Create Your Own Floral Centerpiece | Anne Kim | Skillshare

Create Your Own Floral Centerpiece

Anne Kim, Founder of LA Socials (Fashion & Events)

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5 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials & Supplies

    • 3. Prepping

    • 4. Arranging

    • 5. Congratulations!


About This Class


In this class I will teach you the fundamentals of creating a floral centerpiece.  I begin with showing you how to create a foundation and prep your vase, and then begin arranging so that your flowers appear effortless and beautiful.

I'll go over each flower that I use for the arrangement and how to place them.  Knowing how to make simple floral arrangements will come in handy for your own event or if you're helping someone else with theirs.  

Flowers make a huge difference in dressing up a space and you can even use these arrangements for casual dinner parties, birthdays, showers, and even weddings.





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Anne Kim

Founder of LA Socials (Fashion & Events)

Hi there! My name is Anne and I'm a fashion stylist and events producer. I've been born and raised in Los Angeles and have been in the events industry for more than 10 years. I offer a-la-carte services and full event production depending on your needs.

I also began offering complimentary styling advice for event clients and this evolved into fashion styling. Since then I've worked with large brands and famous bloggers advising them on fashion trends.

From style tips and eve...

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