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Create Your Own Digital Collage with Veggies, Fruit & Flowers

teacher avatar Lydie Petit

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Get started

    • 3. Preparation

    • 4. Shooting

    • 5. Import & select your images

    • 6. Photoshop: basic retouching

    • 7. Photoshop: deep etching

    • 8. Photoshop: Composition

    • 9. Photoshop: opacity and colours

    • 10. Photoshop: poster design

    • 11. Conclusion

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About This Class

Within this course, we’ll explore the approach of using organic materials in a digital medium. In partaking in this course, you’ll be urged to explore your surrounds, collect fruits, vegetables, leaves or flowers to produce creative pieces which straddle mediums of art and design.

You can look forward to breaking away from traditional formats and perhaps discovering a new style of your own.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lydie Petit


Lydie Petit is a multidisciplinary designer with experience in textile, print and digital formats; and have worked across various roles in fashion, marketing, retail and technology.

Her illustrative style influences her designs. She's passionate about bringing the raw together with clean lines to develop beautiful patterns and surfaces.

She brings to design a really passion for fine art and illustration.

See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome. My name is Lady. I'm a digital designer. I'm currently working for an advertising agency designing all things digital. I have a real passion for illustration and find out. Therefore use more handmade elements such as administrations, drawings, paintings and photography. In my personal work, I love injecting and made elements into my designs. As I believe it gives more personality and authenticity to my work. In this class, we will explore the approach of using organic materials in a digital medium. I will walk you through all the steps to create your own digital collage using photography , photoshopped and composition skills. If you're looking for a quick project to get your creative just flowing or if interested, to learn how to make ordinary everyday objects looking amazing, then this project is for you. You can look forward to use your own materials and perhaps discover a new cell of yard. So come and join me and let's get started 2. Get started: this project is meant to be a quick one, so you can do the silver weekend. You will create a digital collages in your own material they collect and photographed. I should mention that you don't need a DSLR to take the photos the camera on your phone will do. Here is a summary of what the project will involve. A bit of prep and thinking. Go for a walk and pick items of your choice. Set up the spice Shoot important select photos, retouch your photos and for the shop and then create your campaign photo shop. But don't worry. We'll go into more details for each stage. Just remember to have fun. 3. Preparation: it sounds off this, but the more you prepared, the more your project will look good and you will enjoy the result much more, I can assure you so. Festival. Stop thinking of a theme or story that your composition will tell. It can be a simple as a color theme, a season or place in the woods of the markets by the sea. You name it. I've created this collage following a color thing peple. I just love to put things together that are from the same color palette, and you can see my, um, storyboard where I got the inspiration. Then you need to plan your timing's. It is a good idea to plan when you will go get your objects and when you'll be able to shoot them, depending on what you'll collect, you might lose a bit of freshness if you wear a couple of days in between the collecting and a shooting stage. When I work with flowers, I collect and should them on the same day. So I need to make sure I have a couple of hours in the day dedicated Just today's. It is easier with veggies and fruits as you can put them in the fridge and shoot another day, but you can't wait for too long. Also, as it is much easier and better to take photos with natural light. Make sure you have the right a man of it when you're planning to shoot, for example, like shooting mid afternoon around three as there's still plenty of light in my room but not direct sun, so I won't get shut. Its if y I know I need to stop setting up around two, for example. Anyway, everyone will be different and have different times, but I'm sure you can find the best time for you. You will need a white surface to shoot, so make sure you have big white sheets of paper. I used standard A three white paper are recommend to have a few sheets so you can display your items I want and then shoot. Also in case it gets started. It is always handy to get a backup. Don't stress too much about the background, though, as we'll remove it on all the photos and finally collect your items. It's time to go for a walk. You need to pick fruits, vegetables, leaves off flowers having you seem in mine, dig through the kitchen, explore your backyard, the local farmers market, or just simply go around the block, collect organic materials that you feel would translate your theme and sit well together in a composition. So just to conclude, think when you can dedicate a good two hours to take photos and then get all the stuff in it. In the next session, we will look at how to shoot your pretty things. 4. Shooting: scenario, you have all you need to shoot. You will first need to set up your space. Put your white pieces of paper on a table one floor where there is enough natural light. I like to wait until mid afternoon and should on the floor by my window. Make sure there is not too much shadows on the paper when you take the photos. Study Spain your items on paper beverages. You might want to cut them half length away, as it will help to keep them straight. But it's up to you and what we think that will look better with. You think it is also a great idea to take photos of how you've been preparing and how you put all your limits together to demonstrate your process. Later on. When posting, you're projecting a project gallery on the Skill Share website. Stop taking photos. You need to shoot everything from above. Always take a few of it so I can have a choice later on, as sometimes there is a bit of a blur. One type is to keep your elbows stuck to your body When taking the photos. It will help avoiding any movements when taking the photos. I am a perfectionist, but one thing I don't really like is to have to go through a zillion versions of e chime. And so I allow myself to take up to five photos max per element. It forces me to stay focused and up to be too precious as a dental. Today, all you really need is good light and nobler. The creative process comes later on, so go ahead and start taking your own photos. In the next video, I will share some tips to go through all your images and select the most usable one. 5. Import & select your images: So you've taken a taking over your photos, and then you're ready to import them into your computer so I don't use any software, but just drag my images from my phone camera or camera unto a folder that have created on my computer. And you hear these? I spend you that stage physics you can take quite a while. Um, so yeah, and then I'm ready to look at the photos. One by one, the best ones will be sharp and will have the best light. And when I think I have a winner, I take it with the color and so I can go back to it easily. I've also created a full data. Um, here. Selected another one called DEMAR, where I saved for the selected. The best shots and prep them are images that I think we'll show well the process. So I just go one by one. Have a look. Yeah, that's not great. It's very, very, very bright. Blurry. Well, look at it. Look at that one, too. Let's go. But I'm sure I can have better. So I keep doing this, you know, one by one. Um, and I like this one for the press. I find it. It's such a cute photo. Um, I like I like about composition after I did, cause I like it. But to be honest, I'm not sure how I'll use it. Um, so I do that one by one and can see, like, for example, this one. Okay, this other one? Yeah. This one is better. The other one was slightly more blurry. OK, so for 465 All right, so I'll move this one to my selected folder. What I'll do, I'll make my life much is Yeah, if I just create another well, there separately. But it's just easier, because I like dragging. Um, but to make it easier, I see the folder bigger. So there's nothing here, and I'm gonna We use that one so I can see you re car. All right. Um, but I'll do that afterwards, in fact, so let's say Okay, let's say I went through a one by one, 465 I liked it. I think I remember that. Where is it? This one is cool. All right, I'm gonna target. Okay, This one, this one is different Details. Really nice money. Cabbage. So I take it to. And so I go So on and so forth. Wow, actually, don't underwater law a toll that makes it really fresh? Um, this one is blurry AIDS, and no is when he's cool by, Like I take it that you can see what enjoy. It's very straightforward at this one. This one's nice When I can see that's not a problem. The orientation cause we can't change that tone. I took two of this. This is better. You know why The it's a bit light is more details, so I'll take that one, too. Okay, so let's just say I'm going through all my photos and I'm attacked the one that I want to use for the collage. So I select older, we'll detect ones, and I just do that. So I have done arranged by tax and he regards. So I have some blue ones and some purple ones do. Blue ones have started before, but I basically will just sen take these guys and then put it into holder that I created here. But he's code gold selected. Yep. And that's pretty much it. Remember all you need for each shot is good light and blur You don't need to spend too much time on that. The creative process come next. So you want to be come to that quickly. I really recommend to be organized with your shots and use folders so you can easily find your best shots. As you can see, this is what I selected. But I I can easily come back on, especially if I need more. Um, come back and an ad. Or if I go too crazy, I can delete some. And it's GTZ, as you also mentioned that really you don't need to many elements for your collage. 6 to 10 attempts is, um, is enough. Next, I will show you how to enhance the images and removed their background. 6. Photoshop: basic retouching: So you're now have old your photos psyched in selected folder. And, um, we will jump into foot a shop to do some basic retouching. And what I mean by that is just a final quick white to enhance the image. Um, I just think the contrast Exposure, vibrance and sometimes color balance. But it will go through the steps right now, So let's open for the shop. So I will go through. Let's say this one heavy guy, beautiful tenant. Yeah, I think it is. Yes. So, um, the first thing I do is I actually, um, save these as a different version. Um, retouched. And that will be as a PST file se That's just so I can you know, if anything happens, then I'm safe. I'm not doing anything to the original. I always give my original separate and I even do that weaving the Photoshopped document. And what I mean by that is I and look the background here on the layup when clicking double cooking on there on the layer and I click OK, so you can see the look is gone And the first thing I do is I By clicking here, I duplicate the Lyell. Okay, I created a copy, and I'm gonna knock him, and that's it. So then if I wanna quickly have a look up before and after, I can just do that. Um, se Now, the first thing I want to do is to, um when I clicking here on the Cymbal and you go to you access to all the effects. And, um, I am going to adjust the levels and you have these curves happening, so if you get what I'm doing So I'm gonna drag this on the Firat to the left, and that will push the exposure. So I'm just gonna exactly right, so you can see So basically, it's pushing, boosting Ole the what? Out of the floater. She's great because you can see my background. I just go back. He's getting Roy top. So happy with that. And then I'm going far left and I'm gonna push it to the right ending would be the opposite . Pushing the black. So one doing this. It's because by basically boosting the the what and a little bit off the black, it's just adding the contrasts minutes, making the photo of the more interesting. That's all right making this. So if you just want to have a look up before or after, you can see, um, by clicking on the I can just remove the effect Why I do it this way. That's because I want the effects to be temporary and adjustable. And if I was going through, um, those filters here it just be Ah ah, I won't be able to go back to the original. So that's my way. Teoh. Be able to adjust contrast and exposure again, if I needed to and why. It's because dealing with different elements and adjusting different elements. Different photos. Sometimes it can vary a little bit. And so, for example, one photo op realizes that the doctor than the others I can still go back and adjust its easier. Now I think I would like to get the vibrant. So again I clicked on this little simple black and white, and I'm going to vibrance and so you can see in the vibrance as the vibrance layer has appeared, and I'm double clicking on it. Oh, it's not showing course. It's not choice. That's trying. Get so one of you did it vibrance. It was just here just didn't see it. So really, if I go crazy, can see that has the red is pushed. I just wanted it of it. Not too much. If I was going to the far left, it will go. Really, really, um really, really dull. It could be interesting, but for something else, not for my project. I want something quite bulls you got. There are other things that you could play with, which is color balance. For example, if you your image of I don't know too much yellow and I could because being with the lighting of your room this is a great way to enhance your image. So you can remove the yellow off of the image by adjusting the shadows, the meat turns and the highlights and playing with the colors. But in that case, we don't need it, and that's it. That's pretty much eat. Um, the exposure way can do that little bit. See how good is that? Makes it really good. So I've cooked again on that need a symbol and went to exposure. And I've added that 1.36 which she's make it. Quat, Noun kwaht bowled a My my ability to much, You know, I'm gonna go back to your body spec, and that's pretty much it. Well, let's have a look ahead. Look before. So I'm just going to remove one by one all the adjustments. And here we go So you can see him. You know, much, but it's just much better. Come on, baby. More interesting for the final result. So I'm gonna go through older, different images and, uh, and do that. And next also, you have removed the background of that image. 7. Photoshop: deep etching: So now that you've adjusted your image, um, we are ready to remove the background. Um, as everything with photo shop and any other adobe programs. They are always different ways to do one thing. Um, I'll show you my favorite one. You'll find multiple tutorials online on how to do patch and remove backgrounds. Uh, this is the technique that I'm most comfortable with. I used mosques. Um, and I prefer this so I can always come back to the original image on grab some more details that made it. So I'll show you what I mean by that. So you click on the layer off the image and then taking on this icon, you add a layer mask anyway, go. So basically, you can do anything on that layer mask, delete. Um, and it won't just want Sorry, it won't change the original images. Just a mask. So also you an example? What you need to do to remove anything on that mask is you need to make sure that black is selected and then going to your brush to or be, um and I'll just go like that and you'll see what I mean. So I've basically the mask is showing that I've removed the top. But if I remove the lay a mask by clicking on this and really delay a mask, then it's gone. So, basically, is just, um, let's a top layer that I'm adjusting. So I'm on the Liam asking I want to remove the background. Um, because the image is very simple and it's a lot of white. I I will click on the Magic one tool W for anyone that he's kindle initial cut. So that's W this one and I could in the background. So it will pick, um, the color the current is about 30 but if you play with this adjustment, you can you can actually grab more less details. But I'm pretty happy with how it looks. And then by clicking on on ah, shift key. And now keep clicking while you president should shift. Yes, shoots the shift key, I should say, Um, then I just add the areas and you can see it, um, almost took everything. And that's a gammon. The lay a mass. So if it's approximate, I can always go back. You can see that here, um, this still a bit of work background, but I'll look after that later on. So now I have my background selected. I go back into my brush tool by pressing B and making sure that it's black. Then I look at how big my brushes. So I want that broach style on believing more a wider brush That's pretty good. And then I'm gonna press and basically did it. And you can see it's only did it ing older the area that we've selected. So I love using the brush tool, but you could just delete it. Here we go. Now I'm gonna press control D Well, command e and to de select I'm on the brush. I'm still in the brush tool. I'm just gonna go on a select jewel in the meantime to show you what it looks like now. So and that's I do that to ensure that my retouching is clean and I'm gonna create a black background now. So I go into the bucket tool, okay? And I press in here again, and you can see now. Okay, so I've missed a few things, so I'm gonna go back into the brush to, okay. And I'm still in black and I'm gonna go back onto the Laila Tul and President and here we go. It's gone. Now you could see that it's not really, really, really ready. Great. I mean, you still have this white border, so and because you know that will be you'll see it on your final collection. You can't settle for this. It's just not great. And especially if you're looking at having a color in the background like I am, I'm intending to have a really deep purple. Then that will show and I will bug me. That's not top quality, so I have to remove it. So what I do is I go rush to, and this time I will just adjust the size. And by the way, if you breast on the brackets, brackets, keys on your keyboard, it will change the size. So left one decrease it and the right want increase it and that's super Yeah, handy. So I'm just gonna do this basically like that, because it's a tenant, you know, it's not like, super symmetrical. It's quite OK if I'm not really, you know, being totally close to hard in real Tony Luke's life. Um, and then I keep doing this, you know, um and what happens if I realized I've lost too much detail here, for example? Then that's easy. You can go back, You still in your leg a mask and I turned into, ah, wide brush and the what basically will remove what I've done with the black so I can just go back like this, and it shows need a bit more detail off the original. And if I go too far, you can see now, basically, it's showing again how I looked before and then again. Now, if I wanna remove again the background and I just invert, go back, go back to black and quick. Yes, and you cannot, you know, you should believe go super clause groups. I lost it and then have a much smaller brush to be a little bit more, um, close to how it actually looks, and it will pay off its It's a really long process. It takes it to be time consuming, but, um, it pays off because then you have high quality image. So I finished to detach the whole image. Ah, so now I'm ready to have no with no background. So by clicking on the black background. Leia. I can see hi looks with no color, and I'm pretty happy. It's It's looking good. That's exactly what I want. It's not, you know, I don't want anything to perfect. So I'm liking those new details. Um, so not that I'm pretty happy about it. I am gonna. So I say that, um I don't need to keep that layer, so I will click on it to you and look it. Actually, not the I I'm looking at. And then I do think it was you that it's because then there was the Fargo's too heavy for nothing. Really? Removing the background by dragging it just, you know, bean, I'm keeping base, I save it. And, um, yeah, um, I'm ready to do all the other ones, and then I'll start playing with the actual collage, which is exciting. 8. Photoshop: Composition: So now you've, uh, deep etched and retouched all your elements. You ready for your collage? One step that I shoot add in this process is to rename every single element to what it is so you can find them easily after once you're creating your collage, it's it sounds obvious, but by being organized, it just be easier within your photo shop document to then play around and review elements. I guarantee you it will be much faster. So this is what I've done? Um, yeah, some elements, Lieutenant now is called a tenant. And, um, yes. And how if you so let's create a document for collage. What I suggest is to create that say something on a three A three should should do so, uh, I'm going to international paper and then a three. And that's just so if you want to actually printed at home and have a look at it looks like it's something easy. And it's not just roll, so you can use it on different, um, different layout. Ah, 300 CNN y que collage making quest multi. Look, I love the background. That's just toe have it and, um, are much is. Don't I use it for now? Don't show it. And then the idea is to drop all your elements in your collage. So there are a few ways you can do it. I like to drag, um, mine. You do my foot. A shop document that didn't work that way. Of course, it's always and who he go. So did up one by one. And, um, you get all your elements into different layers and you can see the reddish. So when you have this just press enter and then he would go radishes. Now, um, in your document in here, um, you can just drag Oh, your your elements. And then you have different lies. So I've dropped all my elements in a document, man, so I can stop putting things together. The idea is to create a shape. Um, that will we will then use Teoh, duplicate and Mitt Mirror and, um, and create the whole collage. So this is the fun pot. So I really agree. Jiji, you know, play around and have have ah, have some fun. Um, so can see this more reddish. Yeah, a quick tip. Um, if you're not sure, which one it is and you find a bit annoying. You just click right on your on. Your, um with the massing in, you can grab it. So because you've named everything, hopefully then you know, And that's so easy, you know, like, Oh, onion Cup. Here we go. So you can see that proportions aren't really, um and so it's up to you if you want. Oh, you know, do the same. That me or not? To be honest, I thought it was quite playful. And I don't mind that the writer she's in almost competitive machine of your vision is super school Compared to that, you know, cut off cabbage and and belief as well is big, so I don't really mind. So anyway, I'm just gonna start creating my shape putting things together, Um, you know, pretty randomly. Um, just to see, it's, ah, quite of a nice thing to do. Uh, it's, you know, just rely on your eyes and the balance. So, for example, I'm not gonna pull the onions together older, reddish together. Um, and also, I'm thinking I might, um, duplicated a few things, even within that shape. And you see, for example, those two pieces cabbage, and they're gonna put them to close T from one to the other. And enough of gun does really, really small ones. Because I like and guy. So you see, this is this is the idea and you can create it. You could create a so called real shape or just something like that just doesn't It doesn't make any sense, but it's quite balance. You can see things. There's enough space around the same way. I haven't crammed everything. Some, some of the stuff together and most based on the other side. Now it's quite balanced. And that's what you want. There's no there's no right ways is just for me, OK, What? I could work with this, Um and for example, So I'm under cabbage side. Ah, oppressed command T. And I'm going to grab you know, those two dinner hours because I wanna rotate it slightly like that. So thank you. Be nice. Um, no, my wanted You are saying with the tree. So I'm clicking here, right? Click tree or grown Teoh to go on the tree layer. I call it Trace, not tree, but it's just I had to find a quick night command T, and I'm gonna rotate it a bit. And yeah, I think that excludes. And then so keep going. Do that, um, create different versions. And, um, the other thing that you could do that I'm gonna do it. Please. You know, I really like that. Blueberries. So what? I'm gonna blueberry lay up. I'm gonna press cult and then leave this in here and another one And I'm still pressing out Pielke to create, you know? And here we go and you could seal the different ones And now I want that want to be a bit small house So I'm on the layer Koeman Tea or Control T And then while I pressed the shift key, I'm gonna transform it and you make it smaller And then I'm gonna move it that way. Tree I'm gonna It stayed and you can do the sign with the reddish. I'm just gonna to pick it It hopes out. Got to wrestled. Put another one here. Maybe another. And I haven't seen this, but the group very ease hiding the flower. So I just and control t comment tea and making it really small because I think it's cool to have smaller ones. And here we go. This is the shape I've created. So I'm happy with that. What I do is I'm gonna create I would have put everything in the folder shape one, and I will. So to create a group of, uh, pressed here, the fold up, And then I click on the 1st 1 turn up and an oppressed shifts to Newbury, and I'm level of them in this one. So now if I wanna, you know, just have it all. And I would be much easier for the next step. So this shape is our base to have named it change shape one. Um, the idea is to duplicate it. So right, Click Dip ticket group. Actually, before that, I might just rotated. So there's many ways again to getting a transformer. I'm just He'll be faster, but do it this way. So any transform rotate 90 degrees clockwise, and I'm just gonna move it. Yeah, just because I want to use the space properly. Yeah. Now I'm dedicating this creating shape, too. So I've copied it on top of it, and then I'm gonna transform it. Um, vertical. That's right. So I'm just gonna see if I moving up the dan how it looks like it's pretty much what I'm after. And then I am not gonna need to basically to be quite disciplined with her name things, because otherwise I get confused. So I'm creating the right side, right and shaped you in shape one. So if I press shift and drag these true now, I know that this is the right side of my composition. And what's then, even easier is if I, um you can actually hide it Just right. Click on right. Duplicate the group and cake left. Okay, then I will. Ah, I'm still in the left layer. Transform it. Um, And now this time I wanted to flip it horizontally. Then I'm gonna move it to the left. And I pressed shift because I want to keep it exactly the exact same, um, position. And here we go. So you could go. You know this you could There's many ways you could do that. You could just create that duplicated again. I don't want to go to too busy. I like I like what it does here. Quite nyse. Um, I like your big gene of the top being, um, in the middle. Funny kwaht, but cool. Miss. And I don't mind these shapes being on top of each other. So that's pretty much my shea. Where have the left side? And you could actually, you know, add more, could duplicate left, um, and added, Now, on on here, I think what I like to do would be Teoh. Actually, I might do that. Triplicate. I'm gonna put this so remaining. So that's my main shape. Putting left and right that I might, um, we want to create. I wanna have just his details here in here. So how do I do that? I need to find them back. Um, so I'm just gonna isa light left. Just gonna go with, right? You know, I need to have everything. So that's very easy. I'm just gonna duplicate everything irritated and then really, What I don't need So defecated group, and I'm gonna call it sides because they're just sides element now, you know, it's very personal. How you gonna nominate everything? Um, then Oh, yeah. I need to, uh, rotate it. So apple to you. Come in, Teoh Control T depending on your piece and, uh, max or I get confused sometimes. And I apologize if I It made no sense before. Um, look at that high site Kilic. Yeah, The problem is I can't race you what I'm doing. Oh, yeah. The idea is to have yeah, is to have I was just trying new Maybe Guy just doesn't seem straight. That's it. So it's actually got fun. You could keep that. There's so many things you can do. I find it a bit too much for what I'm trying to do. And also, my idea is okay. I need to make post are Where do I fit the text? But that could be an element for something outside. I never did it. What you do can always be handy. And you can see how crucial of this to name everything. Because I wanted to go back. I want it basically doing everything but the abrasion in the blood blueberries. So what do I do? Just I'm talking just about decides. I just, um um I removed the view off my main shape and I'm gonna go into all my layers one by one, and I can see a little berry. So that's easy. I'm just gonna hopes, and that's it. And I keep to your machine. That was for shape one. Now, you know, you could sell its very manual. You could do that from the stock and then duplicate again. But this way I know I have exactly the same thing. And also that means that I can have I can always come back and I do the same thing, Um, for ah, shape two off the left side, fishing almost there. When was there and in shape one to get a Getty. Well, I hope it will look good. Yes, it takes a bit of time, but I I do value this. I think it's it's really with it. Spending time to do that. One by one will pay off, but take So how does it look like? Isn't it cute? So you see, is the various and then let's have a look at looks with the main yet. That's pretty much what I wanted. Then maybe I don't want is to these ones in the middle. It's probably a bit too much. I'm just gonna go back to what, um, and removed the one that, um that I think I don't need for this design, and then after that, we would look into adding some more colors 9. Photoshop: opacity and colours: so I've done a few revisions. As I said, this is You should never said before the first shape that you do. Um, so you fooled me doing these these ones, um, which was my favorite when I left. You previously have done this and then that that one When she's, um it took me a while to get this one. Don't but the same principle retaining, scaling out, um, flipping a reason Toledo vertically. Um, but really, it's all about grouping everything and duplicating the group in and duplicating again the the copies. So and here I am. So let's now at, um, a few back labour of background, So I'm creating if she lays. And on this one, I'm just gonna pick a color out of the composition. So I pick the I, um, drop it all here, President, I and I'm going with this style. You can see pick that color in a press K. So it's not Case g. And here we get That's a bit full on Wow. What a what? A transformation. Um, not sure how long this, Then I'm gonna again the eyedropper tool I'm gonna go for. Thank you. Yeah. The top of public can see what color of Victoria and then the pain bucket tools with G. Yeah, that's nice. That's nice. I like that. So keep, um, experimenting. No. Why not? Something more subtle. G like that. That's nice, too. Now, what happens if I, uh, multiply this? Yeah. Mexico. So best thing as well is with this one's. I play with the opacity. So I went into that menu and I went from normal to multiply. And there's nothing because there's nothing under but you for sure. It just picks the color that is under. And if I do, you multiply. Yeah. Yeah. So, basically, I just have all these. I really like that too. Any biker, you know, just getting play like that. More so many options. It's really cool. So play around like this. Um, and then also, what you could do is add, um, a novel, A so click on the group, going to the FX and then, um, me on a guard for assault field. Uh, that's right. So I just want to peek a color. He's calling, not paying it site couple. Okay. And see what he does. Could see who. So it's really cold. So zero, it's as normal. And then 100%. It's just picking. What happens if I go more for red? Can see that's this again. You can go for different style, depending on you know, the theme that you want. And I could be more something vintage and I read it. I got to, but I think I'm just gonna But I got your crazy on that. Yeah. You know, there are other ways to do that. Um, you could just, you know, um, let's say pick again the color that you want it find, bucket it and then on top of your composition, put it, put the layer and, um, multiply it on. Make it. 27% will happen if we add, so it's a very moody, ready style. Um, I am courageous to play with a different style of rapacity. So lightening, obviously lighting it and, um, over there is really what you want can see the difference in and out. And here we go. You, um almost ready. So the other thing that I want toe just add a touch of color, Um, on top of my composition. So I am going to create and, you know, yeah, when they leave, that felt often out because it might influence my choice. And I might actually get rid of it. Uh, self great. And you lay up. I used the I drop to, um you pick that color like so much? Yes, can see Epic Gideon, but in G for the paint bucket tool. And here we guy some top of my composition that you can see So now we can't see anything else. And now it's time just to display with the different capacity options that you can have. I mean, the different styles. So sure, it always go for multiply because I I like it And look at that. It's amazing. Um, you should go and play with how much you know opacity you get, it's going amazing. Then it's quite overwhelming to find which one you want because everything can look forward . You just don't know. Um, I just stick to my theme. My theme is quite bold. So I don't This is way too meaty for what I want. But that will be back with you pretty cool for something else. The so you know, Just go. You can try old a different style, and you can see how you know it's It depends, but what I want to think he's over, like, now it's a little bit much, huh? So, in fact, it might not be the right fellow. So I'm just gonna try another color. And maybe what I need is a more of a yet marvel purple. So go back to my Leah and replace me that color. And now overnight. And it's, um that's nice. Just reduced capacity to about 50%. Yeah, because I want something a bit more Kula. But there's so many other options. I mean, I just removing, You know, those, like, is you just have a different stop, but I want it quiet date. So here we go. So the next step is to basically saved this. Um, Now, is this separate once you happy with your come as a separate document? So I'm just gonna save this one. But then I will save it as and just collage spinal kalash collage A za PSD. Yep. Thank. And so I've already saved my all the document and I'm just going to get rid of the stuff that I don't want you and then when I need to, you know, create a post away. Well, anything else, then I can use that one. Um, in fact, I might, because I you know, the shape that created is not using old the a three. I'm I just crop it as well and just make it make It is a square. So I just created, you know, diem crop till here and here we go. 10. Photoshop: poster design: So congratulations for doing your own digital collage. I hope you've enjoyed it, so none of this is all done. How about putting it context but those that I came to go a little further and already have experience designing posters. Here is an optional project. The brief is to create a poster for market in the City 2015 using your collage and the following copy. Marketing the city every Sunday's from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and multiplies and see me. It has to be designed in a three, um, and see him like a It's quite a break. A free brief. You can use the phone of your choice. Just make it a three and use your collages. The man graphic piece. If your team doesn't work with these brief don't worry. You can adopt a copy to your liking. As you can see on the screen. This is the one I've made, and I just cannot wait to see yours. Thank you guys. 11. Conclusion: this is it that was had to create a digital collage. In a nutshell. I hope you've enjoyed it. And that inspires you to think of how to use this technique and two other projects, such as invites posters because of is imagery for editorial content or social content or any other digital assets. Please go ahead and post your designs in the project gallery. I would love if you could share your process from picking a theme, collecting your materials, preparing, shooting and jumping onto Photoshopped. Most any questions onto the discussion steps. I will do my best to answer all. Thanks for watching guys and see you see.