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Create Your First Blog For Free - Help Others Find You

teacher avatar Lisa Rusczyk ❤️, Teacher, Author, Crafter, Blogger, & Ed. D.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Welcome to Class by Lisa Rusczyk Ed. D.

    • 2. Class Success Tips

    • 3. Create a Blog

    • 4. Create Your First Post

    • 5. Change the Look of Your Blog

    • 6. Add Gagets

    • 7. View the Cavalier the Cavalier Blog

    • 8. Thank Your Students

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About This Class


In this class I will show you how to create a blog for free using a platform where I have almost 2.5 million views.  I will show you how to create a blog, how to post, and how to change some of the setting.  This is a great way to share you work with others and stay motivated to keep creating.  

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lisa Rusczyk ❤️

Teacher, Author, Crafter, Blogger, & Ed. D.


I have self-published 300 books, have over 50 classes, and have many of my social media post gone viral. While I earned a doctorate in Educational Leadership, I love to teach online only on Skillshare while I am a Stay at Home Mom. I enjoy creating, reading to kids, and hanging out at my local coffee shop to play Settlers of Cantan with friends.  

Skillshare premium is needed to view most of my courses.  With Skillshare premium you can get unlimited access to all of my courses. Click to view all of my classes and to join as a premium member.  Lisa Rusczyk on Skillshare

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1. Welcome to Class by Lisa Rusczyk Ed. D. : Hi, everyone. My name is Lisa. Risk check, and I'm a blogger and an author. And I won't show you today how to use a free blogging software so you can get more people. Teoh view the work that you've created. I have had this blonde for over four years, and it has over 2.5 million views. So I want to show you how to start a blogged, how to block and how to promote your blocks. So you can, um, show others your work and keep it out there, um, for a longer around the time than some other social media. So please, we're all now and let's get started. 2. Class Success Tips: Hi, students. Thank you for enrolling in this class. I want to show you a way that it will help you succeed and learn from this class. And it is to keep notes in Project section. So please go over to your project and then click there and start. Um, click on your project. And this is where you can start adding information for your project so you can put in a title. This could be the title of the class or your name. Then start putting information into the project workspace. Now, this could be anything from images. But also you can enter text too. And this will be really helpful for other students to see what they learn in this class. It will help others do and see this class. And it will give me feedback to know what Teoh bring to you next to for students. So, um, please click on the your project section and I leave me your feedback. Thank you. 3. Create a Blog: Okay, so today I'm going to show you blogger dot com. That is B l o g e r dot com, and it's a Google company, so you'll need a Google account to sign it. So once you're there, you can go to a new block and you'll choose the title of your Blawg. Now I am. Actually, I'm creating a new walking Siri's called walkie talkie with Lisa. So that is what I'm in college. It's a blogging. Siri's all right, and then you will put in your address so I'll try walkie talking first, see if that is available. Checking not available. All right, so I'll type in walkie talkie with Lisa. I'm assuming that's available, all right. Next you'll choose the template you wish. Now there's all different ones. But for some reason, I think I always choose this one, probably because I have a cavalier King Charles spaniel like you now. But maybe the time I will choose this dynamic views and click create Blawg is a simple Is that all right? It says walkie talkie was created, and you can decide to find a domain name. That means instead of saying like walkie talkie with Lisa that block spot dot com It would just say, um, walking, talking with Lisa, I'll just click search if you're interested to see what that is. So I have other websites. I actually have someone go, Daddy, But you can host them for example, this site on your own if you'd like, so you can see it's $12 a year if you're interested or not, and it will be hosted on Google and you can buy the domain. So it's actually not that bad of a deal. All right, so that is basically how you start your blawg. If you click up here and you click view blogged and you will have your block available and you can edit it. What? How you like. 4. Create Your First Post: okay. After seeing the page at first, I realized that I wanted a different templates. So I clicked on templates, and I'm looking through the different ones. Just see what's available, and I'm are used to this one. So I'm gonna actually apply this simple template to my block. Maybe it'll be simpler for you to all right. So let's, um, click on view, blawg one more time to see what it looks like. And this is basically what it looks like you could see on the right and has, um, they about you section on Google. Plus that's about me and, um, the title at the top. And if you have any block posts, all right, so let's add a little bit more to your blawg. So the first thing we'll do is create a new post, so you'll click on New Post and we will type in the title. So, um, welcome to my new log Walkie talkie. So here you can add different things. I can actually add links to my YouTube videos that I've created already. So, for example, I can add from YouTube and find the video, but you may have just pictures or text that you want to add. So I will add this first video. Mile one, um, you can add text. So, um, we will choose left the line. Thank you for coming to my blawg. Here is, uh, my first smile, way walking, talking. So if you want to create a link, you would highlight it. DoubleClick. That's what I do. And you could click link up here. You could make a list with numbers or with bullets. You could change the font or the font size. And there's just lots of things. Different things you could do in here. So let's just say this is my first block post. I will click published. You could preview it if you want to, otherwise and it will show up here. So this is your first published post. It will actually asked me if I want to share it on Google. Plus, because it's a good it's ah, Google product off like share. And, um, so here you can see if anyone commented or if, um, if how many people have you this post? So let's see what it looks like again. I'll click. You blogged and you'll see our first post here, and it created some information on the side. All right, we'll do a little bit more editing from there. 5. Change the Look of Your Blog: Okay, so let's say you want to make your blood look a little different. Let's go into, um, the layout, for example. And here you can see how things are laid out on your page. You can see that it has the, um, favorite con. That's that icon in the corner that will show up if people bookmark your, um, your page. You can change that if you'd like. Um, you can If you Google favor con and you can create your own, you would choose the file and change it here. Then you have the navigation bar, and that's that. The bar at the top You could choose what you want it to look like, where if you want to turn it off, I'll turn it off. Next is the header, so you can choose the name that you like, or you can create your own image. You can go to Canada dot com, which is a great place to create your own image, and you can see you should choose the header size to decide how big it should be or not, or just have the title like I have it. See all these things you don't have to change, but you have the option of changing some of them, and then you can see this is where our main block post was located. And then the sidebar, So remember it said about me, and then it included the block archive. So here you can delete that if you want to, or add other ones to, um, the sidebar if you'd like, so you can see the sidebar of the top. There's one thing right here and then to, so you can add them larger or smaller than finally is the footers. If you're interested in adding gadgets there, all right, next we'll talk about what a gadget is. 6. Add Gagets: So what exactly is a gadget? All right, let's click. Add gadget in. You'll see So gadgets are different things that you can add to the sidebar or the footer, and there's many different things you could choose from. You can actually make money from your blood using AdSense. You'll have to set up patterns. That's a different video. So you can, um, Ad adds the words You could make profit from your blog's There. You can put featured post that you, for example, one of your good posts you could include in there. Um, you could include your you see our profiles already added, but there's different things that you can choose. Your most popular post isn't one I normally dio. You can add a search box. So when you have more, um, what Post people can search them, For example, they might have found in a while ago, but don't know where it is, so they can search for it. You can have a video bar, which would probably be good, because this my blawg, is for video. So I'll at that, So you would have to type in the different information here. All of these gadgets do you require a little bit more information once you select them, so let's see what else there is. But there's just lots of different options that you can choose from a feed, meaning people can, um, for example, um say they want to see their feet in their email. So whenever you post something that can get emailed a poll, um, subscription links plus one button for Google busty, there's lots of different things that you could choose from. Um, and there's You can even add your own if you like, create urine, but that's more based. So gadgets air Just a fun way and let's click. View the block again for people to see differ information about your block. For example, a search far about me. Blogger archive. Your best post different videos, different ads that will be on the side bar or at the bottom if you select it. All right, that's what a gadget is 7. View the Cavalier the Cavalier Blog: Okay, let's look at my website together. You'll see at the top. I created this image, and, um, this replaces the title Up here, I have different pages up top on, and that's where you can click on different pages to see different information. You can see all of my posts here. And, um, with each post I haven't about me, and it includes some social links. And, um, then you can see on the side I have different widgets where you can click on this one goes to my Amazon page. This one goes to my welcome. My most popular posts share with friends so they can share. This link, for example, will click on interests. You can click on all my different links. You can go to my Amazon link. That's how I make some income for my block. You can go to my Facebook page, and then down here I have some of my most popular posts, so start here. Home decorating faithful organized, simple of 50. So when someone comes to my one block post will start going to other ones, Um, and then at the bottom, you can see I have a couple other images that go, Teoh. Popular posts. You can Laker light, tweet or share this page, so I'll do that right now. You can add some comments. Check it out. Probably something better than that would be more interesting for others to click on to follow it. You can see my block archive himself going back to 2010. And, um, I don't block here often. Anywhere I go, I have a different blood that I go to now you can see a live traffic seen that I've added, which is kind of nice, because I'll click on it here, and it's called Feed Fugett. If you click on the sounds, you can see where people are coming from and what posts are going to, which is kind of nice. Um, you have, miss. You may have missed it. Some other popular posts. I have ah, lot of things the footers again, some other things I shared at the top that if they didn't see it the first time, they might find it below. So this is basically my free blawg at Blogger. Let's click on Click On, Designed to show you some behind the scene things that you can see now that there's more information in there, so you can see what it looks like. Live on the block and what it looks like in the mobile app. If you click on the post section, you can see all the post that I've created. Um, you could see how many people have looked at them and you can to the date they were created , so you could just see different information. Let's click on one here. Um, I have done some reviews in the past, so let five tips to book the best cruise deal. All right, so you can see there's one comment. You can see the number of use and down below, all right. And you can also see other stats for the blogged. So showing what the stats people looks like. I know I didn't touch on pages pages, another way to make a block post that people can see at the top banner of the page. All right. And we'll wait for our steps here. You can see, um, how many page views today page views yesterday last month, all time history. How many followers I have for my block, and, um, you can see the post with the highest entries and the traffic where they came from. So, um, I get most of my traffic from Pinterest, as you can see, but you can see I get traffic from other places too. And, um, you can click on these links to see what Post they're looking on and change the dates and times if you're interested. So, for example, lists Look on all time you can see I've had a spike at different times. See how 50 things? No, before having a baby had many views. And then you could see what it looked like now because I actually transferred a lot of this information to another block because one of my blogger accounts with deleted. So, um and I didn't want I wanted to make sure if I'm putting this much energy into it that it doesn't get deleted in the future. So that is why I would say this is a good place to start for a blogger. But if you're going to do this every day, all the time, you may want to go with a paid account. Now, the reason you shouldn't go with the paid account is I had a friend that was blacking a lot . She really enjoyed it. She wanted to keep it for her daughter. And then she realized you didn't want to pay month yearly to keep it up for her daughter. So she went back to a blogger account because it's just a place to keep some information. She wasn't making any money or a business out of it. So, um, it's up to you if you want to decide to use Blogger, not obviously. I had a lot of success for it, and hopefully you can, too. 8. Thank Your Students: all right, Thank you for enrolling in this class. I would love to see her blocks, and I really hope you go to blogger dot com and create a blogged. Please share your block as your class project or an image. You could do a screen to capture of it and share with the class enter in the link. I'd love to go there and share it on my social media profiles after you create it. I know there's lots of creators out there in different ways, so I'm sure there's gonna be lots of different blocks out there. I hope you just go out and try it. Just go there and try. You don't have to share with anyone if you don't like it. And my biggest tip is if you get stuck, just go and make yourself a tea or coffee or something like that and just take a deep breath and then go back to your computer because they're gonna be things like you're like. I want to change that. How do I change it? I don't know. And then you go in and you go to Google and you just type in what you're looking for. and it will probably show you the answer because you probably were the only person that was stuck in the same spot. So just go and have fun and share your blood post with your different social media accounts . And I'm sure it'll keep you'll be excited to go back the next day and create more blood post and share more information with your followers. All right, I hope you like this class. Please lead comments and give it a thumbs up if you like it. And I hope this even my other classes. All right. Have a great day by