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Create Your Digital Vision Board: Effective, quick and easy.

teacher avatar Pau Vancells, Motivarion and Coaching

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. PreClasse

    • 2. 5 Reasons to Create a Vision Board

    • 3. Do Vision Boards Work?

    • 4. How To create a Vision Board that Works.

    • 5. Creating Your Digital Vision Board With Canva

    • 6. Bonus Visualitzation Technique!

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to create a powerful Digital Vision board with Canva.

It turns out putting your goals in a visual format can actually increase the probability of succses. Vision boards have been recommended by the  most influential people and celebrities, like Tonny Robbins, Oprah, Bob Proctor, Shawn Stevenson, etc.  The power of visualization is incredible. Visualization can increase motivation, confidence, and even motor performance, it is a basic practice for most olympic athletes and high achievers.

You will learn:

- 5 reasons to create a vision Board

- Do Vision Boards really work?

- How To create a Vision Board that Works

- Creating Your Project

- Bonus Vision Board Techninque

Share your thoughts and projects with the class and increase the rate of success!

Meet Your Teacher

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Pau Vancells

Motivarion and Coaching


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1. PreClasse: Have you ever decide to create a vision board but didn't want to create a physical one or didn't know where to start, or perhaps you created one buddy was ineffective. So hi, I'm Bauer nave, listen it and read too many motivational speakers and lifestyle goals is from Tony Robbins who Oprah Winfrey, Bob Proctor, Les Brown seems clear, you're naming all of them. Recommend some type of utilization to achieve your goals and in particular DAY recommend the vision board as a tool to multiply your results to become closer to achieve your dreams. Everybody knows that a picture is worth more than 1000 words. We do not use pictures when we have to set our goals and objectives. Images are capable of transmitting so much more information really, really quick and in particular, emotional information. I always thought that creating a vision board is not that effective since you have to use the magazines with pictures from other people resulting in crop redesigns and ending up being stored in a cardboard so you never see it again. But today we can use apps to grade distribution boards that you can use as desktop backgrounds on your devices or print them. Imagine yourself creating a digital vision board in less than 20 minutes with a design you love with your pictures that you can see every day to inspire you, motivate you, spore you into action. So in this course you will learn why you should do a visual work. How to grade a Bayesian board that really works. Create your own vision board in camber free, quick and easy, and an extra bonus tip I will show you at the end of this class. So why are you waiting for I see you inside to start transforming your vision into something real. 2. 5 Reasons to Create a Vision Board: What is a Berber? By thanks to enrolling in this course, in this class, we will learn what are the benefits of a vision boards, sometimes called Goldberg dream board and why you should do it. So it turns out that putting your goals in a visual format can actually help you achieve them. The power of visualization is incredible. Visualization can increase your motivation, confidence, and evermore performance. And it is a basic practice tool for most Olympic athletes and haggard giving people. So here you have five powerful reasons to create a visual word. Reason number one, vision boards give you quality. Grading. A vision board forces you to make the time to sit and really think about what is what you want from life. What do you really want? I'm sure you're think about the things you weren't allowed, but do really focus on them. Or they're just thoughts and dreams. Do you document them anywhere outside of your head? For example, to say, I want a better life is a fine goal. But have you given serious thought to exactly what that means? Try to envision what your bear life looks like. For those of us who find that somewhat difficult to find the meaning of a bear alive or feeling bearer. Making a vision board can be a tremendous help. A vision board forces you to go beyond casual thinking and focused on your goals and aspirations, turning it to reality, Reason number to vision boards help you get unstuck. Our lives are so congested and overflowing with garb. We work and we have our course. So we have limited flexibility in our daily environments and we can become almost rewarded over time. This is one of the major reasons why most people feel stuck in their life. They are exhausted, Hanover work at, they have lost the torch with a creative side. Those, these sound like you. I know it sounds like me. So a vision board is an effective wave tungsten yourself to get your overly programmed rain and lead your creative juices flow. Get out of your fun, throw some randomness together, get out of your bubble. Yeah, you get the picture, get creative. So reasonable three, reason number three, vision boards are daily reminders which aborts can act as daily reminders because they provide you with a daily visual reminder of your dreams and goals. The reason that vision boards work so great is because you visually see them every day. This is one position is one of the most popular and effective my workouts that you can do. When you see something that inspires you on a daily basis, you stay on track even when you face setbacks or bad types, that vision work will still be there, ready to motivate you or regain and give you clarity. It acts as a reference point for visualization and a quick reminder of what is important to you and lets you know if you are on track to your goals. Reason number 4, billion boards will get you fire up emotionally. Seeing your vision board will have you passionately connect with your goals. You can have you know, these opportunities or simply make you immerse in what something may feel like. Vision board is not just the goal setting tool, is an emotion goal setting tool. You buying emotions toward you really weren't. It's a tool to bind motions to the goals you want to achieve. So it is more powerful than just goal setting. If you get fire up and passionate about something, it will spur you into action. And last but not least, vision boards are fun. A vision board is a fun, risk-free, stress-free, cheap, and easy way to load your deepest robust morsels of inspiration without scrutinizing them. You'll have to organize, analyze, or beautify your board. Joseph van, and put it together, change it up, do what feels right to you. Just make it unique to yourself. It doesn't have to reorganize, it doesn't have to be purity, he just has to inspire you. So there you have it, guys, five reasons to create a vision board. In the next video, we will talk about, do vision boards actually really work and how to create a vision board that works? Stay tuned because in the end, I will show you how to create a vision board on gamba quick and easy. So you can do your own project. 3. Do Vision Boards Work?: So do vision boards really work? And how will one help you achieve the future and success you want? As mentioned in the last class, vision boards to work because they take your thoughts and dreams in your head and turn them into something real and tangible. They make US externalize your thoughts. But, and this is a big but they only work for you if you are prepared to work with them. What does this mean? So you have to engage with your vision board and use it to guide your actions as your progress toward making your goals a reality. Simply making a vision board and storing it away in a cardboard, only looking at it. Every fear, wigs or months won't help you get anywhere. So as most things in life, you get out, what you put in. The power of a vision board comes in. It's ability to motivate you to do the work that is required to make the things you put on it a reality. So we'll make it real. If you live in the Law of Attraction option board will help you to manifest it. But if you don't believe in it, it will help you to as a visual, quick, and easy goal-setting tool that gives you clarity. It will guide your mind sites towards the thing you want and help you to imagine your life meting the life you have created on your board. My recommendation is towards it every day at least one minute and ask yourself questions. Ask yourself questions like, How am I going to a tip at all? Am I on the right bath ME doing alright, what should I change? So will you achieve something by just using a vision board or creating a vision board? Obviously, not a visual board one gets you anywhere alone, but it is another useful tool that you can add to your tool belt to achieve your life you want. Next, we're gonna talk about how to create the vision board that works using camera to create a vision board. And about this technique, a secret technique I will show you in den of discourse. Thank you. 4. How To create a Vision Board that Works.: Okay, so let's talk about how to make a vision board that works to turn your vision into reality. So let's be honest here, most museum boards fail. But why do vision boards fail? You know, comes to mindset and how to approach the vision board mindset, goal setting, and the energy and effort you put in. So in this video, I'll, we'll give you some advice is to make your vision board work. In number one, when we're setting the vision board, we have to think to what we have achieved recently. It's a time to think and pause and think about where we are and what we have achieved because you have achieved so much in these recent years. So think about it. Just take a pause where you are and where you want to go. And this is the next advice. Look at the direction of your life. The dreadful question on, off where you are going to be in five years. This is a good time to us, that to yourself. And this is not an interview. This is just for you, where you want to be, where you're going. What do you really want? Not what the others one node, what Facebook sees you want not Instagram. Take you to yourself. All right, so look at the direction you want to your life, a projection and it's gonna materialize in the future. So take care of it and create your vision of what you want to do really in your life. The step number three end or device number three is to consider what you want to change. What do you really want to change? So take the sparse this time to do some inspections, to think about what is what I really want to change and be a little bit specific, a little bit specific with yourself. Not just I want to feel better. I want to remove more money. I want to be Richard. Now, consider where do you want to change? What do you really want to change? This is a personal thing. This is your unique thing. These is your vision. So keep it unique. And please again, don't lead Instagram or Facebook. Decide what you want, your friends, your family, or the society disease to you. This is personal, this is yourself. So advise number for Dawn of a staff, your vision board with goals. I'd say the limit is ten to 20 images or 0 to five quotes but not more. You say, I've seen a lot of vision boards that are for that. So overstaffed and you cannot take a visualization is just garbage, is just full of images and you don't understand a thing. Keep it personal, but keep it simple. Or I'd done or a complicated don't over thing it don't put too many images. Just where you want to go. Clear image, bam, like this. It's a quick, easy. If it feels difficult to see and watch your brain Guan be there. So help yourself to materialize in the future. Keep it simple. And number five, make your visions emotional and disease the biggest one for me, this is the more important one. So take your time. As I said, take your time. Take the boss. Use personal symbolism. Buying emotions to the goals you want, and using personal to you use personal emotions you want to feel in life within one to a TIF Mani, success with one to achieve their emotions that are, that are binded to it. So feel free to add emotional tools, to add emotional resources. Take your pictures of what is meaningful to you, and ask yourself every time, why do I want it? Why do you want it? Why do you want to active it? Why do I want it? Is because I want to achieve a status or is just because they want to feel a certain way, make it emotional. So every time you sweet, every day, every minute you said you feel their motions we want to achieve. So you are high rewiring your brain to go to that direction, to feel that emotion because you are already living it. You're rehearsing dad in your rain. So that's it. That's my aliased tip. And now we're going to grade it with gamma. I know. Just stick to it. It's going to be real, real quick. So let's get it. 5. Creating Your Digital Vision Board With Canva: Guys, so here we are ready to create our own vision board. Here's where you can create your own pigeon. So now that you know how to create a vision board that works and why we should do it. Let's get to it. I created this document that you can find on the resources of this video. Here you have three template ready to use on camber. Camber is a free, quick and easy API you can use to edit anything. So in this case, we're creating a vision board, but my advice is to use your own design. So create your own vision board to keep it unique to you because my design is not the best you can find. So for those who don't know what is camber or haven't registered yet. I will show you. You go like this and to this link. And it will ask you if you want to do this design. And then you register with Facebook, with Google, I don't know, with your mail and I think you get the trail, so okay, I will go with my account and I will use this design. Click. Alright, so now this is camber. And here we have an important step. So go to File, Make a copy. Okay, File, Make a copy. File on the bottom, i on the top, and make a copy. So here we have this, your own vision board. So this is my beach apart. All right, so here's my vision board. So here y is, as you see, this is the designer created for you. As most lifestyle coaches recommend, you have to focus on eight areas of life or ten areas of life. Their career, money, finances, Romans love how them fineness, family and friends. Personal growth is spirituality contribution giving back there. My recommendation is to equilibriate where around it. So focus on all areas of life and don't forget the important ones, right? Maybe you want to focus on just one, but my advice is to use all areas of life and keep it well rounded. So enough talk. I will show you how to create a vision board. Pretty quick and easy income or you go to photos, right? And you can drag and drop anything they have here on stock. You have, you can search for millions of photos. Us here says, alright, so imagine that I'm a 35-year-old woman. So I will drop here, family and friends. Alright, so maybe this woman wants to become begun. Alright, so how the fitness dropping? Alright, it's Peter Greg uneasy. I think you get the drill you can use and my bias is for you to use the most personal photos. You have, pictures with your friends, with your family, pictures that mean something to you. So you can upload things, you can load images. You can upload media here. So you can go from your device, from Facebook, from Google Drive, from Instagram. I mean, you can drop anything, right? And last but not least, you can search it up on Google. Remember, this is not for sound purposes, so you can use copyrighted images. So you go, maybe this lady, this woman once or beliefs that Mani means Tesla. Alright, so Tesla, or she wants to have a Tesla way, NADH, it's a pretty cool winger. So let's go. Just go here. Copy. Alright, so you go to the beach in Word. What you see, there you go. And you go to the vision board and just drag and drop here and there you have it. And finally, to add some symbolism, you have some words and elements, alright, you can add text or elements. My advice to you is to add some words that are meaningful to you, that has, that have some meaning. Any words, I mean, maybe inspiring words like love, faith, right? So the words that mean something to you, in this case, you can drop here a quote, quote from n stain. Quote that Be the change you want to see in the world, something like it, something that is really meaningful and inspiring to you. So you have here in this template you have some words and you can add some symbolism. Some icons are shapes that are meaningful to you. Remember, keep it unique to you. Maybe these macaque here is just yeah, could working mechanic. And when you see it, you remember some emotions you had in the jungle. I don't know. So the more emotion you have creating these, the more time you take to create it, the more personal and unique you make it to you, the more successful it will be. Alright? So this is my advice. And now if you want, you can create your own digital camera. So once you're done, you're created European board. You are like, I don't know these here, or you are a Christian and you, you search for Christ, right? Stake in awhile. Alright, so you add Christ here, or Christianity or anything, or Buddhism or anything. It's good for you. Anything, you cannot anything feel free to change it up. Do what you want. If you want this image to be this big, you can create it and graded they speak. Now, once you're done, what should we do? You should go to download, use PNG. Pay if you have some premium in images, my bias is to use your own images. They are free. There is no charge for it and download. So maybe this is the biggest one, is you can go here and go download, alright, so you download Alibaba, Perfect. All right, and then you can set it as desktop background for your computer. And now I will show you my personal camber vision board. This might vision board. Alright, this is my desktop. So when I wake up and use this computer, I see it every day. So let me explain this symbolism for me. I know you can see pretty damn faces. But this som thing personal to me. I'm I don't mind sharing it to you. I believe you have to be open. You have to open and be proud of who you are. Don't be ashamed, don't be afraid of sharing who you are yourself. So I'm exposing me a little bit here. And you have a mountain that has some symbolism for me. I want to climb this, these Bruce Lee, the pinnacle of fineness does me with my girlfriend, my friends, I know anything here has some symbolism for me. And every time I watch this, I get fire up emotionally. It's quick and easy, like this. I know it's really amazing, right? So you get fire up. This is the this is the goal to get fire up emotionally, to know where you go. Every time I see this, I know exactly where I'm going to be. What I want. Well, I really born when I feel sad, when I feel like I'm not achieving high words this, alright, so watch it every day, one minute or two or more. Alright? So that's it. That's the power of visualization. And now, once you're done, you can share it as I did with you. Your personal vision board. So share it with me, share it as a project and explain what does the symbolism mean for you? What the wide that words are, it's so meaningful to you. Share your vision. Don't be afraid of sharing your vision. Don't be afraid of sharing your vision. You are unique, you are special. I believe in you, I believe in your vision. Just share it and sharing is caring. So thank you for enrolling in this course. 6. Bonus Visualitzation Technique!: All right guys. So thank you to calming these fires to the scores. For those of you who have sick til the end, I have a bonus gear for you. So now I'm going to explain how and why it is important to create that phone desktop, mini vision board. So today, on average, we use our phones three hours per day, three hours every day. So imagine the power of visualization you can have, or the power you can have your own programming your subconscious mind by just using a phone desktop. Alright, so now we're going to check the vision board template source. Go here. And on-camera again, we can create our personnel are personal vision board on mobile phone, so we use it and we see it every day. Remember, you can use some elements like this or you can use some pictures. This is a quick one. You can go like this, right? And split it up and get creative with the design. But remember, this is a quick tip, a quick technique. You can use it everyday. You see your mobile phone three hours per day. So your subconscious mind will be reprogrammed and pride and will know what is important to you. So maybe, let's go again with a Tesla maybe, or your family, your family, it's important, right? You can go like this and like this. Just switch. It's that easy to create. These more iPhone trick. So that's it guys. Thank you for becoming this far. I hope you enjoyed it.