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Create Your Own Peacock Feather Earrings

Marcela Veron, Passionate for Priestess Projects

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    • Priestess Project: Peacock Feather earrings intro copy

    • Priestess project Peacock Feather Earrings Class 2

    • Priestess Project Peacock Feather Earrings Class 3

    • PP Peacock Feather Earrings Class 4


About This Class

The class is about learning how to make jewelry by creating your personalized peacock feather earrings. As a priestess, we use adornment to enhance our connection to our intuition and creativity as well as to enhance our sacred art connection to beauty. We may also use adornment, like earrings and headdresses as purposeful functional art also known as beautilty. We can also use adornment to create intentions, express our personal style and feminine essence. So these personal peacock feather earrings are purposeful in crafting your magical priestess project.

  • A few skills that you may learn is to use ear hooks or wire hooks to create earrings. Use simple jewelry wire and beads to create the look they desire. Learn how to thread and make simple jewelry wire loops.
  • Personally designed peacock feather earrings to add to their collection of regalia in their treasure jewelry box
  • The class is geared to anyone wanting to create their own feather earrings. Especially geared to priestesses who want to create their own sacred art of adornment regalia with intention and intuitive design.
  • The class is geared toward basic level beginner students and contains advanced options for students who have some familiarity with jewelry making.





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Marcela Veron

Passionate for Priestess Projects

Marcela Liliana Veron is an Intuitive in the Creative and Healing Arts & Guide for Women.

"I am a* Priestess * Intuitive Reader * Interior Alchemist * Sacred Arts Facilitator * Essence Embodiment Coach * Energy Medicine Woman * Divine Lifestyle Designer *

Marcela holds a Master's of Women's Spirituality and Creative Expression; is a gifted healing intuitive artist, Advanced Professional Feng Shui Practitioner, licensed The Art of Feminine Presence Facilitator, and is Certif...

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