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Create Your Own Crazy Doodle

Mandy Ford, Mandy Ford Art & Illustration

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4 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Welcome to Create Your Own Crazy Doodle!

    • 2. Lesson 1 - Let's draw some shapes!

    • 3. Lesson 2 - Let's create our crazy doodle!

    • 4. You did it!

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About This Class


Welcome to Create Your Own Crazy Doodle!

In this fun doodling class, I'll be teaching you how to take simple doodled shapes and connect them together into what I like to call a crazy doodle. 

We'll start by choosing a few simple shapes and practice drawing them. I'll be using a variety of whimsical flowers and leaves.

Then, I'll show you how to connect them together into your finished crazy doodle project.

No specific skill level is required for this class, only a love for doodling! 

Be sure to share your project as you go through the class and have fun! 

I've attached PDF's of the sample shapes and finished project for reference in the class project section. Feel free to use them to practice tracing and drawing your own shapes. 

So glad you're here!

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Mandy Ford Art & Illustration


1. Welcome to Create Your Own Crazy Doodle!: Hi there. I'm Mandy Ford from 80 Ford Art and illustration on Welcome to my skill share class. Create your own crazy doodle In this class, I will teach you how to take basic shapes and forms and connect them all together into one big crazy dio. The supplies. Only for this class of very simple will need a sketchbook or sketch paper. This is my sketchbook. It's just it's a nice, big, like nine by 12 size. You'll need a pencil, an eraser or, if you want toe, be brave. You can skip those and go right to the pen. I like to use a black paper mate. Flare, um, felt tip pen. That's my favorite pen to use. We can use any penny would like. You can use a different color than black if you would like as totally up to you. So we will start in less than one. Withdrawing some basic shapes. I will be using flowers and leaves, but you can do whatever you would like, and then the next lesson, we will move on to connecting all of our shapes together. If you need some inspiration for shapes and you want to use something different than I'll be using in the class. You can do a Pinterest or a Google search. I like to search Pinterest and save them Teoh aboard on my Pinterest so I can go back from look for inspiration whenever I need it. Um, so, yes. So grab your pan and here or your pencil and your paper and let's get started. 2. Lesson 1 - Let's draw some shapes!: 3. Lesson 2 - Let's create our crazy doodle!: All right. So you finished. Listen, one. Hey, good for you. I hope you have some fun shapes to work with and listen to connecting over shapes together . This is the fun part, guys. So my tip for you would be to start in the center, pick your most favorite shape that you drew in the first lesson. Drop out in the center of the page, whatever size you would like and then just move your way out, Ben, and mold the shapes around each other to fit however you would like. They don't have to all touch some little white space in between is nice to Andi. Just view the forms as completely bendable, unshakable, kind of like clay and shape them around each other and kick them together and just have fun with it. Um, So you ready for this next lesson? Watch the video and then create your own. And I'd love if you'd shared in the projects 4. You did it!: I'm so glad to join me for this class. And I hope he loved creating your crazy doodle. Please remember to share it and the projects blow and and look at what everyone else created. And, um, comment, sharing and commenting is the best part of this platform so we can see what each other created and encourage each other. So yeah, Thanks for joining me and happy doodling.