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Create Your Own Wall Banner

Julianne Newton Pauley

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6 Videos (9m)
    • Introduction to Creating a Wall Banner

    • Needed Supplies

    • Making Your Banner

    • Banner design and create

    • Banner Display

    • Conclusion


About This Class

I walk you through step by step to create a decorative wall banner with many options for design. It's a great companion to offer a new medium to present your skills in lettering, drawing, and any art class. 





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I'm a maker, writer, sewer, designer, science teacher, and someone who wants to learn something or be more creative every day. My most important role is a stay home Mom with 4 kids, and an awesome husband who I hope to inspire to be creative and happy.

I have served in the Air Force, have been certified for public elementary and secondary grades as well as Montessori Education, have an M.Ed. in school leadership (with past dreams of my own school), can operate a backhoe and calibrate ...

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