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Create Vector Realistic Shadow In Adobe Illustrator

teacher avatar Elena Pyshnograi, Vector Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Gradient Tool

    • 3. Blend Tool

    • 4. Mesh Tool

    • 5. Final

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About This Class

In this class I will teach you how to draw a 100% vector shadow. 

Sometimes designers face difficulties while drawing a vector shadow. The Adobe Illustrator program has an option for drawing shadows, but they only can be drawn as raster objects. This means that your illustration will lose all the characteristics of a vector file, also you may have problems with the file printing and you won't be able to upload your picture to microstock websites if you need to.

In this tutorial I will step by step show you how to create beautiful 100% vector shadows by using three different tools. The gradient tool, the blend tool and the gradient mesh. You can easily learn how to draw shadows of all possible objects.

Let's start!


Adobe Illustrator program

Plugin Meshtormentor (free)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Elena Pyshnograi

Vector Illustrator


Microstock illustrator and graphic designer.

I love to draw vector graphics and illustrations in a flat style. I like to work in the Adobe Illustrator program. I will be happy to open its secrets for you, and teach successful work.

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1. Intro: Hello. My name is Indiana. I'm grabbing. I laughed a drop injected a station insist tutorial. I will. Did you called a shadow? Shadow is an important part off many illustrations. The Adobe Illustrator program has an option for drawing shadows but they only can be drawn as drastic Alter. This means that your registration will lose all the characteristic off a vector file. Also, you may have problem with the felt bring thing and you won't be able to upload your picture to micro Stock website if you need to. In this tutorial, I will stand by step, show you how to great beautiful nectar shadowed by using three different toes with their great anto Their plan toe ends a radiant mesh you can easily learn called under shadows of all possible objects. Let's stop 2. Gradient Tool: The first kind of shadows that we learned to do is a shadow that draws help all that great in tow. The shadow can be used for simple shapes for the figures in the firm off sphere else off objects that float in the air here have an object able. Let's the road shadow using sec ready in tow. Select a lobster when you start to draw. You must use the shift key to get the circle. Rather that an ellipse attention. It is important to a prioritize actions. First dura circle, fill it with the ingredient and then transforms the object. If you do eat the other way around, Grady Int will change from Erector object er arrested. When you save your files inthe e e. P s former click on the gradient, I can start for quizzically. Radiant scandal. It is all the menu window. Grady INTs right here. Select the regular type of radiant change the intensity off the car from dar grades mindo toe white. On the age I'd league rivers drink this lighter so that the transition to the age off the white it's solved. You can transform a circle in 10 lips. We'll replace it armed, resemble sent shadow to back walkways. Transparency go to the transparency panel. Select the Shadow said that a base ity 40 we make a colorful background remains a shadow look nice. It's necessary to change their Blanding. Select the shadow and change, blending more to multiply on the same transparency panel. You can bring the shadow down to make the ball look like it is floating in the air. Portable about the shadows says if it's on the surface down in the same way, one can make a shadow behind the object. Here, have a flat got dumped. You that's throats shadow. Make a circle with their great aunt and place it behind the object. We're alive. Vertical and horizontal drinks is slider and the background and change plant and more to multiply dumb. 3. Blend Tool: Pedro shadow by using sub Danto, draw a long shadow, which is often used in the trendy, fled illustration style risible Corbett and unite all the parts in a single object. Kopassus object and moving down and to the right make it a different color for clarity. There are some rules for the use of glen toe. Both objects must be closed. It's a number off board must be the same. The second object must be Lola. That's a short one point Speeches to point. So select both points. US. Reaches two Senior point on the Seventh Way sees the orders becomes green, double click on the like planned Select a number of steps and more steps of bedrooms specifies. Four steps to compare now indicate 40. Even more steps can be taken for an even better result notes. And the number of steps increases the file size. Double click and change the color off objects makes it off. Also took degree. The water white and the sense of a city. - Let's adds a background. Multiply more falls. The shadow done great background to this help off Kendall in the same way. Withdraw, Crescendo. Who's this paper cloud? Not the long shadow, but a realistic one court, the upper part or the shadow must get smaller in size. The bottom part bigger. Do not forget to use the shift key to keep the size proportional. The transition is from Seattle. Does the bottom from point to point number off steps have said he's 40. Make the boat of order transparent. That's why we get softer. Atavistic shadow dra shed off was a god in the same way. - I suppose that's a light source is on the left. We make around shadow and moves it off. Off, off. - We can see how to use a lento can create different shadows for objects. 4. Mesh Tool: how to draw a shadow by using that Mashtal. For these, we need every black and cold measurement. You can find a link to the website where it can be downloaded. There is a complex object first, a pleasure effect. Drop shadow doing. Go to the panel effect style eyes drop shadow. You can change this settings expense. They result. Object on group. The result. Shadow is a rasta object. Let's turn it into a vector object. Draw a rectangle it says should be equal to the size of the shadow. Goto the object panel. Create great and mesh The mesh should be uniform. Increase the density off the match. Reason Black Select both objects, the shadow and the rectangle above. Push the blagging on the icon with the picture off Mon allies ER and capture calls from arrester object. Get a fully director shadow Delete the raster object said the capacity to 40%. We got a soft, realistic shadow from a complex object. There is a background, then applies the effect by multiplying Asper Dude with shadows before no one does the same to the next shadow right support shadow and take the same steps as before 5. Final: experience with the settings and choose the right shadow to various. I wish you a beautiful illustration and inspiration. I hope that my glass was useful and interesting to you. If you like Libya recommendations and share with friends. Thank you. Bye bye.