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Create Your Own Digital Chibi Characters

Allicia Moncher, Crystal Sky Art

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11 Videos (48m)
    • Introduction

    • Starting a New Illustration File

    • Tools and Settings

    • Drawing the Base Chibi Form

    • Drawing the Detailed Chibi Sketch

    • Inking in the Chibi

    • Filling in the Base Colour

    • Creating Clipping Masks on Layers

    • Adding Shadows to the Chibi

    • Adding Highlights and Finishing Touches to the Chibi

    • Conclusion and Class Project


About This Class

Students will create a digitally illustrated chibi figure in Clip Studio Paint. This will cover start to finish of the chibi figure, including exporting the final image as a .jpeg and/or .png file.

 Ideally students will have basic knowledge of how to use the program, or if they do not have Clip Studio Paint, a basic skill set in Photoshop that will allow them to obtain the same results. I will be using version 1.7.4, the newest version, which allows access to features not available in older versions. Photoshop has similar versions of these tools.

In this class students will learn to (course outline):

  • Course overview.
  • Open a new illustration document, and saving the .clip file.
  • Overview of the tools to be used.
  • Sketch the chibi form.
  • Add details to the chibi sketch.
  • Create the ink outline for the chibi.
  • Add base colour to the chibi using multiple layers.
  • Create layer clipping masks for shading and highlighting.
  • Shading the character.
  • Adding highlights to the character.
  • Saving and exporting the final illustration file.
  • Conclusion and final project.

Please note that this is my first ever class here on SkillShare and I am currently waiting for my new mic to arrive, hopefully it will provide a better sound quality than my gaming headset mic. I tried to get the best sound that I could, however this did not always work and there are still portions where it is less than ideal. 





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