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Create Your Own Custom Painted T-shirt

Iulia Grigore, Freelance Illustrator, Art Enthusiast

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8 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Supplies - Textile Markers

    • 4. Inspiration & Concept

    • 5. Pencil Drawing

    • 6. Preparing for Painting

    • 7. Painting the T-shirt

    • 8. Class Project & Conclusion


About This Class


Surprise yourself and the people close to you by creating an authentic, beautiful self-painted T-shirt!

I am July, from July's FlyBricks and in this class I will guide you through all the steps required in order to create your own T-shirt:

  • Choosing the right supplies and colours;

  • The creative process;

  • Pencil drawing;
  • Easy to follow painting technique using support images, included in the class;

Previous painting experience is not required in order to take this class. The project will be a fun, relaxing activity that could also be done with your kids.

At the end of this class you will have your own painted T-shirt. You can create it especially for someone, add personalized features and be sure that you will impress with such a gift or wear it yourself and be proud of your achievement!

Let's start spreading some beautiful T-shirts on the horizon!





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Iulia Grigore

Freelance Illustrator, Art Enthusiast

I am Iulia Grigore, self-taught illustrator based in Bucharest, Romania, founder of JulysFlyBricks.

Some time ago I had a very conventional office life. Crazy characters were interfering though, in my thoughts. For example, I was once at a conference and I began to imagine that people on the stage were dancing shrimps.

After some struggle with my artistic side, I started drawing intensely. Since then I am working hard and learning a lot.

What I aim is that my i...

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