Create a Brand Personality Profile for your business

Mick Wust, Copywriter, Brand Storyteller, Beer Blogger

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16 Videos (42m)
    • Introduction

    • Why does my business need a personality?

    • Tips on creating your Brand Personality Profile

    • Who I am

    • How my business started

    • What I do

    • Why I do what I do

    • The image I want to portray

    • Where my business is going

    • My core values

    • My ideal client customer

    • How we're different to other businesses

    • What we don't do

    • Key words/phrases to use

    • Describe your business in 3 sentences

    • How to use your Brand Personality Profile


About This Class


Your business has personality. So why doesn’t that show?

If you want your business to attract customers or clients, you don’t want to be boring, or sound like everyone else in your field. You want your business to be attractive and interesting, and to stand out from the rest.

In this class, you’ll learn how to discover your brand’s personality, which will then guide how you communicate and market your business in a way that’s unique and engaging.

  • Invaluable if you’re writing your own web content, designing your own website, doing your own marketing, etc.
  • If you’re hiring copywriters, graphic designers, etc., this will help them know your business and guide them in their creative decisions
  • Helpful in guiding all kinds of marketing and branding decisions, from how you design ads to how you respond to negative reviews

This class is for anyone who currently owns or manages a small business, or is interested in starting a small business. It’ll also be helpful for copywriters, graphic designers etc to use as a framework for getting to know new clients.

For the class project, you’ll be creating a Brand Personality Profile for your business. (Just in case you hadn’t figured that out already!)

If you like this class, please give us a positive review to help other people find this class, so even more people can rock their business!

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This is a great start to really work out what you want to tell people. Apart from copying what others have and really think about how you want to be seen and interact with your (potential) clients. Great work!
I am yet to fill in the worksheet but I loved the class and it's so refreshing to hear encouragements be authentic when everyone is trying to be build you a persona!
Mira Metzler

I Teach Makeup @Skillshare





Mick Wust

Copywriter, Brand Storyteller, Beer Blogger

I've been writing stories since I could hold a crayon. Since graduating with a degree in creative writing almost a decade ago, I've written all kinds of things (only sometimes in crayon), and for some reason, people enjoy reading them.

My wife Kamina and I have a copywriting and brand story business called We Write You. We're big believers in the idea that people are unique and special snowflakes, just like their mum says. So we specialise in sitting down with people who run small businesses, getting to know them and their business, and then writing fun and engaging content that oozes with their voice, personality, and vibe. We like to use our writing skills to tell the world just how awesome some people and businesses are.

I get a kick of drinking delicious beer with friends, so for funsies, I write a beer blog called Schoonerversity. I'm also a regular contributor to Froth, an Australian craft beer magazine (the kind that makes you smirk and snort, not the kind that makes you feel either really smart or really dumb).

If you like things professional and polite, I may not be the right teacher for you. But if you want to get better at showing the world how great your business is, writing like a legend, and high-fiving people without looking (Kamina and I are getting super good at this), then check out my classes.