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Create Your First Simple AR Art (Augmented Reality Art)

teacher avatar Niki Cop

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Theoretical basics

    • 3. What do you need

    • 4. Physical art

    • 5. Different ways to create virtual experience

    • 6. Creating the virtual experience

    • 7. Joining virtual and physical world

    • 8. Testing your AR art

    • 9. Recap and ideas for future projects

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About This Class

Your First Simple Augmented Reality Art

Are you interested in art, technology or even both? Have you ever heard of AR - augmented reality? Have you ever seen AR art? If your answer is yes to any of this questions, this class is for you.

This is a beginner class to AR art. You will learn the basic principles of using technology to make your art alive. 

In this class I will explain:

  • What is AR art
  • How to use free internet platform to combine phisical and virtual part of AR art
  • Techniques you can use to make AR art
  • Ideas for advanced¬†future AR art projects

What I invite you to do:

  • Make a simple AR art based on this class and share it

You will find this class quite simple, as long as you have basic technology understanding. The steps on how to create AR art will be clearly explained, therefore I hope you will find this project simple and fun.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Niki Cop


Hi, my name is Niki, and I wish you the nicest welcome to my profile page.

To say a word or two about myself, besides other interests I am also a free-time artist and I have a desire to share my knowledge with community, therefore I started with classes on Skillshare. I have a belief that knowlege can and should be shared, and small steps like giving someone a hint or a single suggestion can be a huge help in their work, not even talking about a whole class on a topic...

I will be sharing content about creative art, beginning with my first class on AR art. Hopefully you will find my classes useful. 

Be happy and creative :)

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1. Introduction: Hey, if you ever wonder Call open to training job just great. Did you know that? It's actually very easy to do it. And you know what's the best part? You don't need fancy technology and very good draw. Excuse to do it. Not at all. Well, my name is Nick, and I'm here to show you how easy it is to actually create your first grand neutrality are brought. What is the score is going to be about? Firstly, I'm going to talk about some basics for my sexuality and some different approaches. Help grid. And then we will go step by step in grid made the threat. They are for the first time. Do you like it? But end of discourse. You should be able to do it yourself. So if you like it, you're welcome to watch the next list. 2. Theoretical basics: in this lesson, I'll try to explain the basics off augmented reality AR and different ways. How to create it so augmented Reality is not around for a very long time, and therefore not many people really know about it, especially not regarding cooperation. So what? This augmented reality art? There is no accurate definition for it, but in a natural, it's a physical art with virtual layer or experienced it. It's a nice way to add more story into motion toe a physical art object. One can divide the literal experience off augmented reality art into two categories to the and 30 through. These more mesmerizing, then duty because it gives physical art more tangible or real feel. But it's also way more complicated to create, and therefore I would advise you to start with to the first. There are also different approaches on how to create augmented reality art. You can either start with physical art first and then great of your toe Larry food, or you can start with beautiful art first and then use it in a certain moment as a screen shop in create physical artwork out of it. In my opinion, the first approach is more authentic. However you decide for yourself. In the next video, I will explain what we need in order to create augmented reality art. 3. What do you need: We need technology to create the brutal experience off augmented reality art. But that shouldn't scare too much because it's only the basic knowledge you'll need for this class. Besides your camera, you'll also need a computer paper and the marker. Or you can also use something else for drawing. We will also abusing a couple of breeding style computer programs. I will use windows, but you can also find make alternatives if you want. For the next step. I wanted to create an account for the free Internet platform we will be using. It's called Art Device, and I chose it because it's easy to use and it provides good experience. Go to this website and create an account. It's for free. It might take a while, so don't worry. You will get the confirmation mail when it's down while waiting for the confirmation. You can prepare the physical art and we'll talk more about that in the next video 4. Physical art: in this lesson, you will see a time lapse off how I created my drawings from scratch. You can create your own just like that. Or alternatively, you can also find some similar drawings on the Internet if you don't really feel competent to make one yourself or something later. Be sure, though, to carefully check the rights for the art because it might be protected by copyright. At this point, I should also explained that it's not necessary to make our black and white. But for the sake off, making this course as easy as possible, I decided to do this way for the future projects. I encourage you to use your creativity and make it differently from this point on will be working on vertical experience off augmented reality art. 5. Different ways to create virtual experience: I will shortly explain a couple of different approaches you can use to create little part of your augmented reality art. One can use different techniques to create the video, which will represent the virtual experience. Stop motion technique is one of the very popular and easy ways to do it. You can use it to create moving parts of the art or changing colors. You can also make a reverse time lapse off your art being created. Another option is old cartoon technique. You can do the video also the way old cartoons were made from actual moving scenes off your artwork. You can check YouTube for one business multi plane camera if you want to get the idea how this works. If you're feeling more modern and you have experience with computer animation, you can also make awesome intimations with modern software. Another option is also deduce. An actual video or some footage off for landscape or object that you were inspired by the imagination really is the only limit off what you can create in the virtual world. I would like to encourage you again to let your creativity find new ways in in orbit you approaches studies in this class, though I would focus on simple stop motion technique more about that in the next list. 6. Creating the virtual experience: is mentioned in the previous lesson. There are multiple ways to create virtual experience off your artwork. In this lesson, we'll go step by step on how to create stop motion video for this project. Step one. Make a good photo or skin off your physical art. Try to avoid any shadows or imperfections because it will make your work harder later. Step two. Transfer the photo or skin to your computer. Step three. Use a nude photo editor two years, any shadows or imperfections and increased contrast, so your drink will be properly black and white. Off course. You can also use any other photo editing to you're familiar with at the end. Save a copy so you're preserved original in case you want to go back. Step four. Create guard or changed copies off your original picture. Open windows paint or other similar program you're familiar with and start coloring the artwork. You can also have different elements. Their artwork. Keep in mind that you want to create a bunch of new copies off your art because we'll be creating a stop motion video here again, I would say Use your imagination. Step five creates stop motion video open windows video editor or similar software and import all the copies off your artwork. You can decide what will be the order, or you can decide also the timing. Cough each frame. You can add music for even better experience or emotional impact. When then save the artwork, the next video will be joining futile and physical experience off argumentative reality artwork. 7. Joining virtual and physical world: but this lesson you should already have physical as well as Vettel part off your art prepared. This is the easy part that follows. We only have to join both together using a platform that enables us to do so. I will be using air to five step well open art if I've in logging and choose basic Step two . It's artwork and name it. Step three. Select image and video to upload the mature will upload will be the one that if rt five will recognizes your artwork, Use the black and white one, which represents your physical artwork. Be sure that video and image have the same high to Ruth Gracia. Step four confirmed successful upload by clicking yet and lead the platform processor artwork. Step five seven Publish. That's it. We know only have to check if it's working properly. We're gonna check this in the next video 8. Testing your AR art: in case you're upload was successfully proceeded. You should already have a working augmented reality art to test it. If it's really working, download up our device to your phone. When done opening and skin your physical art, you should be able to see it become a life and play the video on the physical art itself. If your phone has trouble recognizing your art, check the star rating on your art. If I've account, give the recognizability off her art is not good enough. This might make some problems, however. Rt five says. As long as there is enough contrast and uniqueness to your art, you should be fine. I know invite you to watch the last session where I recapture class and give you some ideas for future projects. 9. Recap and ideas for future projects: I would like to congratulate you on your first homemade traded yard. Hopefully, you enjoyed the process, and I hope you didn't have to travel to get to the end of If you wish, I would be happy. If your share artwork with us, you compose the photo off your art so we will be able to scan it. You can also just send a link to her art if you prefer to. As promised, I will throw in a couple of ideas for the future projects. I already mentioned a bunch of different techniques in the lessons Theoretical basics. Physical art in different ways to create a little experience, feel free to rewatch them at any time. Additionally, here, a few more ideas, illusions heading veritable experienced of famous artworks, augmented reality color books, augmented reality sculptures augmented reality graffiti. Or you can also Explorer further, like putting objects in reality with our topia or similar feel free to explore further because the topic is very broad and there are many, many possibilities to be creative