Create a Beautiful Floral Illustration (pen + watercolors) | Margarita Bourkova | Skillshare

Create a Beautiful Floral Illustration (pen + watercolors)

Margarita Bourkova, artist | dreamer | infp

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8 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Supplies & References

    • 3. Creating your Sketch

    • 4. Inking Process Part 1

    • 5. Inking Process Part 2

    • 6. Coloring Process Part 1

    • 7. Coloring Process Part 2

    • 8. Bonus : Editing in Photoshop


About This Class

Have you ever wanted to create beautiful and unique illustrations, but felt like you didn’t have the right supplies, or simply didn’t know where to start?

In this class, i’ll show you how to draw a floral illustration using only a regular pen and a few watercolor paints. For each lesson, i'll share with you a few different techniques and/or exercises, and then i'll show you how i apply these to my own illustration. I’ll also share some personal tips and tricks to make your illustrations look more professional.


The floral illustration you’ll create after completing this class can be used for greeting cards, one-of-a-kind gifts or simply to decorate your walls.

Level : Intermediate. I'll explain everything i do, but you'll get the most out of this class if you already have some basic drawing skills (using references for your sketches, for example) 

What you'll learn :  

  •  sketching techniques : create an interesting composition 
  •  inking techniques with a ballpoint pen, shades and patterns
  •  watercolor techniques, dry and wet paint, ... 
  •  editing your illustration in Photoshop 

Basic supplies you'll need : 

  • pencil and eraser for your sketch
  • basic ballpoint pen for inking 
  • watercolor paints (3 or 4 colors are more than enough) 
  • paper : you don't even need a textured watercolor paper, just drawing paper thick enough for watercolors - i use a very smooth 200g/m Bristol 
  • optional accessories : empty palette for blending colors together and tissues for the mess :) 






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Margarita Bourkova

artist | dreamer | infp

I'm margaw, a freelance artist based in rainy Belgium. I'm self-taught, and i really believe anyone can draw if they really want to! I created this channel to share my drawing techniques, my personal tips and tricks, and to support others on their creative journey. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or if there's a particular technique you'd like me to teach -- i'm always interested in your feedback!

Ballpoint pens are one of my all time favorite art...

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