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Create Your Own Pet GIFs with Procreate Animation

Kelley Bren Burke, Artist & Creative Entrepreneur

Create Your Own Pet GIFs with Procreate Animation

Kelley Bren Burke, Artist & Creative Entrepreneur

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11 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Our Class Project

    • 3. Procreate Animation Overview

    • 4. Websites with Beautiful Free Photos

    • 5. Procreate's Selection Tool

    • 6. Erasing & Smudging Tools

    • 7. Finishing Our Neon Sign GIF

    • 8. Doggy Road Trip GIF

    • 9. Trampoline Animation GIF

    • 10. Upload to GIPHY

    • 11. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Hi! I’m Kelley Bren Burke! I’m a creative entrepreneur living in Minneapolis, MN.  

This is my best friend, Murphy. He’s a 7 year old bulldog, and I love to put him in my animated GIFs.


In this class, you’ll learn how to create animations just like that one, starring your favorite pet. I’ll be talking about dogs and cats in this class, but you can GIF any creature you have a photograph of - like a fish, a guinea pig, a bird. Or even a human. 

We’ll create 3 different gifs together. To see all of them, please visit the Class Project tab for this class. 

We’ll use your own photos and backgrounds from free photo websites like Unsplash and Pixabay.

After this class, you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned to a number of different scenarios. Your friends will love receiving texts with animations starring their pets - perfect for celebrating birthdays or just for fun.

These animations are awesome for sharing on Instagram and Facebook, as well. 

I’ll also show you how to upload your GIFs to GIPHY and apply for a brand or artist channel on GIPHY

For this class, you’ll need an iPad, the procreate app, and a stylus. I’ll be using the apple pencil. 

You don't need to be an artist or an illustrator to take this class.

This is an intermediate Procreate class. I’ll be explaining each step as I go along, but some knowledge of Procreate is helpful. My first class is about creating Birthday GIFs. It’s called Easy Animation with Procreate 5. That class is aimed at beginners in Procreate animation, so feel free to check that out.

I really want to see your pets! Share your pet gifs in the class project gallery, or on Instagram. Follow me and tag me on Instagram (show slide). Also, please follow me on Skillshare! I'm working on my third class as we speak :) 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kelley Bren Burke

Artist & Creative Entrepreneur


Hi! I'm Kelley!

 Most days, you can find me working at our Minneapolis home with our bulldog, Murphy. I'm a self-employed artist with two businesses. I started my first business in 2013. It’s called Gems by Kelley. I specialize in minimalist gemstone bracelets. I’m sold over 10,000 pieces of jewelry on Etsy.

My second and newest love is art. I’m a self-taught artist and a Skillshare teacher. After taking Skillshare classes for several years, I published my first two Skillshare classes in 2020. I create art digitally, using my iPad, Apple Pencil and the Procreate app.

I’m passionate about pursuing my best life through art, creativity, and entrepreneurship, and I want to help others do the same. 

Say hello and follow along!... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hi, I'm Kelly Branford. I'm a creative entrepreneur living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. And this is my best friend, Murphy. He's a seven-year-old Bulldog and I love to put him in my animated gifs. In this class, you'll learn how to create a GIF just like this one, starting your favorite pets. I'll be talking about dogs and cats in this class. But you can give any creature you'd have a photograph of like a fish, a guinea pig, a bird, or even a human, will create three different gifts together, will use your own photos and backgrounds from free photo websites like an splash. After this class, you'll be able to apply what you've learned to a number of different scenarios. Your friends will love receiving texts of animation starring their pets, perfect for celebrating birthdays or just for fun. These animations are awesome for sharing and Instagram and Facebook as well. I'll also show you how to upload your gifts to give and to apply for a brand or artists channel and goofy. For this class, you'll need an iPad, the procreate app, and a stylus. I'll be using the Apple pencil that any stylus will do. I would consider this an intermediate class. I'll be explaining each step as they go along, but some knowledge of procreate is helpful. My first-class is about creating birthday gifts. It's called Easy animation with appropriate Five. That class is aimed that beginners and procreate animation. So please feel free to check that one out as well. I really want to see your pet, so share your pet gifts in the class project Gallery. And on Instagram. Follow me and tag me on Instagram, please use the hashtag Kelly Rettberg also, please follow me and skill share. In the next lesson, I'll tell you more about her class projects. See you there. 2. Our Class Project: Today I'm going to show you how to create these three gifts. After you're done, please share one or more gifts in the class project gallery. To create these gifts will insert a pet Photo into procreate. I'll show you how to use procreates tools to isolate the pet from his photo background, will use procreate Selection Tool, erasers and smudging tools to accomplish this. Then we'll add photo backgrounds from an splash or Pixabay as a backdrop for your gift. I have collections of backgrounds that you can use that are linked in the class resource gallery. Or you can source your own backgrounds using the search function and Pixabay and UNSW slash. I'll go over that in more detail later. For now, to access the class resource gallery, click on that tab just underneath this video. You'll need to be on a desktop to access the resource. Unfortunately, they're not available on the skill share app. I also have PNG files of my dog Murphy, and I'm a funny cat. In the class resources. If you'd like to use these files for your animation, you're welcome to. After we've created our animations, will save the gifts and I'll talk you through saving and sharing your animations. I have a verified artists channel, I'm GFP. So you can find all of my gifts by searching Kelly Grunberg in gift or in the gift search on Instagram or Facebook. I'll show you how to do this as well. In the next lesson, I'll do a quick overview of animation on procreate. See you there. 3. Procreate Animation Overview: Next we're going to be doing a really brief overview of animation. So I'm going to open up a new canvas, 1500 by 1500 pixels. And we're going to draw a little fish in the ocean that is going to be moving back and forth. So you can use any color palette you'd like. This is just practice. So I'm going to fill my bottom layer up with a light blue. And I'm going to create a new layer on top of that and grab a darker teal kind of color and draw some rough waves there. And on a new layer I'm gonna draw a little orange fish. And again, it's totally just for practice. I'm gonna give him a little smile and eyes. And there we have our fish. So we have it set up here. Each thing is on different layers. And what we're gonna do is these two layers are going to be in the background holding steady while the fish moves. So I'm gonna group these together, labeled them background. And I will label my fish, fish. And we are ready to start animating. We are gonna go to wrench Canvas animation, assist on. And you'll see here already that your Canvas looks a little bit different. And that's because we don't have the background toggled on here. So I'm going to tell procreate that I want the waves and the sky to be in the background while the fish is going to be moving around. You can see here that they have these little squares down here that mirror exactly the layers panel here. And so what we're gonna do is duplicated or fish and move him forward. Let's move them forward about a half fish every time. And I'll move them forward another half fish. And you can see here that once he goes off the page, he gets cut off and that's fine for our purposes here. It's just something to know about how animation works and procreate. You're gonna duplicate them one more time. Move them a half fish forward, and then duplicate them one last time. And I'm just going to clear this because there's gonna be no fish. And so if we look down here, we can hit play and we can watch our fish move, and he's going really fast. So I'm going to reduce the frames per second to about seven. You'll want to play with the frames per second for each animation. The onion skin frames. I'll show you what that means here. Right here we have a bunch of little fishes that are less opaque. So at time Max, onion skin frames. And that's the default on procreate. If we wanted to see just one fish or two fish, I'll just do one. And if we wanted to lower the opacity to about 30%, then you can see here that there's just one little fish showing. And he is more, less opaque than he was before. Okay, so now we have our fish that is moving forward at a decent speed. And what we're gonna do is we're going to bring him to the left of the frame as well. So I'll show you what I mean here. I'm gonna continue moving him at a consistent rate, about a half fish back every time. Duplicate, bring the bottom fish over. About a half fish. Duplicate again. Move this guy about a half fish back one last time and then duplicate it and then we'll clear this off. So we will have a frame with no fish to start. So we're going to look at our animation again, and our fish is indeed moving through the ocean. We can look at different things here within the settings. One shot means that the fish will just move forward once and then stop loop. It means that he will keep moving forward just like he was before. And ping-pong means he's going to be ping-ponging back and forth, swimming backwards and forwards, which I don't think fish do. So for this one, we would definitely want loop to be our setting. You can also do something here. You can do a whole duration. So we have more time without a fish at the beginning and the end of it. I'm moving the whole duration up a little bit, a few frames. And then you can just see that your fish just doesn't appear and disappear right away. You could do that anytime you wanted. It wouldn't really make a whole lot of sense for this one. But let's just say you wanted the fish to hold still for awhile. In the middle of the animation. You can do that. You could also make your fish move a little bit. We'll see how that goes just by toggle, hang him around, will keep him there. See what kind of effect we get from that. And it'll just be a little bit more of them. Rambunctious fish. Yeah, there he's just moving a little bit more and maybe a fish-like fashion. So that is our really quick overview of procreate animation. I do have another procreate animation class available, so you can check that out if you'd like to learn more about procreate animation. Thanks, and I'll see you in the next lesson. 4. Websites with Beautiful Free Photos : Let's check out two great resources for Free, photos and backgrounds online. We're gonna start with an splash, which has a huge variety of quality photos. You can browse the homepage and see an example of the kind of things that are on there. You can also search by textures and patterns. And you can use any of these as a background for your gift. You can search specific things. I want some neon sign backgrounds for one of my gifts today. So you can see here, there's a huge variety of neon signs. You can favorite the ones that you like and save them for later. You could add them to a collection. To favorite them. You just tap on the little heart. I like this pink Hello, background here. So I'm going to download it by tapping download. And that'll go right here. And you can click on it. And when you click the little square with an arrow thing, you can save the image to a number of places. I'm gonna save it to my camera roll. You can also say thank you to the photographer. You can follow them on this site or you could follow them on Instagram. I have a free account on ans flash so you can look at my past likes here. I've already searched neon signs. I searched funny cat. I searched things like open road and highway with perspective. This is one of the photo backgrounds I'm going to be using later on in this class. And I saved it the same way. You can search cars if you want to put your pet in a car and have an drive down the road, you can do that. So the link for this site is in the class projects and descriptions, as well as the link for this site Pixabay, which is another site that works very similarly to an splash. Here you can browse and you can also download things. If you wanted to look for a funny dog. You could find your funny dog. And you can again do a free download. This site offers a variety of sizes for the JPEG download, the default size is 1920 by 1280 pixels, and that works great for a gift, so we can just hit download. And again, it goes to your downloads here where you can save it to your camera roll. So those are two great sites online to check out for free photos. So I encourage you to browse around and find some great backgrounds for your gifts. I will see you in the next lesson. 5. Procreate's Selection Tool: For this class, we are going to trace around our dogs and cats so we can isolate them and use them in the gifts. And to start, we are going to create a new canvas and procreate. And I'm gonna use my animation square canvas. It's 1500 by 1500 pixels. And to start, I'm going to go to the wrench and pull up a picture of my dog. So I'm going to do wrench and certain photo. And I have an album of pet gifts for this class. And I have various pets. I'll just show you my ducks. That is Gracie and Murphy. And Murphy's the bulldog and graces the little girl. I'm not going to use that for this class, so we'll just clear that right now and go back to my photos and choose the photo that I want to use for this class, which is right here. This is one of my favorite photos of Murphy. So what we're gonna do is we're going to trace around him and we're going to remove his body from the coach. So to do that, I am going to grab this selection tool and then note it's on free hand and add. It's important to have the right selections here when you're cutting. Otherwise, you could possibly cut him off the couch and leave just the couch and that's not what we want. So we're going to start tracing here. And I'm just going to start it as cute little head. And you want to be as close to his head without getting any of the background in there. Because this is a gift and it's a fast-moving animation. This really doesn't need to be perfect, but I do like to get it as nice as possible. We can go in and clean up later and we will. But for now, our job is just a trace it as closely as possible. And as you see, it can see you can stop here and you can use a two finger tap to undo what you just did. You can also redo. What you don't want to do in general is do a huge long line without stopping because then you could if you had to undo it, then you'd have to go back pretty far. So Murphy is a short haired guy. So that can make him a little bit easier to gift. Later on we're gonna do a Fluffy Cat. And I'll show you how you can deal with that different situation. When you're choosing a picture, obviously you want one where you can see the whole silhouette of the dog where he's not he doesn't have like say a flip cut out of the picture and less. You don't need to see his feet for this GIF. And then what you want to do is connect back with this first initial dot. So you are closing the loop on this. And then I'm gonna do a three finger tab. And I'm going to do cut and paste. And then you can see here that we have both Murphy by himself. And then we also have if we turn off Murphy, the outline of him on the couch, we do not need the outline of him on the couch, so I'm going to delete that one. I'm gonna duplicate Murphy. So we have a backup Murphy in case we make a mistake with this one. So you can see here that my cut out of Murthy is not perfect, particularly on this right side. So what I'm gonna do is go to my KGB gift kit. And these were all brushes that come with procreate, but I do have a link to download them all as a set in the projects and resources so you can have them together. The first thing I'm gonna do is navigate to my erasers and grab the monoline line brush. And again, that comes with procreate. I am just going to erase some of these black bits that I don't want in there from the background and I didn't cut close enough. Okay. So we have this pretty cleaned up now, but there's some hard outlines that I want to blur a little bit to make it look a little bit more natural. So for this, I'm gonna grab my smudge tool in my soft airbrushed, which again comes with procreate. And I'm just gonna kinda smudge some of those hard edges. This is one of those places that maybe I should have delete for someone to clean up that area here. That okay, now I'm going back to my smudging tool and my soft air brush. It is set at 13%. And what I'm doing here is just kind of softening the edges. And if you do it too long or like kinda drag, then you could get an effect like that that you don't want. So this really is kind of soft touch. And I'm just doing it bit by bit. And if you want instead the eraser, You can certainly pick that up. So if we zoom out, we can see how there's just kind of a softer outline on his left ear then in his, on his right ear. And I'm just going to keep going in this fashion using my smudge tool and my soft air brush to soften the edges here. Okay, so here he is. And his edges have all been softened and blurred. And I'm going to name this Murphy. And I am going to delete the original one that was not blurred and then duplicate this one that is blurred. So we are ready to go with Murphy. One thing that you can do is you can add a new layer of colour in here that might help you see any issues better. It just helps you see something differently in a different color background, but he looks pretty cleaned up. He looks pretty good. He is ready to go for our gifts. So I am going to go back into my gallery. I'm gonna name this one Murphy. Do. I will see you in the next lesson. In that one, we are going to work with a fluffy kittens. 6. Erasing & Smudging Tools: Okay, welcome back. If we're going to isolate a Fluffy Cat for our next GIF. So new canvas animation square 1500 by 1500 pixels. I am going to go to the wrench and insert a photo. And for this one I am going to be using my friend, Catherine's cat. And this cat is named Lou. And Lou is playing cards in this photo. I'm going to duplicate this just in case we mess up with one. I'm going to turn off that one and I am going to start isolating lw with our selection tool again, just like we did with Murphy's, so selection tool free hand and then the add option is in blue. There's, so that's what we want. So I'm gonna start with lose head. This is the same process as with Murphy, But this guy has really fluffy hair. So I am kind of going around the outlines here, but I don't want to grab is like an area of fiber that has like a lot of background in it because I'm gonna be adding for on top of him later. Okay, so I've connected my two lines there, three finger tap. I'm going to cut and paste. And there we have the same effect as last time, just like we wanted. We have loo by himself and we have the table by itself. We're going to delete the table and we are going to duplicate Lou and turn off 11 of them is just in case we mess up. And I'm gonna go over a similar process as with Murphy. I'm gonna use my monoline to cut out anything that looks goofy with him. We're going to be smudging a lot of the outlines, so he's pretty good as he is right now we're gonna move to the smudge tool. And for this one I'm going to choose the medium airbrushed. And that comes with procreate again and go around the edges and just kinda blur him out. And again, we're going to be drawing some hair on top of him. So it's okay if we have kind of thick blurry effect here, especially in the areas that he's really free. So lw is blurred out here. And I am going to fill a layer with color below him just to make sure that there aren't any like white areas that I didn't cut out. I'm gonna fill that. And he looks. Good, there. I'm also going to bring this original Lu, layer up right below his cut out layer. So then we can see how his fur looks that we cut off. So when we're duplicating it, we're bringing him back to his normal fluffy state. I am going to open a new layer on top of Lu for his fur. And that way, it just makes it easier to change it. If I don't like it, I am going to grab a light-colored because as you can see, his fluffy bits are in general lighter than the rest of him. I'm going to color drop some light area of his fur to select it. And I'm going to grab the fine hair brush that comes with procreate. It isn't the KBD gift kit, but you can also find it in the touch up section of your brushes that come with procreate. So fine hair, it's at 12%. I have a light gray. I'm on a layer above him. And I'm just gonna kinda brush some fine hair on to Lou. One of the things I like best about gifts is that they really don't have to be perfect. Because the images are moving so fast that you're not really absorbed in a lot of the details here. But I still like to get them as realistic as possible. So here we have loo, if we turn them off, we can look at just his hair. You could also go on to the loo photo here and grab the fine hair as an eraser and kind of go into the for here that we blurred. And that makes it look a little bit more realistic as well. So he's not all solid behind these wispy pieces. We can grab a darker gray to go back to the first layer and our fine hair brush. And in the places that he's darker, add a little bit more dark fur to blend in with the light for. And, you know, you could really do this all day if you wanted to and get a perfectly fluffy Lew. I think this is pretty good for our purposes. We can turn him back on again and kinda compare our illustration to his real for there's this area by his feet, but I don't really like so I'm using my fine hair eraser and I'm going in there to clean that up a little bit. Lw will be ready to go soon. So now we have Lou and his fluffy hair on top. So now I'm going to merge, lose NEW hair with Lou by pinching these guys together, these layers. So loo at the Fluffy Cat is isolated from his background and he is ready to add into a gift. So I will see you in the next lessons when we begin animating our pets. I'll see you there. 7. Finishing Our Neon Sign GIF: Welcome back. We are going to return to my dog, Murphy, and we are going to add a neon sign background. You can do any background that you would like for yours and use any pet you'd like. You can also use Murphy if you'd like. I am just going to talk you through my process the way I'm doing it here. So I'm going to add a new layer. I'm going to navigate to the wrench. I'm going to insert a photo. And it's going to be one that we downloaded earlier for R from an splash. And it is this hello neon sign right here. As you can see, it's not perfect for the size. So what we're gonna do is just kind of stretch it out here. I'm on Magnetics and uniform. So that will make the, adjust the size in a uniform fashion as opposed to if we had it on free form here, you could do things like stretch things out. But I don't want that effect here. So I'm going to undo most of the time when you're doing things like this, you will want it on uniform and magnetics. So I'm going to want the hello at the top. And I don't want these things at the bottom. So what I'm gonna do is sample this dark purple and grab my monoline brush and simply add a floor type thing to hear. If I enclose that there, I can color drop it and fill it with color and make my monoline big so I can draw that in. I am going to turn my drawing guide on wrench canvas drying guide on so it can have a flow the snuck for good. So again, I'm using my monoline brush to erase. Here. That looks pretty good. I am gonna take Murphy and I'm gonna make him a little bit smaller here. What I'm going to be doing is putting him on a chair. So I am going to add a new layer underneath Murphy. I am going to grab my monoline brush with a color that I selected from the side and just draw a chair around Murphy. And again, this does not have to be perfect by any means. I am going to add a new layer and do my chair legs. So I have my chair legs. I am going to duplicate that layer. I am going to hit my arrow there and flip horizontal and move my chair legs over here just so they're even. And because I am on uniform and magnetics, you can see that I have this little blue line here that's kind of guiding me to have them match up evenly. I'm going to merge my chair together here. So it's one thing I am going to group Murphy and the chair together so I can move them together. And it's looking a little big for me right now. So I'm just going to make it a little bit. And while I'm at it, I'm going to give my floor a little texture just for fun. I have my floor color sample. I am going to go to the colors here and lighten the color a little bit. I am going to grab texture that I purchased from Gail shear and it's called asphalt to texture it, I'm going to add a layer above my floor, make that a clipping mask. So that way I'm only coloring on the floor. I'm gonna bring the opacity down a little bit. And that just makes it look a little more interesting. I think that's a little light for me. So I'm going to change it. I still wanted to be a clipping mask, alpha lock, fill layer. The side is a little shadowed. So I'm gonna pull this dark color and just add a little darker texture in here, so it kinda Lenzen. So what I'm gonna do here is group these bottom layers together and those are going to be the background. So I'm going to group them together and label them the background. And I'll label Murphy Mina collapse my background so I don't need to see it. I'm gonna navigate over to my wrench, turned my animation assist on, and we don't need the drying guide. So I'm going to turn that off. I'm going to navigate to the background on the bottom here. And I'm going to toggle the background on what we're going to be doing for this GIF is duplicating Murphy and moving him across the page. And actually now that I think about it, what I'm gonna do is duplicate Murphy, turn off that group, tuck him in the background so we have it. And then we can just merge Murphy and his chair together. So they're one thing is we're moving them across. It just makes the animation a little more simple. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna duplicate Murphy and we are going to start moving him to the right just to start. And so with animation assist, we want to look at the settings for this animation. I want the onion skin capacity at about 30%, and I want the onion skin frame just at one. So we are moving Murphy a little bit to the right every time for now, and it is also on Magnetics and uniform. So that will keep him kind of in a smooth row. And we'll move him back maybe about a chair leg every time. So it's a smooth animation. So we're going to duplicate him again, grab the bottom layer, move him back about a chair leg. Duplicate them again. Moving back one chair leg on the bottom layer, as you can see here, once he's off the page, he gets cut off. So that's why you always want to leave a full one in the middle here to work from, because when he's cut off, he's not usable to go forward. So duplicate him again, move him back a chair leg. This last time that I duplicate, I'm just going to clear that layer. And what we're going to be doing here is we're going to have a hold duration of five frames. And we'll play with that later. But that's just so when he's off the page, she's going to be off there for a little bit and then he's going to pop back and come the other way. Let's test our animation and that's going really fast. But you can see it is the effect we want. This is gonna be a ping-pong animation. So I'm gonna turn that on here, settings ping-pong instead of loop. So then he's going back and forth as you can see here, but we're not done yet. So I'm going to pause this and then I'm gonna move Murphy to the left, doing exactly the same process as before except moving to the left. So I'm going to duplicate the top Murphy and move them over chair leg. Dupe Qin again, Tom Murphy, move them over by a chair leg and so on. So when I'm at my last layer, I'm going to clear that off and again, do a whole duration of five frames. And then we are going to test our animation. You can see here with the whole duration, what it does is it creates five grayed-out frames behind there. So you can kind of see that there's a hold when you are looking down here. So let's hit play. And they're Murphy is gliding in and out of his animation. That is exactly the effect I wanted. So I'm really happy with that. Make it a little bit bigger here. I'm gonna show you a few different animations that I did with this background. So you can get some different ideas for things that you can do. Here's lou the cat. And lou the cat is doing the exact same kind of thing. Just a little bit slower and he's on a little stool with a green pillow. I did the same with my friend Jacqueline. Dogs, Keanu, pianos on a fluffier green pillow, moving back and forth. So you can do a number of things with these cool neon sign backgrounds and your Pat. I'm looking forward to seeing your animations, so please share them in the project gallery of the class. Share them on Instagram and tag me, I would love to see your work. I will see you in the next lesson. 8. Doggy Road Trip GIF: Oh, okay, let's do our next animation. Let's call this one driving DOM. Let's open our animation square and navigate to the wrench and insert a photo from an splash. So wrench, add, insert a photo. And I'm going to choose this tunnel, a road from an splash. And as you can see, it doesn't fit on the screen here. So what we're going to do is change our canvas. So we are going to navigate to wrench Canvas, crop and resize. And we're just gonna have a rectangular guess, which is fine. This is the background. And I'm going to label that background. I'm going to do a new layer, and i'm going to add a car into this layer. And I'm gonna do that by going wrench, add, insert a photo, and I have a little pink car that I isolated before using the same techniques that we did with the dogs. So obviously that's way too big. So we're gonna use the selection tool to make that smaller. And I'm going to use this little smile at the bottom to center. Next, we're gonna create a new layer, and I'm going to grab a piano, which is one of my friend's dogs. I'm going to navigate to another GIF where I already put her in a gif. And so I'm gonna pause this. I am going to find her. I'm gonna drag three fingers down on the screen to get the copy paste, paste menu. And I'm going to copy her. And then I'm going to navigate back to my current animation. And I'm on the layer that I want HER three figures down and paste. And there she is. So I am going to make her a little bit smaller so she fits in the car. And I'm going to be erasing her cute little legs here. To do that. I am going to bring the opacity down so I can see what is the car and what is her. If you look at the car, it has this little knob here that must be the navigation for this car. So we need to make sure that we erase around that. I'm going to grab my monoline brush, bring it up big so I can just start erasing and then make it a little bit smaller as we do the detail work. Okay, so that looks pretty good. I am going to group her with the car and I'm going to rename that. And we are ready to turn on animation assist. So wrench Canvas animation assist on, toggle the background on. And there we have our pub at the end of the road here. So we have a piano in the car. And what I'm gonna do is just merge PR with the car. For this, we could keep it in a group, but this will just simplify it just a little bit. So we have her in the car and I'm gonna duplicate her one more time, choose the bottom one. Use the selection tool here and make it just a little bit smaller. I'm gonna move it down. And I'm going to use these eyes as a guideline. I'll move it back about as far as the eyes here. And I'm gonna use the smile to guide me here. So you can see here in our settings, I'm going to turn the onion skinned frames on to one. And I'm going to bring the opacity down to about 30% because we only need to see one other one to keep us on track. So I'm going to duplicate the bottom one. Choose the new bottom one, make it a little bit smaller. And we want to keep in mind that we have this tunnel coming up. So she's going to need to be small enough to fit underneath the tunnel here. So the keep duplicating, choosing the bottom one, making it smaller, centering it. It can be easy to accidentally start levitating our car, which would be cool if that's what you want. It's not the effect. I'm going for here. There's a little curve here to there right before the tunnel. So I am going to move her a little bit to the right. So in this one she's gonna be behind this thing. So I'm just going to erase part of her and duplicate one more time and then clear that layer. So we're going to have a moment without her in the animation. So here she is. That looks pretty good. We're going to adjust a couple of things here to make it even better. So I'm going to pause here and I'm going to navigate to this first screen that's empty and I'm gonna do a whole duration of, let's try four. So there'll be four frames before she comes in the screen. And once there is that whole duration, you can see these little grayed out guys. And then in this last one, I'm gonna do a whole duration of about nine frames, so we can enjoy the animation at the end. When she's done. Let's see how that looks. So little fast. I'm going to bring it down to 11 frames per second. I like that butter. So I have done this animation with a number of dogs, including my friends Doug, Lucy, and a different highway. My dog nephew Hank and the highway. This is Hank is a baby puppy and a pink car. So these are really fun to do and they are fun to share with your friends. And you can do all sorts of different things using these techniques. So I will see you in the next lesson. 9. Trampoline Animation GIF: Okay guys, I call this animation trampling. I'm going to open a new canvas, 1500 by 1500 pixels. And I am going to choose my KTB pet gifts color palette. I'm going to choose a light blue and I'm going to fill the first layer with the background color. And I'm going to add a new layer above that. And we're going to be drawing a trampoline and a sun and clouds and a few other things. And these are all going to be the background. So what I'm gonna do to start is I'm gonna create a group here. So I'm gonna choose layers 12, hit Group, click to rename. Procreate has had an update. So now you can write right on the layers and I'm an array background. Perfect. So on layer two, I am going to grab a dark green for the grass. And I have here the monoline brush that comes with procreate. And I'm going to draw a line on the screen. I'm gonna hold my finger down so we can get a straight line here. And then I'm gonna take that same color and color, drop it to fill the grass. I'm going to great, a couple new layers above x. We're going to need them. The next thing I'm going to draw on the next layer are clouds in the background. So I'm gonna grab my very lightest blue and just draw some cartoon like clouds in the background. So I'm going to color drop that. Here's a quick trick. If you hold onto the eraser, it will automatically erase with whatever brush you are using. So I have that monoline brush to give me a good effect there. I'm still on the same cloud layer. I'm going to draw a second cloud That's filled. I'm gonna grab my eraser and just get rid of those little lines. Ok, so we have our clouds and I'm going to draw a son. I'm going to have the sun peeking out from behind the clouds. So I'm gonna grab a layer and pull it underneath the clouds. I am going to choose a yellow that I used earlier. And I am going to draw a circle with the help of procreate. If I go to Edit Shape, it made an ellipse. That is said I will make it a circle. And eye color drop that. There we go. To make it have a nice sunny glow. I'm going to duplicate that son and I'm gonna go to the layer underneath it. I'm going to go to the magic wand and give it a little bit of a Guassian blur. So I'm gonna tap and Guassian Blur, I'm going to choose layer. And here you can see at the top that you can do any percentage you want that really high one is obviously way too much, so I'm gonna bring it down to about 11%. Tell Xcode. Okay, the next thing we're going to draw is a trampoline. And I am going to grab my darkest green here. And still using the same brush. We're gonna use his whole class, which is the monoline brush. I'm going to draw an oval. I can use procreate again by putting a Finger on there to make it nice and even. And I can see already that this trampling needs to be flattened. So I'm grabbing the selection arrow here. And right now it's on uniform to transform it. And as you can see there, it'll keep the same shape. I want my ovals, B flat and a little bit. So I'm gonna go to free-form and bring it back up here. And that will allow me to change how tall it is without changing the width. I have that centered there. I wanted a little bit less than centered. And that looks good. I am going to grab an empty layer and I'm using the same color with the monoline brush, using this layer below the trampoline. And I'm just gonna give us trampoline some legs. And to make it nice and easy, I'm gonna duplicate those legs. Go to the arrow there. And I forgot to flip it horizontally, so I'm gonna flip them horizontal. Okay. So I'm going to pinch my trampoline legs together, grab the three layers and pinch right there. I am going to add a new layer and i'm going to draw a flower to the right of this trampoline. I'm gonna grab a darker green than the grass and just draw a simple little flower. You can add a flower if you want. You can add nothing. You could drop whatever you want. Obviously, that looks good. I'm going to add a new layer below nice stem. I'm gonna grab that middle orange and just draw a rough flour. And that flower is a little bit big. So I'm going to group the flour together with another pinch. And I'm gonna make it a little bit smaller. I was still on free-form owner switch back to uniform because I want my flower to hold its same shape. Ok, so this is what we have here. We have our background to layers. And I'm going to collapse those just to make it a little bit cleaner. I'm going to add a new layer above there and we are going to add our cat onto there. And I'm going to show you how to bring him from another canvas. I'm gonna go back to my gallery and I'm going to choose this cat. I got this cat on Pixabay by searching funny cat. And I've already isolated the cat from the background. So I'm gonna show you two different ways to move your cat. I'm on the cat layer here, and I'm going to do a three finger dragged down for copy and paste. I'm gonna hit Copy. And then I'm gonna go back to my gallery, back to my trampoline, back to my empty layer, to another three finger drag and then hit paste. And so there we have the cat. I'm going to clear this layer because I'm going to show you a second way to get the cat in here. So we have our cat, I'm on the cat layer, I hold my finger down and I move this layer up to the gallery and this takes a second. So you have to be kinda patient. I'm going to move him back to my trampoline. I'm going to open the layer I want him on and I'm going to add him on to there. So those are two different ways of moving things in procreate. The layers trick where you move it up top to the gallery will also work for a group of layers. So like if I wanted to move that background layer, I could do it the same exact way. Okay, so now we have this really big cat on this little trampoline. So we're gonna make him smaller using the uniform transform tool. So we are all set up to go. The next thing we're gonna do is turn animation assist on, wrench, Canvas animation assist on. And we want to tap under these background layers down here and toggle background on. So those will hold steady in the background and the cat will be the only thing moving in the animation. Okay, so we have our background layers on the cans above them. Animation assist is on and we're ready to start animating. So I'm going to duplicate this bottom cat right here. And I'm going to take the selection tool, move him up a little tiny bit, also rotating him about 15% and moving him a bit to the left. And I'm gonna duplicate that top. Can't again, choose the new layer till 10, 15% back. And move him up a little bit. Take my top cat again, duplicate it, choose the top layer, tilt them over again. I think he tilted to the left before, so let's have until to the right and then move over a little bit to the right this time. And right now we have four cats. Let's get about six layers of katz. Okay, so now we have six cats. Let's hit play and see how that looks. We wanna change the settings to ping pong. And right now the frames per second or at 15. Let's play with how that looks as you can see, it will change as you change the frames per second here this is three. I think about nine as good. So we're going to navigate to the bottom cat. We're going to draw some little marks that show kind of an impact when he's landing on the trampoline. But what I'm gonna do first, so don't get distracted, is I'm going to turn off all of these other onion skins of the cats. So I'm gonna do that by turning the onions can frames to none. Okay, so now we can focus on our bottom cat. I'm gonna add a new layer. I am going to group these guys together. And I'm going to grab the color of the trampoline. And I'm just going to draw these little lines that would show an impact. I'm gonna take those and duplicate them and select them, flip horizontal and then bring them over using the same kind of method as we did with trampoline legs. So let's see how that looks now. Okay. I like that. I like that effect with the little bouncing things here. And here is our bumped saying cat animation. I would love to see what you guys are creating for any of these gifts. Please remember to share your work in the class project gallery and interact with the other students. Okay, thanks. I'll see you in the next lesson. 10. Upload to GIPHY: I wanted to show you guys how to upload your work to give me the site is, GI ph, and that's the site that you can use to upload your gifts on Instagram and Facebook. And I'll show you how to do that. So this is Griffey, a fun place to browse gifts. You can browse for certain things. At the top here, you can see what's trending and browse the artists by clicking on all goofy artists. And it will show you a variety of different things here. And what you can do if you find a gift that you like, you can click on it and navigate to the artist's page so you can see all of the gifts that this artist has done. And you could also follow them on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter. Goofy is a super fun place to search for all kinds of gifts. Like if we wanted to do funny cat, you have all the funny cats. I actually haven't searches before. It's Q, I am not a cat person, but if he is doing their thing with a funny cats. So anyway, there are stickers on Griffey and stickers have the transparent background. And there's gifts which have a solid background. And so here's funny cat. We could do this all day. But instead, we are going to search my gifts on here. And I'm gonna show you how to do that. You can type in Kelly brand Burke. And you can do this on Facebook and the Facebook gifts search or on Instagram. Here you will see my gifts and my stickers. The reason you can search my name is that I have an artist channel and gift. And if you wanted to apply for a GIF artists account, you can tap on these three dots here at the top. And you can navigate to FAQ. In the FAQs, it has gifts for brands and artists. Here you can apply for an artist channel or a brand channel. The process to be approved took a couple of weeks. So just know that it does not happen overnight. Okay, so I'm going to upload a new graffiti here to show you how to do that. I'm gonna go to browse my files. I am going to go to my photo library, go to my albums, and choose animated. And I am going to just show you how I would upload a new animation. So let's add Murphy and a trampoline. So I'm gonna hit Add, and there he is. So for the source URL, I'm gonna do my own website and pull it up here. So this is my website. I'm gonna copy that, choose that as the source URL. And then then I'm gonna add tags that will help people find it in Griffey. So I'm in its first year my name. And that's one way your gifts can be discovered easily. I'm going to do funny dog, bounce and trampoline. And any other kind of phrases that people might be typing into here, I'll say let's balance. And here it's hanging tips. You can see I'm guilty. They will give you advice for better tagging. So do not include the hashtag. Use spaces between words, which I do except for with my name, I just keep that one word. You can use as many tags as you want. And the more tags you have in there, the more likely it is to be discovered by somebody that is looking for that. I'm going to upload to Griffey. Now it's been uploaded gift he named it a weekend GIF that chose one of the words from my tags. If I go to Facebook, I can share there. So then it would go right to my timeline or you could share it in any other number of ways here as well. If you wanted to use any of my gifts or stickers, you are certainly welcome to do that. And you can just search my name, Kelly Brian Burke and give me OK. I will see you in the next lesson. 11. Final Thoughts: So I hope you had fun and creating your pet gifts. I really, really, really, really, really want to see your pets. So share your pet gifts on instagram, tag me at kelly Brandenburg, and also share them on skill share in the class project gallery. Also, please follow me on skill share. I'm already working on my third class and I hope to publish it in the next month. Thank you so much for taking my class. If you have a moment to help me out, please rate and review my class and I will see you next time.