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Create Your Own attendance Sheet


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6 Videos (28m)
    • Introduction

    • Entering names dates and drop down list

    • Formatting and insert calculation

    • Calculating Absence and freezing panes

    • Taking Attendance of the 1st week

    • Conditional Formatting


About This Class

This course is for educators , coaches , mentors , supervisors who need to take daily attendance of their students or employees , 

In this course you will how create their Attendance sheet using Excel, using the following steps :

  1. First step is copying the names from the grade book
  2. The second step is creating the timeline (calendar days and Dates)
  3. The third step is shading the off days , Saturday ‘s and Sundays off , we will shade them with a darker color 
  4. The fourth step is inserting a drop down list ( P = Present , A=absent , L = late) in the cells to take the attendance
  5. The fifth step is inserting 2 new columns to calculate the number of absent days , and percentage of absence
  6. Step 6 is Formatting
  7. Step 7 is Formatting to make the sheet user friendly
  8. The eighth step is inserting a function to calculate the number of absent days
  9. In step 9 we will be calculating the Percentage of absence
  10. Step 10 we will be freezing panes “we will freeze the 1st three columns to show the names and statistics” when we scroll left or right
  11. In step 11 We will be taking the attendance of the first week
  12. In step 12 we will be doing conditional formatting , if the absence of any student is greater than 20% the cell will be shaded to red to alarm us that the student must be warned .

To achieve that please review the following in Excel:

  • How to use Formulas
  • The order of operator precedence in Excel Formulas
  • How to use VLOOOKUP Function
  • Absolute and Relative References 
  • Conditional Formatting





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Osama Jaber


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