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Create a Beautiful Floral Bouquet Using Clip Art!

teacher avatar Kimberly Montgomery, Create + Design Your Creative Business

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (15m)
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    • 3. Create a Beautiful Bouquet Using Clip Art Lesson 1

    • 4. Create a Beautiful Bouquet Using Clip Art Lesson 2

    • 5. Create a Beautiful Bouquet Using Clip Art Lesson 3

    • 6. Create a Beautiful Bouquet Using Clip Art Lesson 4

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About This Class

Learn to create a gorgeous Floral Bouquet with just 7 clip art images! See how you can design an elegant image in just a few minutes. Your finished product will be perfect for invitations, greeting cards, logos and any craft project!

As part of the class you'll receive a complete Floral Clip Art Kit to work with and the final bouquet so you can follow along. 

Join in now and let's get creating!

Meet Your Teacher

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Kimberly Montgomery

Create + Design Your Creative Business


Let me show you exactly how I did it.

About a year and a half ago I was sitting on my couch in Portland, Oregon. It was winter, and I wanted to be somewhere else.

Actually, I wanted to be EVERYWHERE else. I had a burning desire to travel the world, I just needed to figure out a way to pay for it.

I researched, studied and did the things needed to make it happen.

Fast forward 10 months and I had created 9 Passive Income Side Hustles. That's when I had my daughter drive me to the airport. 

I've been traveling to fun and exotic destination ever since.

Come on over and join me at and get the low down on how I created my Passive Income life that allows me to travel the world full time. The information there will round out... See full profile

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1. SS: E M. Kimberly Montgomery with $50 dot com and I want a weapon you 20 online classroom here it still shares. I'm really excited that you're here to learn. I'm professional illustrator and product designer been working in the gift of paper products industry for over 35 years. In that time, I've developed hundreds of greeting cards, gift wrap, gift bags, gift items, fabric collections, anything you can think of that's been sold, every tell I had a lovely career, and I've learned a lot about product design and working with imagery. So I'm now here to share my pro tips and tricks with you. So if your professional designer, if you're a blogger, you're gonna learn a lot about how to make products that really sell. If your home crafter you're gonna be creating lovely designs in no time, come along with you. Why share all that I've learned over my 35 years? It's gonna be fine. I'm looking forward to it. Let's get learning 2. SS: E. Kimberly Montgomery with 50 jobs. That comment I want to welcome you to create a beautiful bouquet with bark. If you've ever seen a clip art collection and all those all individual elements and thought I wouldn't even know where to start, Well, you're in the right place because actually creating a beautiful clip art okay, even with just a few clip art elements is really quite easy when you know how. So come along with me as I share all my pro tips and tricks and you'll be designing your own beautiful bouquets. Whether it's for your business, for your blog's are for gifts as a home crafters, you're gonna love what you learn and it's gonna be a great journey. Let's get learnings. 3. Create a Beautiful Bouquet Using Clip Art Lesson 1: Hi. This is Kimberly with 50 jewels dot com, and this is the first lesson in our create a beautiful bouquet with clip art. Siri's um, and you can see that I have affinity designer open. We all know I love this program. If you don't have a Finnish designer, no worries. You can do the same thing in Camba or pick Monkey the online versions or if you have Photoshopped or another design program. So just look at the concepts and how we're working with the clip art and don't so much work about the program. Worry about the program. However, if you don't have a design program, I highly recommend affinity designer at Super Cheap, um, super functional and I love it. I can't work without it. If you want to find out more about it, you can go to my website 50 jewels dot com and go to the Resource is Page and I have a little blurb about affinity designer there. Okay, so we have the program open and you can see that I have the clip market that you're going to receive. It's part of this class on my desktop, and I have cropped down the images and organized them and place them above my workspace. Now, if you're not familiar with these concepts that I just talked about cropping the image is moving them onto the desktop and organizing them. You might want to take a second and go watch the Beginner's Guide to clip Art because I cover all that there. So what we're going to do in this lesson is we're just going to start arranging the floral bouquet, so I'm gonna go ahead and click on this flower here and bring it down onto my work space. Then I'm gonna grab this one and bring it down as well and kind of turn it a little to the side. And then I'm gonna get this last white flour and I'm gonna copy it and bring it down to my my workspace. So when I'm creating a floral bouquet, a lot of times I won't know how it's going. Toe look until I start working with it. It's just one of those kind of things that you have to get a feel for working with the elements. Find out how the arrange together when they're on the art board and pretty much um, it's ago. It's a flow is you go kind of thing. So I have these three floral elements here on my art board, and I I'm kind of just tucking them in together until, like, sort of like how they look now when you're working with any kind of design, and particularly when you're working with clip art, you generally want to work in odd numbers. So 1357 If you're putting your flowers on your board and you're looking at it, it's not quite feeling right for you. Count your numbers. It might be that you have a two or 46 and it's just harder to get a visual flow with a design when you don't have those outnumbers. So just keep that in mind, all right, so we've moved the flowers down in the art board. In the next lesson, work 4. Create a Beautiful Bouquet Using Clip Art Lesson 2: Hi and this is Kimberly with 50 jewels dot com, and this is the second lesson, and they create a beautiful bouquet with clip art Siri's and you can see we're starting where we left off Last time I brought in the brought the three flowers down onto our our board, and we talked a little bit about how we wanna work in odd numbers, particularly when we're talking about our focal element, which here is the flowers. So now I'm going to start creating the greenery behind the flowers. So I'm going to click on this element right here, copy it down to my work board, and then you can see how it's sitting in front of the other floral elements, and we don't want that. We wanted to go ahead and go to the back, so I'm going to select that click on layer arranged and moved to back, and you will have this option and whatever program you're using us, well, so that's going to put that particular art element right behind so I can start working with it and moving copies of it around and not have it interfere with the floral elements in the front So I'm gonna go ahead and tuck that kind of into that little D between those two flowers, and then I'm gonna hold down my all key on my Mac and copy that element down here, and I'm just gonna tuck it again. We're right into that little V shape right there. And then I'm gonna make another copy of it. Great here. And, you know, I'm kind of liking that. Generally I will slop a leaf element or a floral element around, but I'm liking the way because of the shape of that leaf element that we kind of have a swirl and flowing pattern here that that just looks good to me So you can see how we tucked those leaves behind and moved it around until it gave us a pleasing result. So I'm gonna go ahead up here and grab another leaf element, bring it down to my workspace, and I'm going to reduce the size down a little bit. And I'm gonna go ahead and move this one to the back as well, and it still seems a little bit too big to me. So I'm gonna reduce it down. There we go. That's a little bit better. So I've got it here. And then I'm gonna hold down my all key and make a copy of that and then just flop it. So that is actually facing the opposite direction and just sort of tuck it in until it's where I like it. Yeah, that looks good. So I'm gonna move another one of those over here, and I think I want that facing the other direction someone. I went ahead and flopped it. Tuck it in here, and this is just kind of a feel thing. So as you're moving it around, kind of think about what? You know what is feeling good and looking good to you. Now you can see that this white flour right here is kind of hang out in front. And, you know, I think that it would probably look better if it had something in front of it. So I'm gonna go ahead and click on this leave, and then I'm gonna use my key commands on my keyboard to kind of move it in front there. So I was tuck it right here, so it looks like it's actually just coming out there, and then maybe I could make another copy of it and moved there. I think I'll flop that. So you can see how it's just sort of a work in progress as you move forward. Okay. All right. So we've got the beginnings of believe pattern in the background right there. That's looking good. We'll go ahead and work on the next level of fully 5. Create a Beautiful Bouquet Using Clip Art Lesson 3: Hi. This is Kimberly with 50 jewels dot com. And this is video three. And our create a beautiful floral bouquet using clip art Siri's and you can see that we have are three flowers here on our workspace, and we've added the first layer of leaves behind it, so it's looking nice, but I think we want to keep on going to give it a really elegant, deep, rich look. So what, I'm gonna work with this little floral piece right up here, So I'm gonna select it, bring it on down to my workspace, and you can see it's sitting above the rest of the elements. So what we want to do here is we want to go upto layer, arrange moved to back, and that will give us, um, an opportunity to move that around and kind of ad just some decorative elements to this bouquet. So I'm just making copies of this, that by holding down the all key on a Mac, and I'm just creating kind of feeling that bouquet in almost like a florist, would dio you know, So you have your leafy elements, and now we're looking at a little lacy something in the background. So I'm just moving these around to the areas that seem like they need a little bit more decorative element. I'm gonna hold down my all key, make a copy of that, and then just move it around a little bit. Tips where I like it. Oh, that looks good. And car, I think this area over here could use a little bit of the flourish as well. I like that. And then maybe just one more small one up here, and you can see how we're sort of seeing parts of that behind it. And I like that. That looks good because it looks like a real floral arrangement. So there you can see that we have the three flowers that we worked with from the beginning . We place those 1st 2nd we've with the leaf elements behind. And then third, we have these Lacey type of flowers that really fill out our bouquet. All right. In the less next lesson, we're going to go another layer of leafy elements in the background. Sort of a distance creation. Part of that 6. Create a Beautiful Bouquet Using Clip Art Lesson 4: Hi. This is Kimberly with 50 tools dot com. And this is the fourth in our series of Create a beautiful bouquet with clip art. And you can see we're right where we left off from Our last lesson we have are three flowers. Here are first layer of leaf elements. Excuse me, and then our kind of lacy little flowers right there. So what I want to do now is I want to create a sense of distance and depth in the bouquet, and you're going to see how much it really adds to the emphasis. You know, we could stop right here, and we have something really beautiful, but I think that you're going to see when we're done with this next step how much richer and deeper the bouquet looks. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go up here and I'm gonna grab this leafy element that we first started with, and that's going to create the distance in the background for us. So I'm going to go over here to my capacity setting, and I've got that selected so that leaf is just the only one that's going to be getting lighter right there. so I'm bringing it down. I think I wanted about 60%. That's looking good. Then I'm going to move it over on to my workspace and I'm gonna go upto layer arrange moved to back. And that's going to just add this really delicious depth field of depth person. You know, um, so it looks like that the leaves are actually fading off into the distance. So I'm going to just keep that selected, and I'm going to move it around into the and fill up the space is where I want it and see, I I just like how That's just kind of tucking in there and giving a real nice sense of depth and you can arrange it so that it's really not, um, an obvious placement. But it just adds, you know, a great, wonderful sense of a rich full bouquet. So I'm going to go down here. I like that. Move it over here and then I think just a few more right down here and you can see how that's really added. A depth of field to are beautiful little illustration there. I'm going to do one more. I think I want to flop this. So it's in the opposite direction. There we go. So let's go ahead and take a look at that. You know, I think I want one more over here just to fill in a little bit. Yeah. There we go. All right, so there we have it. We created a beautiful floral bouquet. It's rich. It's elegant. It would be lovely on any kind of printed card, wedding, invitation, recipe card, whatever. And we created it from these little seven pieces of clip art. So you can see you can really put together some beautiful products using clip art. I hope you enjoyed this lesson. It was fun for me. I hope it was fun for you and that you learned a lot. Make sure that you do the assignment so that you can get a feel for working with these clip art images. You'll be able to download this entire set as part of the class. Thank you again. This is Kimberly with