Create Your Own Chibi Base Poses Using Photographic References

Allicia Moncher, Crystal Sky Art

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4 Videos (22m)
    • Introduction

    • Single Chibi Base From Photo

    • Couple Chibi Pose From Photo

    • Conclusion and Final Project


About This Class

Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel here on SkillShare!

Today's course will be all about re-imagining human models as chibi base forms. This skill will allow you to create the chibi pose you desire without spending hours searching for the exact pose you have pictured for the current illustration. There are also fewer chibi poses out there than there are human pose references making this skill a valuable one for the chibi artist!

All of the photographs that I used for the lessons are photos that I have taken myself of friends and family. For the concluding video talking about the class project I will be demonstrating these principles while creating base poses from royalty-free images obtained from

The first lesson will involve creating a single character model using a male action pose. These skills, along with some mentioned in the second lesson can be transferred to the creation of a female chibi character.

  • How to create a base model for an individual male character, with reference as to how it differs from a female character design wise.
  • Using basic shapes to create the base model.
  • Making any necessary alterations required for chibi pose to be close to the photograph pose.
  • Starting with a light rough sketch before creating a darker, more detailed sketch.

The second lesson will involve creating a couples pose using a pair of individuals who participated in a maternity shoot that I did a couple years back. To keep things interesting, I used one of the silly poses from when they decided to randomly goof off at one point. 

  • This lesson covers how to Create a base model for 2 characters, 1 in the foreground and 1 in the background.
  • How to alter the poses so that they work with the chibi aesthetic.
  • Using stick figure elements to create the rough layout of how limbs will be placed together before adding in shapes and other details. 
  • Drawing more detailed chibi hands.
  • Starting with a light rough sketch before creating a darker, more detailed sketch.

Please feel free to ask me questions and to share the chibi base models you create during this course!

Also be sure to check out my other course on Create Your Own Digital Chibi Characters for tips of inking and colouring in your chibi!






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