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Create Visual Instructions For Your Own Yoga Routine

Lucy Brooks, Yoga Teacher

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10 Videos (40m)
    • Introduction

    • Lesson 1 Goals

    • Lesson 2 Metaphysics

    • Lesson 3 Asanas

    • Lesson 4 Sequencing

    • Lesson 5 Filling and Ordering

    • Lesson 6 Drawing

    • Lesson 7 Concluding Section

    • Lesson 8 Completing Your Instructions

    • Lesson 9 Edit and Publish


About This Class

Join Lucy and learn to create visual instructions for your very own yoga routine. 

At the conclusion of this class you will have created a set of well structured visual instructions that supports your skill level, meets your individual needs, is easy to use and clearly documented for ongoing future use.

This class will teach you to;

  • Determine the goals of your yoga routine.
  • Choose appropriate asanas (postures) to reach your goals. 
  • Design and create visual instructions that are organised into functional sections.
  • Record your yoga routine using easy to draw stick figures that can be created quickly and displayed effectively time and time again.

This lesson is ideal for those who wish to complete their regular yoga practice in the comfort and convenience of their own home.

It supports people who want a yoga routine specifically designed to suit their body, skill level and abilities

Resources are provided for beginners who need extra knowledge and visual support for a variety of yoga poses.

This lesson suits all levels of yoga and can be created for routines of any duration.

It is easy to follow and uses western interpreted names of asanas to assist those who find learning, remembering and/or memorising Sanskrit names more difficult.


Yogaloosi Website

'Asanas' Yogaloosi Document

Visual Instructions Template





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Lucy Brooks

Yoga Teacher

Lucy is an enthusiastic teacher. She enjoys bringing people together to learn and share. Her back ground shows just this; guiding yogis in their yoga practice, teaching children in primary schools and supporting members in fitness centres who are on a journey to boost their wellbeing.

Lucy is a certified Yoga Instructor, has a Bachelor Degree in Education, Certificate Three in Fitness and is also a Bodypump Instructor.

Always learning and developing her knowledge of health and w...

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