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Create Your Own GradeBook


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6 Videos (18m)
    • Introduction

    • Steps in a nutshell

    • Entering Names , Headers , then Sorting

    • Entering Grades , Then calculating the Final Mark

    • Inserting vlookup table, VLOOKUP Function and adjusting the absolute reference error

    • Calculating the Average and formatting the Sheet


About This Class

This course is intended for educators ,mentors and coaches who need to assess their students and take their daily attendance , learners need to know basic excel before they take this course and it meant for intermediate students

Does your school have the right tools for you ?Do they give you the right GradeBook format ? Can You Customize ? I have been in that predicament myself , That's why I decided 18 years ago to learn how to do my own ,I will share my Experience with you , so at the end of this course you will be able to create your own GradeBook by following the below 10 easy steps :

  1. Creating a blank Sheet
  2. Entering Names
  3. Sorting Names
  4. Entering Grades
  5. Calculating The Final Mark
  6. Inserting The LOOK UP Table
  7. Inserting VLOOKUP Function
  8. Adjusting The VLOOKUP Function
  9. Inserting The Average
  10. Formatting

Please review the following topics in Ms. Excel before you start your project :

  • How to use formulas
  • The order of operator precedence in Excel Formulas
  • How to use the Average Function 
  • How to use VLOOOKUP Function
  • How to use Absolute and Relative References 

After Reviewing the above topics , watch the videos then start working on your project , I will be there for you to finish it 






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