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Create Your Own Prayer Pocket Flags

Consie Sindet , Artist...on a creative journey...

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8 Videos (1h 12m)
    • Introduction

    • Gathering your supplies

    • Creating flag #1

    • Creating flag #2

    • Creating the final flags

    • Creating the pockets

    • Putting the pieces together

    • Final thoughts


About This Class

Learn how to play with analogous colors through the layering of stencils to create beautiful designs that you will then use to make your own Prayer Pocket Flags. These flags are my take on Tibetan Prayer Flags. They will give you a special place to tuck your deepest thoughts, desires, wishes, etc, by combining your love of art and journaling.






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Consie Sindet

Artist...on a creative journey...

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I am an artist specializing in painting and mixed media, a face and body painter, henna artist and a lover of crafty things. In looking for new ways to inspire my creative side - and in turn inspire you - I blog at Atop Serenity Hill about the creative journey that is my life and teach online classes here on Skillshare. Join me on my journey and let's learn something together!

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