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Create Your First Ad in Photoshop

Mike Doyle, I make Adobe Non-Scary

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7 Videos (51m)
    • Intro to Creating Your Instagram Ad

    • Cut Objects Out With Magnetic Lasso Tool and Masks

    • Adding Background Images

    • Layer Styles to Create Burn Effect

    • Color Correcting Images

    • Working with Text and Type Tool

    • Using Blend Modes to Add Watermark


About This Class

My friend Becky has a company where she sells healthy snack foods. She wanted to add text to an image but had to wait 2 hours for her boyfriend to do it in Photoshop because he was busy. Since I've been working in Photoshop for 13 years, I asked her what top 5 things would she want to learn.

She emailed me the list, I built a mock ad based what was asked, and this course was created.





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Mike Doyle

I make Adobe Non-Scary

17 - Toured in a punk band called Lanemeyer

22 - Band broke up

24 - Went to school for Graphic Design and Media Creation

26 - Started my career as a Freelance Creative

31 - Started my Animation company "Drive 80 Studios"

38 - Teaching people how to make Adobe Non-Scary

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