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14 Lessons (1h 8m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Making Pancake Batter

    • 3. Making Cratered Pancakes

    • 4. Scanning Your Pancake Surface

    • 5. Creating a Texture Map

    • 6. Creating a Bump Map

    • 7. Creating Your Moon

    • 8. Painting the Nebula

    • 9. Adding a Sun and Primary Stars

    • 10. Adding a Star Field

    • 11. Lighting the Moon

    • 12. Your Project

    • 13. The Creative Space Agency

    • 14. Bonus - Gas Planet Quick Lesson


About This Class

From a scanned pancake surface, create your very own 3D moon; and learn how to paint a nebula to show off your uniquely cratered moon.

Multi-Outcome Class

This class covers a range of easy to master skills, from cooking, to 3D rendering, to digital painting.

Part 1 – The Pancake Moon

In Part 1 of the class, you will learn how to:

  • make pancakes in your kitchen
  • using Affinity Photo, make equi-rectangular projection texture and bump maps out of the pancake's cratered surface
  • using Cheetah 3D, wrap the texture and bump maps around a sphere, and
  • render your pancake moon.

We will be using Affinity Photo to create our texture and bump maps, and Cheetah 3D to render the pancake moon.

Note: Cheetah 3D is Mac-only software. For Window's users, you may find similar 3D apps that you can use. If you can't, I have supplied some moon renders that you can use for Part 2 below.

Part 2 – Painting a Starry Nebula

With Affinity Photo, you will learn how to:

  • use shapes to create stars and simple lens flares
  • use the standard set of Affinity Photo brushes to paint star fields and a nebula
  • composite your moon with your starry nebula, and
  • fine tune the lighting of your moon.


Introducing the The Creative Space Agency

This class is one of four space-themed classes developed collaboratively by a group of Skillshare teachers who banded together to form the Creative Space Agency.


Please check out these amazing teachers and their space-themed classes:

The Affinity Photo logo and Cheetah 3D logo are copyright by their respective owners and are used with permission.