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10 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Create Your Web Series - Introduction

    • 2. Know Your Why

    • 3. The Viral Formula

    • 4. Emotional Impact

    • 5. What's Your Gift?

    • 6. Getting to the What

    • 7. Expand into a Show

    • 8. The Treatment AKA Your Roadmap

    • 9. A Word About Production

    • 10. Final Words


Project Description

The final project in this class is the treatment for your web series. 

The treatment you'll be creating is perhaps one of the most valuable sales and marketing tools I use when packaging television shows. Here are some of the ways you will use your treatment as you embark on the journey of creating your web series:

  • Roadmap: Your treatment will focus your thoughts and ideas around your project, and will guide you back in line whenever you waver. 
  • Raise Funds / Support: Whether you're asking a friend or help or crowdfunding your project, your treatment will give you the language you need to solicit support. 
  • Protect Your Idea: You can register your treatment with the WGA and with the Library of Congress to protect you project. 
  • Cohesive Messaging: Once you are done creating your web series, your treatment will provide the language you need for a successful launch and a cohesive public presence. 

Student Projects