Create Your Free Website & Free Domain in under 20 Min w/ Tumblr. | RJ Ritchie | Skillshare

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Create Your Free Website & Free Domain in under 20 Min w/ Tumblr.

teacher avatar RJ Ritchie, E-Learning Instructor | Website Developer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. 00 Tumblr Intro

    • 2. 01 Class Overview

    • 3. 02 Create your Free Account

    • 4. 03 Setup Tumblr for your Website

    • 5. 04 Choosing your Theme

    • 6. 05 Theme Setup

    • 7. 06 Seting up pages

    • 8. 07 Free Domain Name

    • 9. 08 Don't Forget

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About This Class

In This class you will learn how to create a free website using Tumblr. 

What you will learn:

1. Creating a Tumblr. account

2. Setting up your Tumblr account

3. Choosing a Theme and Installation

4. Theme set up 

5. How to add pages

6. Creating a Free Personalized Domain Name

We do this all under 20 minutes! 

Click enroll and let's get started. 

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

RJ Ritchie

E-Learning Instructor | Website Developer


E- Instructor - Website developer - Strategic Online Marketing - Video Creator - Writer

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1. 00 Tumblr Intro: What if I told you creating a website one that was built for sharing what you make and reaching out to followers doesn't need any prior skill and Cody inside of design or a lot of free time? That's what you'll learn by building a tumbler website made four and with creatives in mind , who want to show off what you and others air created doing, be it photography, music, fashion, beauty or whatever else makes you spark. Also, it's absolutely free. I am RJ, Richie and I website developer. Join the class where in less than an hour you can create and manage your own social media sharing website on Tumbler in less time than it takes to do a load of laundry. Press the enroll button and let's get started. 2. 01 Class Overview: I want to thank you so much for joining the class and welcome. Welcome to this wonderful class on how to create your own website. Let's take a look at the overview today. We're gonna look at an opening a free account on tumbler dot com. Then you're gonna choose a free theme, customize your theme, add some pages and then create a free personalized domain name. The project will be creating your free tumbler account. I want you to create your website, then create your free, personalized a main aim and then add a screenshot or a link to your site so we can go ahead and review that and you'll put that up in the project side. All right, let's get started. 3. 02 Create your Free Account: The first thing I'd like you to do is go to tumbler dot com. You know, if you get started in law again, but let's go ahead, scroll down here and just see some of the other things that they're offering here on Tumblr . You can read each one of these things, but they do offer a lot of great options for you to put on your website and to be able to share your information with others as well as see what others are doing and share that information. So it's a really great platform. You can add text, photos, quotes, links. You can do chats, audio and video. So it's a really wonderful platform. So on this page now you want to go ahead and click get started so we can create your account. You're gonna go ahead and put in your email and you want to put in a you password and the user name. So we put in that right now and then I'll go ahead and click in a taping, a little password and then my user name, and then you want to be just put 18. Right now, I'm confused if you have to be 13 or 17. So I'm just gonna put 18. Because what I was red was different. Now, you also want to push that terms of service button. Because what I found was when I didn't do that, it wouldn't allow me to create an account. So go ahead and click it, scroll down, read what she thinks important, or read the whole thing if you want to. But you definitely should click that button and scroll through the whole process before you move forward. Okay? And then once you have click the little box here and click next. Great. Now we're just waiting for what's called a capture, and they're gonna put that on here and make sure we're not a robot. So click the almost done, and then capture will come up and you'll click. I am not a robot, and that is it. You have created your free account. You will get an email that will want to verify. Make sure the email you put in is yours. And that is it for this part. So let's head on over to the next class 4. 03 Setup Tumblr for your Website: great. Now that you've created account, we're gonna go ahead and set up your account inside Tumbler. So what are you into? So we're gonna go ahead and choose five different categories of things that were into You can collect more, but we'll select five for the moment. And when you select them, these little areas appear We'll go ahead and be filled in. So we're scroll down and I'm gonna choose some just right away. So we'll do cars business. Let's see what else we have available here. Um, let's see. Health and Fitness and two more news and one more will do. Maybe science, you know, that's to travel. OK, great. So now I have those five selected Click next and it's building my dashboard right now. So we'll give it just a few minutes to do that, and it will pop up and there's our dash sport. So this board is where you can take a look and add text photos, things like that immediately to your blawg. But what we're gonna do first is we're gonna go ahead and go to settings. So in here you have your likes, your follows, settings help, and then you're blawg Post followers activity. And if you can edit the appearance from their terrible, we're gonna go straight to the settings section. Let me click this and this is our account. So we have our email that we put in and our password and also activity sessions. It shows the sessions that we've had on there in the past 30 days, and you can put a phone number in there if you'd like. So we're gonna go over next to show you the dashboard. So let's click that dashboard right here. Show notifications and these air APS. And then the last one is laps and the labs, you go ahead and read through. This is they're just things that tumbler doing toe improve the side or testing and things like that so you can follow along with them and see if things like this are of interest to you or not. Or you can disable owned by clicking here, and that's it. Saves automatically and we're gonna do is create a new block. So I have one already here, but I'm gonna create a new one, okay? And you can just click create, so you're gonna put your title in here right there. The Richie Creative Cafe. And then when cut, copy and paste. My rich creative cafe there tumbler dot com. So that's my girl. And then I'm gonna go ahead and check. Make sure I'm not a robot, verify and then click create blawg boom That simple. All right. And there it is, where she creative cafe. And we go back to settings and hit the block C. This is anyone now and then you can see here and we're gonna good and click edit theme so we can edit the theme. 01 thing. I want you to go ahead and copy and paste. Your URL will save that for later for your personal domain name. So let's see, just a few things. Maybe you wanna look at, go ahead and see if you want anything. Anything clicked here for your blawg, your website blawg. And then, uh so I don't like advertising. I'm just gonna get rid of that. You can share this on Facebook if you want. Let's go ahead and change the time because I wanted to beyond my time schedule. So let me see here. Let's go down to the time, which is time zones and I'm on the West Coast. So we'll pick Pacific time. He was Canada. There we go, and that's it. So this one, you don't have to do any saving, and it's already saved. If you need to delete your block, it's right there on the bottom, right? All right. And then edit team. So we're now we're gonna go ahead and head over and pick a theme for your new website. 5. 04 Choosing your Theme: Now we're gonna go ahead and look for your theme. So on the left side, you want to go ahead and scroll down and look for the theme that you might like now on the tab just above I've chosen free themes so you can see all of these are free. Another way to look at thes If this isn't working for you as a little bit hard to tell, this is just go ahead and go to your u R L. Bar up top here and type in tumbler dot com backslash themes and then it returned or Inter . And now you have their Web site that contains all of the themes available, and some of them are available for you to purchase. Or you can go ahead and click themes. I want him click popular on the top there, and it shows all the premium themes which you pay for. And then it shows all the free themes were going to do Over here now, on the right side is click Seymour. What that will do is give me a full page of all the free themes that I can choose. You have a really nice selection of themes available that are completely free. And you can set him all up to make your website, and we're going to choose one here. I like a minimalist one. So we'll click this one right here, and I can go ahead and preview what it would look like. And that looks fine. So we'll go ahead and scroll down and just get rid of this window a real quick and then click install. And that will and I would choose the blogger I wanted to install onto and click install and then second here and there it is that quick. So now my theme is installed and we can go ahead and push the edit button here, and we are ready for edit. Now, in the next video, I'm gonna show you some ideas on how to edit your theme. 6. 05 Theme Setup: Okay, Now we're gonna go ahead and edit your theme. So right here where you have a title. I've installed Richie Creative Cafe and you look up on the right there says life and and then it's real time. So it makes it really nice for you to edit your title. There. You put a description in. Let's put e learning online, and you will need to save this refresh. And then there it is right there. And if you don't want that and just go ahead and delete it, make sure you click save and it will be gone. And then there's an avatar there you can add with your photo, you can put a photo logo in. You can do the background change so they want a darker let's put it back to light. So just drag my cursor here and drag it up to the white and then body text. That's the color right there for the body text. And then we can do links. The title, which I think I want to make a little bit darker side to drive this down to really dark black away in the corner, and then you do your meta your dividers, which are up here, right in the middle. That's a color there. And I'm gonna go wide. You can see how the dividers stretched out and go standard. See, right here and then click wide. They're white. They're just kind of is a visual for me to see that I've chosen white. You can see it that way, and then we go down. We've got Infinite Scroll, which means it would constantly scroll if you want that to happen. And you can put your Google analytics in here and let's go down to advance. So here you can go ahead and open links in a new window, which I like to dio use default theme for your mobile, which is great. You can also truncate your RSS feed. Probably not gonna worry about that. But that's up to you. Promote Tumbler for sure. And then how many posts and stuff per page. So be sure you click save, and then we'll go back and that's it. 7. 06 Seting up pages: great. Now where we're going to do is create some pages. So click the pages tap here and we're gonna go ahead and put in the U R L bar. We'll start with an about page. So push, go ahead, typing about and about here on the title. And then we'll just put a little bit of text so that when people go to that about age, we have something said and you could put a whole search of stuff in here. You put videos and photos, links and everything you want, so just make it real short and simple here for an example. Okay, And then let's have a photo right here. So I just click that and let's grab one down here. Maybe something with a computer. So says that e learning idea. There it is, right there. And then we do want to show a link to this page. So go ahead and click this little tab right here. That way we have it on our menu and you can update preview, and then we want to save once we say, if you'll see the changes. So there they are, right there. So now we haven't about Paige with the photo and everything on there. Okay, so that's pretty simple. Let's do one more. We'll do. How about a contact us? So add a page good to Europe, put contact, and then here will put contact us, and we will go ahead and some text. So just make something up here for the moment for an example, So we can see it when we go over to the preview, but in some P o box stuff and you can put in maps. And here you can put you know, your photo of your business, whatever you want. Cell phone numbers, things like that, with links and everything. And once that scent, let's go up to the top or says show a link to this page because we definitely want to have that in place. So we'll click this right there and then update, preview and save. And then you can see where the contact us contact us and save. Now. I don't like the US, I think going to take that off. I just like contact. So just to lead that update, preview and save right here. Okay, great. So that is done. Now let's go back to the dashboard, and then you can see that about in contact. And let's go and see the full website with the about page with photo and then the contact. Everything ready? Let's do the front page now of the website. So we're gonna go ahead and add a photo, and I'm gonna upload a photo from my computer. So let's choose this one here. It only takes a few minutes, and then there it is. So I want to add some text, one of their about something fun, you know, living the life for something like that. Does he live in the life? Okay, now what? Post that we're gonna click post down here in the lower right. And now let's check out our page. So this is the very first page that people come to when they come to our to our website? No, we have the photo, the text, Everything's right there. Now what we're gonna next is we're gonna go over and create a personalized domain name, so I'm gonna show you how to do that in the next video 8. 07 Free Domain Name: now we're gonna go ahead and create your personalized domain name, so head on over to D o T period TK that dot dot TK and type in the domain name you would like. So I'm gonna put in Richie Creative Cafe right here. And then we will click the go button and in just a few minutes that will calculate and make sure that it's available. If it's not available, won't work. But if it is available, then you'll go to this page. And what we're gonna do is grab this tumbler address that we had earlier I had you piece that copy. Copy that, and pace that. And so we want to do is take that over here. We're paste it into affording. So make sure that you click this forward button here right there so that it forwards to this address and I'm gonna go ahead and click told months and we'll put in the characters here so we can make sure we're not a computer. Scroll down and click. Sign up just like that. And in just a minute, we'll take us to another page that want to spit in our email A just cause they're gonna confirm that we actually have an email address and or someone. I will do that and assumes that's done. Click next type in your name and a password so you can get to the control panel of this domain name. And once that's done, you're gonna go to your website now where your email is at and copy and paste the code that they send you and click Confirm. Once that's done, you have received your domain names. So there it is, personalized domain name. Now let's take it over to the website, and we're going to take the Tumblr name and just copy and paste the new domain name. And there it is. Now you have a personalized domain name for free and a website for free. 9. 08 Don't Forget: well when I thank you so much for taking the class, By the way, when you're done with the class, if you want to, you can go ahead and scroll over and add a note right here. And if you scroll down just a little bit more, you'll find an area where you can put your project in. We have a community that's joined the class also all projects. So if you click on this button right here, you can see school down and see there's projects here, and then you can go over to your right and good and share, and you can also leave a review so you can just click the review button right there. So just click the review button and click Yes, because you love to this class and then any comments that you have, and you can also include a private message to me, which is always helpful for me to learn and continue to grow and do better. And that's about it for this, and then when you're done, you submit and it will go ahead and submit a review. Also, feel free to check out some of my other classes. I have this one here called Build your website in 20 minutes using squarespace. So that's a good platform for you. Go ahead and check out this great training as well. Okay, thanks so much. And we will see you in the next class. Have a great day.