Create Unique Watercolor Patterns for Gifts | Christina Perera | Skillshare

Create Unique Watercolor Patterns for Gifts

Christina Perera, Illustrator & Graphic Designer

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5 Videos (16m)
    • TRAILER Create Unique Watercolour Patterns for Gifting Ideas

    • The Materials you will need

    • First Examples of Watercolor patterns

    • First full wrapping paper pattern

    • 1 design 2 ways & the Final Class Project


About This Class


Although watercolour can be a tricky medium to master you only need a few watercolours, essential tools to create some simple but beautiful designs that can be transformed for your own projects. This class is designed so that a beginner with no knowledge of colour theory or colour mixing can pick up a paintbrush and create their own unique pattern.

What awaits you? An amazing kaleidoscope of patterns and designs just waiting to be discovered.

- Watercolour Paints (no minimum)
- At least 1 watercolour brush
- Watercolour paper (around 120gsm - for wrapping paper and 250 - 300gsm for prints)
- Water

Waterproof / Water Resistant pigment ink pen (e.g. Copic- multiliners, Artline- drawing system etc.)






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Christina Perera

Illustrator & Graphic Designer

I'm an Australian creative based in the sunny (slightly temperamental) city of Brisbane with a penchant for drawing, handlettering, watercolour, and collecting unique stationery and magazines. I received my Bachelor of Creative Media in 2012 and have since started freelancing as an illustrator, graphic designer and brand developer.

As an illustrator and graphic designer I have naturally started fostering interest in other forms of design, such as handlettered typography, web d...

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