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Create Your Calculator: Learn C Programming Fast

Eric M. H. Goh, BSc, GDip, MTech, EMBA

Create Your Calculator: Learn C Programming Fast

Eric M. H. Goh, BSc, GDip, MTech, EMBA

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About This Class

This is the bite size course to learn C Programming. You will learn C Programming very fast and You will create your own calculator very soon after learning the course.


  1. Getting Started

  2. Hello World Software

  3. Variables and Data Types

  4. Arithmetic Operators

  5. Rational Operators

  6. Logical Operators

  7. Special Oerators

  8. Array

  9. Array 2

  10. String

  11. Decision Making (IF statements)

  12. Decision Making 2 (Switch Statements)

  13. Loop (while loop, for loop, do while)

  14. Loop 2 (while loop, for loop, do while)

  15. Function

  16. Create Your own Calculator

  17. Create Your own Calculator 2

  18. Create Your own Calculator 3

Meet Your Teacher

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Eric M. H. Goh

BSc, GDip, MTech, EMBA


Eric Goh is a data scientist, software engineer, adjunct faculty and entrepreneur with years of experiences in multiple industries. His varied career includes data science, data and text mining, natural language processing, machine learning, intelligent system development, and engineering product design. He founded SVBook and extended it with DSTK.Tech and EMHAcademy. DSTK.Tech is where Eric develops his own DSTK data science softwares. Eric also published "Learn R for Applied Statistics" at Apress, and published 5 books at LeanPub and SVBook. He teaches the content at Udemy and EMHAcademy. During his free time, Eric is also an adjunct faculty at University and Institutions.

Eric Goh has been leading his teams for various industrial projects, including the advanced... See full profile

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1. 1: Hey, today we are going to learn about C programming, So c programming. I will say said Julia. One of the more, Uh, I would say basic programming language to learn now. And we want toe lump programming. So C programming, actually, a has a lot of all those Cindy as our similarities between, ah, programming language job, RC shop. Ah, bike. And, uh so in C programming very robust. They in job. I see. Shall we also have the the robbers soc program, ese? Why not? The more B C programming language to all of them. So before we can Ah, lunch people. Women are programmer C programming course we don't need toe dollar The, uh, no peppers process. All those are no pacto. Right? The C programming coop, rekindle oda integrated development environment toe. All right. A steeple women call so far myself. I recommend using these. They've see pass Plaza I d. So we can ah such google for they see press press Then I can follow these. Ah, they see past. Plus I d uh, from sauce. Fash creating are low. I keep the fine and I read about a Arlotto complete okay. After downloading the Fikri on. Ah, yes. See far. And I start. Ah, Dave. See, past bras are Heidi. I agree. Okay, I agree. I saw Claritin in a green ace and and I install. Okay, then I will. Randy's Dave. See? Process. Process. I d. - Okay . I will. Saleh English. Okay, leave it. Toe default. And I creo que Okay, So this is Dave. See? Past. Plus I d I will say is that integrator development environment for the see people with me so I can create a new That's his salts value. And I can write some code here. I can also do it might 18 Some such some views, Some project, some execute I can run our compound A call here. I can't lose on the options here is starving those and help here. 2. 2: Okay. Ah, in these Ah caution are we are going to create a hollow application so I dont come here Toe creep, far new sauce far Then I write in Ah, as a has our in crude Ah STD I old are hit Okay in Tunisia main then rocket And then inside he I will write up pre na Hello? Okay, I, uh come here and that creates a que onda I create a compliant run. Okay, I really saved my Ah see programming pa. Okay, so you have These are hollow. We're here and this is how Ah, application. You mean ah dot es e. Okay, So ah, what do you use called mean? Used? Uh, these Anissa has in cry. Hey, Dhofar. So this one is Ah the obvious need to include these lines. This is Ah, head off all the socar para occasional eyebrow raising the adult programming language. Then we have the Inti gym in punch. And these are main function Is the conscience in these, I hope programming on the C programming coast. These men pension is the function. That program orders salt burial first. I'll run so anything. I was in 80 inside these mean pension will be Rumple Alavi. The first corner First night running He Oh, I see. Poor grandma see application. 3. 3: okay in Ah si programming. We have these as a ah Koy The robust so very buses something Ah, storage or continue to start the values finding. Ah there, Abuza. We can stall, etc. Values all this er throw type or the Abbottabad in teacher type. So, uh indeed your type of you called Easy is Ah, Start typing the see program. Me. So does that say Ah toe create available toe stop in T j The type we can do something like this. Integra equal one. Let's say if I want toe creo they Roberto star from the top from ah s a be equal Uh, one poi to I was okay. Ah nobody daba si se lump boy seven. Okay. Ah, I can print the values in Giza. Very robust ABC printout that used Do something that we never Ah as a a He's ah okay for anti Gia apu are percentage d I put a I can't do bring ah the ease Fall through and double either user percentage. Ah, the the supreme have see ease Dozen dish f the apple. Ah, see? Okay, that Ah Randy's cool. Compile and run. Okay, I have s a a swan A These 1.2 sees 1.7. I want toe make a nice saying the ah, these despair area So I can do something like this. I pull slash a slash So he's a new lie Well, slashing and is slashing. I create a secure comm Paul and run again. So now he despair more nicely here. Okay, so I will say in C programming when we talk about these slashing ah slash and visa new lie They're slashed, he's slash t and they're in Ah slash key. I can kill compliant Run Now you see, that is ah time here, So I can also Ah in lessee. Ah, the more common one will be Quotations slash quotation than ah slash condition Keano's way in ah slash condition ah, slash Quotation and then ah slash quotation here slash quotation. Okay, so I can ah secure Randy's a cool okay. And I have ah quotation here. So in C programming, let's see, I want toe this prayer pre na quotation I have to use our slash quotation He let's say I want to create ah new lie used slashing. I want o crea te my use slash t Ah, let's see. Ah, bodies. Ah, Inti, Gia gaba. He said Charlie, I will say is the type. So in TJ a day that'll be usually use it to star say values about the models. Are that Siemer? Then you say you want to start value. See that? See Mommy, use broke If you want toast our values are we Ah bah Bigger number then we use number. So these are the tree more commonly used. Get our table in the C programming So indeed. Ah, a equal Wanna eso Ah, we actually I would say Ah great. Uh variable a ah and then Ah, fruit Be easy Crea there, Bobby Dabbagh cv crea barabasi Then a I would say he's off in t j did a type the from date ottoman and sees for that body. Then we have all these values here. Soto get our values. I just ah, put a and I don't get that Use Indies, Huh? I would say that bearable. Yeah, Okay. Uh, I didn't they that's all. Ah, these ah portion 4. 4: okay in Ah si programming we can Let's see. Ah, create some of the, uh I remain the operator so that see I have Alessio Inti Jerky Equal essay in to do a coup Ah one Then I have Ah let's see into ya The equal s a ah eight. Okay, I can do some Ah, every Mata operation I Rometty operator here so I can see into j are equal a bras be then I do. Ah, that's a prenup. Ah ah let's see, I believe Ah See into Asia I propose integrity. Okay Coma, huh? Okay Then I secure and ah compliant Runako So I have that same night here. Okay, I can Oh, so I see Ah, do some of the I will say at Ah operator, I say I can do Ah a minus Bi, I secure compliant run! So I have ah minus seven. So why minus que ese minus seven? Like after I do price minus thing. I can do that. Say, ah the viol times I can do Ah, the right here. Okay, So ah, led by the by B. So I secure and then compile Run! So I feel God's it all here. Ah, he sees a reason. Ah, this is wise. Because in t j A's all about that. See, in TJ Inti, Giambi's off into each of the attack. Indeed. Your eyes off into gia data type. So in T Judah when they start that Lucy that Seema So if I want to star values we decima I have to change these. Ah, they don't have to. Let's say Ah God, le Na'Abba I changed these toe gaba. Okay? I can ah s a try toe Randy Scope. I still got zero here. So something is too are on here. So I have to change these percentage d 2% share because, uh, for all double, we have to use ah percentage have toe ring, uh, values. So I ah, secure. Compile Rhonda Cool here. So and I had the values here. Okay, I can do. Ah, do some say, uh, I can do unless you are prosperous key. Let's see, Why is the result? You okay? We need to initialize our offers. So that's a double. I, uh zero. Ah see, I was a are prosperous. Ah, compliant run. So I have one. So you can see is the press process Increments s O r equals zero. Our prosperous means we increments are by one. So with that value is one here. So we can also do the ah ar minus minus. Let's see I go. Ah, uh, safe. I do. Ah ah! Minus minus. Now I agree. Ah, a secure, compliant run. So I have the value here is Ah fei So, uh, are equal toe Say so. Ar minus minus means I d criminal. I'm Heidi equipment. So I minus six from one, So ah are process process increments. Increments. Why? Ah, Dewey, Why do is ah ah ah one But you ar minus minus. He's dick women, So I ah subtitle minus a one Values from the are so I minus minus will be, uh, six ah, minus one e s a r plus. Plus it'll be Ah, six plus one is seven 5. 5: Okay. Ah, in c programming me at the, uh All the toys are Russian Operator. So that's see, I can ah double Ah daba a Oh, that will be equal one. Okay then I have Ah hah Bah the equal Say ah ni so I can have ah result. Robberies are equal. Be quick, Woody. Then a bring have Ah, as he result. I know. Ah percent Asia, then. Ah, Okay. I said kill! They're not compliant. Run! So I Gennero here. Ah, he's He's because I will say ah b e Quaker deed at Mesa it Yeah, yeah. Julia, there's a ah charade ob is ah that's a be equal toe. The so one ah equal tonight I will say their return. A result is force in Ah si program me. Ah to lessee. Uh star started style true are false value. We have to use our ruling. Okay, so bowling I will be quick. Woody green f I res Otto percentage Chef, I will say we have toe are ah bring a vfr percentage. The and I said Well, compile. Right. Okay, now I have two little So ah in C programming zero means are false ones. One means true. So let's see. I come here and I wanna be I say equal to die now I secure compiled Run as you'll get one. Okay, so one means are true. So ah b is ah Gatto di these equal to die. So ah, pulling our sequa be equal equity I will say our I mean, is it Ah ah value a cherry red eyes be equal toe the so ah for here B is nigh on these night so be easy equal to D So I will say the result will be a true So are these ah result True thes true values He's being starting. These are they are three of these boarding data, so I will see Ah, you know pre nup. Let's say one ones are in C programming means true So even say I changed Eased a lot it evil pre Nessie Uh, a little zero means are false, so I can have ah other rations Operator, I can't have that say Ah more than And I said good compliant Run So ease be more than the so is a modern lie. Ah, so is ah force is zero I can have Ah, the Mont and are equal to D I said kill compliant Run I have Ah, Israel zero So then I can have the other way less than and I said gill Kampala and run So I have true Ah, so I be last and the so is these true are false So be easy a these night So it is less than lie So it is true So we have one here in C programming. One means true that I can also have ah less than equal toe the as a cure compiled run and I also have one here, okay? 6. 6: okay. Ah, in C programming we had Ah, logical operators. So in logical operate, I will say Ah, he needs some in teacher are booty indeed your ECU one, uh into job be equal. Say zero bullying Ah, it will be less than or equal to d. So that's a I do something like Ah, a whole be okay then. Ah ah, a security compile Rhonda program That's what be wants on the Ukraine. These okay, that sent the area here So should be equal as a girl Comp I run Okay, I have Ah one. She's a true So, uh these are rubber slasher is actually ah o r is a operator. So in Oh, operator. So I ah a r b s one that you make it untrue U s ah, bull. And these are That's a one way also are right and true. Okay, so it s a r over them. Ah zero and evil return a force. So this is Thea Operator. So he returned. Not pause here either. Ah, a Arby's one year student. True. Okay, so we have trulia then you imagine these two ah is the role and this one this one I was doing a true here. Okay. Ah, for an operator. Ah e one Or these are values on zero. He will always give us Ah zero. You give us our boss. So they say I do are an operator. Please double hand. So Eve lessee. Ah, both eyes one you give me true. Okay, So he either one off them eased zero. It will give me Ah zeros. You give me out Force case There's 88 10 also gave me a false and then he broke off them at zero. He will also get me a false Okay, so Ah, in all operator, if Ida A or B this one Oh a Arby's as a Ronald. True then. Ah, the our resolve will be true in an operator. I ive either a or B visa Draw course Then the result of the force. So in an otherwise are in an operator and we must be I will say must be true. Then the result will be true in operator either a Are these true then? Ah, you give us the res IRS. True 7. 7: okay in C programming. We also have our bodies are I was a ah, more special operator. So let's see. I can never a bra sequel. Classic Willacy one. Okay, uh, Moody's I remove these, So I s a I may have era guayabera. Let's say Ah, indigent. A quad zero. Okay, so, uh, eight Brasi quote I say Ah, three NYPD unique composer. And as you have our tree so what? These Ah ah, this prosecutor means is that I see a ah bra sequel tree. How does Cesar a equal a brush, So Ah, a prosecutor trees. Actually, Kyra, I was ish Ah, shock out. Right, Tina? A equal a brass tree and I put ah, double slasher Abbas last year. Minsa, this is ah comment. So when I Randa co Ah, these comment No b s a, uh, comp are secured by the program so I can create as a guilt compliant run. I also get the same result case A process equal tree. So it will be a A equals a plus tree A that's a minus equal tree. It will give me ah say she'll be ah, minus tree my industry. Okay, a minus Equal trees are a equal. A ministry. So a equal zero ministry so minus tree. So Ah, a time sequel. She, I will say, issued the, uh, zero Zittel because our eight times ego trees a equals eight hands tree. So a C zero So a quads Roadhouse mysteries, actually, zero. And I have ah, division Dr Billy by Randy's quality some era key. So I have toe change These Ah, indigent toe s a dot ball That's a broke can change these tow rope. Okay. Ah, a d by the la equal toe tree pie zero I may still get era. I need to change the percentage day 2% they go Isaac in Kampala and run. Okay. I don't get xylitol, okay, Because our a equals roadie by the tree. So what if I land toe change these toe? See, uh, maybe seven. So I should get some decima two point tree tree tree Don't like you Means he's a divide of i o u Quote trip points, Louise. A equal 70 by the tree. She's ah, door point T j tree 8. 8: came steeple Grammy. We also have these are all right So I will say Ah in Vera Bobby Stalin Yeah, that's hey one Values in Arabia can star Few number the values So let's say Valle Anto, create salary I can't do something that daba Ah, a laissez acquiesce Ah, Now that a five I can especially by a ah aids it'll it grow one. Ah a one a goto a to ah equal tree A tree equals fall A fall equals five that I can print, I say Ah a zero Ah secure Rhonda cook So aids little I should have one a one other toe a 12 tree Atria for a fight. Okay. Ah, so daba a, uh, thigh. So are these by here Means there are inside. These are already I have five and use one values to values Tree venues fall values five values but to laissez ah toe get the values from disarray I will always have to start from zero Here is they are starting from one I have to start from zero here, so I have ah five values India's salary. So I have ah, I say a high value 012345 Ah! Every time I want O get these off. You treat this about you. I have to start from 001234 It's a lessee. I want toe. Ah, get the, uh, one to treat for our farm values. Here I can do something like a are square back a tree I think you'll compile Run! I shall get fall. 9. 9: Okay. Another way to write an array Eyes toe, right. Something I days Ah daba a square bracket equal s a Ah, you see, for all these ah case I will create a similarly so one toe tree for five. So all these I don't know me. Ah, I see a compiler run. Plus you can't. Ah, value for here. I can also Ah, see, uh, change the stool. Ah, that's a ah, a one E uh, Zittel? No. I said kill. Compliant Run like I don't value one here. 10. 10: okay in C programming we have Ah is available these strange day. That type So while available streamed it. I thought we used These are terrible to stall. That's a test Values Soto do days are toe Crais A string with rubber I can't do something Nineties Ah, Correcto less he hit equals Hello. Uh, like let's say print these string all these tests He was in prison air. Ah, that's a a pool re result Toe percentage s calma okay. And I secure compliant run. So I previous hollow Uh ah That's all string here I can also I you some of the sea program in fun Shinto Has he Getty Leno Visa Stream I can't do something Hess in crook String dog Hitch I can't do something into Asia. A equal SD aioli and hitch. Okay, that I can bring. These are here. I will see arrows will get some era because is that has you center this? Okay, so I have to changed days Talagi as your skill comp I run So I have 11 here, so ah want toe tree for 56789 10 11 I can also do some compare string Compare so come back the hell equals Hey! Hello! Okay, I can't go. Ah, spring Compare here. Que hitch! Ah, Haitian l Okay, so I has Gil comply. Run! So I have one, so I have one less. A, uh, fish is more than l for the ah s a land of the strain on tests. So e that see? Ah, the easiest are same A zit. Gil, Compile one and run. I know, guys, It'll he s a ah Bobo. These, uh straight not This is not See? Then what you guys say this one? It's more than Ah, Ali is more Janish. It's a gill compartment run I will get. And that is what? So this is Robert. Howie Ah do the strainer Creator straining these people women. And then how I use Ah, the SDR com pen str limb pension 11. 11: okay in C programming, we can also do some of the ah, I will say is the request that this is your making so we can do something like these. So I Let's see, I have Ah, Phil. Ah, from a equal s a ah 8.0. So I can do the system making by doing something that is E Ah a is more Day s a, uh uh six. Then I pre na bringing que e? Small gang six. Okay, then I can't do Osama as they killed. Combine radical like eighties more than six. Okay, let's see. Ah is less than six. I say I do. That's a I I pull one a secure, compliant run. I will get nothing here, so even I want o in some more. Ah, that's a some our decision. Makino, Some of these are evils. Our if statement can do something at least Els keep praying. Ah, a He's last thing six. So I can go out as a gill compile, Errol. So Nyah is less than six. Then I can also make this thesis from making are even more compressed. I can do something else. He ah a smarter six Ah, bring of is more than six else Eva A's less the haze uh, want an see more than tool? I never It is more than door. All else Ah is less than six. Ah a He's less then a secure compound and run. All I ever is Lesson six and is less than two because my I would say my age one. So let's say if I changed these toe let's say she a za good compliant run I should have ah is more than two. Well, I will see our is less than six. Okay, I can do something That is our is morning tool and is last 10 6 a single comp I right is modern. 20 is less than six. So if I changed these toe that's a six inch angel seven and at three are compiled. Run have our A's more than six, so I can't even make these are that's a more complex. So let's hail is more than six. I cannot in Ah, and an ah and ah a is last See Ah, I was a maybe a six time store Charles to so I can have something like these whenever it is more than six and a is last time. Chill. Yeah, Okay. As a girl, compile and run. So I always, uh, medias one here. He lets say I changed these toe s a sharper more than chop as a ah, the Sistine. I think I don't get some. Ah, I'll get him, Dianchi. Okay. Sama is more than two and a less than six. Okay, so this condition eyes, no matter here comes till here. So I, uh, see, I will remove This one is my don't six. And he's less than Charles, uh, as, uh, A's less than six and is more dad. Chill. A is less Seances are is more than okay, So I said, kill. Compile, Run. Okay, so I will come to these are stem in here. So this is robbery. How we do other. This is you're making all the it else. Damon in the ah, simple Grammy 12. 12: okay in C programming. Other than using the evil Stillman, you can also use the system in tow. Do the ah, I will say what it quite like. This is from Mickey. So let's see. I have Ah, corrector. That's a great equal. Ah, a And I can't do something else. Great. Okay. I don't a lot. That's a I was a Ah, this one, please. Us A case. Let's see. Uh a to you, then. Ah, that's a case. Ah, between Ah, see, that's he, uh cool. Yeah, that's a case. Ah, be. I say, uh, okay. And I have ah case on its A c See, uh, clean air, uh, as a bringing of Ah, try, uh, as a try. Hard, huh? Ah, for that, the brakes key. Let's see, I run this program. I will see equal law right here. Okay, So I have ah, go. OK, try hard up all back a greggs. So I have toe, uh, stashing session and then ah, slashing. Yeah, I said gill comply. Run. Okay, now I, uh, bringing everything. So I put in. That's a DC's lying bought Kiva. Ah, break break. Oh, and then brick compliant Run. Okay, So now you shows on the group. So e v not poor Brit here in a gestural Ah Audis Are all these debts our message? So what? This Ah Sistema meanest are six great! So far I saw Great! He's a so e Ah, a great He's a then praying Good. It Grady's be the MPRI now. Okay, it greatest seed and print Try hard up for bad degrees then he d Nope. Without bricks Him. Ah, Rick Iwas team in here. It was just our print Everything. So we must always are poor Braced him in here. Okay, so if I want to write these else demon, I can do something like these I e great quick. Oh ah a that green Bring a cool. Okay. Ah e great equal equal. Ah s a b I will say Ok, maybe I pretty enough. Ah there. Okay, I changed me. Ive ah great equals equals s a c Ah, bring a try Harder. I can create a zit gilt Com Peyron, you're still show. Go here. If I changed with s a c combine run. He was a try Harder. I came was a poor Elsa and then I Alysia issue also gave me the same result. Try harder. So what is me is there are a great is You go to a then pretty good If that's ah great is Ah ok. Hey of the l c. You know, Come through here. Charity is great equal. Toby it go Easy Go Toby. Now you will be fact even Great is no b And then I will say a great is not okay also. Okay, It s a it great is not a and ah great is not be evil comes here it greatly see and try harder. 13. 13: okay. In C programming we have Ah, something like loops. So if I say we want toe praying Ah, bring something that he's praying green there. Ah, s a the number and ah percent dish D ah, lose something like I seeing Oliver a little, but I say number one and I went toe bring Ah a few times is or if I want toe bring something like these that say, Do you, uh, one cows on our line, Andrea And you will be eyes all Steve Bell, right? Other prince team opera Never all the way to 1000. So in the C programming, we can do the style. I say pre $91,000. You can use the loop statement toe do that. So, in C programming, we have the, uh, to all the malls are popular. Lannister, follow and, uh, follow. No, I can't do something like this. I, as usual, is in danger. I equals zero. So Wow, I see I last in. Ah, I say I'm praying 100 that I bring there. Nevertheless, he number, But Santa de okay, then high. So let's hear. Randy is called shoe. Have era in Connecticut. So I have to cross this program. Ah, Why? The Luby's are important. Lube and tune nonstop is because ah, that's a in danger. I equals zero then. Ah, walk I less than 100. That means I will say that this condition is that if I eat more than 100 then Ah, this Luminal, the, uh will be break up. Oh, cool. I'll be izettle from these. Look now let me Ah, that's here integer I equals zero. I just don't wanna room Ah, when the iea's ah always Israel that you are always ah less than 100 then you always are. You will keep on ah printing. These are statement here. Bring nonstop. So we usually Korea International Soto this State Minister I press press So every time Ah a pre na bring these ah statement here one time Ah, in cream in that I buy one. So that's the ah stop from I equals zero. So after ah, between one time increment I by one So I will become one the as long as ah eyes uh per se less Stand 100. You will keep on printing. It also, uh que on implementing a clip on printing and printing and printing until eyes more than 100. Any will ah usually sees break out from this. Look who we cannot say. Randy's co CEO. Okay, Pretend you're number 99. I will say it's because we start from zero. I want Tito pre na in Mashona. Nice obey like were slash Insulin I have Are these are on these stemming from number zero toe number 99. So they say is the swallow. So another look will be followed like a change The swallowing to follow so far into Asia I equals zero. I left them 100. I prosper us, I can do something in there slash and number percent s D coma. I okay? Ah, this following do the same thing as the wall. I will usually for myself. I usually I prefer follow because every deny stick row here So I will know miss a in 18. And unless Hague gain toe in Fernando. Okay. So far So I is a rather Sema swallow, So ah, wallaby integer I equals zero. Well, that will be put in danger. I equals zero here. Ah Waldo. I rest in one and write them for I less than one raise here. Then I swallow I prosper us Then you follow I Prospero's is here, so follow Everything is actually I will say decry here, So ah, really have you know, uh, have higher chance off getting toe the in financial? Unless the idea it is and I ran a cool, but I still get the ah Getty printing all these numbers. Roto number 19. Okay, so we have, ah, go through the lago and follow. 14. 14: Okay. Besides ah, follow and follow. He also had the doo wop So the water will be something like this dough. Okay, I see in teacher I quiz room. And does that say, Ah, praying. Ah, that's the number plus an Tish d. Then I pull slashing. Yeah. Why? Ah, I last in 100 now I know I said good. And Rhonda Cool. Okay, say especially semi colon here. So I pull a semi colon here as they kill. Come Byron. So, uh, okay. Still in canal? Because I did not in the ah, I prosper us. It s a Q comp I run. So now I have the ah, the resolve as a printing on numbers Roto number 99. So this is the way all doing the Ah, look. So we have Ah, follow then we have a dual follow. 15. 15: in C programming, we can create our own A function so function we usually have some are some our some of our course. So in function Ah, we can actually ah use dysfunction in Ah ah ah ah! That's a big assault school ball. Ah, saw school. You can reuse thesis pension in ah course. So how do we do that? Soto create function. We need toe first we need are readyto deke rare the credit crunch in here, bro, I say I want to create a pension Minuteman and, uh, first number, then throw. Ah, second number. Okay, so I d crane my cool here. Okay, now I create my function here. So fraught. I mean a month girl. First number girl. So good number. I know something is i e first number. He's less than a That says again. Number. Okay, let's say I, uh, somethingto contain these Reza So, uh oh, uh Reza he was Number is last and second number. So I raise up. He's our first number. He ah, first number is greater than second number Seles Els No result. She'll be ah, second number, Then I returned results. So how do I use thes tension in my in my salt school so I can do something like these. Uh, broke. Ah, First number, maybe Apple on number. I say I sequel toe, uh, five points. Ill throw number toe. Say quarto. Ah, 8.0. So me niman should be minimal. Number number two. So I have to start these results. So for ah ah, aqua Meaning one. And I bring a, uh, as a please up percent this year, then Oh, okay, then I s a cube. Compile. Run. So I d o fi, Why is the minimum between gays to value Okay, so ah, function in function. We can actually we used this. Ah, go here in our ah, in our whole Osasco. It's like unless you have Ah, as they used These are minimum pension a few times so I can do something that ah say I can go some tail. Afro Arto equal many months. This time I pull in the values less A I pull 5.0. Yeah, uh, as a, uh, three points a little. Now I can bring a game. Breanna. These are person dish there. And Otto like as a kill. Compile it. Run So Rezaian's Spy resources tree. I make the, uh, looking nicer. That's a girl. Compile. Run gave buying tree so you can see Ah in these are function You can actually use thes minimum pension a few times in our saw school. So we called the years. Are you Julia? Reuse off the causing the programming then Ah, function can also I will usually like to say a function can also have us toe organized case Ah, for function He sees the rope. Ah did that out here. What? A music star! When I want to return something, it will be our fruit data type So I return the result The result These are from the top So the function here also have to be Ah from the talk Then they say something you usually call you perimeters are some coy arguments. Okay, in these ah para meters here we have two variables So these two variables are becae I see putting ah put in some values here passing some very ambrosia Let me oneto less here will be using these are reusing these minimum pension Okay then you thes values these values and then ah do Osama I was ah processing. Ah, using Audi's cohere and then return, it frees up in C programming. The function I was a do no need toe written result. That means ah, you can create function that ah do no return Any result. And we can also great mentioned I did not have any perimeters so I can create Ah yes. Here they're releasing perfection. Why? What means That I do know one toe return Any result you boy. Ah, let's see. I put in a functioning as a uh creating Uh ha Lol I don't know. Ah Point Any para meters. Okay, Writer French in function here. Please be white. Ah, brain. Hello. Hey, that I print there. Hello. And then I can reuse these function somewhere here. Uh huh. You say Spring hollow I can put in here praying Hello. That can also bring a few times to So I a secure and compliant run the program. Okay, so I have to hollow were here, So I made ah ah make a Are the spray up Bring more nicely s key a Zerg guild compile Run like I'm pretty hollow uh, by using the dysfunction here, so ah, function in C programming does not need toe Have ah eyes No, uh, compulsory that we need to return. Any of the results are we need tohave perimeters. You can have ah no result. And we can have no Param Param, It doesn't. We create our own function. 16. 16: Okay, We have been Ah, see, programming. So now we came to Ah, over here in the C programming. Put them all together and ah, I say create our calculator. So how do we do that? Ah, we can do something like this. So pretty. Never addition. Subjection and ah bring there Division and green there. Uh, multi predication que le Bring a in court on that I will run the Quincy Welcome pyre on. OK, put everything together here, so I don't does something like slashing slasher, slasher and slasher and slash right? As a girl combined. Run! Okay, one toe. Pull on. Say one. The war free for they're imply may want to put something Ideas Ah slash Yeah. Compiled. Run by a nice, uh, nice Ah, uh, this year. Okay, then I want to retain I say, uh ah user in poor or something. I can do something like this in teacher as a, uh indeed. Ah, import And I will pull something skin after percentage D then input any compile. Run. Get one. Okay. 19 is that year. So I green Ah ah percentage d and their ankle. Okay, I pull. While gays or not, he's here 17. 17: Okay, I will. Poor And here. Okay. Ah, another bar. See? Parliamentary save using pool. We have the poor in here. Okay? Yeah, I said gill, compile. Run! And I know one. We bring the line here. Okay, so this is using simple. So let's say I want toe great addition and subtraction. Uh, the vision I do something nineties. Ah, it was a broker. Ah, Edition. Uh oh. Bus number girl. Second number. Okay, I was a pro. Result. A bus number. Bras. Ah, second number. Okay, I I return Reza Cool and I have some Trecia multiplication division. Yeah, bro. Substructure my multiplication on division. Okay. Indigent in both skin A Ah, any input? Soy e. I was a our user. So let import equivocal one, do you? Ah l z in both a quick will toe and Chelsea in Port Pickwick. Wood tree then l c in court. Equivocal floor. Okay, so a input equal equal one. In addition, ive in pretty quick watch. So I go in suppression. Hey, have been pretty quick. Well, tree, I will put any multiplication it simply qua toe for our reporter in division. Okay, so Eve user salary I as a Ah, the one species edition and I asked Ah, use off First number land a second number. So does something like this a z usually have toe. Bring it. Ah, please. In poor are that's a first number. Okay, then. Ah, Skinner. Ah, percentage d. Okay. Uh, see ah into Asia bus number. Oh, that's a Here he is. Ah, fuzz number. Yeah. So we need to go ahead and sign here. Okay. I copy. And at peace here. Plus number then. Ah, second number. Julia should be second number. Okay, Ross Number and said care number. I want to ah, return a result. So should be praying there as a result. Eyes person. Tisch de, I need to give something. You black and blue. Ah, that's a broke result. Equal. Like wow Reza. So the first number is broke. Second number exported, so I tr changes to throw and these toe flow. Okay, this one should be percentage D for printing in teacher percentage airport when dina fraud dot So when I take the, uh, pro value, I issue a change in tow percentage there. So it is quite logica Good. And flurries are here. You are percentage share okay? And I do the same. Paul Audie on the fractions. Parolees are equal. And then, uh, safe in there, Teoh. Okay, you should be the same. So here, removed from bring Ah Hey, bro. These are equal. It should be the scene. Remove this one. He so here should be also that scene. Okay, throw These are equal. She'll be the same. Okay, I will ask you kill compile to have era allegations of treasure multiplication division. No decrypt. So we need to decry God function here. Okay, so I put 17 nineties. In addition, I sure Andy Kratie Okay for fraud Edition the from substructure, multiplication and division, then division. Okay, I kill Kampala and run. Okay, I sell. Uh, edition was number is once again under a store for his eyes Tree? Yes, I secure compound gain these time. I Salau suppression. It was nobody's one second number is two minus one day is correct. I think you're compile. Run again. Okay. I saw that division was number one. Second number is two. Okay, some days No. Right here on then. I say kill compliant. Run, Liesel! A multiplication one and two. Okay. The multiplication and division is like We are busy. Okay, Many mom Multiplication division is divide. Fortification is time. Yeah, So tree for So trees division. Hey, so at no modifications, all should be division four years. A multiplication. Okay. So I can run a corgi. Okay. Division tree, one toe, zero point by Okay. Yeah. I secure comm Piranha G multiplication fall one toe to be to okay. 18. 18: Okay, we have create 30 calculator using C programming. So now I want to Ah essay improve on this calculator. So Ah, I say one improvement I want is that I say I compile Run! Okay, I kills one was number wise. I can Oberto No, I want O s. Ah, so use Ah Haggerty Oneto Cities calculator If they say no, I will continue toe Ah, pre Nagisa prin ideas Cool year Ah Continue Ardis Korea And do the user say they want toe from these calculator? So how can I do that? I am less a ah while yeah is a swallow. Then I going toe That's a crazy But I will say small string. Hey, uh, by something like this and then Ah Temer Bois str compare 10 Ah, that's a n Okay. Ah, if full screen ah equally will be zero just now you know, our previous Kobe have doing today and I going toe Uh that's a after the operation here Breanna. Ah, something. Hear something like this Gray Never. Okay. Uh oh! Do you want to continue? Do you want a toe? Continue. Ah Skinner's should be Yes. Then here's you'll be Ah 10 I will say we do know Need toe in a inside here. This is far stream. Okay, so, uh, initially I will see. Ah, Do you miss here? I bought a semi colon here. Yeah, I tried toe compile! Run! Hey, ask me toe Pull some story size So I pulled I say by compliant run. Okay, I have not India. Ah, this is because let's say, uh character temp I So let's say this is a stream. So Waas stream knees Ah equal to end that either. Ah, nobody is Korir If string is not equal toe end then ah even know Uh no, nobody is cool So you give us are empty, so I will have to laissez changes. So that's a ah goto end. Okay, so, uh, you're less a Tammy's quota And now Waas string compared him to this end. Quick, quick, quick Will do. Zero means that I want TEM Easa and And we ah, look throughout the school. Okay, so I ask Compile! Run! Okay, I one was number one second number two. I got a tree. Do you want to continue? I say, uh, yes, and as a from the program, So I will say. Do you want to continue? I will changes toe do you want Oh, uh, continue also. Okay, I If I want to continue, they look so I have toe change here from entering. Why bicycle and compile Run the program like, uh Why was not know Line second number two. Do you want to continue? I say yes and I don't continue. Ah, This time I choose less. A division was number one second number two. Do you want to continue? I say no. Okay, I see from the program. I also I improve on these call here. So I have a law. I say law. Ah, reputation here. Proof was not Merkel second on bird and for Reza Equities. So I keep on repeat bodies are Roper's number for a second year Odyssey. I would say all these cool here, So I went toe, uh, change. They can do with something like this. Okay, I do something like these. First number Teoh, Second number. Okay. A import a quick little while. The progres Ari Quarto edition and healthy bodies. I can't really. All of these I can also daily all days I can also daily. Okay, then I secure Rhonda Cook. The addition until I put one was number one second number. Okay, second number toe Ari's ice tree. Do you want? Oh, continue. So I had the same res up. Okay? No, I can't do improve on these court here. Ah, for a result, require addition. And for recycle subtraction I kept on repeating Are these so I can change she so I can't do something that, uh, wrote frees up. Okay, then Ah Reza equal. Okay, then praying our results given repeating. So I did use all Okay, Well, I can do something nineties. Okay, I tell reader printer eso I removed These are results and I do something that yes. Then finally Ah, go here I do a pretty there. Okay, so I say by a secure compile Randa. Cool. So I should get the same result. One was number one second number two and then Do you want to continue? Yes. Ah, tools multiplication Lying toe. You want to continue? No. President Kato continuing. Okay, so I have autumn ized the coke. I make it more Anita And then I also Ah, uh in Ah, simple little asa used. Do you want to continue, but it is while the Allah Ah, calculator. I m e d bag Allah. Ah, Okay. After the any other C programming. Ah, all those, Uh, do you realize these are These are terrible data types. Find shares. Why? Luke ive Alice demon. And then, uh, Greene esque and ah, find shows. So this is how we used these c program Meena theory to create our own program our own Pojar on subway. So I mean, yeah, we create on Ah, calculator. Ah, I didn't. We come to the end of this cost.