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Create Volcanos and Mountain Ranges in World Machine

teacher avatar Film VFX

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 1. Mountain Range

    • 3. 2. Add detail

    • 4. 3. Volcano and Erosion

    • 5. 4. See textured terrain

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About This Class

In this course you will learn:

- how to create mountain ranges the way you want, and not be limited to the random noise generated by default in World Machine

- How to do it efficiently and effectively and not be stuck in the layout view with drawing each shape and struggling with moving it and shaping it

- how to place your mountains where you want

- full control to change and move mountains around

- how to add detail for realism

- How to make a realistic volcano crater

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Film VFX


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1. Introduction: welcome in this course. I am excited to teach you how you can create a range of mountains on how to create volcanoes. Mountains with craters. This course focuses on the form. It gives you the skills to be able to create, manipulate, move mountains to create a shape that fits your artistic needs. The idea is to have enough techniques so that you are evil to craft, to design a range of mountains the way you need it, where you need it regardless of what defaults come with. World machine. When you work in world machine on you choose a certain noise. It dictates where the mountains are You on, Lee are limited to whatever is in there. So you can just pick an area. I don't want you to be limited. I need you to know what you can do to be able to move mountains and to decide which one becomes a volcano. You are able to have the terrain you have in mind. The terrain you want to design. You are in full control. Click the button, general. And I welcome you in this course. 2. 1. Mountain Range: Okay, we start in world Machine. We are going to remove these lovely TEM place that attempt to help us to get started. We don't need them now. All right, so what do we started? The purpose is to have a range off mountains, realistic range of mountains that we decide ourselves where to have each mountain and say, for example, that you want to have in the middle a volcano on. Do you want to have a little bit more detail on the ground around the mountain chain? Okay, let xgo that there are a few ways and then you think Yeah, word machines are There's a possibility to go to the layout. Um, let me see they out for you here in the layout of you. If you create a generator and then you go to they have to generate the room. Click on this. You are able to draw, right? Okay. And you can do circle on. That would be like a mountain and reshape it. Of course, using use break up on a few things. The think is yes, it is possible. Well, let me share is something that is that gives you more flexibility much easier. Onda, um it really works much better. It gives you more control. And let's say let's look, for example, at this, let me show you the disadvantages of using this way so that you can embrace easier the method I'm gonna give you. All right. So this is, for example, a certain scale. I have clicked three times. I have already filled 3/4 off the eight kilometer by kilometer. Right. This is a lot. This is a huge mountain. And then I think, Yes, you are able actually to Okay, I'm going to right click, and I'm going to try to select. Actually, it's although the top of the mountain is here because we've used the break up. This selector is here, and then you can reduce the size. It is. It's no, really. You don't have a lot of control over things. You have a lot of presets. You can change the break up. Let me take you straight to duck to the method, right, because this I really don't like this way of doing things. So let's go back. It's not gonna help you much. Let's remove this fellow. Let's go straight now to our method Okay. What is it? What is it? The idea is that we're going to put one mountain by my one month. This is like crafting. It's like you are. Um, you're designing your mountain chain. You may need to do that for film. You may need to do that for a specific purpose where a certain design is needed. I had to do that. We're going to open here view open additional window. If you have professional version, that should be there. If not, if you haven't just a free version, you can go back and forth between the three D view and the layouts with you. Sorry, the note. If you okay the Mexican, this one and then we're going to bring in What? A radial grant. Okay, well, we one of the ways off making mountains is radial crowd. We are going to use extensively this method, but then I'm doing it a little. Let's say differently. Okay, let's Let's let's look at our rectangle. This is eight kilometers, eight kilometers. This is not good enough. Let's say we're going to go with a bigger thing, right? A bigger terrain. This is gonna be like 20 by 20 She was 20 by 20 20 kilometers by 20 kilometers. All right, good. Immediately. We have something like this big, which makes it a little better to see our mountains. Okay. The mountain is somewhere because it is here. This is the center off the world. You wanted to something. You're gonna have to move it. This is one mountain. This is another mountain. This is another mountain. Another mountain, another. Let's go with something like seven mountains. Okay, we have seven mountains and to the a little bit organized. We are going to put the mountains where we want them to be. I mean, the nodes. Even. So, how about having mountain range That looks a little bit like this? Okay, Something that looks like this, which basically means this is in the right place. This has to move now. I know. I know. This is not a mountain. This is a shape that can become amount of later. But let's work on the structure off, like putting the blocks where they need to be. And then we're gonna get you some noise realistic mountains on. And I think let's go with this one being a volcano, the one in the middle, or we can Adam Volcano in a different place. But for now, let's get everything in the right place, and we're going to move these. Um I'm gonna create some space between the notes because we're gonna need more notes. Okay, but for now, let's move them a little bit about how do you do that and come here to the origin device Origin. I need to have to move this one here on top are Sorry. Just shall we should remove all of this stuff. I mean, just look, we could do it like this. Actually, we could do it. Not like this, but like this. Yeah, because we've got more space. Listen up. So I'm gonna move this one left, right? Okay. So I just have to do a device origin. You moved X and Y, and that's how you move your mountain. Let's move this one to the roids. Okay. Too close to each other. Roy, it's on. Then I'm gonna get this one a bit further, so yeah, under down on this is gonna be down further down. This is even further down. Right? This one here. Mandich needing it a bit more space. Right. Okay, let's have a look. I did not add this one. I can do that right now. I'll just put it somewhere different. Let's leave it there for now on. We're going to have a look at this. Let me combine these fellows just to be able to see what we're doing, right? Just to be able to see what we're doing and one okay. Now, when you are designing your month and range, you want tohave for control, which basically means you're gonna need to have to work on this manually. So there's a lot off work involved in this, but you get exactly the shape, the form layout you want. Not something that is randomly generated by the layout. Generator off world machine. Uh, get this office. They go here. It's gonna be over any little moments. We need this chain off combinations because we would like to see what we are doing, right? And yes, everything should go. Would add. One is checking here at one at one. Good. Who's gonna build quickly to see what we have, right? Okay. This is what we have done so far. This doesn't look good, because we didn't have the combination we needed. All right, so for that, I'm going to look this. So click on the final combine er and look preview. Then I'm gonna believe this stuff around. Yes, and then a little bit down. Something like this. Okay. The matters don't need to be next to each other, so I'm okay. We just gap in here. Unless you really insist will weaken, go and close it. We could do that. I could move this one. Something about no. Otherwise going to get three and 301 and that this isn't good. It's Just do this. Yeah, Steve, out. Cool. Well, I'm gonna bring this one. Did it with down rights. Provably move everything off a little. Well, you know what? Let's bring this one here. Yeah, it's been just one away. Let's bring this one over here. Sends a lineup. They don't look like mountains again. Yes, they do not look like mountains at all. But let's say this is that mountain range you want to have a mountain range is not necessarily a straight line. Right. You can You can make a straight line. That's much easier for us, but it's just like you say This is what we want to have. And one of them's gonna be volcano, or we can have a volcano separate. Okay, now let's start working on the shape of the mountain like that. This is far enough. Just a form. It's not a mountain. I'm gonna get these things a little bit away from each other because each one needs to be worked on separately. They tend to look like each other in the mountains, in it, in a mountain range, in a mountain chain. But it's okay. I organized it this way and done. But this one here, this one here, this one is here. Okay, Good. I was trying to keep the same structure as the layout. All right, now, how do we do this? We are going to fear. Feed each one with Hey, it's It's up to you. You can do it before or after. Let's do it before. For some. Undo it after for some others, right? So radial growth you have noticed now that this one is like always has vanished, what you could do is say all right, You know what? Let's do it. After, but then limited to here It's the same thing, right? It's the same thing. We have lost the hate. That's not a problem. So it's whether you put the radio before or must burning before it's the same thing. Except when it comes to making your volcano, that is a different story. So now we're going to mix them, like, do something like this under for this one. Gonna Come on, have this here on going. We're going to raise the hate. Don't worry, Elevation. I understand that. It's not what you want to see. It's too low. But here we're craft in this. It my bits. I missed one of them. Is it this? Yes. This should be actually somewhere here and just want to be somewhere here. Okay, I'm gonna find it, I think. Is this one think it is this one? Yes. This is the one. Let's bring it way up here. And then the rest can follow. It's much better to start when you want to act on a mountain. You know exactly where it is. Would be lovely if we could number them in with machine. But we're not that far. Um, okay, right. So you have noticed. I'm always using the same default. Advanced burning. Why? This isn't what we're gonna be doing. We're just now starting this. All right? Good. We have something that is starting to look like an ingredient for for mantle because it will need to be to look a little bit different. We are going to do it this way. So we bring this little down. Be careful not to do it too much. We are giving to add a clamp note from Filter. I put it here. You are okay to use bias and gain if this is your preferred one. Go ahead. Do it. Please. I prefer to go with the club. Camp is expand. That is going to raise the mountain for me. Right? So I have hate here a little bit similar here, but let's go for something a bit different. Ridged. Okay, I'm a little bit less than a mountain because we are working on mountains. Don't go too far from the mountain designing here, which is bringing some detail. If you bring it like boulders like Yeah, OK. It's not a mountain. We are working on mountains. This is why we're staying very close to mountain. Just a little bit to bring some detail. Live it down. This one is going to be I don't know. We're just trying here. Billowy, right? You may be tempted to keep them similar. Just changed the seed. Okay, Little Italy of this one. Basic on. All right. I'm touching something. That is number three. Number three is actually this one. So this is number three you're likely to receive. I'm working on the right one now. Yes, I am. Good. Bring a little down on, Say, changed the seed. How do you do it? If you say no? I want the mountain ranges to have similar type. They need if they're basic than all of them. I need him to be basic. That's a choice. And actually, it's a very good one. If you say where it's mountain range. The mountains need to look a little bit like each other in terms of category in terms of type style. But I need them. Teoh need a bit of violation. The variation introduced by changing the random seed click here new, new new every time. And you are okay with that. You can come in here and it's OK. Keep the basic bring a little bit down on change the seed and you've got two different on that mountain. This is the quickest way of doing it. If you want to say OK, I want one of them to be let Rich. That's your choice. So I'm giving you options here on, uh, let's work on the last one. Get bit down you've noticed of now. I just kept it basic and started changing deceit. But some of these are like one of them is Billary. This one is Billary. This one is reached for a change. All right, so we're going to do the same thing for the other ones because you are able to add at the very and say OK, I'm a bit lazy. I'm going to add a clump note at the very end here and raise all of them are the same level . You can do that, but I just thought that an artist work is about you defined hate the form for each one off the mountains. You can go with one clump note or you can go it seven of them. So this has come, uh, compare. Colome, come and clump. It's a choice. So it goes. Club expand. Oops. OK, good. It's very good. This stuff happened right now because it's a lovely thing to mention it crashed from time to time. This kind of stuff happens, and sometimes you don't know why it happens. The Beauty off world machine. Have you seen the work we've done so far? This has been saved. If I click, would you like to cross ripping? No. Yes. No, no. Guys says I don't know. No, no, no. Just say no. I'm going to close it. Crashed file, blah, blah. Okay, fine. Whatever. I'm going to go down and open it again. The beauty that is it is going to bring back everything we have been working on. I don't think we're gonna miss a single note. The last one we have added wars cramped. For the seventh, we're gonna find all our seven club. This is a beautiful work for a crash. I This is the best crash management programming I've seen so far. Yes. And you see, we've got all our notes back. Yes, we have an auto save the TMD, so it's not whatever you have saved. Actually, we were working on entitled Don't even saved it. That's nice. So this is beautiful programming from stuff and wonderful, Um, when it crashes. Don't worry. Don't panic. You have everything you've done up till the crash. You haven't lost a single note. Now let's go back and continue working on this. I need my three d view open again. Here, expand. That's right. Through the view. Where are we? Yes, yes, this 10 that's nice, but this is too much. This is too much. Because when we started camping here, the white that becomes a bit It's lovely to have some of them with white White means it. Zeier. So you got this color and then I got this color, and then I got the green light green and grey in the dark gray. And then you got the white. These are how this steam you can change it here said call it rain. This theme of machine colors the hate this for us is good. But dont camp it too much, so I don't know, maybe too high. We just leave it like that. That probably this one would be. I'm gonna make this one bigger for a change, because have you noticed we have just used the default size off the radial. Grabbed. It comes now for this one. I wanted bigger cause I want to close this whole gap in here. Let's go Assume not confined it. What is this? Is this is the right one, right? Yes. This is the right one, Mr. Right now I'm gonna increase the rage ISS off this thing on because of increased the radio . So I'm gonna have to raise it higher. Something like this. Right? So now you have the possibility talk. They look different. They do look different because you've worked on each one of them. Separate. So this one A bit smaller. Bigger. This is higher. This is lower. This is like a tiny thing. What? We're gonna work on that right now. Come expand. Yes, that should be fine. It is a little bit of white. Not all of them, but all of them. Ah, a little bit of what it should do. Okay, I'm gonna change the seed for this one. I don't like the full. Let's go back to the seed here and change it. He uh yeah, maybe, maybe not. Game. Okay? Yes. Yes. I like this stuff with several. That's good. That's good. Let me just bring it up again. Nice. Nice. Very. Not just too much. Us Too much. Yes. This is brilliant. I have I was trying to fill in the gap at the top here because I've got to shop. It's going to empty here and empty here that I don't know that. So this is good. All right, So you get the point. You can work on these stuff at your, like, in on. Um I change those seat for this one year. Okay, then. Crumpets. I'm sorry. The club expand its a bit. Then we're going to say, changed the radio to something a bit bigger for change. Yeah, And this last one is what's of ah, just a little bit, actually. About that small. Or if you want to look because you want Oh, close the gulf here. Yeah. Email. You want closer? Got there. You could even move it since one up. Right? And we're going to raise it a little. Just about enough to get a little bit off white. Right? You have carefully worked on. I don't like this one. Sorry. Quickly. Where is it? Otherwise, this one radio just changed. The is the Billary type that's missing this whole thing. Yeah, stability not Go back to Mr Rigid. Yep. Ridged, which is good. Nice, But it's hiding behind the other one. Shall we have it? Shall we have it here instead? Yeah. Let's move it here. Something like that. And then move this one a bit to To the left. Yeah. Not bad at all. Well, this is bad money to do something about it, but that's it. This is a good starting point. Let's build this, okay? We have some stuff in here now. This is not, um, a terrain. This is, like, just flat flat. I don't like this. And the level of detail here is, like, a little bit too repetitive. I'm gonna have to add some beauty to this some detail. 3. 2. Add detail: So we go to generator and we go to a vast Berlin. Now we're going to work on a low terrain, right? I want to harmonize the look a little bit. I'm going to add on the vast bed in and here I go straight down to Stephen's choice, and I'm going to keep it at default. Sorry, because I'm looked. I've looked this one here and unlock it. And then when I click on this and I get this stuff, this is lovely. Maybe as the four to continue to see it again, as you like in here. I'm gonna leave it as is for now. And go and combine this stuff and then you think, Where's my volcano? We need a volcano somewhere there just for a change. To show you how to make a volcano with a realistic crap. Creator, let me combine this stuff on. We are going to work on our working as well. It has just has a few additional steps to a mountain, but the sequence of events is very, very, very important, right? What just happened? I have just combined Combined is actually by default. Average 50%. Now get in the habit off opening your notes place and changing the default Because this isn't what we want here. We've just lost all the hate. All the elevation was given to the mountains. So we click on add, so keep everything, please. Plus add it 1% 1 100%. Possibly, however, because we've just added in some areas we are getting These were clipping here. This is not good. So But I really would like to keep the at that one, um, 100 sons. One which is one like here. So I would rather go back. Andi, reduce those mountains with this clip in, done to reduce the stuff. Yeah, So it's going to this one. Is this one all right? All right. Now, always good to lock your stuff. Look, preview, let's go down here right just a little bit. I've just reduced this one. I'm not moving to this one. Important to know which one is where saves time. That's why your notes need to look a little bit similar to your layout. I've moved this one around. Okay, What a problem. I know about it. You know what to stay a bit organized, going to movies as Well, I love it up here. All right. Good fellow here as well. Let's bring this one down so that we know exactly which one is which, Right? Okay, cramp. This works. Finds the only one that is left is the one before lost. Which is this on? That should work for us. Let's build again. I'm building at 500 resolution. Right on Bill to 500. They should not be the case. Once we get closer to your result is satisfying. Okay, Now we're going to hit this whole thing. Would erosion, but probably You know what? Let's start. Let's get a volcano in the play. 4. 3. Volcano and Erosion: because I promised we're gonna have a volcano. Which one should we have is a volcano. Let's say Okay, we're going to avoid the tendency off putting it in the middle because that's not proper image composition. Let's have it somewhere. Let's have it. This Let's have this one of the volcano. The one before lost here. Volcano. So it is this one, right? Yeah, it's this one. All right, let's work on the broken apart. So what makes the difference between a volcano on a mountain, the crater? And how do you make a realistic crater in, well, machine? There are a few ways you have noticed that we have started the mountain way, which is which means we have already chosen one way of doing a the volcano. If we wanted to do it a different way, we wouldn't have started with a mountain. We would have started differently. But for now, we have decided to go this way. So this is, I think, my preferred way. Yeah, to do this stuff. And I am going to add I'm just checking it the same. No, it's not the same. It's this one. Is this one what you need to do is somewhere Sorry. Disconnect somewhere between these two. Okay. In this particular case, I think I'm gonna swap them because you need to have it. You need to have it. Yeah. Let me swap this for a volcano. You need this. I'm gonna swap it, and it needs to feed it here. We've just done the absolute same thing. It's just the same thing. I'm just I just moved the sequence. But the sequence is extremely important for the volcano. I don't care about the other mountains. I could start with vast burning, and I tend to prefer to do that. But when you work in a volcano, swap them around. He started radiograph and then would've lost burning. Why? Because your magic node comes in between these two. Andi, it needs to act on the radial ground, and it needs to find noise after it. Otherwise, the creator is gonna look really probably not realistic to round two. Perfect. That's not good. So your magic note for the creator is ramp filter. You click on this one and you put it in the middle. You think? Yeah, nothing happened because the default value is to do nothing. We're going to open this when I get closer to my month in here. That's the one, right? I didn't bother too much about this clipping here because I know I'm gonna use the crater, so I don't care too much. I could reduce it. The elevation. Maybe I could even increase it more. But I need to work under ramp. Now you open it frequency. Just move a little bit beyond on one start with 1.11 point 21.31 point five, something like that. So let's go with one point to Yeah, And here we're starting to get our creator. Now, why did I put it before Advanced Burn? Because I want the crater to behave with noise and randomness and not to look like somebody has just cut a perfect round circle on top of a mountain. This is not what creators look like. Just go. Google search for volcanoes. The circle is not perfect. It's not. It's It needs to have some randomness to it. Let me build this for now. And you see Okay, we have edges here, but the circle looks different, Okay? It doesn't look too perfect. I can make it more make a deeper. I'm exaggerating now. Okay, you can do that. Actually, I even prefer it like this. 1.5. Okay, this is a volcano. And then well, the volcanoes, The guest off owner in our landscape. And? And it's so low like it is. So we needed to be a bit higher, much higher. We need to be like the hero in the landscape. So you've got something like, Yeah, volcano eruption or something, and it needs to be visible. Let's bring this fellow. Come. I don't bring it off. Think is I'm going to need to come. Not just this one. I'm going to need to come. I say come. I mean expand. Let me try expanding now. This isn't gonna work. I'm trying to raise the whole mountain from down. Oh, this is this one way of doing that? There's one lovely way of doing that. Which is bias again. Probably. It's high time for biasing game, right? Yes, it is influence in the surrounding areas. We're going to sort that out in a little moment. Bear with me. Okay? This is not good. This is absolutely not good clipping. Fine. Gonna bring that down a little while. Okay? See? Now we get in something, Morcha. All right, let's build this. You can go for something that deep or if you think I'm like it, not just give me something. Let's Safi! Huge crater goes 1.3. But then we need to change this part here. So the companies to go down something like this. All right, here we go. This is how you play with your mountain regions, and you define where each mountain needs to be and where each you can move them around. Now, on the way to move. It'd just go back to the initial note the radial ground in this case and start moving things around very, very, very easily. Point if you think OK, You have noticed. You have noticed that when we move the mountain, the shape changes. Why? Because we are moving inside Advance burning. If you want to keep the same shape Moved. Advanced Berlin would the same movement off the radial craft? We are 17 kilometers. You're going to go here. Advice burning. Onda, move it by 17 kilometers. And here you get the exact same shape you have back in here. That's how you keep the same shape, right? Then you bring it back here and bring my little grant back to its place. Say, it's the same one that we have back here when we had to. 17. Okay, so this is how you do it. And then well, I have not actually finished. I haven't even worked on the realistic part off the mountain bit because we need to have erosion. Yes. I have introduced this noise to cover the whole mountain, the whole mountains and all the the whole terrain. But this is not enough. This is This is definitely not enough. We need to have something more realistic. This is not a terrain that you want to export. Absolutely not. Then you need to have erosion on. Let's go. It's channel diversion. Simple filter on, uh, enable. Let's go to keep the sediment carry. It's fine. It's fine. It I mean, you know what cinnamon carried out. Just like if you do like this, you don't have, it's like whatever has been eroded has evaporated, doesn't exist. Or if you do it like this, you show whatever has fallen is actually accumulating and covering up part of the mountain . If you could do this, you lose a lot off the detail in where the erosion has been accumulating. I mean, where they cinnamon carry, As many of you know, being accumulated. Okay, not too much. Just leave it like this. And then let's click on build. I am working with 500 resolution. I'm gonna move very, very soon to yet. This looks like quite cool, because the erection has come in play. Let me now move to a reasonable resolution for viewing. If you have the progression, you can look up to 16 If you have the the free version. And I think it's just one K or 500 0 no. Um, if you have the professional version and you're experimenting the first stage of experiment and work with two K. Okay, if when you playing with putting stuff in the right place and I didn't notice, you already know what they look like, stay at 500. It's much faster, then. When you want to look at the detailed work you're looking you're working with, go to two K, right? If you want to export it even when you're playing around, it just experimenting and exploring export at four. Okay, eight and six. I would strongly recommend not to get any closer to these ones. Unless you're working on something that needs to go to production, right? And, you know, exactly it needs to be 16 paid by 16 care because it really takes a very, very, very long time. I'm going to build up to now. I was gonna take some time. I'm gonna click combat and see how long it takes. Probably gonna stop the recording and then come back when it's done. - Okay , That was quite a fast 30 seconds is OK for now. Okay, good. So this is a realistic looking for Sorry. I got a problem. And I forgot about the clip in here. Actually, when we worked on the mountain, we have raised the elevation off these two. This one hasn't been impacted so much, but this one has bean. I'm gonna have to reduce it a little bit. I don't like this, but you get the point. You get the point. You see here this level of detail where does it come from? It comes from a combination of two things. Initially, we have our you got clipping here as well. The Clinton years about is not good. Okay, that someone worked when we elevated them. Volcano, we have impacted these two. I'm gonna work on this on this. And I think even the world cleaner itself we haven't really done detailed work because we were working with 500 resolution. I couldn't see that. Let Yeah, I need to clean this bit here because this is not realistic. Sharp is good. This is no really cool. Yeah, I don't like this. Um, I got it right now. Right now is my book. I know Publican is the one with the room. Then it's He's a Motala off. I forgot the possible. A habit we should have is look, preview. I love the preview. I've looked it before the erosion so that I'm able to see actually cause erosion. In the moment you start changing something erosion resets on this view, became becomes a little blurred or something you can't see in detail. I don't need erosion parts Just need to get rid of this part of it. Biasing gain. Yes, It's our bias. It is out bias. I'm gonna build only up till the combine er see? Got rid of that regulating in here. Now it's time to clear the neighbors. Sorry, neighbors. We have touched your stuff here. We're going to just quickly arranged this for you. That's one. It's come over and then yes, Yes, I like it. And then this bit over here when we're done. Um, it bit that it don't don't finished. We're not. We're finished. We're finished. Don't good rebuild again. Let me just unlock this stuff. Unrevealed. Okay, so, yeah, this is this is a result that I would consider satisfying in terms off. Okay, This is our choice, Actually. Have chosen the place where to put each month and you could with them around now, the way you want and all. You need to just refresh rebuild again so you can make endless combinations of these things . You can add more mountains. You can You can make all of them volcanoes. You can make some working as you can add some stuff in here. It's It's your choice. So this is how you make a mountain range. And this is how you make a realistic creator for a volcano. In the next part, I I'm going to show you this terrain, um, applying a texture now because the focus off this tutorial is making the form, the shape, blazing things, getting a realistic form. And the focus is not extreme. I'm just gonna apply eight texture, right? And if you want to know more about my method of texture in which uses exclusively organic ingredients, so I don't use any any cola risers, any artificial color risers in your meal and basically I mean by that I don't use any color notes in with machine I only texture using riel texture images. If you want that I have a specific tutorial that shows you exactly Have you do that on how you can move very quickly from at the rain that is not textured to a terrain that is very realistic because for simple reasons, you are using really images 5. 4. See textured terrain: on. This is our terrain textured. I have used on lee images, texture images to extra this terrain. You notice the difference. This is actually by the way only to K. I haven't built it at four k yet, but you notice how much realism you get with the forms to combine in the form on the rial textures. You get a lot of realism in terms off extra detail. If you would like to have more information and know how to do it quickly, using real text images instead of spending a lot of time playing with polarizer nodes and color generators, go to another tutorial that I have made. On the my profile. You can find a tutorial about texture in in world machine with images that one is going to give you the tips and tricks on how to get realistic looking. The rain's not only in shape but also in texture