Create Your Own Journal: Coptic Stitch, Fabric Cover

Samantha Lane, Artist

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11 Videos (1h 23m)
    • Introduction

    • Materials

    • Preparing Sections Of Pages

    • Shaping The Book Board

    • Outer Fabric Cover

    • Inner Fabric Cover

    • Hole Punching

    • Thread Tips

    • Binding The Back Cover

    • Adding Sections Of Pages

    • Binding The Front Cover


About This Class

Hi everyone! In my first Skillshare class I showed you how to re-purpose a vintage book and make your own journal using the long stitch binding method.

In a companion class I showed you how you can make your own cover from scratch, rather than re-purposing one. For instructions on binding I referred you back to my first class.

In this third class on creating your own journals we will explore bookmaking skills a little further with a new binding technique called multiple needle coptic stitch. For a point of difference, we'll also be making fabric hardcovers for our journals.

I can't wait to see your projects! I use quilting fabric in my project but I hope you'll experiment with all sorts of beautiful fabrics, from embroidered fabric to curtain fabric to faux fur!

Excited? Me too! I can't wait to see your own fabric covered creations! With the instructions in this class you'll be able to make any size journal. So you can make bullet journals, travel diaries, scrapbooks, wedding albums, sketchbooks and more! 

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This was a wonderful class of a subject that is so useful. Who doesn't need a book to write in? Who wouldn't love a beautiful handmade journal? This is a gift that can be made and given to women and men alike, just dressed up accordingly. This was a nicely paced class and the instructor had a nicely modulated soothing voice. The material was thoroughly explained and I left this class knowing I had just picked up a lifelong skill that would bring many hours of personal satisfaction. Thank you Samantha for passing on your knowledge. I highly recommend this class. It will be worth every moment of your time to learn this skill that will last you a lifetime.





Samantha Lane


My journey with bookbinding began here in New Zealand in 2012 when I visited an exhibition of books made by local bookbinders. Their creations took my breath away. I was inspired by the attention to detail and the beautiful materials. I immediately realised how special a handmade journal or sketchbook could be.

When the opportunity to learn bookbinding arose I jumped at the chance. I was so happy I had found a new form of expression. I especially enjoy selecting materials and papers, ...

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