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10 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Create Your Web Series - Introduction

    • 2. Know Your Why

    • 3. The Viral Formula

    • 4. Emotional Impact

    • 5. What's Your Gift?

    • 6. Getting to the What

    • 7. Expand into a Show

    • 8. The Treatment AKA Your Roadmap

    • 9. A Word About Production

    • 10. Final Words

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10 of 10 students recommend this class
Emerelle's Voice

Spiritual Speaker & Singer

This is a wonderful class, perfect for beginners! I would even go as far as to say this is not just about Web Series but really about helping you find out what project or dream you want to create in the world. So if you struggle with too many ideas and don't know where to start.. start here :)
Great class!
Very meaningful and practical; I think I got clear about to think whats my gift and emotional impact with my work. Thank you very much!
This really helped me to create of form for a understanding I have had all along. Thank you! :)