Create Vector Product Mockups in Illustrator (Intermediate Skill Level) | Joshua Butts | Skillshare

Create Vector Product Mockups in Illustrator (Intermediate Skill Level)

Joshua Butts, Graphic Designer and Photographer

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4 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Vector Product Mockups Introduction

    • 2. Choose a product and creating the shapes

    • 3. Adding effects to the bottle cap

    • 4. Final effects and Free Mockup Link


About This Class

In this course, I will be showing you how to create great vector product mockups. This method can take less time that creating mockups in photoshop and you can have much more control over the look of the mockup. And sometimes a photo realistic photoshop file isn't the style you are looking for. I will be teaching you about the many techniques and effects I use to make the image look convincing and usable.

You do need some prior knowledge of illustrator to understand some of the concepts taught in the course.

This course will also include a free mockup file I have created in illustrator. You can use the file to display your own designs, to send to product printing companies as an example for printing instructions or any other way you want.

In the course, I will be using an illustrator plugin which in the previous version of this course was free, but that was for a limited time and is currently $35.