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Create Visually Appealing and Powerful Presentation Deck

Tapan Nayak, Entrepreneur and Coach

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About This Class

Students, Executives, Professionals, Corporates, Entrepreneurs 

  • It's a brilliant opportunity to showcase yourself as an expert or a leader by creating great looking Presentations
  • Get the visibility and march ahead with these visual tricks to make a wow presentation.

Still, a vast majority fails to convert this opportunity - simply because they just could not get their presentation right. 

This is a compilation of years of knowledge, observation, studies and designed a quick and simple guide which you can use to -

  • Create Visually Appealing and Powerful Presentations using Powerpoint or Keynote 
  • Learn how to use clear and crisp message in your Powerpoint/Keynote presentation,
  • Learn how to structure and present your message in your slide deck. 
  • Learn to use different visual design elements like images, icons, shapes, colors etc effectively in your slide deck
  • Learn to make the right impact and wow your audience with your deck.

How is the course structured?

  • Common Mistakes - to avoid while creating Presentations. Powerpoint or Keynote is not the culprit.
  • How to Create Powerful Presentations - How to tightly structure and present the message
  • Color Theory - How to choose and use colors to great effect
  • Imagery - How to use images to amplify the impact
  • Typography - How to choose which fonts to use, mix and on what basis
  • Icons - How and when to use icons
  • Data Presentation - How to present data correctly
  • Key Takeaways - Points to remember

Jump in to learn, be an expert in creating visually appealing and compelling presentations using these simple techniques and surge ahead!





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Tapan Nayak

Entrepreneur and Coach

Tapan is a seasoned leader with over 16 years in several positions across multiple large organizations, and an Entrepreneur ( Founder @ MYNIT, a Bulletin Board Product) for last couple of years. He is passionate about teaching. Tapan masters a lot of People and Business skills including Team Building, Leadership, Presentation and many more. Apart from building products, and his venture, he enjoys sharing knowledge. Tapan builds engaging training modules on various topics in collaboration with...

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