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Create Your Own Apple Productivity System

Carl Pullein, I help people to create successful lives.

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25 Lessons (1h 32m)
    • 1. 00 Introduction

    • 2. 01 Why Apple's Apps

    • 3. 02 What a system needs

    • 4. 03 The Basics of The Calendar set up

    • 5. 04 Setting up your calendars

    • 6. 05 Subscribing to national holidays

    • 7. 06 Entering data into your calendar

    • 8. 07 Calendar summary

    • 9. 08 Notes introduction

    • 10. 09 Setting Up folders

    • 11. 10 Searching in Notes

    • 12. 11 Adding stuff to Notes

    • 13. 11

    • 14. 12 Introduction to Reminders

    • 15. 13 Setting up Lists in Reminders

    • 16. 14 Reminder settings

    • 17. 15 Reminders in the iPhone

    • 18. 16 Notes and Reminders working together

    • 19. 17 Routines list

    • 20. 17

    • 21. 18 Introduction to iCloud

    • 22. 19 A look at iCloud Drive

    • 23. 20 Files on iPad

    • 24. 21 Review

    • 25. 23 Final Thank you


About This Class


If you are in the Apple ecosystem then you have access to a number of fantastic productivity apps, that work seamlessly together and can help turn you into a productivity genius. 

In this course I will show you how you can use these apps to build your very own productivity system so you get your work done on time, are at the right place when you need to be there and carry all the documents and files you need to every meeting you attend. 

Once you have your system built, you will be able to find time to do the things you love doing with the people you love being around. That's what great productivity gives you

So if you are in the Apple ecosystem, come and join me and learn how to use these amazing apps. 


1. 00 Introduction: Hello. My name is Carl. Pelline on this course has been designed to help you create your own personal productivity system using only apples. Applications on those applications are calendar notes, reminders, and I cowed. Now we do have an additional one that's just come out with IOS 11 which is called files. But that's really just another name for I. I can't drive, so I'm gonna show you how to use all these Various applications were essentially how to set up these applications in this course so that you can create your own personal productivity system without having to go out there on look for more applications. Look, spend money because some of the best productivity applications out there cost money. Things like to do ist Romney focus things. All these applications, they cost money, including Evernote, dropbox. I mean, you do get some free versions, but you're you're very limited in what you can actually do with them. So apple give you these applications for free on any device apple device that you actually buy. So what I thought I would do is I would put together this course so that you can decide whether it is worth a while to create your own productivity system. Using just the apple applications on, you can build on a fantastic personal productivity system using these applications on In this course, I am going to show you how to do that. So co on and let's get started with the first lesson. 2. 01 Why Apple's Apps: Okay, So what we're going to do in this class is we're going to learn all about creating a productivity system within the apple ecosystem. Now, in there. Why do we want Why should we be using the built in APS? Why would you want to use the built in APS for this? Well, to me, I think the nose number one most important reason is the Siri. Integration is just seamless thes days. It really is very, very good. Andi, if you get into the habit of using Siri around the house around your office, well, maybe it's not so easy to do in your office, but certainly around your house. Then you're gonna find that it is really, really useful now when trying to get Siri to work with third party applications that can also cause all sorts of different problems. So the serie integration with Apple's built in APS really does work. The 2nd 1 is that all the APS that we're gonna be using to build this system come for free on all the apple operating systems that you may buy. So, for example, you might have an apple laptop computer, but use an android phone or you might use something else. Now that's going to make things a little bit difficult for you. But if you have an iPhone and an Apple laptop computer, for example, of Mac Book, then you're good to go, because this is just gonna work so well together. You don't need the iPad. You don't need the desktop really To get this to work. Really, really well, my advice would be to have either an iPad and a laptop or desktop or an iPhone laptop and desktop. The reason why I'll show you when we go into the some of the later lessons. You'll understand why it's important or why it's really useful toe actually have a laptop or a desktop. Ah, yeah, I couldn't put this any better. They just work. They are really, really good. Apple of Hot Notes application calendar on some form of reminders for at least five or six years now on in each new operating system, they have just got better and better and better. Andi, they are all supported by iCloud. On I cloud is the glue that's gonna bring everything together. So if you're in the apple iCloud, if you're in the apple ecosystem. You will have an iCloud account because you usually have to set one up. When you set up your new device on DSO, all of these applications will automatically linked to iCloud. And, of course, what else could be better there all free? We don't have to buy any new software. We don't have to pay subscription fees every year, although there is one exception which will come to in a later class. But for now, all these applications are going to be free. So what does a great productivity system need? Well, the first thing is it needs a calendar because you need to be able to record your events on the important places that you need to be out. You needed to do list manager because you need to place to be able to manage to the tasks that you have to do. You need a note taking application to capture your ideas on also things. Maybe you want to keep your checklist in there, whatever. So you want to note taking application. And of course, as I mentioned, you do need a cloud based story system these days so that everything you are working on is all available in one place. Andi apple give you all that we've got iCloud, we've got reminders. We've got notes, we got calendar and we've got files. Everything comes together in these five APS. Now files is something new in IOS 11 but it basically works. Is iCloud drivers I mentioned, but it's all going to come together on this course is going to show you how we can get all this coming together so that you build a fantastic productivity system. So as I mentioned, what you basically need is a laptop and iPad or a desktop or an iPhone. You need something that brings you into the apple ecosystem, because this is where it all is going to happen for you. But if you are one of those people who actually uses like a Microsoft Windows computer at work, then you do have access to all your reminders, your notes, things that excuse me, things you've got in iCloud drive and your candor through Apple's iCloud dot dot com, which will help you out with anything that you actually need to get sorted. So you do have access to everything pretty much wherever you are. The only stipulation I should point out is Apple's iCloud doesn't work on some legacy browsers. So if you're using, if you're companies still using Windows Explorer, for example, on I cloud is not going to work very well on that. But if you are using chrome or you're using safari, then you're gonna have no problem at all using I cloud on your computer. Okay, so let's now get into the next lesson and let's see how we're gonna put all this together. 3. 02 What a system needs: Okay, So let's look at how a productivity system is built so that we get a better and clearer understanding off what we're trying to create with these applications. So what we basically need is let's take the four basic applications that we have available to us in the apple ecosystem. That's calendar reminders. Notes on iCloud. Now, for the beginning of this course, we're gonna interchange between iCloud Andi files because files is really the name given on the IOS devices but on our laptops and desktops is actually called iCloud. So we do need to I'm gonna use the generic term iCloud for now, but we'll show you what files means later on in the course. So what we're gonna put on our calendar? Well, basically, events go on our calendar appointments gone are Kanda. And of course, if you're working in an office environment or whatever, you can actually put your meetings in there, too, and you may need to subscribe to your company's calendar, which is no problem within the apple ecosystem. So calendar is only for events, appointments and meetings. So what we're gonna put on reminders will remind us is where your tasks go It's also where your to do's go and what I would like to call my routines on also your projects. The things that you need to get done to complete your projects would also go into remainders. So what's going to go in notes while notes about events? So it's kind of like your support material for an event. Support materials for your projects and your to do's and tasks. And, of course, you keep your ideas in there. There are other things, of course, that you may want to keep in notes, things like checklists, Andi things to buy even your shopping list. For example, I actually have a shared shopping list with my wife that we keeping notes because we're both in the IOS or apple ecosystem. And finally, what we're putting on in Cloud Within. iCloud will put the documents that were working on the word PowerPoint keynote files, pages, files, even in design. Photo shop illustrator files can go in their Excel files on large. I generally put large pdf's in there simply because putting them into notes can make it notes a little bit heavy. But notes large BDs can also go into your notes file if you wish. Okay, so how does all this come together? Well, if we take these three things here the reminders, your notes and your iCloud this is essentially where the work is happening. On your candor is telling you where you need to be with who? On more importantly, Well, so if you think of it like remainders notes and I cloud is where the work is happening because that's telling you what you need to do is got your support notes, meeting notes, things like that. And it's also got all the documents that you're working on which are kept in iCloud. So that's where all the work is happening. Your calendar is essentially only telling you where you need to be on when on essentially with who on that's it. So if you can separate out your test like that on separate things out nice and neatly like that, you're not gonna have any problems later on with your productivity system. Now, all these doing to change. So you know the support materials on notes can reflect the documents that you're working on your projects and and of course, notes about events would be held in your calendar so it all does interact together on. That's really quite important to understand that, you know, isolating these things. But they all do interact and link back to each other. So if we look into our reminders notes, condom files or iCloud, then Tassan two DUIs go into your reminders. Your project support and ideas go in your notes, events, appointments and meetings. Going to your calendar on the files that you're working on, go into files or iCloud dr whatever you want to call it. Actually, it's very unusual for Apple to actually cause confusion, but they are causing a little bit of confusion here. But as I meant in when I talk about files, I actually mean iCloud so. And vice versa is just different names on different devices. OK, hopefully Now we got a very, very clear picture off how all this is gonna work together. Let's move on and we'll start with the calendar 4. 03 The Basics of The Calendar set up: right. So let's move into the first application I'm gonna show you to set up, which is the calendar. The reason I'm sure in the calendar is simply because the candor is the easiest. One is a calendar is something I'm sure you've all been using for many, many years now, So he shouldn't be too difficult to help you to get this set up. I'm just going to show you the basics of what we should be setting up, that we have a really strong, solid productivity system. Now, keep in mind, the Kanda is only for events on appointments on those sort of things. Also, it should be telling you who you are going to meet. Okay, But there are a few other things that I should point out. What I would recommend is that we begin by creating two calendars home plus work. Now, this is not a solid rule, because you will see when we go into my calendar that I actually have other calendars set up, and I'll explain why I set them up that way. And you can decide if you like that idea or not. We should also be making sure that you subsidise that you you subscribe to your country's public holidays calendar, and I'll show you how to do that in the moment. But the reason why is because there are some holidays that are the same every year. For example, Christmas is the same every year. It's the 25th of December, but most on made a holiday. If your country has a made a holiday than the first of May is generally the day of that holiday. But most other holidays do change on a year to year basis, so Easter is different every year. He'd, I believe, is different every year. Andi. There are various summer, spring and autumn holidays, Thanksgiving and so on and so forth can change on a regular basis. So it's always worth while making sure that you do subscribe to your public holidays calendar on. Of course, I would always recommend that you set up a family shared calendar so that you can communicate with either your friends because you can invite your friends to your family calendar or your family members so that everyone is, you know, knows if there's any family events or friend events coming up and they can see them in their calendar. Okay, Hopefully, that explains what we should be looking at setting up our calendar in the basic former. Now, let me show you how to set up the condom. I should just point out before we move any further, I'm gonna be showing you how to set this up. Using my MacBook Pro. I couldn't cause show you have to do this on the iPhone or even on the iPad. And I do know the iPhone, for example, is more popular. More people have the iPhone than they do a Mac book. The only thing is is that it's much easier to show you how to set these things up using a Mac book pro than it easy show you using setting up on a phone. But where the phone becomes really important, I will start showing you some screenshots or indeed showing you live how to set things up there. But for now, we're gonna be setting everything up using my Mac book pro. For those of you who don't have access to an apple computer, you can of course, set it up in exactly the same way using iCloud dot com So you can just go to iCloud dot com , and you can set up your conduct in exactly the same way as we're going to show you in the next video. Okay, let's get on them and get into Apple's calendar. 5. 04 Setting up your calendars: Okay, so here we have my riel calendar on it is set for Korean Standard time on. I can change this to other. If I wish I could change that. I live in South Korea, so it is set up for Korea. Standard time on. As you can see, I have a very, very clear conduct. You need to know why. Well, the main reason is is up. Here we are now, on Thursday, the fifth of October. As I am actually recording this on, we are smack bang in the middle off the Korean Thanksgiving holiday on the government has been very, very nice to us on they give Monday the second of October off as a public holiday on most companies are not working on Friday because it's just pointless. So basically, we've got the whole week off, which has given me time to be able to show you or record this course for you. Okay, so what we got here is we've got calendars down the side now. I've got work here. I've got TBC, which is actually, this is just an idea that I have, which I like, because I I schedule a lot of my classes in here. Now, if I go over to next week, you'll see that this is what my regular week actually looks like. And as you can see, I have a lot of classes in there. Now, most of these are actually all confirmed in red is my work calendar. So this is where I will be working. As you can see, I'm very busy next week, but this week, Eisen that nice. So my TBC, which is nothing there at the moment. Actually, there is one which I do need to put in, which is here. So I'm gonna click on my I've got my TBC conduct, uh, selected. And I'm just gonna put him, Mr Beck, because I have a possible class with Mr Beck on Wednesday at 8 30 So he's going to write that down to there on a 30 bank is in there, so I don't actually have one for next week. So they go now, you know how to add in an event, basically picking from here. Incidentally, if I had this set, if I was in work calendar and I had I was doing this over here would be the yet the red items so it would be set up for work because I, you know, I created it work. However, what? I Because this has not been confirmed yet. And I will find out Monday or Tuesday for is confirmed. All you have to do if you want to change it to a T B. C and just switch it there and bang is done. Okay. I also have a personal calendar here, which is basically my productivity stuff like this. Course, I haven't actually scheduled that in today because I wanted to clear calendar to show you what a clear, candid looks like. But essentially, my personal on. Then I have my family shared candor with my wife. That's all shared in there. So that shared with my wife over there. No problem at all. On. Of course, I got my Korean holidays here. Have a double click on that. Should be able to get noticed. I'm gonna show me, but I got my is. There we go. So we got web cow files here apple dot com calendar, which gives me the Korean holidays, which I'll show you how to get in there in the next video. So essentially What we've got is work to be confirmed. Personal. Now I have my exercise counter in here Now, here. I'm not doing very well this week, but last week you'll see here, I've got my exercise because that's when I scheduled my excise. Now this was just my personal choice. It's nobody else, is just that I like to actually have my personal stuff in that might exercise because my week changes in a week to week basis. This week I haven't put anything in again. I'm trying to show you a clear a clear calendar would look like, of course, got family, which I've got nothing in there. And I got my Korean holidays. OK, now to create a Kanda or you would need to do is click on plus on. Sorry, that's that creating a counter. But to create a county groping to file Onda, we create new calendar and there we go. We can just click. Click on that gives us a title sewing some poor, quite simple hit the return key and there we go. Now the sample calendar. You can do a few things with it. So if I click on Theo option and click ignore gives me a few options. So sorry, control. Click So, God that you control Click. Now, you get a few options here. You can share the candy you get info. The info doesn't really give you anything. It always just here. But I can actually add in information if I wish in here. I can also change the color off a calendar here If I want Brown. If I wanted Oh, I could have, uh, we have a pink. We don't have a pink weaken. Go orange. Yeah, I can make it whatever color I want. Andi, off course. I can just go to my regular apple color picker and I can pick my own colors in here. So I got various coastal Assam interesting reds, so I've now changed the color. But you can also change the color by just again Control. Click. And you can actually change the colors here. If I want, I can merge it with other counters as and when I wish. Of course, if I don't want this candor, I can just delete it on delete. And it's gone so really quite simple to start on, collect creating a condom. But when you're looking to do is to create a work Konda a personal calendar on a family calendar on your country's public holidays, my TBC and excise. You can ignore those, but like I say, what I want you to do is to create candles that really fit with you. Now the thing is, I don't want you to be, um, creating calendars like hundreds of different counters, because generally what's the point? You only really need a work. Kander on a personal counter, for example, I could merge my exercise with my personal. Now the only reason I don't do that is because I like to have a different color for my exercise. But all the rest I do have the's color, so read his work and it's always been red. I don't know why Red has always been work on Blue has always been my personal on as a writing time is rapidly becoming a job for me, so maybe I should change that to work as well. But anyway, on TV CEO to say that's just personal choices you see over here, I do have a TBC event. There has to be confirmed on now you understand my excise on. As I say, the Korean holidays are all up here. So I know I've got birthdays here, which is why I don't really want birthdays on, and I think is because birthdays are showing in my Facebook conduct so you can actually switch calendars off because I'm red logged in. As in Facebook, you can actually have things like that switched on. And there's others here, which I have, for example, birthdays that will come from my contacts. I can actually have U K Holidays and Siri found in APS if I really want those, and you can hide these just by that. So if there's anything showing that you don't want to show, just check Facebook or other. You may find that something switched on that you don't want. So there you go. That's basically how you set up calendars. Remember, you go to file, you click on new event. Sorry. New calendar on. Off you go. In the next lesson, I'll show you how to set up your calendar subscription. So let's move on into the next lesson. 6. 05 Subscribing to national holidays: okay. In the previous lecture, we talked about setting up your calendars on one of the calendars that I recommended that we set up is for your country's holidays calendar. Now, if you go into show, you should be able to find, um, so if you're going to preferences on, you will be able to down here at the bottom, you will get show holidays calendar. Now, this is the automatically now in IOS 11 and up Os High Sierra. It automatically finds you if you wish. Now, if you want to have an alternate candidate, you can actually go and choose Here. You can choose Chinese, Hebrew or Islamic Candace, if you wish, but I don't need that. But when you've got here is show holidays calendar. Now that is how it will automatically set up for where you are. So if you're in the US, it will automatically show you're US holidays. If you're in the UK will show you automatically U K holidays. If you in India, it will show you how to set up Indian holidays. It will just do it automatically for you. In the past, we could actually just go to help on it. would say show calendar subscriptions, but it doesn't do that anymore. So now it's just an automatic they set up. But you do need to go into your preferences. You do need to go down to here where it says show holidays, calendar and then it will automatically connect you to the time zone that you are in. That's something that you really do need to be aware off instantly while we're in preferences. You can actually set this up here. I've got my I've never actually changed mine. I should do because my day is quite a long day and I wanted to show 16 hours. It's time Ondas your c to do that. What happens is your candor will get smaller so you can actually see pretty much all day. So have I got all my yet? I've got it all in into one space by showing 16. Didn't change or sings here on Do you can change a condom up if you want, but I use candidate for this purpose. Just why I'll throw you while we're into preferences. Now, if you actually want to subscribe to another countries um uh, holidays. Then there is a wonderful website called Aiko Share on you can actually find here. So, for example, if I wanted to know US holidays, I can type in there. Go and it will actually show me subscription for US holidays. Now you're gonna find something that's a little bit more up to date than 2000. We're getting close to here United States holidays, but you can actually find holidays by Al Qaeda. Share on that should be able to give you new ways of doing that or alternatively, can just set up. I got U K holidays here. We can go into there and it'll show me subscribed to the U K. Holidays. So they're all here if I wish. So this is Ah, that's a really good place where you mail to find. But you may need to do a Google search to find your country's holidays. If you want alternative calendars to subscribe Toe, for example, I actually subscribed to the UK Holiday one simply because it's just that's my country of origin is a good idea to know when my friends and family in the UK our own holiday. Okay, that's how you subscribe to your country's holidays. 7. 06 Entering data into your calendar: Okay, Before we finish with calendars, let me just show you a how to add additional data. So we're gonna add in a new task. So we're gonna record, um, apple ecosystem videos. So I'm gonna add that in there. A location I'm gonna call That's gonna be in the office. Uh, I can actually now add in the office address. Now, the reason I'm going to do that is simply because let's just say this is a different office . I'm not normally here on. I do need to have a some kind off way of accessing maps, so that will give me an option. Toe access Apple's maps. So I've got the dates and times here. Now, I can go in here and I can add. Repeat, if this is a repeat travel time, I cannot that in if I wish. And I can have an alert if I wish on. That's all very good. Now, if you click on down here, add notes. You are l and attachments, so you can add notes. So meeting my wife at the office at the office. I cannot that in I can add Anouar el Andi. I can add an attachment from anything that I've got in on my computer so you can add in little bits of information so I could add in three agenda if I wish into their Although that's probably better putting in your notes and trying to keep your calendar just nice and clean. But adding the URL you can get the euro from the Apple maps, Andi. Then you can actually just click on the alert, and it will give it straight you to Apple maps A really, really good tips so you can actually add all sorts of things into the information. But again, when it comes to adding attachments or adding notes, really, I think it's better to put keep them separate from your candor. So your calendar is just a quick reference to see where you need to be on when you should be okay. Let's move on into the next lesson and start looking at notes 8. 07 Calendar summary: Okay, so there we have how to set up your calendar to create a great productivity system. Now, as I mentioned in the beginning off this course, this course is not about how to use the individual APS in great detail. There are a ton of resources out there already online on YouTube that will show you in greater detail and probably much better than I can. How to use these individual APS on become a power user off them. What I'm more concerned about what I really want to teach you in this course is how to create a productivity system using just Apple's built in APS. Because you can do it on it is fundamentally, it will just work very, very well once you've got the key points in place on. That's what we're going to do in this course, so that I've covered the basics of setting up the calendars in Apple's calendar. I've also shown you now how to subscribe to your countries. National holidays on have also shown you how you can share a candor with another user so that you can share it with your family and you can share it with your friends have also given you some details on how you can add a little bit of information to each event if you wish, and you can actually use that to link, which I will show you in a later lesson linking that back to a document or linking that back to a note that you may have in your notes application. Okay, so now we've done the calendar. Let's next note. Move on now into the notes so we can show you how to set up notes so that it's easy to capture your ideas when you have them. And it's also really easy to organize your notes into different folders and different aspects. So let's get on into that lesson now on, I'll start showing you how to set up your notes. 9. 08 Notes introduction: Okay. Now welcome back from our little break after the calendar section. Now we're gonna move into notes how to use apple notes. Now, your notes are this. Start off with the very basics your notes offer Crouch capturing and storing your ideas. That's in its basic form, ER, but also note should be used for holding your support material for the projects that you're working on so you can add notes from meetings. You can add all sorts of different things on. Since we've just updated to IOS 11 you now have the ability to scan written notes directly into your notes app. So the notes APP has been receiving a lot of love from Apple over the last few. Well, certainly over the last, say, two years, and now it's become one of the best note taking naps out there. Andi, I would be perfectly honest with you and say that I believe Notes is now rivaling Evernote . Now Evernote does have a lot of other features that notes does not have. For example, Evernote really does very well with third party um collaboration, whereas notes really doesn't because it's kept within the apple ecosystem and of course, ever know has their wonderful tagging system. However, with Apple notes, you still have a very, very powerful search engine in there that you confined notes that you're looking for on because you can create folders and also some other things. It's not that difficult to actually sort out your notes. Now. How do we set up notes for a great productivity system? Well, let's go in and have a look at that. Well, the first thing you will need to do is to create some folders. Now what kind of folders should you create in their? Well, here's something that I got from the getting things done website. They would recommend for your notes application to have things that your checklist in there and notes does a fantastic job in there, your areas of focus. So these are the things that you may be wanting to him break an improvement of yourself. Now remember that when we get to remainders, you'll find that reminders application is not as feature rich as many other to do list managers out there. So if I was personally to create a productivity system using only Apple products than I certainly would have my areas of focus in my notes. Fun ideas. I've more things to do for fun ideas, inspiration, affirmations, great quotes, lists might like to buy. Might light to read music to download next time. In which means, like next time in London, next time in Amsterdam, next time in Oklahoma. Whatever. Travel on vacation ideas now these could be all the folders that you set up. You may want to use these ones. Andi. I will put that in the notes below in this class. So if you want to use it to set it up and, of course, you can set up your stuff this way. But there's just some ideas for folders that you may wish to create in notes. One of the things that I strongly recommend you do is create a default folder Cold inbox. Now, this is because when you're using and I have to be very careful how I say this when you are using the share sheet, you are going to get the option to send it to a particular folder. Now, one of the problems that I always found the nose application is if you start dumping stuff in the folders immediately you end up with a lot of rubbish in there that you captured in the moment that later you decide. Now, I don't wanna keep that. So my recommendation is you always send any note first to your inbox on, then move it when you process your notes later in the day. Just a quick tip on that one. Another one that you could do is when you're creating notes, Think how you would tell Siri toe. Add to the note. Now again, Syria is getting better and better and better. And as Apple keeps updating its operating system on IOS and indeed now on their high Sierra Sierra Sierra, Siri is just getting better and better. So you could actually say Add bread. That's not a very good example. I say Add Crockett and Jones. I lay boots to my might like to buy list. Now that should up to my my light by note, not list, because if you say list, it'll go to reminders. Oh, sorry, I'm confusing you. Let's just keep it simple so you can just add notes on. Then you can just add it to your list later. Okay, so let's go into notes now and have a look and see how to set it up 10. 09 Setting Up folders: Okay, so here we have the user interface, as it would be on your laptop on this is exactly the same as it would look like if you were using your browser. Except, of course, appear would look a little bit different because you would have the u. R l and so on and so forth. But the first thing we're gonna do is we are going to create our first folder on is going to be called Inbox, and I like to put my inbox in capital letters because it's the most important box. Now that is done on that is the first thing you need to do is to create your in box. Now, one of the things that I find is that Apple Off notes is likely to actually set these up as in alphabetical order. So what you want to do is, if you double click on it, you can change the name and I'm gonna put 00 inbox. The reason I do that is because I want that up with the top. But you could use symbols which would put it up at the top, whichever way. But I want my notebook up at the top. I don't want to organized in alphabetical order to create a No, obviously, just to create another folder, weaken, Just click on here and we'll keep on quotations. And actually, I want to You can do this however you want, but I like to have my labels in order. Now, what I'm going to suggest is when you set this up, So next time in, Um So what you can see is that this is actually putting up in alphabetical order. So this is why you don't want to number these just yet. Let's say I'm gonna put in checklists, so there's another one that's coming up. It's see hopes were mcghan on. Then we're gonna click our new folder on Gonna Put Goals because I think goals is a good one to have in their. So what we've got now is we've got load of a list that are actually done in alphabet bet ical order. And if you want this to be in alphabetical order than that's absolutely fine, but I don't. So for me, goals is very important to you. Just double click option, click control, click rename and then oh, what on do you need todo one. I'm gonna put check these next time in. Let's book quotations. This wouldn't necessarily be option Click Rename folder on. I'm gonna call that 03 So as you can see now, I'm putting it next time in. That's less a checklist next. So, control, click rename folder on. We're gonna put 04 on. This is way, basically how you can set this up. Option control clicks are a rename. I'm gonna put that 05 So what we've got now is that's how to put your order in. Now, I would run, recommend that you just type out your list first and then at the numbers in the order that you want. Okay. So how is this all going to work? So, first of all, of course, if you just want to add a note, you just click appear on just at the note that you wish. So I can type in, um, things to get repaired. I can't spell. There we go. Now. What I can do is I can highlight that. Got to ABC, and I'm gonna call that my title. So there we go. Nice and big. Now we have a number of options appear that you can use. You've got various types of economic numbered, lays a dash list a bulleted list mono space bar detects, which is what this is going to be. But let's just say I want to put this clothing. Oops, did that wrong. So I was going to put a space in there. I like that. This is gonna be my heading. Um, and then I'm going to create a checklist for this because it just makes more sense. So, um, Gino Travis's, which is actually true. I do need to do that on old brown shoes. Definitely doing so there's that one. And then if you double tap, you can bring down and I can put in household. Let's just I can change it from appear first. They're no good house. Hold items. Andi down space and gentlest. And let's just say bed, side lamp, Um, whatever you can. Just basically, you know, this is big. Once you've done it, you just check them off as and when they're done on. It's really, really simple, and actually, it looks really, really nice. So there's one way. This is how you be setting things up and As you can see down here, you would get your title and then clothing. And it'll tell you at the moment is telling me the time because it was done today. But it would tell me now the thing is, once you got a note in there, this is gonna be a checklist, so I can just drag that into my checklist. They're really simple. And that said, OK, let's go back into. I want to show you something else now. So we're going to go into here and I'm gonna go to my website because let's promote my own website. If you don't know, I already have my own website, which is called Khar pelline dot com, in that you can see my time in life, master recourse on various of the courses and so on and so forth that I have in there. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go to my blawg on going to shoes. This article, which is what you need, why you need packed. If you want to achieve a success in the 21st century on up here, we have the share access to the share sheets. I'm gonna click on that Andi, I'm going to click on that. Now. What we get is a little window is they choose note, Um, new note. So you can actually add to a note, but I'm gonna get this to my folder, and it's going to go to my inbox. So I'm gonna move there and I'm gonna create a new note. This is why it is really, really good. He's Apple knows so great. New note. Save on. He's going to go. Okay, now, hopefully that will have arrived when we go back to that. And sure enough that seriously, I did not stop the video. I did not do anything. It was just straight there on. I do love the way that apple notes puts in the actual website Now on a on an iPhone or an iPod. That just looks fantastic on. I will show you that Aziz, you can see on the screen here that I've just added. It does look really, really nice in the on your iPhone, and it looks really good on your iPod. So that is one of the reasons why, or setting up notes is a really, really good way off doing your various things Now we've got more. There is more. So as we're in this note, we can actually share this note. Now, the problem here is I would love to be a you know, at the link and then had an email address or phone number on. That will be really, really nice. But the problem I've got here is I can actually send this to every note. By the way, she's really cool. But the problem I have here is that I see you. Maybe if you send it by email, but again, you have to add in the email address. But you can share this with people, and if you email it to yourself, you'll get the actual Web link where you can add it in so that you can add it into your to do list manager. But unfortunately, at the moment, that's not there, but never mind. But you can share this with other people, which is really nice, and you can all do a lot of collaboration. So this is a really, really good thing to do. However, one of the best things is you can send it to reminders now when you send it to remainders you can then create a task out of it. Andi bang. It helps you with your support materials. And I'm gonna show you all that working together in a later episode. Okay, that's it for now for this lesson. 11. 10 Searching in Notes: Okay, A good notes application is going to give you years off service. Now, over a period of years, you are going to pick up a lot off different notes on That means that your notes database, if you like, is going to become huge, which is not necessarily a good thing if you want to find something now, one of the things that has improved in Apple IOS 11 in story in IOS 11 and in High Sierra is Apple Notes search. They have really been doing some work, a lot of work on the search functionality. So rather than having tags which we don't have, then you can actually just search for keywords. So I'm just gonna do into the search box up here, and you can again You can do this on all your IOS devices. There's no problem there. I'm just going to search, for example, to do ist on every note that has the word to do. It is going to come up in to my notes Now one of the beauties of Easy actually separates out the attachment so you can actually see images and stuff that will come up there. So, for example, I've got here. Let's try a Range Rover Now. The range of allow this image doesn't have the title. Um, off. Um, rain drove a lot. But if the Ranger of Allow had a title if in the image title their name was range over lower than it would come up was attachment or if a PdF file like, for example, if I had done one of the car configurations on the Land Rover website, I probably could have got the configuration. And again it would come up with an attachment as a PdF. And keep in mind that you conduct images. Pdf's all sorts of things in your notes. Apple knows application. It is now a very robust um, notes taking application again. I can type in things like Evernote Now I have just typed in ever. It's probably going to give me everything I want, but that's OK now. When I want to do, though, is I want to show you a little cool trick. Let's go into this one, and I'm just going to add a note underneath this. So let's put in a tag blawg. I'm gonna put in attack. I'm just going to use the hashtag for this, um, success. Okay, so now we're gonna come out of that, uh, that I update, I'm gonna go into search here, and I'm just gonna use the tag on. No. What happens is picking up the tags that I put. So if I type blawg, I say I should have given you this with just once. They would show you so you can actually use tags if you want. And just make sure that it's in the body off your note. But again, that's really up to you. I don't find that useful. But if you really wanted to use tags, then of course, you could use tags. Okay, so there we go. That's searching in notes. 12. 11 Adding stuff to Notes: Okay, so here we are in the notes application again on what I want to do this time is I want to show you how just to drag a simple PdF file and this could be a word file. It could be a numbers. It could be anything you want. Now there's two ways of doing this. Let's go to my desktop. I have this pdf file here off a workbook that I'm designing for those of you guys who want to plan out the year. So there's just the three page sample that I put together on the design that I want for the workbook at for my time in life. Master recourse. I don't really like that. Then I'm probably going to remove that. But basically, this is the sort of design that I'm looking for to put into my 2008 workbook, which will be available probably by the beginning of November, I hope. Anyway, now there's two ways of doing this. First of all, I could actually just go to the share sheet on again. This is gonna work exactly the same way on any IOS device so you can do the same thing. They're just click on the share sheet. You've got your notes. I can just send it. You get the up pop up, you decide what to do with it. I want to add a new note. I'm going to send it to my inbox and against and as a new note, So it's just gonna go click Save on Boom! It's gone. So let's just close that out now on. Sure enough is coming here, and it's coming with the title off the workbook so I can change it. I can then removed There can just add notes to the top and go down, and I cannot notes underneath. If I want toe open this, I just double click on it and it will open up. Um, no problem at all. On I have this little button down here. Sorry, I got this button here, which you'll tell me mark up more and give me a few options of what I want to do. So they That's one way of adding the, uh, the the they go. He opens up every double tap on a opens up. Sorry, I was going a little bit confused. That didn't do that. So that's one way you can do it another way. You can do it on the same way again, as they say. The same would be in the if you were to do it on your IOS device. Now, another way, of course, is you just start a new note. You can just quite drag this into on just drag it in. And sure enough it drops in and exactly the same way. Only this way you would have to actually add the title. And again, I've just double clicked on the note there, double click off their mother s o. I could just come out of that goes back to that, and I could just again. I can start adding in the title details up here. The easiest way, though, is just to use the share sheet. But that's one way of getting documents on stuff into your notes. Ondas. They say they are really, really good ways off getting notes and stuff and documents and images. And, of course, you know about images on you can put all those into your notes. This is not a course on how to use apple notes, but I just want to show you how it can fit into your productivity system so you can grab all sorts of documents and so on. Just dump them in their your meeting notes. Everything could go into notes and you can create folders related to projects. If you wish all sorts of things. OK, that's it for this lesson. Let's move on. 13. 11: Okay, so there we have your notes application, and, as you can see, Apple notes, is very robust. Now on these enables you to actually pretty much dump anything in there. Andi, you don't need tagging because the actual search functionality in Apple notes is just fantastic. But if you do want to add tax, then you can start adding the hashtags. And you can search for the hashtags if you wish. So you could actually create a tagging system itself in Apple notes. But as you can see, Apple Notes, is really a very, very good notes application. Now certainly is one that's rivaling Evernote, something that I've been Evernote, something I've been used for eight or nine years myself. But I am becoming increasingly tempted to shift over myself to Apple notes, because I know how good Apple notes are becoming on, Like with all things apple. It is a very beautiful application to use, so that's notes. Now let's move on into remainders, which, to me, is the most complex part of this course. So hopefully you're well rested. You had a good night's sleep because we're going to go deep now we're going to go into reminders, and I'll show you how to set that up. So let's go on into reminders and I'll show you how to set it up. 14. 12 Introduction to Reminders: okay. I think now it is time to look at reminders simply because reminders is your to do list manager in the apple ecosystem. So what are we using Reminders for now, Remainders is where we're going to keep our tasks on our to do's now. The thing I should point out with reminders is remainders is a very basic application. It doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles. It doesn't have a lot of the features that things like to do is omni Focus asana or things have yet it still works on can be very, very powerful when you're connecting it to all the other applications within the apple ecosystem. But before we move on, you are going to need to make a decision about which way to set this up. Now, if you want to set your list up in a pure getting things done, the book written by David Alan, then you're going to organize your list by context. Now context. I will show you in a second, But if you want to create what I call the modified getting things done system, then we would organize our place by projects. Now this really is going to be your choice. If you choose context, then context will be anything like agendas. Which means things you need to talk about with various different people. Anywhere means this Tuscan be done anywhere, cause this would be calls that you have to make telephone calls. Computer would mean things test that you can only do it. Your computer errands, of course, would be going out and doing various things home would be things that you can only do at home and so on and so forth. You got it all there waiting for our for the tests that you're waiting for, a response from from somebody. Or you're waiting for somebody to come back to you on something someday Maybe, of course, means things that you might like to do in the future. But you're not sure yet, Andi, For some reason, the GT delis always has projects, and this well, that could just be related to the projects that you're working on. But these are the things that you need to be thinking about if you're con setting up your lists by context. But the key here is if you want to set up by context, the advantages of using a context for your list is that you can select the list that fits with the place you are in or the person you are with Andi or the tall that you have with you. That's the beauty of using contexts. So it's using this that can fit in with the place you're in, like the office or home, or the person you are weird, like with your partner or with your coworker or with your friend or the tool that you have with you, which would be things like your computer, your laptop, your iPod, your iPhone, whatever. Okay, so that's the advantage of using context. Now. The advantage of using projects for your list is that you can select the project you're working on and just get on with it. So if you decide today, I'm gonna work on my book that I'm writing than you would open up that project list and you see all the tuhs related to that list. So that's one of the events of using projects. It really does depend on you. The choice really is yours, but you are gonna need to make a choice quite early on or else, it's all gonna start falling apart. Now. There is one list, though. Yeah, list that you're gonna need to set up. The one list you must set up, though, is your inbox on. This is where you will are Syria to put all your capture tests and commitments and stuff that you want to collect. It's also where you would quickly capture all your tasks or commitments that you make straight into your inbox. You process it later. Your inbox is your collection tool in the GT D world On. That is where you need to be collecting all the Darius task that you are going to be collecting. So make sure the first thing I'll show you how to set this up when we go into reminders. But that is the number one thing that you have to do. Finally, when I just want to mention is something that I have, which is called Routines versus Advancement. Now there are two types of task. There are the routine tasks which we must do every day or every week or every month. And then there are the task that take projects forward or improvers as a person. These where I call the advancement tasks. Now separating these out means that you can make sure you are working on the right things. The things that improve your life are not falling into the trap off doing a lot of busywork because routine tasks are the busy work tasks. They just have to be done. But they're not improving you as a person, and they're not really taking your work any further forward. Those are the advancement tusks. So I've always been in the habit of separating these out on. I'm going to show you how to do that in reminders when we go into the reminders application , just something that we want to keep in mind because you do not want to get caught in the busy work trap because that means you're not actually going to get a lot of things or a lot of the important things done 15. 13 Setting up Lists in Reminders: So here we are in the user interface on admin Mac book, pro off Reminders. Now, I have my shared shopping list with my wife here, which I can't delete because my wife would kill me. So I just want you to ignore this list for now, What we're gonna do is we're going to create the number one most important list, which is inbox. So I'm gonna put that entitles. Now, unlike with notes with with your reminders list, you can actually manually move these around so I could drag that up there on, Of course, that for some reason, changed its name. So it's just rename that it is not a new list. I'm gonna call that inbox on Gonna return now, that absolutely does keep the number. So the good thing about this is, if you go control, click. You can now choose the color under choose Red for my in box just because I want to. Okay, now we're gonna add another lays. I'm gonna call this now, as I say, this really does depend on whether you're going to do this by context or by projects. Wanna do is buy context because for the purposes off this episode is gonna be easy to show you by context. I'm gonna put office as my 1st 1 on. I'm gonna add another list I'm gonna put home. I think this is probably going to be a good way to show you how a true GT D system would work errands. I've got my shopping in there on. That's put in something else. Um uh, let's go. Going gung, which is my wife. So we got a person on, we've got I don't drag my shopping list down to the bottom because that I don't want to delete when we come back to you. So this indicates by the way, that it shares. So it shares shared by going in with carpal in. So it's just going to show me the share. At least I can change the name with that, by the way. So now we've got a number of things in here, and we've got we're going to say we're setting this up by content that's going toe office, and all I need to do to other task is clean hub office on. You can just hit return that you can do all sorts of things So write a report on sales for September. Um, now we can add all sorts of testing here. I'm just gonna add in three. So what else will be typical Foreign Office? Let's say, Oh, by now, that would be on the shopping list, wouldn't it? So let's say, uh or, uh, news station. Hurry. So boring. Hey, there we go. Um, we've got three now. What we've got here is we got nothing in there. So what I can do is in here. We've got a few things here, so we're gonna priority. Andi know. So want to do is I'm gonna put a low priority on that one. I would remind me on a day on it's gonna remind me now what it's doing is it's giving me a time which I don't particularly want, but unfortunately, I don't have a choice. Now, I had this same problem when I used to use Omni Focus. What it wanted to do was to give me a time every time. So what I would do in this situation is if I knew it was a day task than I would set it for 7 a.m. So 07 and thats done. Okay, so now it's coming up was a reminder because I've got things set up there, right? Report for sales. That's just click on the information there. Andi, I'm gonna do that on a day and they're going to set that up for tomorrow. Say, and again, I'm gonna do that at seven. So set on order. New stationery. Let's say we're gonna do that on Monday. So on a day, and I'm gonna do that on Monday. So click on the ninth on. I want to do that after lunch, so I'm gonna put that as after lunch. Oh, I know. So I say we can actually put these in, so let's make the priority on this one pretty high. There we go on, and that's done on going on this one. I'm gonna make it a repeating tusk because quite a lot off your routines are going to be repeating. So every month, So on it asked me when I want to set that on a date. So we're going to set that as the 31st off December ribs, tub it 2000 and dumped. So what we've got here is we've got the dates and everything in there, and that's all set. So I look at scheduled. Now, what it's doing is here. It tells me what's coming up. So this is the list that you would actually be running from. If I had more than one task, they would all be set up in here. So my scheduled on because they were set for 7 a.m. there now in red. So it telling me I must get them done. This because it's a high priority is in red There on. I didn't prioritize this at all, but that's going to come upon Monday. So your schedules list is gonna give you that what needs to be done on specific days, and that's always up at the top. So that's really easy to follow. Eso We were doing that in the office. Now let's just say the ordering new stationary, I decided, actually can be done at home. So on these to his drug it and you can move it in to another project, but that's coming up in the next episode. So now we've shown you how to set up your project lists on. Now we show you how to add in a few texts tasks. Now we're gonna show you how to. In the next lesson, I'll show you how to set up the default, but in books 16. 14 Reminder settings: right now, what we're going to do next is we need to set up the default inbox. If you click on the control, you don't really have much choice here. As I say, all you can do is rename it, delete it. You can open it up in a new window, which Why would we need to do this? Plenty of space here and I can change the color. So to set this up is your default inbox. You need to go to remainders and then you have a choice here. So you default list. I've set mine up for inbox, unsure enough. That's where it is. So that's easy enough. So when I'm using Siri, I can actually set it up so that everything goes into my in box. So if I say Hey, Siri remained what I had to be very she's listening. So if I say hey, Siri, what will happen is she will then advice a remember tour on. Then it will just add it directly into my in box and that I can process it later in the day . But that's something why it's important to set up your default inbox. So as the saying going to remind us now. There's no a lot of options here, as you can see, but default list. Make sure it's set up for inbox. Now, as I just mentioned before, you can rearrange these, there's no need. You can actually set this up to rearrange again. Going to um uh, let's have a look view sort by and you can actually saw everything up by due date. Priority creation title. I've set mine up for manual, but you can set it up for however way you want to set it up. So that's a really, really good way. If you want to see what's due soon, what's the priority? The creation or title date? Priority and due date Our manual. Those three are probably the best ways to show which way that's going to do Now. What I'm gonna do now isn't going to switch over to the iPhone, and I'm gonna show you how that looks. All this looks like once you're in your iPhone 17. 15 Reminders in the iPhone: Okay, so this is what your iPhone screen is gonna look like in the reminders up. So we got scheduled here, which will show you everything that you need to do today. Tomorrow, Monday, Onda. We have our office, which is all the things that we added in there. So that's all looks very nice. Now, the in box if we're gonna add a task or you have to do is hit inbox tap the plus on at the task. Very, very simple. So remember to clean up the I think it's a storeroom and there we go. Now, if we had in the i button, we can have the priority. We can add reminders on a particular day. So today at four o'clock, Andi boom done Nice, Andi Simple. And there you are. Now I think the priority adds the exclamation marks of that looks pretty cool. So that's all done. Now you can actually move these again around manually so I can put my inbox up of the top move shopping down to the bottom. Everything's there on because we're using times. Now you can see that I've stopped the screen recording right there. But as you can see if we using times. Excuse me? That I've got a couple off over to test. So there you go. That's what it all looks like on the iPhone. Really quite simple. 18. 16 Notes and Reminders working together: right. So as I was talking when we did the notes section, what we did the videos on notes is how to get the notes and the reminders working together now again. As I said, you can do this easily on your iPhone. There's no problem. I'm just showing it is much easier. As you saw from the previous close. It is actually much easier to show you all this using the, um, computer. But this all works exactly the same way on your iPhone or indeed your iPad. So let's imagine that. Well, let's have a look at this. Let's just say we've had a meeting. We've been talking about the time in life Mastery, workbook. Now what I want to do with this is I actually want to now make a task out of this because I have some more design work to do. For example, So for example, here I want to remove this. That's just say we decides, Move. That's we're gonna have a markup on this so I can now click on mark up. Ah ha. You didn't realize you could make all this usage on? What I want to do is I got my pen till this is black and I don't really want to use black. So let's just change that color to less use yellow s. Oh, there we go on. I can just add a little note. Helvetica. Yes. So let's have a text box, and I'm just gonna drag this up. Okay? Change this. I actually wanted to remove that. So remove this from cover, and I can now, uh, just drag this up. So? So I just want to drag this up. I don't really like this covers. That's highlight that I can change the color in here. I'm just gonna change that too, right? And that's it. So now we've done that. Done. Click done. The all the details have put in there. Now all I have to do is tap on there. Click send to reminders. That's done. Now it's comes up here, as you can see, because we said to our default inbox as in box here. So why I have to do now is click add gone. He's gone into my reminders. Go over here on. There you go. So all the information is in here. Andi, I've got just the tp t limp notebook it's in here, there's no note. So it's not actually telling me anything that I really want to know. But I can now just go in here and then this and just say, Make necessary changes toe done. And that's really all I have to do that Click done, and that's in Boom. Now if I say this is gonna be an office tire, so I have to do is Chris grab it here on? I could just move it. Whoops. Describe it here safely. Grab it there. It's gonna be doing the office boom sent there. Absolutely simple. So as you can see, the two working together are really, really very good. Okay, so that's how to get notes. Andi remainders working. 19. 17 Routines list: Okay. The final part off this remainders section is to show you how to set up the routines folder . Now, I've always called it Routines folder. Just call it routines for this case because we can't create sub folders. But let's just go into first. We're gonna add a list. We're gonna call this the new list. Sorry, I've just got it accidentally. I did another list. Let's just delete that. So Control click, Remember, delete the least and that's done. We're gonna have the new list. I'm going to call these apps. I keep doing that. I keep forgetting is not Oh, you can double click on it and you can't change it. So we're gonna call this routines and I'm gonna put this in capital letters because it's a very important folder on There we go. So we got routines Now. What you gonna do is because you can't create sub folders in reminders. What we're gonna have to do is we're just going to set up with daily and then weekly and then monthly. So let's take for example, I'm going to keep this something, do the dishes and then basically weaken dio Do you do the dishes on, uh, clean table tops. Uh, table tops on. We can also add in. Let me think my brain is not functioning very properly. Odd overnight. Overnight sales, too. Excel file. Okay, so there we go. There just three. Um OK, I just want to put one in take garb. So I know these are all pretty much faith functioning on the day. So do the dishes. We're gonna be in everyday tasks. So what we do is click on the information button. We're gonna remind me on a day on, we can say that is gonna be at 2100 hours. We're gonna repeat that every day. Onda and never priority non on done on going to do this one on clean table tops. That's on a day on. Do you repeat that again every day at a location you could at home if you wish. But I'm not going, Teoh. Never priority done on the overnight cells Excel far again. That's a daily one. But let's just imagine that this is a weekly one. So we're gonna set on a day on We're going to repeat every week ongoing Do that at 9 a.m. So nine. So there we go on, take garbage out. He's hooking. All these coming in now. Take garbage out on bond. Let's have a look. Take garbage out. He's gonna be on on a specific day. Uh, but this is gonna be on a separate day. So you just clog did that bit faster. I repeat, going onto bottom do custom. I didn't do it choosed as in my case Tuesday, Thursday, not Friday and Sunday. Okay, on I would take the garbage out again at, say, 2200 hours. So that's going to repeat now every week on a Sunday, Tuesday on Thursday and never priority Dawn. Done. And there you go. So that comes up in there. If we click under are scheduled Now, we've got quite a few coming in there. So let's say we clicked up. We clean the office we've got is the overnight sales. We've done that. We cleaned out the store room. What a very productive day. So there we go. We've got all the things that is coming up in routine. So it's telling us which list is coming up in so we don't waken see in the office on home and routines. There is just one of the reasons why I love toe have the Routines folder, because when I'm working in the office, I can just click on my office list, and I can just be working on my office work. If I'm with my wife, I can just click on there and you tell me all the things I want to be doing while I'm with my wife. And if I click on there, it tell me all the things I want to be doing home my routines. I can just go in there and check. Is there anything that's overdue or anything that I want to do? But reminders is very good to tell you if there's anything over Jew on. Incidentally, if there was anything that was overdue, let's just change this. I think it's going to here. Let's just change this to today. So let's take that 1500 hours. I'm gonna make it over. Do so now I've got this coming up is overdue. When I can do it, just go into it. I could just change that and just change the time to 1800 hours and no longer overdue. Just really simple but there you go. So I've got left to do is some routine tests. But as you can see, as you fill it out, it starts to look nicer and nicer and nicer. So there you go. That's one of the reasons why I like to have my routines folder in my, uh, reminders or to do list manager. Okay, Hopefully you found that useful. 20. 17: okay, that's the complex part completed. We've now done Apple Calendar Apple Notes on Apple reminders Hopefully, you like what you can do in reminders. As I said, it is a very, very basic to do list manager, but it will do the job. Your choice, really is whether you're going to separate things out by context, which is the pure getting things done way. Or you're going to set things out by project entirely up to you. And don't forget to create your routines folder because so routines folder your routines list simply because you do need to separate out the busywork. Test the test that you have to do every day or every week or every month. And they're not interfering with the really important task off actually improving your life or getting really important projects completed. You don't want that messing things up the priority system. It's entirely up to you whether you want to use that or not. I just showed you in the demonstration simply because some people do like to create priorities within their list. That's entirely up to you. But there's not a great deal of functionality and reminders, but that doesn't matter. because really a to do list manager does need to be simple on If simplicity is the way forward, which is what something I strongly believe in, then I think that is a good enough to do list application. So there we go. We've had calendar, we've got notes, we've had remainders. And now the final part. The bit that brings it all together. Let's have a look at iCloud or folders or files or whatever apples calling it on. Whatever Dr they're looking at, let's go in and have a look at that now, just too quickly, so that you get a good idea of how everything can fit together. 21. 18 Introduction to iCloud: Okay, Now that we've had fun with remainders and notes and calendar, it's time to look at the final piece off. The puzzle is no proposal. The final piece of the system, which is iCloud, which is the one that brings it all together and makes the magic happen. So I Cloud essentially is restoring all the work you are working. All so. But before we go any further, I need to explain. I did mention in the introduction that most of these iCloud stuff or most of the Apple stuff is gonna be free. Well, unfortunately, there is a tiny little bit of cost involved on these of the iCloud prices. Now each country is going to be slightly different. So I'm going to take the United States one, because that's the one most people are familiar with. Now, for those of you who have been using the apple system for a long time, you do get five year bites off for free. But if you're using iCloud for your photos, you're losing it for documents and using it for various email and everything else. Then I am afraid that five gigabytes is not going to be enough. The Truth of the matter is, I don't really think 50 gigabytes is actually going to be enough. The area that you want to be looking at is the 200 gigabytes and the two terabytes Now I've been using. Up until recently, I've been using the 200 gigabyte version for for basically $3 a month because I've also have Dropbox now. Recently, my wife had an issue with her phone on. She'd never backed up her photos, and she's got something like 10,000 photos taken over the years on her phone on DSO. What we decided to do is we better set up iCloud photos for her. So I upgraded my iCloud account two terabytes and set it up on family sharing, which is great for those of you don't know. Family sharing, I think, allows you to have up to six people sharing your stuff. So there you go. But two terabytes should be enough basically for my wife's photos. So that's the one that came on, which is the two terabytes you can choose. But I really don't believe the five Gigabytes is definitely not going to be enough 50 gigabytes. You're really stretching it 200 gigabytes is really the minimum that you want to be looking at. Two terabytes is ideal. But this is up to you. It's your car, it's your money. So you decide which one you want. Okay, So how does all this fit together? So let's just look at how this is all working. This is why it is really pause. It is possible to create a fantastic positivity system using just the apple ecosystem. So we've gone through reminders we've gone through, knows we've gone through the calendar. Now I've got the file's icon down there on the right, but it's all basically controlled by the iCloud. The iCloud brings it all together on it's all stitched together using iCloud on This is why it just works seamlessly. Apple have done a lot of work through this on. When it first came out years a bit spotty. It wasn't very good, but I'm gonna have to be perfectly honest with you, because I was using a dot Mac way back maybe 15 years ago. I have been using Apple's cloud servicing, and I've never, ever had a problem with it from Doc Mac account through two mobile me through toe iCloud I've never had a problem with it. The only thing I would say is I did have a problem with iCloud was that it was in the early days it was very slow. But these days and certainly since IOS 11 Andi I IOS and High Sierra Wow, the speed of which I cloud is working now is incredible. It's well up there with Dropbox, which has always been very fast. So it is certainly no problem putting large files through your iCloud drive, and it does just work. So there we go. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna show you first how to do this, how it all works on your, uh, laptop on my MacBook pro. But I'm also going to show you how to do it on the iPad as well, because the iPad has this thing called files, which is where you have everything together and you can have a look at that. So let's get into iCloud and I'll show you how it all works. 22. 19 A look at iCloud Drive: Okay, so let's have a look at Aikau Drive. So I've got iCloud drive here. This is what it's actually called on on your computer on. I've got iCloud drive now. I've got it at the top of my favorites list in my sidebar on DSO I contract that out again to make things old are very, very, very nice. Now, I have in here all a lot of the applications that I have built in connection to iCloud drive. So I do use I kout iCloud drive a lot. So my keynote files air in here my workbook about because I've just recently upgraded tour the two gigabyte version on Got my numbers pages I've got basically So you got up a specific, um, up specific folders here. So if I go into, let's say my numbers file, this will show you all the numbers files I have stored in my cloud, which I actually use on a regular basis. So that's all quite easy to follow. Picture mater. I don't use that very often, but I do have some pics or mater images in there. I have played around it in the past, but I'm more of a photo shop guy Uh, my tea and I'm workbooks. So I've got the images here. I've got the main folder for in design there. I've got the PSD file there for the cover on. I got the sample. Pdf file there too. So all this is in my eye Cloud drive folder. So it's you can store pretty much anything you want in iCloud drive. It was one of the beauties that it just works wonderfully well, together. I got my pages. I got keynote course, which I wrote recently. That's all in there and again. All these files here are actually screen flow files that I've actually putting their post the video file. So you've got so much options and that the cost of it really for the amount of storage that you can have in in iCloud drive is really quite cheap. So just to give you an example, I'm paying the 9 99 $9 or basically $10 a month for two gigabytes of space for the same amount of space on Dropbox. You're going to get one terabyte and you know, these days the amount of stuff was storing is just so vast that really? You do need a lot off space, so I think it's just worth while The other thing about I car drivers, I'm using this on family sharing. So this is shared with my wife. This is my folder. My wife has her own folder. I don't see that it is kept private from me by what? She want to keep things private from me. Oh, no. Anyway, it never that so along. This is basically how iCloud drive is gonna look like on your computer, and it is really, really, really good because it's nicely organized and it can just keep all the files that you're working on straight in one place. As you can see, about 2.2 terabytes available like cloud. I've actually got a lot of space available. So there you go. By the way, for those of you who are using Max, did you know that you can actually make these bigger by just dragging the slider at the bottom there? I think that's always a cool little trick, because my eyesight is not as good as it used to be. Okay, let's go over to the iPod and have a look at what I cloud drive looks like on the iPad 23. 20 Files on iPad: Okay, so here we have Aikau drive, as it seems to be called on our I pad on now. I mean, the outside drive. And as you can see, all the folders that I showed you on my laptop also showing up in here. And of course, you can use all the drag and drop features as you would normally use in your things. So here we go the teal and were book. It's all there I can tap on download if I actually want the files. PD Photoshopped files in there. Pdf files in there. The in design file isn't showing very well, but that's fine, because I don't really need to do that. And all the images that I want are there. So, as you can see, just works perfectly normal. I have here my pages files all in there. And if I click on any one of those, it will open up pages in my pages up keynote, same again. It would open up. So all the files of that I need and I can choose date size tags, whatever I want. And I can also create a new folder. As you can see up in that top left hand corner. So that's basically how the iPod looks on. This would look the same on your iPhone, by the way. So no problem. You can have your tags. You can do all sorts of things really, really cool. 24. 21 Review: right, So there you have it. That's using your calendar, your notes. Reminders on iCloud drive on, bringing it all together within your own apple ecosystem. So if you're using a Mac book on iPod and iPhone, even if you have a desktop then and you're looking for a really simple productivity system , then I do believe that apple now have the tools that can really, really help you to become super charged at productivity. So what we're looking at if you haven't got all of those devices, if you haven't gave, for example, you only have an iPhone or you only have an iPad, but you really want to set this system up. Remember, the iCloud Drive have all the same features, and you can use that in exactly the same way the capture told is the most important thing. And that is a really, really good way off using you're to do list managers. So, for example, if you using remainders, then you need to make sure it's on the home screen of your come off your phone or your laptops. You can actually quickly capture the tusk on. Remember that you've got the share sheet in all your devices, whether it's the laptop and iPhone or the iPad, so you can just quickly drop stuff in there, and it works seamlessly. It's just fantastic. So let's just give you an overview of how all this is fitting together. So remember you got your calendar, the reminders you notice in the iCloud calendars. Offer your events, your appointments and for your meetings, reminders for your tasks. Your to do's routines on for your projects, notes about events, support materials and various other things on the iCloud or for the documents you're working on. Word Power Point, Kino Excel file. Large PDS, whatever they will all perfectly fit into your iCloud drive, and you can create folders related to projects that you're working on, so they're all in one convenient place. So remember, over here on the right inside, this is where all the work is happening. So the reminders he's telling you what needs to be done, your notes of giving you the reference materials that you need, and I proud of the documents that you're actually working on your calendar. Of course, he's telling you where you need to be when you need to be there and who you need to be there with. So it all fits in perfectly. So without much cost, just basically the cost off your iCloud drive space, you can create an absolutely fantastic productivity system on it all interconnects together on Apple of design their products that they do work really well together. So remember your reminders of their for your tests in two DUIs, your projects of your support materials, hoops, and I'm going too fast, so remain dizzy there for your tassan two DUIs. Your notes are there for your project. Support ideas, calendars, events and appointments and files, or iCloud is what you're working on on. That's it. The four things you need to create an amazing productivity system. I hope you found this course really useful. Please keep in mind if there's anything that I've missed or you would like me to cover, then just please send me a message to the messaging system on. I go at the course or at the lecture if, as from, when required. So this is an ongoing and I will keep building on this course as when Apple update their systems, or if I suddenly find a new way of doing something. I will update this course. And always remember that once you're enrolled your enroll for life, there's not gonna be no additional cost. So just the costume to pay to get into this course is all you will ever have to pay on. I will keep you updated as and when it needs updating. Or if I need to answer any questions that you may have. Thank you very much for enrolling in this course. I hope you found it useful. Andi, good luck with your productivity system. 25. 23 Final Thank you: Okay, well, now you've managed to complete the course. Now you have all the knowledge you need to be able to create a complete productivity system using only apples built in applications. It's a cheap way to go forward. You don't have to worry about subscriptions. The only thing that you need to be paying for is the iCloud drive size storage limit. I strongly recommend that you go full in and go for the two gigabytes. Two terabytes because you don't want to be worrying about space when you're dealing with projects. Because if you are worrying about space, you gonna have to start removing files that you don't need any longer, and it just becomes very complex. Far better to go all in and get the full on storage space off two terabytes. But if cost is an issue to you, then I strongly recommend that you go for the $3 a month one, which is the 200 gigabytes. It should be enough. But you will have to every six months or seven months or whatever start removing stuff because it will fill up very quickly once you start using the system. Okay, I'm really happy that you've completed this course you've now got everything that you need . All you have to do is start putting it all together. Don't forget, if you have any questions about setting this up, please ask a question in the question section in this course because I'm more than happy to help you out there on. If I get enough questions on a particular topic, I will record another video just to clear anything up that I may have missed. There is a lot to learn. I know when you're building a productivity system, but what I really want you to understand this you have to build the system that suits your way off working. You don't want to be copying. This is early, my system. That's why I've been quite vague about how you would set up reminders simply because this is a really personal way. It hasta work for you. It might not lessen your way. Might not necessary work for me on my way might not necessarily work for you. Don't forget to keep it simple, because if you don't keep it simple and you allow complexities creep in, it's gonna become a mess, and you're gonna spend way too much time trying to sort it all out anyway. Guys, good luck. If you need any help, don't forget to ask any questions. I'm always here to help you on. I want to thank you very much for enrolling in this course. See you again in future courses.