Create Your Own Sharable Web Series | Ellie Shoja | Skillshare
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10 Videos (43m)
    • Create Your Web Series - Introduction

    • Know Your Why

    • The Viral Formula

    • Emotional Impact

    • What's Your Gift?

    • Getting to the What

    • Expand into a Show

    • The Treatment AKA Your Roadmap

    • A Word About Production

    • Final Words


About This Class

Creating a web series requires a great commitment. It requires time, money, energy, creativity, and any other resources you're able or willing to throw at it. On the other hand, creating a web series can be incredibly rewarding, allowing you to expand personally and professionally. 

Before diving into your web series production, however, it's important to know where you're going, what gifts you'd like to share with the world, and what you're hoping to achieve with your web series. Your why and your what will give you the foundation and the fuel you need to create a compelling web series that will resonate with your audience. 


In this class, we will: 

  • Identify your why
  • Learn about how to make your videos sharable
  • Define the value you'd like to provide to your audience
  • Define what emotional impact you'd like your videos to have
  • Identify the gifts you'd like to share with your audience
  • Use your gifts as the basis as your concepts
  • Expand one of your concepts into an actual show
  • Write a treatment 

In this class, we will use: 

  • Worksheets to help you organize your vision and generate needed content
  • A brainstorming technique
  • TV packaging tools
  • An outside-in approach

To get the most out of this class, it is important to complete all the worksheets, participate in the brainstorming exercises, and share your work in the class discussions. 





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Ellie Shoja

Mindfulness Coach, Transformation Expert

Ellie Shoja is an award-winning Writer, Motivational Speaker, Mindfulness Coach, and Podcast Host.

She is the founder of Peace Unleashed, a personal transformation company that focuses on helping individuals and groups level up holistically. The Peace Unleashed philosophy is rooted in the understanding that teams are more efficient and companies more productive when individual members attain a level of internal peace and groundedness that remains unshaken by life events.

She is ...

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