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Create WordPress website from scratch and design your Logo for Free in less than 20 minutes.

teacher avatar Vasko Ristov, Let My Knowledge Become Your Success Storry

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Selecting the Perfect Domain and Hosting for Later SEO

    • 3. WP Installation

    • 4. Theme and Plugins Installation

    • 5. Bonus

    • 6. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

About this class

    Don't have a website and you want to create a new one?


  1. I will show you how to choose a PERFECT keyword for your domain for later SEO 
  2. Show you how to purchase Cheap Domain name and Web Hosting Service 
  3. How to install and Design your first Website using WordPress.
  4. The best Themes and Plugins you can use to get your site even look and feel better to increase online presence.
  5. Design your Logo for FREE
  6. How to manage your WordPress platform once you are insight your dashboard.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Vasko Ristov

Let My Knowledge Become Your Success Storry


Hello and thanks for checking out my profile.

My name is Vasko Ristov, and I am full-time Internet Marketer, Web Developer, and SEO expert.

Other than that I am Musician, Composer, Vocal/Keyboards Performer and Audio Engineer (I own a Recording Studio). Now it's the time to give it all and make it your success story. With the courses I will provide here you will be able to build successful SEO optimized beautiful looking websites filled with confidence and precision, helping you to transform your life and becoming a successful entrepreneur and marketer.

You will be starting your online business in a matter of minutes. Not hours.

I sincerely hope we will get to know each other and get your career to the next level.

Thanks again


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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome. My name is Vasco. And in this tutorial, I'm gonna show you how to install the Wordpress website from scratch. Design your local for free and make your website life. In less than 20 minutes, we will install beautiful looking, truly functional WordPress website and guys, this is gonna be a journey that you wish you would have done it like 10 years ago. I'm a musician, composer, Web developer s your expert and I've been Internet marketer for the last nine years is I remember and I will show you the essential components you need to get from point of having nothing at all to having a full online presence in your new business of niche. We'll show you the examples of what I mean and why you need a wordpress website. Why do you need to do it today and not tomorrow? And I mean it like not even our after you complete this course. Well, let's talk about way work, Chris. The workers has been used by almost 20% off the entire Internet. The world's top business websites are using it. It's a free platform with one click where pressing style and easy to use no HTML editing, No FTP software required, no CSS coding. And the search engines love weapons sites, that's for sure. Use of the plug ins to extend functionality of your side for whatever you don't know, not sure how to do the coating and stuff like that. There is a plug in for it. So if you don't know how to install the contact form or whatever, you don't know how to optimize you post. There's a plugging for it. Don't worry. I will show you all the black jeans and you will see how easy's to use him. You will have, like total control of your WordPress website from any computer under role. You can install updates, plugging, steams or change the design completely. It's all up to you where you're going to use it for what you will learn from this course here, I'm gonna show you how to purchase a domain name and Web hosting service. We're gonna talk about Army style and design your first website using WordPress. I'll show you the best teams and plug ins you can use to get your website even look and feel better to increase online presence. Uh, all of these teams and plug is will be free. You can against search for them, but I'll show you a couple of them. We're gonna design your local for free. There's a websites that offered these ah services. You can download it and then upload it to your website. A real owes to show you how to manage your WordPress platform. Once your insight, your dashboard Well for the mindset, there is no mindset. It's all about taking action. It's what Steve Jobs says, connecting the dots. It's all about controlling your mind. Do it consistently Blunk and never give up. You can begin with knowing yourself first and care about other things later. With this tutorial, we're just scratching the surface guys. Human equatorial czar will cover how to optimize your website so you can get on top. Search engine results. How to connect social media. How to monetize You say there's endless opportunities and advantages of having a life functional website. You can make it on life story. You can promote affiliate offers. You can promote your business, your services, whatever you want to do. It's your website. And don't be afraid if you make a mistake mistakes are made to be fixed to finish this presentation. I'm going to encourage you to enroll in this course. And let's build the first website. I'll see you on the inside. Stay amazing and bye bye. 2. Selecting the Perfect Domain and Hosting for Later SEO : Hello. Welcome. And thank you for your rolling. In my course in this class, we're gonna talk about the web hosting services and choosing the right domain before you is telling your WordPress website. So choosing the right domain is a little bit difficult. I would suggest you choose your name dot com because from you name that come. You can do whatever you want. If you your name that come is not available, you can always do it. Your name that in four or your name dot or thes air. Top level domain extensions. You can still rank your website on first page of Google with no problems. There's not a lot off competition. Well, for your name dot com. And if you want to promote yourself as a business, then you're gonna need toe realize that you need to have those keywords into your domain name for whatever keywords you want to rank to Google, you will have to have them in your domain name. I will talk about this in my next tutorials. I'm gonna show you exactly how you beat the competition, how you get on the first page of Google. No problems. But for now, let me show you what I mean. This is Google Canada. And if we search for Toronto remodeling those two words which is hard to rink modeling. This is the website that I built and raped 23 morning person. So you see, we have Toronto remodeling in the title and we have to run to remodeling in the domain name . I don't have it in the description, but I will change that. And then I'm gonna beat this guy by whatever. So what? I'm gonna So what I'm saying here is whatever business you want to promote gotta have toe drill down the keywords you're gonna have toe pick the winning keywords, even if they're like long tail. I'm saying what three words dot com. Let's say, uh, Toronto remodeling prose that come. If a put pros into the description here, I'm gonna beat this guy for sure. So you want to think about how you can rank to the tops are changing results before purchasing the domain. If you want to take my advice and go for your name that come, there's not gonna be a problem because you're fighting just one person to person in the world so don't worry about it. Now we're gonna talk about the hosting companies I used to fill to hosting companies. One of them is Go, Daddy. The other one is named ship. Let's go to go dead, you know, should they claim that have one euro work hosting you can get this one. Okay, The host, you only one website and that that's a problem. The G like Well website? Yeah, one euro. No problem. But if we go to the United States, that's gonna be it's got a hosting here. Close to just gonna be, like 3 99 right? So what I'm talking about here? I'm with these guys. I have not deluxe package. Basically 3 99 If we're this the car. Look what happens 12 months. 65 90. And if we go to name Chip, I'm gonna use my affiliate link. If you want to use it, use it. If you don't just go, go it. No name ship, No problem. That's what's core east of dot com for was less name ship. They recipe if you go to Google, was gonna take you to this page enemies. So I'm gonna hold condition in new tub right here. Look at this. Costing her. It's 1988 a year. It's amazing. Then they can host up to three websites with these money again. Uh, go, Daddy 65 88 12 months. These guys are 10 bucks a year, 10 bucks a year And, uh, what they claim here that, uh what? And a chat with them? Like yesterday? You have 50 sub domains you can use 50 wordpress install is you can do with no problem at all. So I would go if I was going to start my business right now, I would go for this instead of going with Go, Daddy, the deluxe that I have. Shall we go with this? But anyways, you're trace your budget. Do whatever you want. Take your choose wisely. Let's say for the beginners I would take this. Assuming that you're gonna take this to I'm gonna add to cart. Look here. So I will want to purchase a new domain. As we said, you have insert your domain name here. I mean, your name actually like mine is Christa. Normally I want it. It's not gonna be available, but you put one. It should be available? Yep. For one year tonight, 10 69. So at domain to a car. Kill your $20.75. We got continue, and it's gonna take us toe confirming the page. I mean, the order for a motor. Then we have to create the account. You will create this account and continue. Then he's gonna take you to the payment page you're gonna pay. There, you're gonna receive an email with your newly purchased hosting the main name, and you see panel credentials. Logan informations. Please keep those looking informations private because you're gonna need them later. With these, I'm gonna finish this glass, and I'm going to see in the next one where we really want to start. The beautiful wordpress website J K. 3. WP Installation: Hey, guys, Welcome to the class number three as we purchased the domain and hosting not we're gonna sell the WordPress right away. So to do that, you're gonna when you log in to your C panel, it's gonna look like this. This is the C panel, whole bunch of, ah, things here. Like preferences were Web applications domains, but never mind. All we need to do now is goto Web applications Click on work breasts right here, and we're gonna lend a page like this. This is a go daddy. And, uh, maybe it's gonna look different in some other hosts. Basically, the things air the same. Now we're gonna go here and you stole these applications. Click on that, and then we're gonna choose our domain name. They were just purchased. Course I'm gonna I would choose a skill share at the one that I made a sub domain on. Then we're gonna click come these blocked ing. This is going to create a sub folder and ah, basically, no, we don't need that. I'm gonna delete that. I'm gonna show you later who I am deleting it. But, uh, we want to solve this into the Ruth folder. So that's why we're gonna Delia as we scroll down, uh, here is gonna ask us version of WordPress that's gonna be installed language. I'm gonna choose the English. You can choose whatever you want. This a lot of Ah, a lot of languages here. We're not gonna touch anything here. You gonna go down? You're gonna create your user name and password and our allergy to create your own. Because if you see these password here, it's a look at that. It's a kind of complicated. You have to save it later and later. Change it into the WordPress, but better create your own pressure user name and password. That's how we gonna look into where press Put your email here. The Gmail, yahoo, whatever you merely want you using the most. You put that that email here, then we're gonna have to give a title to these website. Make sure he's going to stand out from the crowd is gonna be unique. Think about this before you Publisher website. Maybe you want to do the block for renovations. Maybe you're gonna do a black for whatever you need. She's basically think of these as the title of your business and include things that you have in your domain name. If your domain name is your name dot Come then included here is gonna help you rank it better. And this is the description of the site again. You can change it later. Click install and that's it. 4. Theme and Plugins Installation: Hello, guys. Welcome to the class. Time before. I'm really excited. You got this far. So let's go. And Logan Tore Website sees we installed Aware Press. And the way we do that is we're gonna open up a new tab here. Then we're gonna put a domain name followed by forward slash just like this, and then we're gonna type WP dash admin. We're gonna heat enter, Then we Can he put our logging information? Okay, guess now before doing anything else here, first thing I want to do on a new WORDPRESS install is changing the Perma links. So food to do that, we're gonna go to settings Burma links and from plane. We're gonna change it to post name. This will change the structure on a URL link after the domain name right here. When we do the new post or page, it's gonna change the structure from a bunch of numbers and question marks. And things like this to the Post name were a post title, if you wish. So we have to do now is just save changes, and that's it. After these now we're gonna go to appearance themes and ah, you gonna install your new team to do that, we're gonna go toe ed new. You gotta pick a team that you like. Basically, the theme is the designer on your WordPress website. So if you go to a popular here, you're gonna see a whole bunch of teams here pick the one you like and simply just choosing still. And after the installation he's done, you can just Glicken activate, and that's that's it. If you go the themes here, it I just installed this team. If I want to activate it, you just click on, activate here and it's gonna become active. Otherwise, we're gonna go now to install some plug. It's now that we come to the plugging section. Let's talk about the plug. It's what are the plug is the blackens can help you improve the performance of your website . Maximize functionality. And if I help you, rank it better on the search engine results. I installed four of them here and ah, just for example, let's talk about these Akkus man. The first black it This is used to protect your block from the spam comments. Uh, basically is gonna create folder and all the spam comments is gonna put into that folder, and then you can easily delete it or approve it. Now, then, is contact form seven. This plug in will install a contact form on your contact US page, and it's gonna look like this so the people can contact your they're gonna put their name, email subject and their message than W three Total cash is cashing, plugging, which will boost the speed of your website. Please bear remained that before doing any changes here, read the documentation because there's so many options here. So basically, do your research first. Before doing the customization on these Blufgan, you need to configure it rate to get the maximum performance of it. Then it's a Yost a CEO. This is the plug in that will improve your rankings on the search engines by optimizing your posts, is going to show you exactly where you have mistakes and how to optimize your posts and pages so you won't have any problems or penalization from the search engines. And with these, I'm gonna finish these glass. Please stay tuned for the next one, which is a bonus section where I'm going to share some free resources for like keyword research, creating your logo for free websites to find free images which will help you jumpstart your blawg. Until then, daycare. And by and with these I'm gonna finish these glass. Please stay tuned for the next one, which is a bonus section where I will share some resource is for keyword research website links until Dane seeing the next one daycare. And by so see you in that excellent take care and bye bye. 5. Bonus: All right, guys, here in these bonus section, I want to show you a couple of tools and websites that can help you get even. Just get cute research and stuff, like, actually can get your blogged operate running and not spending any money for keyword research and images and, uh, putting the money for local designers stuff like that. So for the keyword research, we're gonna go toe, let's say we're gonna go to Google and just search for Google. Key word that is going to use to We're gonna click in the first This results. You hear Edwards dot google dot com Keyword planner. That's how they call it now. So when we go there soon as it opens up, as you can see here, search for new keywords using a prayer, our phrase, website or category, and we're gonna put key word here. I'm not gonna put weight loss because it's a huge marketplace for your shoe, Janish. Let's say put like home home renovations, we can put some filters if you want which key what, you don't want to show up. But for sake of this course now I'm gonna just go and click, get ideas here As soon as we do that, Google is gonna show us a lot of results here. Average monthly searches and a competition high, high, high, medium and then lo home improvement. They say it's slow, but I don't think it's long. Uh, basically, this is it was just that bid that Google suggests. But basically, you could see how many monthly searches, uh, for any given keyword here and won the competition here. And you can really find even cured ideas from this thing here. This will always be with you, and you can use it anytime you want. The next website is called logo Maker. We go there, there's a nice little video here that will show you how these website works. And I'm gonna get out of that video now for this tutorial. And here you can search the graphics. Let's say if we want to find some music, graphics is going to show us all these graphics here. You can see there's whole bunch of them. We're gonna just click on one drag to move. We want to add some text here. We're gonna do that. First of all, if we click away, we can move this otherwise double quick it and then click away Maki logo in the second. All you have to do it, then is just click and this save longer here button and you can save it just like that. No problem. No, they get asked for a premium membership, but we need a free one, Right? This is a website for love. Local creation. Then there is a website which will provide free images to use them in any way we want. That website is called Our Splash, as you can see here free, do whatever you want. High resolution for us. All these photos you can use for your block for you. Background for your posts. Pages. Do whatever you want with, um, nobody's going to say a word in the world. Click here, right click download. That's it after these uploaded to your website and use them as you want. And there's another Web Web site called Fiverr dot com, with two hours if you're unsecure, if you don't know how to write a blogger or you don't know how to create a logo, whatever you can just go to do this West Side and, uh, you can find almost any kind of service for five bucks. That's why this website is called fiber. That's about it. And, uh, again, I have one more website for all of you that know how to use photo shop. This website is D. C. Raised the come. This is a website that will provide you with free more cups templates. These guys have everything here Toe dollar for free. What we have to do is just downloaded Go to photo shop, change these text here and use it as eun. Ok, I hope you like this resource is so I'm gonna finish these class now, and, uh, I'm gonna see you in the last one. Take care and by my 6. Final Thoughts: Hey, guys, Welcome to the last class of discourse. First of all, I want to thank you for being with me since the beginning to the end. I know this is a very basic course, and this is for the beginners. I did it on purpose because I know that some of you has to start somewhere. So I hope I provided valuable information with this course. And in some of my next courses, I'm going to do more advanced techniques. We'll do some courses on affiliate marketing how to monetize your blogged. How to optimize your block for best search engine results how to promote other people's products. Where you gonna find these products? Where you gonna find the vendors and upcoming product launches and how to get approved? We're gonna talk about social media integration. I will provide a lot of useful courses so you can monetize your block, even make a living out of it. And with this, I'm gonna finish this course. Hope everybody's OK. Stay. Okay. Stay amazing. God bless you. And, uh, I'm going to see you guys in my next courses. And if you find, of course useful, please do leave a comment on the comment section below. Thank you and bye bye.