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Create Your Own Custom Painted T-shirt

teacher avatar Iulia Grigore, Freelance Illustrator, Art Enthusiast

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Supplies - Textile Markers

    • 4. Inspiration & Concept

    • 5. Pencil Drawing

    • 6. Preparing for Painting

    • 7. Painting the T-shirt

    • 8. Class Project & Conclusion

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About This Class


Surprise yourself and the people close to you by creating an authentic, beautiful self-painted T-shirt!

I am July, from July's FlyBricks and in this class I will guide you through all the steps required in order to create your own T-shirt:

  • Choosing the right supplies and colours;

  • The creative process;

  • Pencil drawing;
  • Easy to follow painting technique using support images, included in the class;

Previous painting experience is not required in order to take this class. The project will be a fun, relaxing activity that could also be done with your kids.

At the end of this class you will have your own painted T-shirt. You can create it especially for someone, add personalized features and be sure that you will impress with such a gift or wear it yourself and be proud of your achievement!

Let's start spreading some beautiful T-shirts on the horizon!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Iulia Grigore

Freelance Illustrator, Art Enthusiast



I am Iulia Grigore, self-taught illustrator based in Bucharest, Romania, founder of JulysFlyBricks.

Some time ago I had a very conventional office life. Crazy characters were interfering though, in my thoughts. For example, I was once at a conference and I began to imagine that people on the stage were dancing shrimps.

After some struggle with my artistic side, I started drawing intensely. Since then I am working hard and learning a lot.

What I aim is that my illustrated bricks are building smiles. :)


For the latest works-in-progress and daily flying thoughts check out my Instagram!





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1. Introduction: welcome to my class bending great, your own custom banking T shirt I'm doing. I'm a freelance illustrator embracing current from a here I'm painting T shirts under my friend name that is called Julius Flags. - This is a really nice activity. I like to share it to the Cube, so in this class you can create your own custom painted T shirt. In order to achieve this, we will go to the following steps. First, we will check the supplies that we need, then inspiration and concept pencil drawing off your image. Prepare for painting and the excellent Titian painting. Previous painting experience is not required in order to take this class. That's because when you're old, you'll receive a free Minnick it with images. You could use them as a starting point for your future T shirt. If you prefer to create your own drawing, you can call the whole process, but I will gladly share with you. So at the end of this class you'll have your own custom painted T shirt that you could offer to someone as a beautiful personal gift car. Wear it yourself and be proud of your achievement before these cells to you. Then pick out and let's start spreading some beautiful pictures on the horizon. 2. Supplies: first unit addition, I would suggest you use a light color so that you could easily transfer. The drawing also is better to use Cottam. Otherwise, the color will not be observed so well and might spread over the material for the pencil drawing. You need a robber normal pencil, and the marker is the process. First time sketching my drawing on the schedule book with normal paper, and then I'm transferring it using the special paper. In this way, I can keep my sketches and not spoil them during the banking process. For the painting I'm using this four type of brushes first is number 14. I'm using it for large areas where I have to spread the paint. The number eight when I'm closer to doubt. Line number four pencil for narrow spaces and this fine number one brush for doubt line on details. Next, you'll need a ballot to mix the colors into it, the colors that I'm using. Our Jacqui thanks still colors Samuel Park and medium consistency. They're great value for the money. Is there intense? And they maintained the thing after washing the text that when you buy them, please make sure you will not choose the Dyna Flo version, as this are liquid colors that spread really fast and are hard to control. I'm also using this decor fund colors. They're more transparent, and they have this best a life look. So for the beginning, you need a yellow a red, white, blue and black to obtain multiple tones. If you've chosen a fissure that this sticker or is a dark color, you can improvise a light. But for example, I was the polystyrene box and I put a lamp in it, and also I have a glass that they put over the box. When I use it, I put to the drawing on the yes, I don't know, delight, and then I can see my drawing to the T shirt. Please make sure that you put a tape around the corners of the glass for protection. 3. Supplies - Textile Markers: There are also a lot of markers, takes the markers out there. You will not need them for this project, but I will show you how they look. I don't prefer to use them generally because they tend to scratch too much to you. And the third time is a Gijs, like the first time value to shake it a little bit before using you. So it's hard to make a line. You have to have the same thickness by using them, but they're fast and they're great for activity with kids. 4. Inspiration & Concept: before starting to Joe. Think some time and think about what you would like to achieve. Here are some questions that I ask myself before starting to actually draw one. Should I drop for this transit? I will paint that. You're sanguine on the T shirt for a good friend of mine. What does the client like? How can I personalize the tissue? I know that my friend is a sporty person and she especially enjoys winter sports. Self. I'll find her skin penguin. What caused your Nike shoes? I know that she likes blue and red, so I'll use these colors toe dress, my penguin with just carve and some gloves. With all this in mind, let's start creating a mood board for our project. Although there are off illustrations out there, I prefer not to copy them and start from nature and allow myself to be creative. Make something original. Now I begin to navigate and look for a picture that are suitable for my project. I'm looking for cute penguins. People are characters king also for mountain light textures for the gloves and the scarf. It could be also a good idea to have a look at other demonstrators work as you could find some interesting features that you could apply to your own characters. So let's check the result. I realize this guy here, he's extremely cute, and I think this fun, and this, too, will be my main source of inspiration for the project. I have choose also to say this character here because I really like his position on guy will choose the same position for months. King Penguin. Next I have saved this guy's here to look on their scars that are blown by the wind. And this guy, I really like his feet and his big and I have selected these three images here as an inspiration for the mountain night texture that I would like to give toe the gloves and a scarf. 5. Pencil Drawing: Oh, let's start throwing for now. I would. Four persons get you the general forms and not going into details when sketching. It's a good practice to do some short sequential strokes until you get your lying in the correct form purgative to take into account. When you're drawing cars, make sure you keep your head inside a circle as it is much more easier like this is that progress. You can see that I'm present former into the pencil because I became sure off my lines when I'm drawing this. Keys have to take into account some perspective ALS, so they should be larger in the front and slimmer in the back. After I finished drawing the penguin, I started to draw the gloves on this car. Also, I'm continuously strengthened and improving my lines. - So here it is my good skiing penguin. You can see that I didn't apply any texture yet. Toe gloves, the scarf because I will do it directly on the T shirt. Next, I will copy my droving on the transfer paper, and they seek in my outline so I could see the drawing to the T shirt thistles it my final drawing. It's cute. It's friendly, dynamic. I think my friends would like it a lot 6. Preparing for Painting: is the first step in preparing for painting. You should protect both your desk and your T shirt by placing a piece of material under it , then straight in your T shirt and make sure you don't have any Ford's, especially on the painting surface. You'll have to protect also the back of your T shirt, so down in the paint will not affect it. I'm generally using magazine for that. So next time sticking my drawing Condom magazine to be sure it will not move during the painting as a final step, make sure that your character is in a straight position and this center, or is placed exactly where you would like it to be. Please choose that ensured that this light and team so that you could see your drone. Otherwise you'll have to use a Lightman. 7. Painting the T-shirt: First of all, I have covered my T shirt with the protective material, just to be sure that it will not be ruined by some drop of paint. Next cell Beijing mixing my colors, starting with gray for the penguins body. Make sure you makes really well. Otherwise, you might have different dawns on the T shirt. I have tested the color and suitable. So now I begin to draw the outline off my character. When you're performing this that make sure you use the same color for Dolph. Line is you use for the form itself. Otherwise it may not look so good. Now I'm changing my brush to number eight and going to feel larger areas. I was the number for pencil when I get closer to Dal flying on the number one Benson when I'm in really narrow spaces, - so the outline is ready as well as the first layer of the penguins body. As you can see, it doesn't look to you any form but to look really well when we will add to the second and the third layer. Next time we'll continue with this beautiful orange. I make sure I between my pencil well on a napkin before I places in a different color. So the head, it's almost done, and we'll have to continue with the gloves, the scarf in this case. Next, I will apply the second layer on the penguins body with the big brush, and I'll applied third layer on Lee, using white on the bank wins belly. I'm working now at the bank wings. Eyes. I'm trying to be really careful by using the black is it is not possible. It's hard to cover it by using other clothes. I'm moving to the does next by using my number one brush. I will great the nice better on the globes in the scarf. You can get really creative here and play a lot. Reforms and colors has a finishing touch. Hello. Use the tip off my brush to create some beautiful feathers on the penguin. This is it. Welcome to the universe. Kitty is the final step. Turn your T shirt inside out, and irony bristles. Fix the color. After this, you can wash your T shirt in the washing machine at the maximum of 30 degrees 8. Class Project & Conclusion: for the last project, there are two options. First, you could use the Munich it that you will find a touch in it. You'll find a series off images that you can point and uses outline for your painting. I especially like penguins experience, so there is a whole family there. Have fun with them at some patterns, different colors and make your T shirt unique. The second option would be to create from scratch your drawing, explore mangled votes and all your ideas in one place and start schedule. In both cases, it would be great if you could share with us in your class. Project a few words about your team or where you're from the T shirt, too. Your sketches. More import or other inspirational images, but the nips off your process and photographs off your painted T shirt. So this is it. You can enjoy this class. Please leave a review so others could find it easily. Also, let's show your project with us. And don't forget wiring your T shirt in order to make the colors permanent. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section that answer as soon as possible. Thanks for watching and see you next time