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Create Value! The creativity and innovation workshop

teacher avatar Miguel Alastre, PMP

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction!

    • 2. Thank you!

    • 3. Improvisation

    • 4. Rule busting

    • 5. Problem redesign

    • 6. Outro

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About This Class

Do you think breakthrough, creative, disruptives ideas come once in a lifetime?

Have you ever felt a creativity block?
Do you want to create innovative products or services consistently?

Innovation and creativity can be achieved in a regular basis with the appropiate tools and techniques to create projects or ideas that add value for any business

With this course you’ll be able to manage a innovation and creativity toolbox that will allow to create innovative ideas that add value on a regular basis.

This course is from a series called “Create Value for your business” and it is aligned with the PMI talent triangle and develops a topic related to the technical project management axis

A PMI study showed that 66% of organizations indicate that PM with the appropriate technical skills are very hard to find.

With this course you can claim 2 professional development units

At the end of this course you'll be able to:

  • ... Provide innovative ideas consistently 
  • ... Unblock repetitive brainstorming sessions
  • ... Apply techniques to improve brainstorming a creativity exercises in a regular basis

We'll go over

  1. What is innovation?
  2. Rule busting
  3. Problem redesign
  4. Improvisation

In each section we'll solve a couple of illustration of every concept

What are the requirements?

  • Nothing. 

What is the target audience?

  • Professionals related to project management (Managers, Sponsors, Business analysts)
  • Entepreneurs
  • People in creative businesses (Designers, etc)
  • Product Managers

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Miguel Alastre



Hi there

My name is Miguel Alastre, I am a chemical engineer and PMI (Project Management Institute) certified PMP (Project Management Professional). I have worked in several multi-million dollars projects in logistics, tech and industrial businesses in South America in the lasts years. I enjoy teaching as I help graduate students as a MBA professor and frequently publish articles about finance and business innovation.

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1. Introduction!: a toolbox toe. Help you create value through innovative idea. Consistent. Do you think breakthrough creative ignoring ideas comes once in a lifetime? Have you ever felt a crappy really block? Innovation and creativity can be achieved with the right set off tools and techniques. This'll course You can claim to be the use to professional development units from the Professional Management Institute. This course will go over the innovation concept rule Boston Growth storming problem, redesign on improvisation. There are no requirements toe a role in this cars. We just asked you to come with an open mind on ready to learn, feel free to root through the description of this course and hope to see you inside. 2. Thank you!: thank you very much for getting this course I really enjoy teaching your stuff on. This is a great opportunity to do so and for you to learn a two box that will help you create in. No what if idea for your business consistently. So let's get started. I'm looking forward for you to learn a lot while having fun. Remember, you could escape or fast forward is you get the idea right away, or even play 50% slower or faster if you're watching this from your laptop or PC. 3. Improvisation: improvisation. It's you. It's actually in theater. It allows actors to respond in a vomit and extend idea from the other actor. It's simply involves saying the words, Yes, and so Victor, these someone says to you first thing in the morning. It's a great weather, isn't it? And if you just said yes, it just stops the conversation debt. But if you said yes and I think I'm going to do a barbecue today, that allows it to continue and the other person will come back and say yes and continue that it involves simply three things, one on offer. So someone says something to you and acceptance, and then you accept it. You say yes and in a statement, and then you say, And to extend that statement and protestation is based on soft skills. Such past listening and communicating listening is crucial because you need to be present in the moment. Most people are waiting to speak, are not listening the moment. Instead, they're thinking of what they're going to say in a promise station. You must listen to what's been set on deputation so you can react properly if they're not focused off what's happening. A value. You might miss an opportunity to build on idea. Encourage improvisation by creating a safe place to fail. Nobody wants to be thought off. Its immediate improvisation helps to get people to work together, where they're not afraid to make a suggestion. It grates positive working environment where employees know they can provide ideas without the fear that there be shut down. Ray Starling leads to the best idea. Your best ideas can come from the silliest ideas By using these improvisation toe, you're making your team good listening. Remember what's been said on revisiting it later? The focus on improvisation is not reacting. Adapting on communicating, which are three core components to great leadership. Well, it's important to create a safe place for people toe fried, take chances, fail, engage in just on types of exercises and suspend judgment. It's equally important to create a space for credible thinking. Just remember, I know for and accept this in a statement. Yes and 4. Rule busting: the first rule over toolbox. This, too, is very simple to use. Just make a list of the rules off the product or service that you want to innovate and think about ways to break those rules. For instance, take a bag of tea. What are its rules? What are its function of features? What does it look like? What do you use it with? Consider what these rules are. The characteristic of a tea bag might be that they are square or rectangles because the U. S wants. Then you throw it away. It must have water. It's porous. It's white corner. It has a string handle. And of course, he contends T okay, these rules may seem super obvious. It's OK. It doesn't matter how abuse their rules are in a rule breaking exercise. What would it look like if you had to reverse or break those rules? That's checking in the food that we just said. A T back is a square or a rectangle. Well, it could be around. Don't shape it might even look like a little ball. Then something triggers. Okay, It would be awesome if for some particular occasion we could have a special shaped T back. A little bear, perhaps. Maybe adultery. It will be very interesting. Is a T back shape changes when dropping a hard water? What about a T About multiple sizes. So if you're making a T for a large part, you could use a large T back. For example, chickpeas a t back with little section, which you can tear us if you're going to make a small capacity, you can just tear off a small section of putting in your teacup. What about the fact that T backs are generally white? It could be the green, red, blue, yellow, then something that starts to come up. What about you? Put all these colors together, our rainbow color T back or maybe even a T about that changes its color at the perfect temperature, perhaps a prized reveal. When the TV is our Assyrian condition, you can even make designer color t being porous. What about it? You could have a capital t a little cattle that you drop into your car so you don't need the tea back at home or grand. Later. T for this possible team nine cop. So a cup that comes with t line around you. It must have water. You could have a shoe, herbal tea, a teacher and God or a T that works with other drinks like fizzy water, maybe even something that you can put your sandwich for tea flavor. You can have a little pill the pop straight in your mouth and get that back 50. I mean, it's my whole sounds silly, but that's fine. In a gritty restriction, you have to be prepared to be silly table use. How can we break this food? You can have a t back there, releases the amount that you need, and you can reuse it. Or what about the rules around the fact that a tea bag contains tea? My coffee. You can have three and won t. Which got sugar creamer and T. Or maybe something that contains vitamin. What about the string 100 rule? You could just throw the T back into the cup. What about a T back that pops up when it's nicely infused or a T back that acts as a handled itself? So you have a T by that hoops on a side of your cop, you could get all unknown on each of these rules and figure out new creative way to breaks over everything. Look at the point. It might be a little bit difficult at the beginning, but you can get a lot of great silly ideas when you get going. Just have fun on your very to see some silly thoughts. Keep the ideas flowing. Check this out. The Night safari in Singapore is you were showman who works for a safari park and you went to your boss and say, Hey, what about night safari? That might sound like a really see the idea the first that you may be? Well, people are not going to be able to see the animals on night. Safaris are for daytime, but when you think about it, people like to come out at night on. Most attractions are in the daytime. If you were able to make it work, you could open a whole range of other opportunities. You could create other values, so that's where they did in Singapore. They designed that safari park so that visitors can get really close to the animals. They used moonlighting, and of course, you can see nocturnal animal. And then they added other services, like nighttime dining. And, as I said, people like coming out in the night time when it's quarter opened in 1994 Nights of fire is the world's fair safari park for nocturnal animal. Today, your war winning park welcomes more than one million visitor years. They come from all over the world to enjoy the unique experience off seeing over 2000 animals into night and habits. So you get the point list of the bulls around the product, observant that you want to innovate and just break them. See you next time. 5. Problem redesign: What is this, Some off 55 What do the numbers add? Upto 10. The first question has only one right answer. On the second question has an infinite number of division, including negative number and fractions. These two problems, which rely on simple addition if they're on the way there, framed on as you can see by changing the frame, you dramatically changed the range of possible solutions. If you got one on one, you always get to on. Two is also equal toe. Want this one, but two is also equal. Three. This one. It's also equipped. Six divided by three. So when you screw up, the problem around when you do it designed a problem. Our range and all the creative eight year may appear. Master the ability to refrain problems. It's an important tool for increasing your imagination because it unlocks a vast our very salvation experience. It becomes quite natural. You can look at every situation in the world from a different angle, from close up from far away from upside down and from behind. We're creating frames for what we see here and experience all day long. On those frames. Both inform lived the way. We think in most cases we don't even consider the friends. We just assume we're looking at. The world with a proper set advances. However, Being able to question on shift your frame of reference is an important key to enhancing your imagination because it reveals completely different insights. The Powers of 10 is a film created by Charles Underway teams in 1977 that illustrates the universe as an arena for both continually and change. Let's take a short look. Oh, the picnic near the lakeside in Chicago is the start of a lazy afternoon. Early 1 October, we begin with a scene one meter wide, which review from just one meter away. Now, every 10 seconds, we will look from 10 times farther away and our field, if you will be 10 times wider. Thesis Square is 10 meters wide, and in 10 seconds the next square will be 10 times as wide. Our picture will center on the picnickers even after they've been lost to sight 100 meters wide. The distance a man can run in 10 seconds. Cars crowd the highway. Power boats lie at their docks. Colorful bleachers, air soldiers, field things squares a kilometer wide 1000 meters distance erasing car can travel in 10 seconds. We see the Great city on the lake shore. In this film we see how the picnic scenario becomes mother on a smaller every time. This allows you to see other problems that may require I creative solution. When you consider additional friends for a solution, you can see from different perspective the situation which can help you to solve the same problem from a different and innovative point of view. Another by little way to open the frame when you are solving a problem is the ask question that start with why, If I asked you together bridge from me, you could go off and build a bridge Or you could come back to me with another question. Why do you need the bridge? I would like to tell you that I need a bridge to get to the other side of a river. Uh huh. This response opens off the frame off possible solutions. There are clearly many ways to get across the river. Besides, isn't a bridge You could dig a tunnel, you could take a ferry. You could battle. Can you is a step line or a fly hot air balloon to name just a few. You can open the frame even further by asking why I want to get to the other side of the river. Imagine I told you they work on the other side. This again provides valuable information on broadens the range of possible solutions. Even more, they're probably viable ways for me to earn leaving without ever going across the realer. The simple process of asking why provides an incredibly useful to for expanded the landscape of solution for a problem, being able to look a situation using different friends. It's critically important when tackling all type of Chinese. Let's take this example. Let's say you're being tasked with going to the police force and asked to come up with creative idea for catching criminal. Let's say the problem is around catching very safe. He's just go and still television or videos. It's a really problematic thing for police because it's very expensive to catch these people, but it time you got them. The cost of getting the income will be more than the cost of the actual goods. So let we designed this problem, something that's really quite over wages. Let's say how do we get criminals to come to us? Well, maybe the solution is to put a little effort on the newspaper that say second hand. Good, but and thought, No question. Ask governments years searching, search place, and you can have the police waiting there. And of course, in reality, that just won't work. But then you could analyze that creative idea even further. You might just say, Well, what about the police? Just waiting of those places where the people's deal was used? Item People say these second hand goods, Let's look another symbol. That's how you do creativity Exercise for a company that sells loan Mourners, and the exercise is around, creating these new long mourner that can cut across a certain high precision. That's really efficient. When when you said OK, well, let's resigned a problem on Let's say the problem is having grass that's nearly card too acidic, I on the solution may actually be nothing to do with the actual product itself. Maybe is really shooting to sell grassy. The only growth starts in height, so when you swapped the problem around when you really signed it, a range of other creative idea and solution may appear 6. Outro: pay their congratulations. I'm very glad you made to this point. This course was produced to help you create value for your basis. With this time just that innovation to box. It's a management profession. These tools will help you to view a problem and inspiration for a different point of view. With his toolbox, you propose creative ideas consistently. By following these processes, you use innovation for powerful icon for your project. This course is part of the create value for your business. You make sure to check them out here in your name. Remember that we can interact through the comments. If you have any questions, I'm available to help you anything you consider in time. It's been a huge depression. Hope to see you soon. Thanks for watching.