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Create Your Own Drag Queen Persona - With Betty Bangles

teacher avatar Skill Collective, a Collective offering skills

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Lesson 01 - Introduction

    • 2. Lesson 02 - What You Will Need

    • 3. Lesson 03 - Prepping Your Skin

    • 4. Lesson 04 - The Eyes

    • 5. Lesson 05 - The Cheeks

    • 6. Lesson 06 - The Lips

    • 7. Lesson 07 - Thank You For Watching

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About This Class

Create your own Drag Queen Persona - With Betty Bangles



During this course, we invite you to join Bernard on this creative journey to becoming Betty Bangles.  

In this class I will share my journey and skills to help you create your own Drag Persona. If that is not your interest, you will also be able to pick up some amazing make-up tips! Since I can remember I was obsessed with theatre and always knew that I want to become an actor one day. Life had other plans for me and I became a hairstylist & makeup artist instead. But if you are meant to be on stage, you will find a way and little did I know that those skills would come in very handy in creating my stage persona.

I am generally very shy and have social anxiety but by creating this over the top character it gave me the confidence to get on a stage.  So hopefully this class will help you get the confidence you need to be your true self or just give you the tips and tools to have a fabulous time!

This course consists of the following lessons:

  • What you’ll need to complete your look after you’ve done your make-up
  • Prepping your skin
  • Eyes
  • Cheeks
  • Lips

We truly hope that you will enjoy this course and learn a lot! We believe that you will knock their socks off with your transformation!


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Skill Collective

a Collective offering skills


Hello, we are Skill Collective!

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1. Lesson 01 - Introduction: Hello, I'm Ben advice and I'm a histology and makeup artists from South Africa. I'm also a drag authors called Barry bangles, which brings us to the topic of this class. Since I can remember, I was obsessed with theater and always knew that I wanted to become an actor one day, life has other plans for me and I became a hairstyles and makeup artist in state. But if you mean to be onstage, you will find a way. And little did I know that those skills would come in very handy in creating my stage persona. I remember seeing a drag show for the first time in 1999. I was 19 years old. They were mesmerizing and I knew immediately that that is what I wanted to do. First time in drag was a site to forget how so-called massage Bernice, which didn't help for gay pride in 2 thousand, I decided I needed redo. A friend's mom made me a blue sequence race at least a week into oblivion and spread it blue with hardware paint and made a flower from a, from leftover blue sequence material. Now to put it into context, the gay slang for the men in blue or all the police is very bangles. And as I walked out, my friend said here a Beatty bangles look at you. And that's how baby bangles was born. I am generally very shy and have social anxiety. But by creating this over-the-top character, he gave me the confidence to get onstage. So pretty this clause will help you get the confidence you need to be your true self, will just give you the tips and tools to have a fabulous time. During this class, we will not only cover your shyness, but also the following topics. What you'll need to complete your look after you've done your make-up, prepping your skin, eyes, cheeks, and lips. Now darlings, let's get this party started. 2. Lesson 02 - What You Will Need: Tights, always with title stockings. You just looks better than Bay lakes and drag. If you're a big girl like me, you can have thoughts match your requirements. Otherwise, dance diets works the based, if you're on a budget, get opaque tied from a department store and layer three paste, tabulate a yea, no shaving, padding. There's a huge debate about should you use padding or not. I say it's completely up to you and what Luke you want for your character. Fanning does give the male body a more feminine shape though. I'm blessed with natural padding from KFC and Burger King. So I didn't add more padding. Corset. A cause it is a must, even skinnier screens where corsets, it also helps with shaping your body and you don't have to concentrate the whole time to soften your belly. Believe me, there's a thousand other things you need to worry about causes of available anyway and every way. So there's no excuse. Bro and boops are always going abroad as a SaaS or to smaller. No-one wants a booth to fall out mid performance. And then they are the groups. You can use whatever you want for boobs, but please make it look convincing. I've seen boobs made from Sachs and others made from birth. See titan stockings. Just remember if you get weights from switching the mud grow. But ideally you want foam or silicon breasts that are expensive. But so if it's jewelry, when you choose jewelry, stick to bulkier designs. When you wave bigger jewelry, it makes you look smaller and more feminine. Fabulous frock. Unless you are the perfect bolts, chances are you will get the perfect outfit install. Also, why do you want to be boring? Gets something fabulous made sequence of goals. Having a outfits made might be more expensive, but it will be unique to your character. And honey, if you don't want to spend a little, rather quit now drags expensive. Wake, your wikis, your crown, make sure you get a great wake that fit your character. You can spot the cheap week from miles away because the shine from the plastic blinding get a good-quality heat-resistant fiber week. These weeks can be styled with V2s and looks like real, Hey, if you get a lakefront wake, get someone who knows what they're doing to catalyze for you. You don't want to ruin your new week because you know, it will. Heels. If you're a normal human being, you can get a pair of fabulous you in any store. If like me, you have Amazon feet, you might have to search a bit harder and favorite more. I highly recommend you look up please. They have a wide variety of weird and wonderful shoes and decides is go up to a full truckload of makeup. You didn't have to have the top brand makeup, especially when you just start out. But when you perform an orange drag for long periods, it does help to have better quality products. I recommend Mac and trial and the rest of this law to focus on makeup transformation. If you are able to get to this video all by yourself, I'm sure you know how buttons and steps work. If you have questions about how to tack, I suggest watching trinity that tax tutorial on YouTube. 3. Lesson 03 - Prepping Your Skin: Prepping your skin is especially important as this ensures that you make Applause. I use pregnant prime from Mac, uses small amounts and apply to entire face. Now before you can find your character on your face, You need to erase or block out your eyebrows. You can use mesostics, prosaic or a glue stick applied product to Ambras and make sure you get in-between the haze by going against the natural growth Batson, then brush auras upwards to lay them flat against your skin. I apply about three layers of blue, a black, orange caloric to over operas and be at area and lattice it with fixing bout if this will prevent the dark shades from your beard and eyebrows to show through the foundation later. Kvl entire face with foundation. I use a stippled brush to give my skin Muslim finish before sitting the foundation powder, apply generous and balance to make sure you place doesn't slide down to your chest. Offer a throughput woman's. Now it's time to give shaped your face with contouring. Most people come to with screen-based products, but I prefer to use bout is you just keep me more control under the eyes and middle of the full weight with your life, this bout it. They use a darker shade to come to your cheeks, a line to line and knows. I don't like a pinch knows. So I do it just to light con to on the size of my nose. 4. Lesson 04 - The Eyes: The eyes are the focus point of drag makeup and your eyebrows frame them. Join perfect Ambras is almost impossible, so don't be too hard on yourself. Remember the assistance, not two n's. Minor, often distant cousins. I create an umbra Yarborough using two shades of brown. Take the darker shade and draw the outside tips of your brows, then use the lightest shade to fool them in towards the middle. Use a feathering motion to blend them. Use paint pots oh, concealed on your eyelids to prepare them for eye shadows. Apply from lash line of anti i up to the brow. Apply yellow shadow from an inner corner following the brow shape, but not all the way to the brow until the start of the iris. Continue with Bing to the outer corner and then blame the 2D scholars together. This will give you a sunset effect. Apply the same shade of pink to the lower LIT. Now it's time to cut decrease because I have a heavy lid. I'm going to create the crease that i1. I use Craven's white gel line F. I do this by keeping my eye open and plotting the shape that I want. Then full in this space and blamed out to the outer h of the iris. Sit the white with Wi-Fi shadow. With a black eye shadow created a diagonal line from the outer corner of the eye towards the table with the same shadow blame towards the inside of the eye to meet the cat crease. And then you would fit emotions blend into the white. On the outer corner, blamed the black upwards into the pink. Now clean up your brows with the police and I shadow and then downwards into the pink line, the eye using a black liner on the waterline. To friend, I find the black eye shadow workspace for me. Since other stem to move using a small brush applied thin line to the last line of the upper and lower lids. Finally, to finish the I apply lashes. 5. Lesson 05 - The Cheeks: My mom always said, I must eat my carrots to get rosy cheeks. Well now I have make up for that. Apply blush to the Apple of the cheeks and blend upwards and outwards. All at the upper cheek bone and use the same highlights on the breach of the nose. Okay. 6. Lesson 06 - The Lips: Lastly, but most important are gorgeous lips. Create ellipse shape that you want. I increase the size of my lips by overdrawing them quite a bit. Remove Foundation inside the new lip shape to provide the clean base for lip color. Apply your lip shade and crystalline but the angle brush. Finish your left by diving a touch of glitter on the upper and lower lips. Sexual makeup with Mac fixed plus, by using a sitting spray, you eliminate the powdery look caused by the fixing powder to give you a more polished look. 7. Lesson 07 - Thank You For Watching: And just like that with a snap of my fingers, a 126 sprays and a whole lot of patients, I'm Betty bangles. I hope you had fun with me and that you've learned a trick or two, so that you can create your own unique drag persona. Please reach out and say hello, I would love to see the persona's you've created during the schools. Be a Darling and rate and review as it helped us to create more content for you in future. Now go out dwellings and be fabulous.