Create Your First Simple AR Art (Augmented Reality Art)

Niki Cop

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9 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Theoretical basics

    • 3. What do you need

    • 4. Physical art

    • 5. Different ways to create virtual experience

    • 6. Creating the virtual experience

    • 7. Joining virtual and physical world

    • 8. Testing your AR art

    • 9. Recap and ideas for future projects


About This Class

Your First Simple Augmented Reality Art

Are you interested in art, technology or even both? Have you ever heard of AR - augmented reality? Have you ever seen AR art? If your answer is yes to any of this questions, this class is for you.

This is a beginner class to AR art. You will learn the basic principles of using technology to make your art alive. 

In this class I will explain:

  • What is AR art
  • How to use free internet platform to combine phisical and virtual part of AR art
  • Techniques you can use to make AR art
  • Ideas for advanced future AR art projects

What I invite you to do:

  • Make a simple AR art based on this class and share it

You will find this class quite simple, as long as you have basic technology understanding. The steps on how to create AR art will be clearly explained, therefore I hope you will find this project simple and fun.