Create Vector Realistic Shadow In Adobe Illustrator

Elena Pyshnograi, Vector Illustrator

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5 Videos (16m)
    • Intro

    • Gradient Tool

    • Blend Tool

    • Mesh Tool

    • Final


About This Class

In this class I will teach you how to draw a 100% vector shadow. 

Sometimes designers face difficulties while drawing a vector shadow. The Adobe Illustrator program has an option for drawing shadows, but they only can be drawn as raster objects. This means that your illustration will lose all the characteristics of a vector file, also you may have problems with the file printing and you won't be able to upload your picture to microstock websites if you need to.

In this tutorial I will step by step show you how to create beautiful 100% vector shadows by using three different tools. The gradient tool, the blend tool and the gradient mesh. You can easily learn how to draw shadows of all possible objects.

Let's start!


Adobe Illustrator program

Plugin Meshtormentor (free)

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Even I work in Illustrator for a long time, I didn't know the way to create a realistic shadow using mesh in so unusual way. Very nice class.
Great class. I have always hated the Illustrator drop shadow tool so it's nice to know I have options. I recommend having a basic knowledge of Illustrator before taking - it will make following along easier.
Sookie Sachs

Owner, Stellar and Stark Digital Designs

Loved this class





Elena Pyshnograi

Vector Illustrator

Microstock illustrator and graphic designer.

I love to draw vector graphics and illustrations in a flat style. I like to work in the Adobe Illustrator program. I will be happy to open its secrets for you, and teach successful work.