Create Visually Appealing and Powerful Presentation Deck

Tapan Nayak, Entrepreneur and Coach

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10 Lessons (47m)
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About This Class

Students, Executives, Professionals, Corporates, Entrepreneurs 

  • It's a brilliant opportunity to showcase yourself as an expert or a leader by creating great looking Presentations
  • Get the visibility and march ahead with these visual tricks to make a wow presentation.

Still, a vast majority fails to convert this opportunity - simply because they just could not get their presentation right. 

This is a compilation of years of knowledge, observation, studies and designed a quick and simple guide which you can use to -

  • Create Visually Appealing and Powerful Presentations using Powerpoint or Keynote 
  • Learn how to use clear and crisp message in your Powerpoint/Keynote presentation,
  • Learn how to structure and present your message in your slide deck. 
  • Learn to use different visual design elements like images, icons, shapes, colors etc effectively in your slide deck
  • Learn to make the right impact and wow your audience with your deck.

How is the course structured?

  • Common Mistakes - to avoid while creating Presentations. Powerpoint or Keynote is not the culprit.
  • How to Create Powerful Presentations - How to tightly structure and present the message
  • Color Theory - How to choose and use colors to great effect
  • Imagery - How to use images to amplify the impact
  • Typography - How to choose which fonts to use, mix and on what basis
  • Icons - How and when to use icons
  • Data Presentation - How to present data correctly
  • Key Takeaways - Points to remember

Jump in to learn, be an expert in creating visually appealing and compelling presentations using these simple techniques and surge ahead!