immediately make the necessary changes. If you will need to edit a design, you can also pull up one more tab for can vote or photo shop. Now you're ready to finish watching the rest of the videos and to complete your challenge. Don't forget to submit your project when you're finished. Doing so will help make this course easier to find for other bloggers and give you a chance to share your website with your fellow business owners again. Thank you so much for enrolling in this class. Let's dive in 4. What Is a Brand Message?: So if you're unfamiliar with the terms, let me explain. A brand message or tagline is memorable phrase that it's attached to your brand. It adds an extra layer of ways to your name or business. It also lets people know right off the bat if they're going to resonate with your blocks, values and perspective. This will help develop a good first impression for those who fit your ideal audience, and it will help narrow down your blocks traffic. Here are a few examples of famous brands that have implemented taglines to help establish their company's image. Walmarts is save money, live better. This is short, sweet, and to the point they know exactly why their customers come into their store. They want to save money, but they also want to be able to buy things that make their lives easier and more convenient. What about subways eat fresh and those two words. They were able to get across to people that their sandwiches air healthy and made with fresh, nutritious ingredients. And, of course, we can't have a discussion about taglines without mentioning the most famous of them all. Nike's just do it. We know what works for the big guys who practically invented advertising. They have been doing it for so long. But how does this apply to a small business owner or lifestyle blogger? Here's a view of my personal favorites. The first is Gabby Bernsteins Beautiful home page, right here below her name and above her email sign up form is her tagline. It's in big, bold letters, so it grabs your attention right away, become the happiest person you know. If being happy is something you want, then you know if you stumbled upon her website, you might want to stick around and see what she's got going on. And here's another for Marie. For Leo, the world needs that special gift that only you have see again how she's made our tagline the most important element of her home page. That's because she knows how important it is to quickly connect with her readers, so they know right away that she creates content that's valuable to them. This statement is very encouraging to Marie's target audience of heart centered entrepreneurs who want to make a difference with their work. Leonie Dawson takes a different approach. She chooses to make the big, bold focus of her sight her often, which is something that many online entrepreneurs do. However, she still make sure to use for tagline. Amazing business, Amazing Life, right at the tip, top of her menu, right next to her name and again, in this example we see Master Kip of the Daily Love immediately declared that he wants you to fulfill your purpose. And finally, Daniel LePore also goes a bit creative with her tagline, which is why it's one of my favorite of the bunch. Danielle is well known for her desire map workbooks in what she calls truth bombs. Her businesses products are built around these collection of words and phrases that symbolize what she calls core desired feelings. So when you go to our site, she chooses a handful of these truth bombs to be her tagline, and they cycle through right over her face. The animation of the words fading in and out draw extra attention to this area of the page . It also serves as advertising for her popular truth bomb deck 5. The Golden Thread: before you can create a tagline or brand message for your blog's, you first have to have a good grasp on what exactly wanted to stand for. How can you explain all of the wonderful benefits of your content products and services to readers and one short sentence? It isn't easy. It helps me to think of a strand of multicolored handmade beads. Each unique bead is a different piece of content. One, maybe a blawg post. Another is a recipe, a YouTube video, a story posted on medium etcetera. The one thing that keeps it all together is the stream that runs through the centre. I call this the golden thread. So before you create your tag line, you need to know what your golden thread is. Here's an example of how I personally have used taglines in my own branding. Here's a picture of my website. I have taken a slightly different approach and used a very common quote. Not all those who wander are lost from Lord of the Rings author J R R. Talking this message resonates with my ideal audience, who are often bohemian spirituals, seekers who are trying to navigate their way through a world that doesn't understand them. I create content mostly for those who break the mold of Wu. People who aren't afraid to you spiritually tools in a practical way so that they can reach their goals and fulfill their higher purpose. For me, this quote is the perfect way to portray that. And here again, for my Facebook group Ignite Tribe, I have chosen the phrase for modern mystics who are ready to take action again. I'm speaking to a very defined type of person because I want to attract and build a relationship with people who resonate with my message and offerings, which is what branding is all about. 6. Complete Your Project: And now for a little adult homework. If you haven't already done so go to the your project tab. Under this video, when you get there, you should see an attached file ready for download. This worksheet is the second printable for your blogger boot camp workbook. First, I want you to use your workbook answers from the foundations. Course on. Look back over your reasons for blogging. What message can you give your ideal audience that encompasses why you blawg? You can also try to pinpoint the biggest pain and passion points from your ideal audience that we discussed in the foundation class. What problems were your customer avatar running into frequently because a good portion of your content will be full of solutions to that problem. Addressing that in your tagline will let new readers know right away that they found the right place. Go to your workbook. An answer. Question number 10. What is the underlying theme that runs through all of your content? When you're finished, you should have a pretty good understanding of what your tag line should be. Go ahead and write that down in the space provided for question number 11 for your class project. I want you to use your workbook answers and create your very own tagline. If you already have a website and want you toe, actually add your tag line to your current home page and take a screenshot to share with the other students. Doing so will not only hold you accountable to take action, but will also help showcase your blawg to your fellow classmates. If you haven't started your website yet, that's fine, too. You can still participate in complete the project by simply letting us know your tag line will be in the quotations inside the project form. Thank you so much for taking this journey with us. Make sure to stay tuned for the next take action challenge, where you learn how to create your content categories and narrow down the block topics that are most essential to your brand's message. In the meantime, remember that by reviewing and sharing this course on social media, not only will you be supporting my ability to create more courses in the future, but you may be able to make a little extra income with a skill share referral program and most of all have a chance to help your fellow aspiring bloggers take action towards reaching their dreams. Can't wait to see you in class again. Congratulations on completing this challenge. I'm so excited to see your amazing taglines much love guys.