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Create Sylvanas Vol. 3: Texturing in Zbrush Digital Painting WOW Fanart

Mauricio García Arias, CG Teacher

Create Sylvanas Vol. 3: Texturing in Zbrush Digital Painting WOW Fanart

Mauricio García Arias, CG Teacher

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20 Lessons (1h 49m)
    • 1. 00 SylvanasPromotional Course03

    • 2. Sylv Vol 3 01 tex forearm part01

    • 3. Sylv Vol 3 02 tex forearm part02

    • 4. Sylv Vol 3 03 tex forearm part03

    • 5. Sylv Vol 3 04 Pectoral protector part01

    • 6. Sylv Vol 3 05 Skull shoulderP part01

    • 7. Sylv Vol 3 06 Pectoral protector part02

    • 8. Sylv Vol 3 07 Pectoral protector part03

    • 9. Sylv Vol 3 08 Pectoral protector part04

    • 10. Sylv Vol 3 09 Tex leg protector part01

    • 11. Sylv Vol 3 10 Tex leg protector part01

    • 12. Sylv Vol 3 11 Tex boot part01

    • 13. Sylv Vol 3 12 Tex boot part02

    • 14. Sylv Vol 3 13 tex boot part03

    • 15. Sylv Vol 3 14 tex hood part01

    • 16. Sylv Vol 3 15 tex cape part01

    • 17. Sylv Vol 3 16 tex Gloves part01

    • 18. Sylv Vol 3 17 tex hair and eyes part01

    • 19. Sylv Vol 3 18 tex Body part01

    • 20. Sylv Vol 3 19 tex Body part02

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About This Class

Are you a student, professional or amateur and wish to become a digital artist? want to develop skills for the creation of 3d characters in the movies industry, Digital Animation and Videogames ?. If your answer is yes, this course is for you!

You’ll use a set of tools that will allow you manage shapes under control.
You'll apply advaced techniques for optimizing your time and workflow.
I’ll show you how to generate the shapes through several detail levels.
Through 19 classes you will be able to learn everything you need for texturing Sylvanas correctly, and recommendations for implementing this knowledge on your future projects.

The course contains the following topics:

Texturing the forearm protector.
Texturing the pectoral protector.
Texturing of the lower portion protectors.
Texturing other accessories.
Texturing the body in general.

This knowledge will be part of your tools as a professional, will represent a differentiation against those who ignore the contribution that anatomy makes to a job, creating quality characters, no matter if it is realistic, cartoon, manga or whatever style you choose.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mauricio García Arias

CG Teacher


Hello, I'm Mauricio.

My passion is to develop and direct high-quality Digital Animation projects and teach others how to achieve the same results. After writing and directing multiple short films and co-producing with Korea, USA, Mexico and Colombia the 1st 3D and 4D Latin American Animated Feature "Jungle Shuffle" and working on projects for brands like Disney, Chevrolet, Suzuki, Nokia, Adobe ... among others. Gathering more than 13 years in the industry, I decided to dedicate myself 100% to teach others everything I've learned, not only at a professional but also at a business level. There are already more than 2,000 people that I have trained and advised hand in hand with my talented work team in more than 60 countries. I want to give yo... See full profile

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1. 00 SylvanasPromotional Course03: Hello. Welcome to the curse Digital, the sculpting off Sylvanus. In this course, you will learn the key concepts for sculpting violence. One of the most representative characters from the successful video game from pleaser called Warcraft. Getting Here have a more realistic look from the understanding off. Different levels off a sculpting in the rental get a realistic coming result. The goal of these courses to Scott Sylvanus, properly with the quality on detail of the prototype I've created in advance for these cars will use the digital sculpting self. Where's the brush? My name is Oscar Garcia. I'm a digital artist With over 10 years of experience in the industry, I participated on several projects focused on films, video games and TV yachts. My specialty is on three D character development from cartoon toe. Three realistic characters. I'll be leading the course from the start to infer passing on the knowledge for you to apply it quickly and efficiently on your personal unprofessional project. In this third part of the curse will understand the proper way to create Sylvanus textures by using simple on effective techniques and tools. This will let us text your any kind of characters getting excellent results. The ideal student for these courses, not only for those who like video games. It's also for the person who wants to learn and focus on the key concepts for three D character creation. Also, for the students who want to get into the industry as digital artists, I invite to continue growing. It's a digital artist with these cars on NCD makers. We want to go along with you through all these process. 2. Sylv Vol 3 01 tex forearm part01: Hello and welcome to these Nucor's to these new third volume. Where will cover what concerns the digital text during off Sylvanus? Also, the integration off all the pieces, the armor, the cape, the hair, the skin, everything that firms the character in general terms. Well, text. You're here by using something Knicks, which will apply, as we did on the previous curves. We've learned to do it on a single piece on. After getting back knowledge, we can replicate it on other pieces. That's why we didn't generate some on were Left for you to make them on your own in these cases will pay in certain areas and will apply that same technique for texting other pieces with the same text Oring style. So, without further delay, let's start with this piece, which is the arm protector off Sylvanus. It's high this So what we'll do is the following. I like to take this. I'll select standard. This is a stroke will also use could be this one or it could be this one. At the moment, there is no big deal the Alfa will use. Let me show you something First, I'll separate this holding control shift click over here I'll paint first. These peas curry out some painting tests enable RTP and let's disable Lazy Mouse. I'll first try with the material with this tone. Approximately. That said, the light. A bit more frontal not is over here in Savannah's reference, the color scheme is to warn away it is metallic, and it's got some purplish in violation. Stones kind of Rome's so will combine all those different tones we can say in different references off Savannah's. They are mainly purplish tins, But since we're having these character as a guide, then we can start first by making a color test here, hit the materials and also like this material over here. So the first we'll do is to try out this material this color. I look for another reference off Sylvanus. Over here we can see these references. For instance, Over here we can see she's kind of violet, so let's do the exercise of combining what is thes golden on the edges with the color and texture. Really material off the armor has got and mix it a bit with these weren't away material in order to get a bit more off realism from what we can get in our software. Z brush. It obviously will depend on what you want. If you want the purplish tone to understand or a bit more pale, it could be somewhere around here that would give a different feeling. We only need a bit lighter. I select over here in, like box brush noise. Let's select on what they will do. Let's see what this brushed us I'll bring. This is a tool to the front increases of division. I'll need some more solution in this case, you know, to not ease what these brushed us. These brushed in the rates and noise, but it's got too much intensity. Let's set it on. Three could be and it generates some nice on the material. 3. Sylv Vol 3 02 tex forearm part02: on some parts. Allow a bid this to happen. If I combined these material together with these colors, pray that is. You get kind of a different effect also the same way over here. Instead of using these one here, I'll leave this stroke, this one here and all select another Alfa, which could be this one. It doesn't work that well. I'll leave the stroke, this one over here on what little dome is to live some areas with somewhere. I like thinking it's more a damaged armor, for instance. Over here I said the brush thinner and I'll carry on damaging a bit the edges. I'll miss this with a bit off color. It could be a darker color at the moment. It's got it too dark already. I'll set a gray over here. Let's combine it on. Check what we get at somewhere to these portion, the material a beat, the deer tear. I'll increase something intensity in order to see how much damage is the material. That's you. On the reference, I'll select standard again. Select this color Anel painted, but I don't want to paint it completely without color. I'd like to make it a bit lighter. Basically, this technique we're applying on this piece is the one we'll use on the most over the metallic pieces on most oxygen minus accessories. Obviously, there are some other parts which are fabrics, skin, but there are lots of metallic pieces. Check over here, so I'll do this roughly. Exception. This crystal. I'll show you in a moment. How to paint it for the time being out. Paint everything the same color, some parts darker. For instance. Notice over here. This is almost black. Over here, there are some darker areas. I'll by hitting. See, I'll click on this area on paint some areas darker. All right. No. Go back to noise on using noise. Check what else do Here? Let's where these a bit. Check the intensity off the brush. Were using noise. Three. The Alfa on the stroke amusing in the moment. So I'll apply it to these armor. This kind of where? All right now. L select a more Gila wish material. Let's try this one. I never hear. What I'll try to do is is to make these little edges which have got kind of a wear off of that home. I'd say it should be lighter in order to not ease s ome or the contrast. I'll change for a moment. This is stroke for the insulin. Remove these Alfa and try out how it would look a just with the brush. I wanted to find a bit more those edges I'll use again. Its prey. So not Isse from this fire materially starts to look pretty interesting. What are the tones? Could we mix? Let's check over here. Let's check first. How to make this look older so it doesn't look so violet. They would I I'll take it to a more great color. Let's decrease the intensity of the arch. D. I will stand on these portion darker, and I'll try out leaving these a bit darker. This is basically how we are achieving the material on the edge off these shape over here. Chris. A bid to six the intensity in order to make more prominent than where which color, and we'll select another color and keep it for a while. I'll said it'll be darker. I'll simply make these borders Toby lighter and also over here on the joints. All right, 4. Sylv Vol 3 03 tex forearm part03: I seem to select these portion here. That's protect it. Just a bit smooth it click again and select for instance. H polish. All right, that's the idea. Now what I'll do is just like this piece notice. Over here there is a shape that is more like golden, so let's make it using them standard. We can leave these material for this color with this tomb and then enable RJB Let's also enable lazy mouth so it helps us generating the shape Z's up. It's got one. For instance. If I don't want it to be so defined, I'll head over here on, for instance, over here on the edge. I want to generate the shape this way. Let's proceed inverting the just in these edge It would be something like this. If we don't get it perfect, we can adjust manually. Using move Could be so let's select, move unadjusted. Go back over here. It was a bit lower, so what I'll do is to live thes piece. I can select standard I'll use on the RGB, which is the color I'll select over here. Um, it would be with spray on the same Alfa. Let's try to at a different tone on certain areas. I add more wear effect if I don't want to affect so much with the material. For instance, over here, we can not is it's got our roughness. We know it's because of the noise. Three. But there are some cases where I simply don't want toe more roughness. It's simply about emulating the material. Likewise, for instance, al Invert here, which color and add some more of the tones, or go back to some other violet areas over here, for instance, also over here. Sometimes I leave Lazy Mouse enabled, so it doesn't affect much when applying this stroke. If I disabled it not is not, is how it would be applied differently. Let's head to the crystal selected by hearing control, shift and click on it. The material will be something like these one. Over here, I'll fly it color feel object or I simply painted. Or now that we have feel object, apply it. Jail Cheddar, a jilted urbi feel object jail, cheddar A works better. I think the color is a bit oper, so let's plays thes here. This one has got RGB Onley already. It's compared to the reference should be greener. No, a bit slower and more towards the blue like that is more similar. I'll try out just with its prey with this health, these one over here off eight. Select a yellow gently at so more wear on some areas. I don't like how it is looking. I'll live lazy mouse enabled. It controls. They wear better. I'll add somewhere on these edge here. All right, let's take a break and we'll continue in the next class with the text a ring off another piece. 5. Sylv Vol 3 04 Pectoral protector part01: Hello, everyone. Let's continue then. Where? These class about text during. We were finishing with the forearm protector. And now I want to continue with this part of the pectoral protector. Basically. What regards? The forearm protector, the petro, these plates Over here. These were never here. Well, I've got the shoulder pats hidden. Also, this person over here are painted relatively the same way. Likewise, over here there are some details that are metallic over this area off the underwear. Andi, also the globe's They've got some metallic area will paint off that the same way and by using the same technique. So Al had again thes shoulder pats. I'll select the pectoral protector, which is just this part. I need to pay the pectoral and use the same material that I fused here. So, as I previously told you, by hitting the key, see, we'll copy the tone and start painting over these win and I'll painted quite roughly. It's a technique will decide which one you'll use. I'll go back to the material we've already noticed the material will help us a lot. Remember for these peace, I have told Z brush to feel out of the peace with the same material. So if I change it here having applied feel object, it doesn't allow to visualize it this way. So just for the time being, I could be playing with now head through noise three and also legs over here. Noise. You know what somewhere I'll select by holding control shift and click over here Damage eso more thes one make it look golden. So it would be something like this and also not ease over here In the reference, this one is also lighter So I can also proceed the same way Al apply in fact notice. It also looks good with just one stroke. Likewise, over here I think all the date another subdivision because let's start noticing Over here it's got some kind off engraved. So what I'll do is to select, um one ofa enables EOD remove the material. That's the approximate volume they want. But I wanted to be more golden notice. He's a bit more golden over here. Have to apply it with large being able. It's something like this. I'll remove these edge. Let's make it here not is thes edge is joined, so it has to be there So it is a stroke approximately this way. It doesn't have to be exactly the same or perfect, but we'll try to mimic. I see it is here on that way, as we are doing it here, they're different pieces with very similar in grace. Bring it to the front and then it would be looking something like this. But hold on a second, that is, we have to make these reached the edge. I'll disable the color for a moment and add some small thing. Obviously, since it hasn't got good resolution, we get it like this. If we want it to be perfect, then I will have to increase their solution. That said, if right here, I increases observation more, it was. Look, wait, Better now Over here after the h. All right, I'll select again. Standard. I'm no, not a standard noise. - I'll head to masking. I never hear l Select. Masked by cavity click noughties. These edges are darker, meaning it's generated a mask. Click on blue it a bit. Invert on their al. Apply a darker material. I'll be darker around here on will check how it gets, disables the yard on the RGB. Remove the mask a bit more black. All right. A thing like that should do. Um, I like to make this look older. Excuse me. Is this on this one over here? Let's go. Barth noise. I think that looks pretty good. Let's continue with the next piece to you on the next tutorial. 6. Sylv Vol 3 05 Skull shoulderP part01: Hello. Let's continue with the text string of thes piece. Basically this coal we can make only one school and we could clone it over here. The same thing for these horns. These peace. In this case, I won't make it. It will be the same exact technique we have applied on the other pieces. So we'll make. First of all, we'll select the material. We already know what it is thes mh shining. But for this calls, I'll select. I leave them on standard. So as we know with em, we apply the material feel object. We'll get it like this and these horns as well he'd feel object. What I will do is to select these heat out a group. I'll do it. Injustice Gulf Nice three. Let's damage a bit. The school. Let's take you to a darker color. The intensity is too high, and I'll simply adjust some areas gently decreases the intensity, hiding somewhere or some debt. I can also try using standard Elsa. This is all for seven. Let's make some holes these up, but well, let's make it more subtle. It's got too much intensity on Let's make them with, like that gently some strokes, and now I'll select standard but normal. With that Alfa stroke, let's darken a bit here. - Remember when the previous class, where we used another method with masking you must and we apply by cavity al blurred a bit , invert and make these area darker? We got it too dark. Let's make it more subtle. I really use the intensity for the RGB. The color. Let's remove the mask. I think that that would look pretty good. Let's bring them all to the front. When I playing a text string on this, then what will do is to clone them that selectees Hearn on the same thing. I'll select again noise that's Apply it more on the base area the same. Over here, I'll play a different tone, something lighter over here on the top. Over here. Let's select again. Spray seven. All right, here. We've got it too dark. Let's remove thumb from here. Invert also the color. I think I like it. A zit is now. Now what we'll have to do is duplicate it. Let's head to the material image, a shiny and these horns. We'll add them some damage, but darker. Let's head to nice three like that. It looks a bit older. When we finished this one over here, we'll clone it for these one Over here. This is basically what we wanted to do on this class. Now, this piece you can proceed the same way as we have done it with the previous pieces. The same technique. This take a break and I'll see you on the next class. 7. Sylv Vol 3 06 Pectoral protector part02: all right. According to the previous class, This is what I've got. If I check the visual reference, which is this one I've tried to me make over here these shapes. It doesn't have to be perfect, but I try to make the essence of the peace being Rafe. It's got and I have done mine this way. I think it looks pretty good. Let's carry on with another piece. In these case. I like to work on this one. First, it's enable solo it would be the same for this one. It's a metallic piece. Select image, a shiny Let's paint it. Check over here The reference the same thing. Old look with the same tone we've used. Maybe we could play around with these two tones. Ballplayers, material feel object. Let's pain with this one over here. Okay, let's enable RGB. The intensity is too high. I don't want it to be so high. Let's head it on four. But I do want to paint it a bit. I bathe more with these tone on these area that's head to its prey, and this one I'll use again noise and check the reference. I'll be darker, so let's use thes grave Got here. Now I'll make thes lighter. It may be should have a more golden tone like these one over here. We could use a standard on Applied for him here by pressing C. All right. I think like that is right. What we have to do now let's check the reference This in great feats got we make it exactly as we've made this one on the leg. Let's make it in this case is a bit more golden. I think it's got a better detail for that one I've got here on Alpha. This one have created this one by observing closely the pattern on this area. Let me show you the size of this one. It's 161 by 158 pixels. It's really small. We don't need it any bigger. Like that works fine and we still consider the edge. Not is. I've made it a bit blurred. Besides that, the cut on these distances important generate them from the Alfa. The same for Lee since over here I said it right from the Alfa. These distances existing after the age are quite important for the result since not ease over here, it is really close to the edge. Let's apply it to see what I mean. So l selective piece Click over here, as we did announce, Teach basic change. The Alfa import that's one is right here in textures, and it's called Dornemann, too. Anyways, leave these files available for you to be able to use them and check how you can create them from the image, because we have not only to learn mating knicks, but often you will have a character and you will be able to only watch on analyze how to proceed according to what you understand at the instant. It's basically what happens in the situation. So let's use this tone imported for coming to open. Let's start to apply this stroke. I'll play another subdivision. Fortunately, this is a small piece on. It'll look wait better there, but first the color is supposed to be golden, so it would be something like over here. Let's check with more color on, Darker said. It's on 20. I think they're works fine. So what we have to do now is the following start from a location where we think it will fit and we are the pardon. As you already know, we enable lazy mouth. It doesn't look good. 80 miles in 100. We already know Lazy Mouse is located here in a stroke. Lazy mouth. We're hearing lazy Radio 100. Let's try to make it following the H as probably as possible. I think that should do Over here is a bit more complex because we have to Well, these person at the back, one the visible. So that's not a big deal. Reason why it is important. When you make these kind of details, the visible parts must be almost perfect. Not is over here how it looks. But if we are from an angle from here, he wouldn't be really visible. We need to learn how to hide those kind of details. Let's check how it looks. Take a break and we'll continue 8. Sylv Vol 3 07 Pectoral protector part03: its continue. Then with these peace, let's get closer. Let's apply. Feel, object the material this shiny material feel object. Okay, enable RGB and I'll paint over here we see on the visual reference it is a bit cleaver compared to this one, so we'll make it look older on a more pale way differently. It could be bringing these as a guide. Let's head to standard. Let's start adding some colors over here. For instance, I'll select days, but set a lighter color around here. Could be on all painted with no alphas. I'll try to avoid the edges. Try to mimic these reference. Um, the edges lighter here he separated. I should join it. The one has got three subdivisions. I'll leave three. How many's of divisions has? He's God, it's got four. What if I said it on three? It would look good also, So I'll living on three and he delayed higher. I'll decrease them there. This has got also three had a cruise them as well for optimizing. So we find this here, here to three. What's this one? I don't know. I'll simply leave it down here for the time being. So what? I'm doing here? It's a decrease the subdivisions in order to clone them after their cloned on joint. Then I can increase the subdivisions again. So I'll hit merch down to this one below here, much down. I've got among together already so I can paint them with way more ease. I'll increase an additional subdivision in the repertoire. The damage I'll use again noise. Three. It is too dark. There are some parts where we can paint them like this. And then we re touch the borders. It would be difficult now to avoid the borders. Go back to standard. I also like this one. I let her color and let's define some more those hedges like that. I think it looks pretty good. The ornaments number three. Okay, He's obviously with Stitch. Obviously such basic, Um, here it is the same thing. Let's find golden. What calories kids pick on. Get it from here by presidency. Stand over here. Let's shake how it behaved. It comes along yet from the inferior part here on this area on RGB, I think it could be a bit lighter on a bit bigger as well. We could take this up to around the middle. So let's increase one volume or four, and it reaches right these portion here. So let's take it from here after these Persian. Well, we almost got it almost. I love just this bid, so it helps me with the situation. Remove the subdivisions a justice area a bit more. Try to get in more straight. I never here. I think it is more like pointing like this, so simply adjust it. We've already got the approximate measure of how the distance should be or what he should reach. Let's increases of divisions again on Let's use Again Stitch. I bid lower the middle, trying to follow the light that little dot or the kind of arrow we have there. This is the advantage of using Lazy Mouse, I'd say like that should do. Now the same thing over here. How does he look with the rest? The thing It looks good 9. Sylv Vol 3 08 Pectoral protector part04: these evil accessories. Let's, um, material feel object. How well we had already done in select Standard remove These Alfa is the same thing will apply. Um, let's get this tone over here and I'll start painting in with these often. This will be way easier. Obviously, there's mother pieces not Is just there playing some strokes. We couldn't get this result. By the time I finished painting these portion, they would remove thes part and we would clone it to the other side, as we have done for the other pieces. Remove this, pray and polish it with the edges with a lighter color. Of course, for instance, over here as well. All right. No, I'll select Jill Shader. A click on it Present course were here he'd see Select this color RGB on. What I'll do is to paint this this little crystal increase after the rights of division on select lasso and select being careful here like this Invert unpainted Remove it and it would be like this the same thing over here. That's how we get this done. All right, break and we'll continue in the next class 10. Sylv Vol 3 09 Tex leg protector part01: Hello. Let's continue then, for this advanced tutorial on the text during stage. The next piece out press control shift over here. Bring everything to the front so we can see what we have so far. I'll select then these peace Over here. These were never here. Hold shift, click on it. Enable these here released shifts and enabled the I I will bring again. I always like having the first piece I painted as a guide. So I'll bring the forearm because initially I got the material. There are here by presidency Click. Let's start then to paint the same thing. Select over here on invert by present V, which he's switched color. Let's start. I'll get the tone down up to 44. These edges are going to be more golden. I don't have them selected by Polly groups. I love how you over here out of groups Contra shift here and these border will be more golden. Let's check that color. It is a bit to life, so let's take it more to a great tone. Also check the roughness intensity so it doesn't damage it much certain four or five. Select this one over here on the same thing. There are the ones that are gold click. I also like this one over here. I never hear I had trying out a roughness that's earning grave. Let's see how it should be. Um, over here, we can see it. It's got kind off the shape curse. This way. Let's make it. But I don't need to hide this one. Lets see. How's that? Now? Let's leave it like this. I'll select Standard. Let's remember which one was the stroke. This one on Alpha 13 approximately on two on three, works fine over there, more or less, but I wanted to be on 16. More or less over there should do, and the intensity should be more saddled around. There could be proceed then, as follows. This way, he doesn't have to be perfect. Just try to make the reference to I think over there it would look pretty good. That's a start thing. This not is this piece is a bit darker. Let's elect noise. I have it here. I'll paint these darker, so I don't know. How does this work? It would be too dark to gray. Let's take it towards the violet and we apply the same technique we have applied on the previous pieces darker. But let's say I want to disable for a while The noise off the volume on I'd apply only painting. I do that by enabling here's EOD. Anything. I get it quite well. There. Unlike wise, we grabbed this one. By the time we get these painted, I'll bring the rest of the front. Bring obey the collar up here. So what we do is to clone these peace over here, which basically is the same piece duplicated at the other side. The same will happen with this one since it is painted already. We duplicated to the other side and just like that, for every piece, with symmetry to you in the next class. 11. Sylv Vol 3 10 Tex leg protector part01: Hello. Let's continue then let's continue with the peace which it could be this one over here. Pretty faster. Paint on it would be as follows. This is a bit lighter. Feel material. Select the material feel object which color al pain a bit with this color. Let's do it with Ziad enabled in order to apply the detail off the roughness. It is too dark. I'll set it a bit lighter. There we can see the roughness inverted. Let's see if we can do it. Using standard Select over here Alfa Egg, its prey Remove. See at what we'll do is to add some more yellow. All right, these peace, Palestine on basic material out shank. I think it is a bit more. I think it should be softer so I can decrease it simply over here on dots. And I was just painted with a little bit of yellow. Let's remove this one over here in order to get it a bit lighter. All right. It is a simple piece. I think it looks good there. Let's leave these piece like this on the next class will continue with what regards the boot. So see you on the next class 12. Sylv Vol 3 11 Tex boot part01: let's continue in this class with regards to boot. Let's see how we can do it. It will be as follows. But it turns out I've got the separated because besides these, it's got on engrave this engrave over here this engrave scenes, it is so perfectly shaped. The pattern is perfect. Then we wouldn't make it manually. As we've made, this one will make it using an Alfa. And I'll show you how in a moment the reason why I wanted to separate this. I'll need to apply and engrave and I need to increase of divisions, you know, to not is the detail. So what else do first is the metallic materials first since other ones we know already these one over here this one here has got a completely different material. I'll show you first what materials we can use this leather, for instance. This policy skin It works pretty well, Internet toward the illusion off a leather material. All right, let's try out a caller. Ajit, be standard and I wanted to be Obviously these collar is is brown the boot? Um, the material. It's got scenes as the full. It's got kind off dark material Then let's find it that brown maybe by combining it with a gray, trying to make it similar. This way over there, that's the color values. If I select, for instance, um, standard drug correct on. Well, obviously I'll use these up. Let's remove this one on All days Control W converted into a single object. So everybody, God, leather on metal. And with the amazing thes part over here on, I'll start generating certain details. So 60 select standard enable RGB on. What I'll do is to live this a bit. I won't use this one as do it, using simply a normal Alpha standard. I'll make some little wrinkles in the back, but the idea is to make them a bit lighter. The difference is noticeable. I'll select here again, and so more tone. I'll go back over here, disables, ease up on all soft in a bid. Those defined tones smooth it. Using pinch, we make this title bit all right 13. Sylv Vol 3 12 Tex boot part02: Um, let's head to like box in Alpha. There are some we've got as the fold. Let's try this one out. Let's see how it works. I like it there. Then I'll apply it on the direction on this direction, on on this direction on else. Rotate. So that way we are the illusion. It's leather. - Let's head to these of the peace that obviously is the same. It's got some other kind off where, like these damage at the end of the boots, we generate that with a different tone. You could be with an offer. For instance, I'll search over here. It could be more manual. I'll select, Um, pray tone up here he's at over here. Let's check how it would look with a lighter tone, more like, um, kind of green. Maybe it would be too much. Let's remove disease up. Unlike so we can proceed on certain areas random for damages, roughly on the material. We could make these soul of the darker. It is a bit darker on dear, dear. I like it there 14. Sylv Vol 3 13 tex boot part03: Now what else do is the in grave? How do we make the engrave? Let's select photo shop in the red Visualize some alphas I've generated course three in text Yours ornament. This one in fact, all up in the mall. He is the one we'll use for this area. The one right here. This shape on this one Over here we'll also use it and I'll show you which one corresponds . It'll be these one. I've applied it already with a brush we'll show you on the other shape is the one over here which corresponds to the person over here. Also here also over here also over here I never hear is the same shape. So on this class well applied this one after applying it. You understand how to proceed with the ones here on the others here. So let's go ahead and select the brush we use. It's called Stitch Basic, and these were here is an offer Alimport selecting curse three textures ornament, which would be the ornament one. So let's see how it works. This stitch is normally used for generating the sewing. This we can replace the shape set on. This is teach previously for these shape here. So I have fired this way. Let's often these for a moment here. Clothes the's here on open. So let's set first what color will use. It will be an color like this one similar to these metal color that's also set the size, the intensity of the metal on the intensity of the volume we want to achieve. We make it this way. Let's modify it. There are modifications we can do over here in Alfa if we want to generate two tiles, we would generate something like this if we had to add more tiles, they're kind off repetitions. Let's disable tile Citizen one right? A cities. We can apply it, but I need just also need to apply it with the material. Since notice it comes with a metallic material over the material, which is kind of a leather. So let's see. The first thing I have to do is to select here on Let's head to the material. It is this one over here, often depending on the angle on the shape. It it is like this cylindrical. It gets a bit complex, so we have to make a portion of the stroke. You have seen lazy mouth controlled reach a point on lazy mouth will help us to carry on from that point over here. Ever got lazy miles of the moment? I mean lazy radio. Excuse me, lady. Mouth is enabled on lady radios, he said. On 100. So like that, I could generate these shape. Let's generating over here at the back is not letting me start from this point a bit lower there. Then all starts from the other side. He'd worked. Let's try to make it right in the middle after these portion and then we continue from that point. Let's see if we can finish this properly. Sometimes it gets difficult. All right, that's what we got. We have basically got the leg, complete with the leather material. You will check if you will apply some more detail more. Fuld's more where? See you on the next class. Well, I think this is hear about this class. Let's continue in the next class for painting another piece 15. Sylv Vol 3 14 tex hood part01: Let's continue in this class for the text ring off the hood of Sylvanus these time will apply a different thing. Nick Thies. An image I find on the Internet from Google and I thought it was an interesting pattern to be applied and explain then how we can apply it. But when I applying it in order to get it this way as a pattern, we at least need to mop thes part. The mapping is done on a very easy way. There's head to Z plugging on over here. It's normally close even Master. Let's elect work and clone Click on the desolate sit. It's this one over here called CEO Clone is going over here. It is set with lower resolution and we applied the mapping on these mesh. How does it work? With the simple mash basic we can apply simply on Rob. We're for the process to finish done. Go back to see plug in and in order to check what we got press here on flatten getting these mesh this way. Meaning it's done in the right. Now let's hit on flatten next copy you ve and go back now to the original one head to Z plugging and hit paced U V S. How can we verify it's being done over here? Let's hit more few B and we got this way flat. Okay, now what I want to do, it's well for your color. So let's select a color based on the reference it would be a color like kind of Burgundy kind of dark. Well, let's try to find this kind of burgundy tone. Let's set this kind of for pool over here. RGB. Let's remove thes brush, which visualizes how the color raise united to located with Maurice. Let's see it of a darker I'll leave it over here. There were is I'll hit, feel object and we would get this Well, obviously, I gotta have RGB enabled intensity on 100. Now I can apply it. That means we've got to match completely painted. Now what I'll do is to head directly over here toe adoption called sir Faith, and we enable noise. Let's get this closer in order to visualize it. This is the previous screen. Let's leave it like that, and what else do is to import that image I've shown to you. I think it's this one often. And there we got it. It's a skillet of it. Let's check these eyes. Enable Here you ve maybe a bit more subtle. Once I'm satisfied. What I'll do is to safe this thing's pattern, the texture as it looks. I'll save it scenes. Later on, I would be able to copy and paste it on. I had done here previously. I replace it. It's called Noisemaker Hood because later on, as I was telling you, outpaced it to the Cape, which would be basically the same. We select the cape, we are played a noisemaker. That's it. It would be applied there. Here. Okay, Kindof like it as it is. And I hit up fight Mish. Okay, we've got it there. What I need to do on the hood now is still enable solo shift F. I love how you stroke the mask, but it has to be with mask pin. I'll disable here for having Mawr view range. The idea is to make thes embroidery on the edges. No, we'll make it a bit thicker for these kind of masks. We can also use lays email so we can hold control for making the mask. I'll hit here. Lazy mouse on. Let's make that mask. After making the mask, let's head to extract 0.5 extract. Maybe a bit shorter. 0.4 extract. That's better. He'd accept. Remember how the proceeding raise its move. Head to zero measure. Apply one now let's leave it on five zero measure. All right, let's elect over here. Let's find a material You could be These golden one will apply this standard 12 it simply material standard. Phil object. And we go back to this one. I'd say it could be the same m h shining, but with a brighter color. It could be the S one. Have a listen with this piece for the border will do the same thing manually The mask Let's head to extract. Except let's head to the true measure five. It's more thin all right and will be half left Finally. Well, you already know The Sceviour about not is over here is not so golden. We can change that tone. Not so golden on decides that. Apply the pattern. We know how to do it already. It's relatively straight, so it should be easy to apply. That's for us. Homework. See you in the next class 16. Sylv Vol 3 15 tex cape part01: All right. On these class will continue with what regards The K. This is the hood I've got Have already made this part. I hope you've got a similar result. In my case, I've changed the tone a bit darker. According to the reference, I like it more this way. So I've left it like that. Now I'll select escape on this cape on the escape. Have already applied the pattern. That is how it looks. I'll show you the right way. I'll select over here noise stunning. The cape date There we have the pattern. I was headed to a date Open noisemaker hood open. And I get this, um, hit. Okay. And that's it. Pretty simple. We had already created everything for the hood. In this case, we simply hard toe apply it. So let's apply the mesh. Yes, let's increases of divisions. There were too few. I'll hit apply to Mish. So we get this. That's it. See you on the next class 17. Sylv Vol 3 16 tex Gloves part01: on this class will work with hands text oring We basically have to apply over here Leather The same for these part here. And these are some kind of manacles. Protectors made off metal will make them first. Let's select this one I've got here. The fingers separated. Let's see where the fingers are. Here. I've got one. This would be thes person is metallic on. This person is made off leather. Let's proceed first with these parts and the same thing as we've made the leather material for the boots. Let's check them. Let's for a C in order to get that color this one. And as we know already, the material will use Theis Time is this Polly Skin It provides already are filling its leather. It is there in m rgb. Let's apply it. Feel object. Let's select the material. Remember how we proceed. Hit to Alfa. We have to select this one of here. This one over here. Okay, done. And thats a start to, but we know we should increase a bit the tone. Well, not to be as these up. That's too much when it will apply here. Drug correct. Let's just a bit more the tone, al, increase subdivision more in order to get a better texture, we apply it the same way as we did for the boots. Let me show you over here on the reference in this case, Sylvanus has got this globe having darker compared to the boots. So if you want after you, we're gonna play a darker tone. That would be, um I don't know. It could be with the feel in front. We consider darker feel it could be something like this. And after that, let's take these upper in order to make the marks more defined. The leather marks for the wrinkle the folds select pains for a moment. And what I'll do is to have justified this sewing lazy mouth. Now what I'll do is just select standard. I'll set it on dot Could be I live. Let's see. Should get these lighter. I'll create somewhere on this edge on the same we wantedto applies home or folds. We would do it using zi AAD rgb on some little folds removed the Alfa obviously let's decrease to subdivisions intensity. I look more. This would be then a globe. The most important part of the Globe that's look like it's made off letter. Now we would receive exactly the same way with a finger. Let's elect, for instance, this one over here Solo select by holding Contra chief this one over here the same What Tony said. Select from here. The color M rgb on Al. He'd feel object. Feel object. We have to increase the RGB. When this happens. It's because the Rdp is too low or it's 100% feel object. Okay, bring them to the front on our apply it on them now for this one that enable solo Let's leave stuff like that for the time being. Let's proceed with them out with the metal part. The medal will be done exactly the same. Rather, these ones an invert. Select the material. This one again, I'll hit feel object. Let's check how the references is this edge to me, locked with these ones over here that we've always used these in their part is also made off leather. We can select these parts. I'll hit out. The group hopes it's actually here. I've changed it and bring everything to the front. Select this one again and this one invert. I'll work for a moment with these two. Because these portion well, it's done already. We need to make the inner part the same as I proceeded before lasso when we worked on the crystal control W click here. Invert click. I need to hide this one. This one This one and this one on this one over here will get the same material. Leather. Margie, be feel object. So basically, I've got the first part while darting a bit This material, the metal material Since it is so small these details here won't be that visible. Let's RGB remove Zia and what I would do here. You still try to make this look older a bit the dark. That's more like it. I'll select all that is metallic. Apply somewhere all around quite easy. This is not right. Basically, that's what needs to be done on all these knuckles on all the pieces here. You already know how to do it. So I think this is it about this class break and we'll continue in the next one. In the next class will paint the body under here. See you in the next class 18. Sylv Vol 3 17 tex hair and eyes part01: hello on this part of the curse will pain these time but respect the body? It will be on a really easy way, and then we'll proceed with the hair. Have a light here, some waves. After the result I've got with the hood, I think like this, it looks better. Have applied them. After I combined the hood on the lines have generated. And after making thes ornament we had already made previously, it was, ah, homework for you. Actually, I hope you've got a really good result. Let's make first the here the hair will be pretty simple. How selected enable solo on. Basically, the collector as we know it is a comic character, and since the hair is modeled, there is not much left to do besides adding a material. In this case, it's a player. Lighter material I like this one on may be for the tone changed the color I have applied. These material called It's called Madcap Skeleton. All right, He looks lighter there, and I think it'll look pretty good for the result we want. I'll bring back the eyes. They're over here. Disabled solo. Well, maybe hide the hood under here on the ice. What I would basically do is to are playing material called flat color. He's going to emulate. They have some kind of a glow that enabled solo enable Polly F and helping them using these yellow we have already there using standard RGB. Let's color the poop eel with this yellow all this table lazy mouth because I'm not getting a good effect. I like it more like this, and I and I like it more like that. Maybe I'll blow it a bit. Another to do so I'd have to decrease a bit difficult shift. I'm getting into big. I don't want it to be so big too big. Let's check how it looks. Nothing like that. Should we got kind off Rheal? Sizable Pope, You well, the original size often Iris. 19. Sylv Vol 3 18 tex Body part01: for the body will use the same material will use this one called skin shader. For this one. Let's see how it works. Applying these material, let's apply it feel object. I'm not trying to get a similar tone to the ones in Venice normally has, which is kind off our pale blue I'll proceed using are to be feel object. The matter is that we have obviously last details off the paint we had on the face. We would have to paint them again. The important thing is that we get the right tone, check the reference it would be approximately these kind off polyglot. So let's bring things to this side. Not so blue more towards, um, white feel object and we can proceed that way. This is one alternative. The other option is to do it using basic material. Let's try out hey, feel object. But we would get the shadows, the proportions that details we've applied to Mark that, um in this case, we don't get that kind of clone the skin. I'd say we should select skin shader feel object. All right, What we'll do now is to start painting again. Well, we've lost on the leaves the eyebrows on uh what you got de ice outlines that make up she had. So let's select it. I'll enable large be the black material. Let's set it there. Two black over there and I'll decreased the intensity In order to have more control, we can simply invert by hitting, See, pick the color I have here pick and painted again. So that way we polish it, go back to black. I'll try to make these edge the shading the crucial beat the intensity to here in order to mix these colors here. - Basically , we've already got the color I was looking for. I like it there. So if I wanted to apply these brightness, then I cannot A material which would be Thai plastic at the material removed. RGB Another material. What happens is that it does leave a truck, but the brightness one be visible from a far distance 20. Sylv Vol 3 19 tex Body part02: What I do know is to add certain details on this king, for instance, something like, Let's hear too, Sir. Face noise. Let's get these closer The crystal bid days blend a noise. The nicest scale. Something like that. It's like for adding a little detail to the skin. Hit. Okay, I'll increase all the subdivisions, which are six of divisions I have. And now let's hear. Apply to measure way. Have an issue. The issue is that I lose details I've already added. So in order to avoid this, let's hit control Z. Go back to it it for the noise. Remove from here color blend and I simply added to the noise of the body. Okay, so over here we can not is it's going on interesting detail over the skin. And I didn't lose the details previously added for finishing it already got some details on the skin. I want to add something which is kind off on a mutation of the veins all around the body veins that allow due to their translations. I'll do it using drag. Correct. Now use, um, veins. We have here a default in an Alfa called and I can seem to find them here they are also 22 . Excuse me. Enable large it be. I don't want it to be so powerful. A bit more blue, perhaps. I like them like that. But I don't want them to look symmetrical. A lot size symmetry on some portions. So I love him on the far artist areas. Over here. I'll make them symmetrical, so I work faster. So for instance, it could be like this. I'll decreased the intensity off the RTP a little so they don't look so defined. Not so prominent on these parts Over here is not a good idea to make them cause the symmetry turns obvious. But these will are a good look for the result, especially here in the portion off the face. So I'll disable the symmetry and I'll make some on the middle. Avoid symmetry. Obviously, I can add some with Z at enabled in order to get them with some volume for instance, over here on. But well, I don't like them to be so defined, so marked He would deal right over here more or less like this. I think they are looking pretty good. As I told you previously, we have to make them in different directions. We shouldn't make them on just one direction. Otherwise, it will be obvious they've been created using an offer on That's the least we want. Obviously the most visible parts. Keep in mind there are pieces over here on the on the neck Over here. What covers the pack? True, but there are some parts that will be visible on. It'll look quite interesting. I could also at some kind off town and that's apart. Push some kind of red in order to imitate a bit. I don't know. It could be a princely sins over here on the ears would look fine. Decreased the intensity on the cheek a bit. Excuse me. I've got an Alfa enabled is not like we're adding blush, but we want to imitate some areas. I'm not some variety toe, the blue collar. It's too blue. All right. I think over here it looks pretty good If I bring to the front everything we have done over here, we have our character. They would carry on to our next stage for what corresponds to the fourth volume, which is to Venice Post. So all right, this is it about these third curse? The weapons have been left for you to make them tweak them by applying these techniques on them both on the modeling stage, on on the texture ring. So in the fourth course will cover what regards the post on the optimization off the character in order to get it completely finished. So without further ado, see you in the next curse by