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Create Stunning Text Effects in Adobe Illustrator

teacher avatar Gonjetso Chinyama

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Creating a Distressed Text Effect

    • 3. Creating a Sketch Text Effect

    • 4. Creating a Game Logo Text Effect - Part 1

    • 5. Creating a Game Logo Text Effect - Part 2

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About This Class

In the following class, you will learn how to use an existing font, use Illustrator's appearance panel, clipping masks, and pathfinder tools to create awesome text effects. If you want to add a fun, vector text effect to your portfolio, then get started now. 

All but one of these effects is 100% editable so you can change the word and/or font and the effect will update immediately.

These techniques should work in all recent versions of Illustrator.

Required software:


  • Basic knowledge of Illustrator is helpful but not mandatory. I cover each step in detail so an Illustrator newbie can still follow along! In fact, this class makes a good introduction to some of Illustrator's most powerful tools.


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1. Introduction: Hello, Moses. Unwelcome to creating stunning text effects in Illustrator In this class, you will learn how to create four great text effects in illustrator from scratch. These effects include the sketch effect two game local effects on a distressed effect from the way you will pick up Great Skills in Illustrator, which you can use in many other types of projects and roll now and let's jump straight into illustrator to get started. 2. Creating a Distressed Text Effect: they're in this video, we are going to be creating this first text effect. This we are going to be using the type to brush to the Pathfinder. Pilo, as well as a stroke spinal also be creating some compound pass along the way. So let's hop into it. Okay, so I am going to start using this type two, our ender. My text. I'll use the word north, so select that I'm using a fund. Could North Holt regular with the fun size of 300 pt. Next, I'll choose the brush to, and I'll create a line from one end of my art board to the other end of my art board. I select this line using the Black Arrow. I'm going to open the Brushes panel by going to windows brushes on the bottom here, we to fill up their libraries. Andi, there's one quote. Artistic. I'll choose joke. Charcoal pencil. I don't take the first brush. The choke brush. Great. I'm going to change the stroke size for this. Bring it up a bit to 10 and then I am going to expand by going to stroke on outlined stroke . Next, I am going to right click my text and create outlines. So now I can no longer edit this text. So on this, behind the brush pattern on, then I am going to create a compound path by going to compound path. Make. Let's change the foreground colored or black so that we can see this. I also need to create, So I am going to copy this to use later. I also need to create a compound path for my brush. Patton. So compound path make. Now I have to compound pasts on my art. Bored. I'm going to select them both on open up the Pathfinder panel. You can find this at Windows Pathfinder. I'm going to select the second icon for minus front, and so this removes the brush pat shape on the front from the text on the back. Now go to edit and paste on pace to front. I went to remove the foreground color on. I'm going to add a black stroke. Let's go to the strokes panel. You can find this again. A windows go down to spoke. Andi, I would change this toe inside stroke, and I bring up the win with off the stroke to create this nice, distressed effect I like. I like that. So what I'm going to do now is I will goto objects and expand appearance. Are they? Select everything on my art board on. Go back to the Pathfinder. May new Pathfinder panel and select. Unite on. There you go. My distressed effect is complete. I can change the color of this. I can change the sight of it. I think you fortune. 3. Creating a Sketch Text Effect: Hey there in this video, we are going to be creating this. It's a sketch effect. This video will introduce you to their appearance panel as well as a graphic style using the techniques in this video, you can create this effect over and over again with a single click. I'm excited to do this, so let's hope it do it. I'm going to start by creating a new document, and I will use the type two. I'm going to bring up the size of this text to 300 points, and I use a fund according northward regular. So I'm going to write out my text. I'll use the word animal, so I'll make sure that there's no stroke and no feel. Andi, I'm going to use their appearance panel for this. I'll find this at Windows on appearance. So at the bottom of this panel, I'm going to choose, adding you feel and I'll keep the Defour color of black for this view, and then I'll go to effects or find style eyes and then scribble. And so we these scribble options open. I would change first of all, the angle to something like 45 degrees on the path overlap. I'll put this zero. I'll put this the path of a lot of variation to two pixels. The stroke with one the curve anus to zero on the Covenas variation to 50. The spacing to two on the spacing variation 1.5 pixels and I'll select. Okay, and then in this panel is a stroke option. I'm going to click on that. I now give this this a two point stroke. You can give this any kind of strip that you wish. I'll keep this at two on. Then, with the strokes to selected, I go to effect again and then distort and transform on on this, I would choose Ruffin. And so, in this rough in dialogue, I'm going to turn the preview on Andi. I'll start by changing the size. I'll give this a size of 0.5 on. I'll keep this on relative. And in this bring the detail up to about 30 on choose smooth so that this stroke has a little distress on it and then select. Okay, there we go. We have our sketch sketch effect, but I want to make sure that I can use this effect over and over again without having to follow all of these steps. So I'm going to go toe windows and choose graphic style. And then at the corner off this, I am going to choose new graphic style and give us the name sketch one. So what this means is that basically, whatever I create, I can just select the style and it will be applied to any texts that I create. So let's try that I will go back to my type, too. I know in, uh, the word sketch. Let's bring this down a little bit. And so whenever I select this new graphic style is going to apply the sketch effects do the new text. And so this does not have to only be for text econo. So do this for shapes that I create, Um, some going to create three of these circles here on day again. I'm going to apply this graphic style. Do these objects on? There you go. So what I want to show you is how you can modify these styles. So I'll go back to the appearance panel. Andi, basically, if I select scribble, I can change. So let's change the amber for this. As you can see, it changes the sketch. I mean, changes a scribble. Amble. Um, let's keep this at 90. What I can also do is I can change the colors off the scribble effects. So if I go to feel, let's give this let's choose this color. And I also make sure that stroke is the very same color I change the other one to. Let's change the field to read Onda stroke to a red as well. And as you can see, I can make this effect do any color that I so wish. And then for the last one. Let's give it Let's choose this color And there we have it. I hope you have fun using this This effect Andi, I want to see what you create with this. Thank you for watching 4. Creating a Game Logo Text Effect - Part 1: Hey there in this video will be creating this amazing game local. We'll be using the appearance panel once again on some ingredients to create this effect. I'm excited to do this. So this hopping do it. We're starting with a new document that is 600 pixels by 300 pixels, and I'm going to start with the type two of entering my text. I'll use the word bubble. The front that I'm using is cold keramika access, and I'm using a phone size of 60 points. So I'm going to remove the field color for this and I opened appearance panel window appearance. And so, with my text suits still selected, I'm going to add a new feel. I'm going to give this a new color on in the appearance panel if I go down here or find a duplicate. So I'm going to duplicate this feel and then I'll select the top feel. Andi, I'll have this as white. Then I'm going to open the effects on appearance panel and then I'll find path offset path . Let's have the offset as minus two pixels on, then with the same feel, the white feel selected. I'm going to add another effect, so distort and transform. And then I'm going to choose transform. I'm going to move this horizontally and vertically by minus one pixel. Great. So the next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to select the word character on the appearance panel on. Then I'm going to add a you feel I won't dispute appeared. The bottom I know make this feel black, so I'm going to add an effect. Our transform this by moving this Phil bite. I'll hold this by two pixels and three pixels. I'm also going to expand to this field, onda out, choose capacity. So let's change the blend more. Do multiply Onda capacity to 20%. This is going to give this a nice shadow. I'll choose character again so that the next few comes up at the bottom and then I'll create new feel. I'll give this new feel a darker shade of blue on. I am going to offset this path. Once again, I'll use three for Offset and then I'm going to move this feel, just as I did with the other fuels before it. Oh, this by by one on and vertically by two pixels that's why didn't you feel on the bottom of that? And I'm going to change this blue into somewhat lighter blue, but not too light again. I'm going to offset the path it's used three for this one on again. I'm going to move to sport and transform and then transform a move horizontally by three and vertically by four. Okay, so I'm going to idea yet another field. And so I'll give this one the same kind of dog food that we had had before. Andi offset the path and I'll move the feel. So, uh, let's add in another few and then this. Bring this to a very light blue, some sort of sky blue for this, and this will form the outline around the text. So I'm going to offset the path. You know the drill By now, let's give this a 12 on. I moved the path. It was trifling. Six. Let's see that. Okay, let's bring this down and give it a two on a to All right. So let's let's let's give this just one more One more. Feel at the bottom. I didn't you feel, and then I'll make this black was created some sort of shadow. I'm going to offsets. Believe this at 12. And then let's move the field. We want to drop shadow coming out from the bottom of the text. So give this a four and a six. And then what I want to do right now is a good opacity. And then change the blend mode to multiply Onda capacity to 20%. There we go. I think I like this. No. So let's just very fire, okay? Yeah, I think I'm happy with this. And so what I'm going to do right now is I'm going to create a background with the radiant so that this this pops out. So let's move to the center and then I'll take spring is down here and make a copy of this on change this word trouble? I'll make this a little smaller. Okay, let's put a rectangle. And then I am going to open the Grady and panel. I'm going to make sure that this is a radio ingredient. So what I do is I can select any of the ingredients that already here that already being given to me by illustrator Oh, I can double click any one of these nodes and then enter the values off the colors that I want. I'm going to use this color and then for the and part of the Grady. And let's use a darker orange for this. So I'm going to select this little note here and then make sure that this is at 50% so that there's an equal amount of orange on both sides. And then I took my black arrow, right click on in a range and sent back there. We have it. Great soul. This this is the end off this off this video. I hope you enjoyed this. I want to see what you create using this very same effect. Thank you, Fortune. 5. Creating a Game Logo Text Effect - Part 2: they're in this video, we're going to be creating this. It's another great game. Local for you to try out end of this video. You should be able to use that curious panel confidently to create different types of effects. I'm excited to do this, so let's hop into it. So I am going to start by bringing up, though Appearance panel and then using my type two. I am going to enter my text. I'm going to use a word nugget. The one that I'm using is comic access with the font size of 80 points. So I'm going to remove the field on. We used the appearance panel at all the fields. So at the bottom of this, I'm going to add in six feels so six feels in total and then on the first feel that we have one at the very top. We're going to add in ingredient on. Don't make sure this is a linear ingredient for the Anglo have 90 degrees on for the first stop. This is the color that I'm going to. I'm going to use on the second stop. This is the color that I'm using. So with this feel selected I'm going to add a new effect style eyes and Ivan in a globe. I'll keep my mold on. Overly on. This is going to remain white. Capacity. 100. Andi. I'll bring my blur up to 10 pixels. I'll select that few again and then I'm going to add in a second in a glow or playing you effect. And for this one I am going to bring down the blur to age. I'll keep this one center and then let's add in the third in a glow. But for this one, I want my more do be multiply on. Then I'll sit this color. Do this. Let's bring down the opacity to 50% Andi the Blur down to six and in our choose age for this one instead. Okay, so it looks like I'm done for the first few, and then I'll go now to the second feel for this one. What I would do is I will give you a color. This is a very bright yellow, and so I'm going to move this one at new effect, distort and transform and then transform. And then I'll move this horizontally by minus one and vertically by minus two. Okay, onto the third feel. So for this one, what I want is to have another ingredient. Some wind open the radiance panel on going to have this value for my first color. And I'm going to click somewhere on this later creating you stop. I'll have this at 10%. And if I double click this stop, get to enter my second color. Very doctorate. And then I want this third stop with the very same color as the one before. But this one now at 30%. And then they'll click again on the Slater somewhere around here for the fourth stop this one lets put this one at 70%. And then let's change this color to the one that we had with the first stop. Great. And then for the very last stop, uh, I think I'm happy with this color. I'll keep it as it is, but I just bring this down to to 90% on my location, so I need to change the angle of 90% and then I'm going to offset this path by 10 pixels. Now, let's put this Put this at one. Andi, I am also going to this'll one this move this by one horizontally and then two vertically. I like the look of that. So whilst this feels to selected, I want to add a new effect and I'll go to style eyes and then add a drop shadow. I'll keep this up more to Blair, but I'll bring the capacity down to 50%. And then for my ex offset mind. My wife off said, I'm going to have these both at two pixels. I'm going to have the blur at two pixels as well, and then I move on to the next. Feel this. She's a color of this feel on. Then, for this one, whilst the school selected, I'm going to offset the path by eight pixels on I'm going to transform it and move it horizontally by one and vertically by two. So let's do the first, and then let's now do the offsetting. So it's one thing to be in on eight, right? Two more feels to go for this one. Now let's change the color for this as well. This is a color that I'm giving it, and for this one we are going to offset path just by nine on. We are also going to move this one. Let's make sure it's selected. Then we're going to move this one by one horizontally on to and then for the very last feel . I'm also going to change the color for this on then, for this one, we are going to offset PATH. I'll keep this at nine on. Then I'm going to transform. Move. I always want to buy one vertically by six pixels. There we have it. So now I am going to Let's I didn't the word jam. Do this not get jammed? So at the end of this is going to create in your line and then into the word gem. Let's give this center alignment, and then what I want to do is open my character panel and where it sees set the leading. I want justice so that these two words meet somewhere in the middle because what I really wanted these lines to join up. So I'll bring this 84. Now I'm going to grab my rectangle toe and create one with the width of 600 a height of 300 to cover my whole art board. So let's move this to cover the art board on. I want ingredient for this on my brilliance. Going to have three stops. So for the first stop this Just first, make sure it's radio on this Put the aspect ratio at 70. So for the first stop, this is the color that I'm going with. I'm going to delete these stops so I only have three of them. And then I am going to take the middle stop on put it at 50%. This happens. Fourteens did. And so I'm going to change to this color. And then for the last stop, I am going to give it this value. So I've just noticed that my opacity is that 90 for the last stop. Let's just bring this up and have it at 100. Great. So that is my ingredient done Going to get this out of the way and then take my black arrow and then right click on this arrange and send back on. This is the end off this video. I hope you enjoy it Following this video, I want to see what you create with this on dso Thank you, Fortune