Create Your Own Signature Scent | Jill Tetherow | Skillshare
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7 Videos (34m)
    • Introduction

    • Background and Importance

    • Supplies and Preparation

    • Creating the Perfect Blend

    • Testing and Tweaking

    • Step By Step Demonstration

    • Closing and Final Project Challenge


About This Class

In this class, students will learn how to quickly and easily create a signature scent that is safe, non-toxic, and personalized to their exact taste and needs.

We will be using an oil roller and essential oils to create the perfect blend just for them! 

There is no need to buy expensive or fancy equipment, and with a few simple ingredients and a roller bottle, the sky is the limit! 

This course requires no prior knowledge or specialized skill set. Just an open mind and a creative spirit!

At the end of this short course, each student will be encouraged to create their own scent, and will leave the course with the confidence to create a variety of scents tailored to fit their personality and mood.





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Jill Tetherow

Certified Women's Herbal Educator

Jill is a Certified Women's Herbal Educator with a Bachelor's Degree in History and a Master's Degree in Child, Youth, and Family Studies.

Her mission is to empower women to achieve whole body wellness naturally, peacefully, and safely.

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