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Create Stunning Cinemagraphs easily with Plotagraph -Animate Still Images

Harsh Vardhan, Photography Photoshop After Effects Premier Pro

Create Stunning Cinemagraphs easily with Plotagraph -Animate Still Images

Harsh Vardhan, Photography Photoshop After Effects Premier Pro

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4 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. 1- Introduction-Create Stunning Cinemagraphs easily with Plotagraph -Animate Still Images

    • 2. 2- Create Stunning Cinemagraphs easily with Plotagraph -Animate Still Images

    • 3. Live Plotagraph in Photoshop

    • 4. Thank you & please leave the review

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About This Class

Create Stunning Cinemagraphs easily with Plotagraph -Animate Still Images Learn to Create Breath-Taking Cinemagraphs using Amazing Plotagraph App. 

This app is Available for iPhone or Desktop, be it Pc or Mac. 

Using this Amazing App you can Animate Still Images Very Easily without any Effort on your Part.

The whole process takes just a few Minutes and You will Get Superbly Looking Cinemagraphs.

To create Amazing Animated Images or Cinemagraphs with this App you don't need any Special Skill and anybody can Create Stunning images easily.

Go ahead and Enroll in the Class! 

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1. 1- Introduction-Create Stunning Cinemagraphs easily with Plotagraph -Animate Still Images : Hey, what's up? Welcome to another superb tutorial on today's episode is all about the photograph on. If you might be wondering what is photographed and let me tell you, photograph is a simple cinema graph on photograph is the latest Internet addiction. Yes, this is the latest Internet addiction on Once I started using it, I'm just addicted to this on. I'm sure you will also be. So what is? The demographic demographic is simply an image where there are certain parts which are still on their certain parts off the image, which are moving so you can animate them in a ruby for a job or in the after effects on in Premiere Pro. But here, this is a new averages called the photograph on. This is an iPhone app. Android does not have this app yet. Oh, now, but this app is are really, really amazing. Just a few simple clicks. You can easily create the amazing looking cinema graphs. So having said that, let's get started. Uh, 2. 2- Create Stunning Cinemagraphs easily with Plotagraph -Animate Still Images : So let me just first show you what It's photograph and this is a photograph and you can see all of these animated images. They are all the still images. And with the help off photographs app, these amazing cinema graph have been created and you can see there are so many and you can create like one of them. So what he can do, You just need to come over here on sign in. And if you are using the iPhone if you have the iPhone, this is than you can sign in using your iPhone, you can download it from the APP store on in the APP store. If you go for free, that is for free. But if you want to upgrade to pro, that is $4.99 admits $5 so you can get that. And in that case, you not have the watermark on yours. Name a Gramps, and it won't be having an elimination. Okay, Since I don't have the iPhone, I'm an android user and unfortunately, poor android. That is in no such app. So what you can do is just need to come over here on clean an account signing, and thereafter. There is an option where you can create and three account, and then you can download the software on. You can click over here on click the photograph software. Andi, this is going to give you some introduction about that. And then you can download this software on from your next Opitz of you can just launch it and you have to have an Internet connection in order to use it. Andi, this will take a little bit time and what you can do You need to come over here on the home button and create photograph software on click on this photograph. So create a photograph, click over here, choose a file to upload, and I'm going to choose this image, and you can rename it whichever you want. And I'm going toe keep it as default on press create on. It will take a little time to upload on make it available for us to start working on this on. Now you can see this is over here, and you simply have to come over here on this lady Lady Aiken and click on the stablized point. So basically what you have to do, you have to keep certain things stable and keep certain things as moving. So you need to any made certain things and certain points, which would be stay still. So, like, in this case, this boat would be staying still on dressed off the image. And we are goingto enemy. So what you can do since we have selected this stablized points will start clicking on the ads is off this boat on even on these bulls on, you have to make sure that you make the smaller point or the close of wines. Otherwise, it's may start getting an imminent okay. And you don't want to any made these spines? These are still, so let them stay still on quickly. You can do all of this. Okay, Like this on. You can make certain points on this rope as well, because we want it to be still on this or is in line. So we want this whole reason lying Toby stable. So we are going toe put in certain pines. Smaller points on day. Won't be any meeting. Okay, on once we have decided what we want to keep still, and now we have to decide what we want to keep moving, so we want to Any made these clouds and little bit water. So you need to come home here again on this lady on click animation point. And now you just need to click on drag with your mouse in the direction in which you want to create the animation and make sure you make these small points on that would look natural. But if you're going to create the larger points, that would not look good. Okay, so let me just show you quickly do it. All of these points on, make sure they are in the direction where the clouds are moving as against the lines are moving on this side. So I'm animating or creating certain clients in the same direction so you can choose that easily on once the sky is done, you need to come over here on the water and you can create that in point on the water as well. And on this cloud, because this climb cloud is reflection is a reflection off. Theobald clouds off. This the this has to be are moving object as well. Okay on. You can do a little bit over here on once you are finished. You just need to press this play better and what it is going to do, it is going to process. This image is going to take a little bit time on. Till then, you have to be patient on once it is on. You can see now our animation on an amazing cinema graph is done. And if you want to make any modification, you just pulls this on. The All these points are available again, and then you can again animate them the way you want them, and you can select thes and express play. And again it is going to process all of that and you're your editing or your modification would be reflected over here. And I think I need to move a little bit all these clouds as well, so I'll create some animation points, so I'll click on or I can click and drag these up as well so I can. Using this selection tool that extraction tone I can click on, brand them up to create the larger, animating animation points so you can do that as well. And this time will be having differently that so let's plate and see what it looks and how it close. So and you can see right now we have got this amazing, amazing looking cinema. Grab on. This is literally and hypnotic image, and you can just keep on watching on this image again and again again. Four hours on once you are happy. Now you want to upload it, then you need to come over here on select here on either you can upload it or export to the photograph software off photograph, website or you can click here custom export. So here you have all these options default for the free version. But if you purchase it and you will be having toe, you'll be having all of these settings, which you can change on. Then you can export. It's going to take a little bit. Time on that would be exported. You can see like look on the my exports on these are available over here 3. Live Plotagraph in Photoshop : Hi everyone Welcome to raise life screen. And today we are going to learn how to create this photograph in fact, or the stream a graph in Adobe Photoshopped. However, the this image which you can see right now I have created this in the photograph image a photograph app next rope after on we are going to create this similar effect. But we are going toe use the adobe for a show for that. So all of those who have joined me I request to that you kindly please share the stream with other so that we can start so that others can also join us. I'll be grateful to all of you who share the stream on If this is your first time on my bees then I would request you to kindly consider liking my pace following me on consider subscribing to my general on you do on There is a link on my pace. On the top of that, I have been that on. I'm just going to start it very, very soon. I let me just sheer the stream with little bit other people little bit said the more quickly we will share this on more quickly. We're going toe start. Okay. So I think I have shared it enough time on all of those who are watching Kindly consider sharing this stream on. Now I'm going to start creating the similar kind off effect. But this time you're going to use the photo show on. We're going to use the different image. So let me just make all these settings, so that all goes well on Can you people see my for a show off screen? Now, I think you can let me just check it. Whether this is being reviewed in the life stream, can you people please let me know in the comment section? Do leave something in the comments. Please do Leave something in the comments if you can see my for a job screen. Okay. Schumer. Mama. Thank you. Thank you, Shuhm. She will make joined us on all of those who have joined us. I'd equates kindly consider sharing this. Andi, I may not be able to see your comments because now I would be starting creating this kind of effect. Okay, so for this purpose to create this in a McGrath for photograph, this is ah, vital addiction. on, uh, the moment I have checked it, there are lots of people who are sharing their animated amazes or the cinema graph or photograph on. Uh, they are really, really amazing. I'm just hope so. That on this is a really, really fantastic effect on you can create this using the iPhone averages called the photograph on this AP there's a free version and there is an upgraded version. So using that, you can very quickly do this. But I thought that vinyl try to do the same effect or treat the same effect in photo shop on bond. Since all of those who are the android user, they unfortunately do not have this kind off app or this app is yet not available for Android As far as I checked. Andi. So we are going to start on this image. All right, So, first of all, what we are going to do this is the image. We are going to make some basic adjustment so that it looks a little bit more good on at the woman. The colors are not good, so I'll just press control Joo Command J on my key boto created duplicate copy off it. Then I'll go to the filter. Andi used the camera. Raw filter on This is going to launch the camera. Raw filter on. First of all, I'll go for the auto. Take the temperature to us The blue side Let me add a little bit green as well on that would look really good on this image On increased the vibrance Increase the saturation a little bit on Let me boost e than trust on being down the highlights open of these shadows A little bit on Let me take it further towards the blue side Let me try to add more green on Come to the sharpening panel on increased the ruminants so that the noise just gets away on I will just spread Spoke it and you can see the difference By turning it on and off The earlier remains was still on boring And now this one is fantastic So we no longer need this one. So we are going to just delete this layer on because this layer on we're going to create Ah , one two on three Copy off it. So let me distress control J on controlled you. So now we got three copies of it. And now we're going to convert this to a smart object. So right, click on select Convert to smart object on that way, it is going to be going to convert it to the smart object. Okay, let me check if there is any comment. Okay? Let me just open my for so that I can see who, uh, with us. Give me a second. Let me launch my face book. All right, on until now, I think it's very clear there is nothing which I have done. It's just a basic I said Thanks on. Let me just open up, okay? Life. All right, So So I once again request all of those. Please consider sharing this with others. Okay, Now I can see. So I will start on. Go ahead on start to create this photograph or city Margraff effect. So I have what I have done. I have made one later as a smart object. So I'm going to create another and right click and select the convert to smart object once again. All right. So I think we need only two, not three in this mess. So I'm going to delete the top one on. Then we are left with two women. It's is so one is bottom and one is stop. So basically, how we're going to do this? We will this come to the windows and we will click over here. Short timeline on that We will be having the animation option or the video option in four or so. And now we will click on this button, which is called the clear Create Video Timeline. All right, on now we got these two layers in our time, and so we're going to select the bottom on and let me turn off the top one for a moment. So I just turned it this layer off Onda, we got this layer on. We will come to the lasso tool, which is over here. Or you can simply press Al on your keyboard to have the access to the lasso tool on. It is very important that you come over here on the feeder option, which is over here, you can see on the top left corner. This is a feather, and I'm going to choose a feather off around the tip except okay on. Now what we are going to do we have to first decide that there are decide two things. Number one there are. They're going to be certain things which will stay static. That means they will not move on a certain part off the image which will move. Okay, so we have to force decide all of those two things on once we will decide that, then only we can start to create that effect. So in this image, what I want I want this water to move on this part on over here and over here, over here. So But I don't want this boy or this skater to move. I wanted to be here on. I wanted the sky Toby static. All right, so for that purpose, what I'm going to do, I will just create our rough selection off this area like this. And I'll go back where I started on this is going to make a selection off the this area. And if I want a little bit more on this selection, what I can do, I can press shift on, then I can, uh, more into the selection. And now you can see on I will press control Joo commander, and make sure you select this bottom layer on. Let me just call it BZ so that you can understand clearly or we can identify it clearly. So we'll press control Geo Command J. And this is going to create a layer for us at me. Just turn it off on this is going to create a GOP off The spark on this is the 1st 1 on will, right, click on select convert to Smart off. And now this is a smart object on. We have a separate lier for this. And now what we're going to do with selectee background once again on we will select another part which we want to move so or which we want to enemy. So we'll select of this area off something like this. So I'm selecting very bigger area. You can select the small area. It all depends on you what you want. Okay, so let's see what we get. And now, once again with brass control Geo Comanche, if you're using the Mac on again, we got another part off the water and I will right click on selected over to smart Took it on a few people. Have any question? Please do, Let me know until now. Okay, so we got another part on. We have made it a smart object as well, and once again will select the background. On this time, we will select this area. Something like this. I will again press control Joe Comanche to have a duplicate copy off it. And again, because this part now on we'll right click and select convert to smart object. And it's very, very important that you convert it to the smart off. It otherwise will not be able to create this effect if let me show you what I mean. Let me just first press or first let me start showing you animating it on. Then I will show it without any without converting it to these models. Okay, so let me just go to the background once again. And this time let me see which part I have. Okay, I got the east bonds, so let me just add a little bit of this 80 asthma, so I will render M'lee select in this bar off the email. Okay on. I'm going to press control Joo Comanche on. This is the fourth layer on. We have got this part. But this time I'm not going toe converted to these models yet. And then I will show you what I mean. Or why I'm saying that you should convert it. So these smart object. Okay, so now let's come toe the layer number one, which is over here. You can see So we'll click on this at a little adul. You can see I'm pointing over here, so I'll click on this little arrow. I will select on this transform option. As you can see, this transform option is available for us on. That's is going to help us toe create that effect. OK, but if we have not converted any layer into the smart object like this one, which is layer for if I click on this Arrgh button, we have only three parameters coalition capacity on style. There, as on the smart object, we have transformed capacity and state because we are going to use the transform property to create the fact. So it's very important that you convert it to the smart off. Okay, so until now, if you you people have any questions, please let me know in the comment section on, All off you those who have joined us, I request kindly consider sharing. This made this stream with others so that others can also join on. They can also learn. And I would be grateful to you. Ok? Do we have any question or should I Go ahead? I think we don't get any question. So now what I will do Make sure this play had which is over here. This should be over here. Let me first save my work because I don't want to lose that. So let me press control as Andi go to the place where I want to save on. I'm going to save it. All right, Let me first go through the addict porch on partial that day my gram would be free but I won't be. Go back and underway under anything. So let's come to the live one on on the layer of one, we will click on this stopwatch the stove What is going to create a key frame? So we animate using these curie key frames or the key points. Okay, so the first key frame should be over here On second, let's drag it to the and off the timeline which is over here on by the fort. It's all five second, but if you want to make it longer, you can click on drag it out. So that way you can increase the friends. All right, on over here. Now, what will go will not create a point by clicking over here. But we'll create our point by transforming it. So we'll press control T Orca Monte on that we will be having the access to the transform tool. And now we press shift old on. We will drag it outside. So that way it is going to scale it up. We're going to scale it from the center and will press enter. Okay, so if you just go back on, bring up play head back to the starting bush in You can see now this water is moving. Okay on, let me just show you one more way. So let me just go to the ant off this key frame, which is over here, and click on this arrow to go to the last key frame on a press controlled de oca monte, Or let me this escape it on, select this one on right click and select delete and I'm going to delete it on. We have a static image, so I'll go to the end on press control. T o Come aunty, On this time, this is a center point. Okay, So I will click on drag this Centrepoint toe this site So now it will scale it up. It is going to scale from the site on since the water is moving like this So it is also going to move like this on will press enter And now if we just play or press the space button, it is going to play It's going to show that this now This water is any meeting on with the similar technique We are going toe animate arrest off the part so well select the second layer will create one point on the transform will go to the end off the time land will press control Teak Amanti on will take the center winds over here Aan den by pressing shift , old will drag it out to something like this. Not that much on will press Enter on. Let's see the result by pressing play you can see now this one is start to any meat and will press control us to save our work. Similarly, go back on this time. Select Delia number tree on Click on this adult onto like the transform on Brask and Tool. Not not yet to take your play had to the and on now press control t take this center points to Arthuis side because this area we are going to enemy. So will press control old on. Make it large something like this and press enter on Let's press the space bar on you can see it is started toe enemy But there's a less movement on this site. So what we can do will go back to this situation Last key frame and again will press control t on. We'll take it to this side once again on a scale it up a little bit more. So that way what will happen? You can see. Let me display now we'll have more movement over here and you can see how beautiful it's looking. It's just growing up okay on with the same technique, bring your play had back to the starting position on this time. Let's select the third layer, which is over here on this one is not the smart objects so we don't have the transformed property over here, so we'll right click on select Convert to Smart object on this time will be having the transform options. We'll click on Create a Transform Point over here on Drag It On Take it to the and on Now will press control T Come on, T on. I will drag this push in so something like this or I let let's keep it this week. Let's keep it in the center on by pressing shift old on Let's resize it, Do something like this and breast and let's flee to see the result. And now see, you can see how medical this is and how easy it is to create the photograph or cinema graph in Porto show. But we are not finished yet. And let me show you what I There is a problem over here. You can see this area. This area is growing growing on this as this little as this is showing up over here and this is not what we want. All right, so for that purpose, what we are going to do first we need to end if I this area. So I think which there is this? I think this yes, I have. And then divide. This layer is a layer number three. So we'll create a llamas press on this button, which is over here on now we'll choose the brush tool. Right. Click on select the softest brush with ju hardness. 100% capacity on over here will select the black color. It is not black Press D on your keyboard, and that would be set to the default color. All right, on now, I'm going to paint on this hard as okay. And now you can see I can move it to the A little bit forward until I am happy with the isn't so I will select it and I'm going to remove that part. So you can see now I think there is a little bit as which is over here. Let me just do it. Remove it. Remove it from here as well on now. We have both this go dessert. Okay, so let's see our animation. Let me just fit it in the view Press control as let me just free up some ram by posing all my is free on let's plate and you can see we still get this hard edge. So I think Why not? Why? This is not working at media. See, I think it's not creating a nearly a mask over here. So what we can do? We have another layer which is sitting at the top on This is a static. So if I just turn it on, you can see we no longer see our animation. But we are going to create a llamas for this and let me diss control. I do involved this mosque and we again start to see the visit and let me select all these on right click. Let me try to see whether we can fix it using the group option on Create a layer mask and let me just remove it from here. Andi, let's see if it is going to work. I think it's working. Yes, yes. Now it's fine on. We don't know no longer need the stop player so we can turn this off on Let's play from the beginning and you can see the water is flowing over here. This one is also flowing this over. This one is also growing. And if you want you can animate this part as well. If you want to on once you are happy what you can do either you can export it as ah Oh, it's Jiff image or you can export it as a video. So I'm going to export this as a video because in video you'll get the better quality. Andi, if you want to export it as a Jeff file, that would be very often low quality because Jeff is on image file on some kind of a misfire. So photo shop has to compress all the colors and all the pixels, and you will get very ugly looking results. So we want to export it as a video. So for that purpose will go to the fine. We'll go to the export on will come over here, select the Orender video on it is going to launch. These options are vegan. We can really limit, sir, for I think I'm writing the correct spelling surfer on this is called the photograph or slash cinema. Mom, graph OK on. You can browse the location where you want to save it. I'm going to save it on deck Stop or let me save it on documents press OK, You can create a self folder as well. For that on, let me this place it owns photograph. Okay. On over here, you can choose the adobe media encoder. This is the default one on. You can choose the form it as to 64 high quality and you can sues. Choose whether you want a document size or you want to the activity. So I'm going to go for DVC Pro tentatively. So that way I'll be getting the duality by eternity. So this is the default size, which we have all I can go for attitude TV. So this is fine. Full, actually 90 20 sanity. And this is going to be the peace. It is the high quality. If you want the low quality, you can choose that as well on leave everything as it is on. Make sure you check this old friends on. Then press surrender on photo show is going to take a little bit time depending on the speed off your system on did after this video would be rendered on. Then we can see our animation. Okay, so a few people have any question? Please let me know and What do you think about the story away? Please do. Let me know. In the comments section below on. If you have used the photograph that is also very, very fast, you can create this kind of effect very fast using that photograph app. But the photograph close to you around $5 I think. But if you go for the free version, you will have lots off limitations. You will have their watermark as well on your remains. So you can't put your watermark. So that's the problem with the photograph. Okay. So please let me know what you think about rays of his sold or today's life stream. If you like Today's life stream, please hit the like button and kindly consider sharing the stream with others. All right, I think we haven't got any question everybody understood on. Please do Try this and go take me wherever you share this video or the Jeff image if you create one, okay. And I would be happy to see that. Please let me know in the comment section if you have any question. Ok, so having said that once again, I will make a request, please. Like my page on, please. Okay, on, please subscribe to my channel on. I'm going to post a link on this comment and we got a question from Shivam, Burma, and he say's how to export Jeff, Please don, it's OK. So exporting the Jeff Act actually, at the moment seems I'm just screaming as well. Onda This rendering as well on you can see my auto show just got tanked on. Let me just save it and close it and restart And I'm going to show you how you can export it into the definite on. This is very important. I forgot to mention that you keep size off this video upto the for allegedly that is 90 20 by 10. 80 on this image is in the three key resolution. That's why my photo show got hang. I don't have that powerful BC on rendering takes lots of time on the streaming app which is right now you can see this is also takes lots off law. Let me see if I just does work. But the race I have to force close. So let me sis us start the task manager on the photo show. On that day, I may be losing some off my book. Maybe this I won't be able to see this again. But no problem. I am going to show it to you. So let me launch the for a short once again. I'm going to show you how you can export it to the chief on the let's see. Okay. Photograph for a show off surf. I think I need toe open that file once again where? I saved it. So let me just browse that on that. Let me see here. I've saved it. Okay, this is the file. Ah, this one is open. Thankfully, that I got my filed back on. Before we do that, we need toe first of the size, this image because since the rendering also just blown out the forest hope on similarly exporting it to the Jiff image that would also make it again once again, hang out or hang the system. So I'll press control old I on. It's going to show me the size and you can see this size is very, very big. 39261819 And resolution is 300 pixels. So let me just first make it 72 on It's going to change the world on height automatically on let's make it more smaller because if you are exporting toe the Jeff you have tow keep the size very smaller. Sold at majors. Make it 6 40 by 2 97 that's going toe. Adjust it automatically and press OK, And now we got smaller image on. Let me just show you this is working and control Jiro or controlled one to see the original size. This is the original size and now if you want to export it, we need to press control all shift e or command option Shift E on that is going to create a more open off this dialogue book, which is the safe for them. You can access it by going to the file. I think export on a letter it was here on they moved this somewhere else. I think added, let's see where they have moved it. I don't know where they have moved it a little for us over here. Okay, it's over here. So export on this is here Safe four web and I mostly used the short good keep would come on , all shift control us so you can come over here on the file and then export and you say for well on, this is going to open of the style of books on, and from this drop down menu, you need to select the Jif option. Okay, on again. This is going to take notes off time, depending on the speed of your system. Because this is a heavy file on, since this is an animation and you can see this processing, it's starting and it would go up to here. All right. And now we have got and you can see this pixellated image. This is the result, which we will get on. It is over here showing you the size off the Jif, which is Ah, very, very large. 12.23 ambi. Okay, so you can choose the lesser colors from here. So colors 1 28 on you will get this kind of result. So we get some smaller size, which is 9.52 am Be all right on over here. You can choose the looping option whether you want to hope it once. So feel hope it once it is going to create the animation forced on. Then it is going to stop at the end off all difference, as you can see. But if I click on this arrow button on, it is going to create Open off this drop down menu and I'm going to select forever. And if I play it now, you can see it is going to loo loo in indefinitely on. That's what you should always select forever for exporting it as a Jiff image. Okay, Andi did after it's very easy. Press the same button, choose the location. Very want to save. Let me choose the document so that I can easily find it on press. Save on it is going to take time and it is going to save it over there. And let me just show you on this. There it is. I think this is This is the Jiff image on you won't be able to see in the photos. So let me just open it in the photos. You can see how fortunately, I can see this animation, but most of the time you will see the review in only in the in your browser. So you have to open this in your browser, right? click on Open with Jews. The browser which you have I have Google chrome on you can see now I can see the result. So this is how your Jiff image would look like. But if you export or render it in the ah video, that would be off high quality. And you don't have to compress or lower down the size you will get the full Atchity or even three K video. Okay, so this is how we can export the image into the Jiff image or the animated GIF on. Let me disclose it. I don't want to save it. I want to keep it as it is. So a few people have any questions. Please do. Let me know on once again, please subscribe to my channel on YouTube on there is a link I'm posting right now on the Indy Kamin section on these considered liking my page on. Please consider sharing it the stream with others. So if anybody has a question, please do let me know and I'll answer your question. Otherwise I've ill and this screen Do we have any question 4. Thank you & please leave the review: Thank you so much for watching this course. I hope you like the scores and you have learned a new skill from this court. And if you like this course, please don't forget to leave the review for this course, as your review and your feedback are very important to me. That way I would be able to know the flows and mistakes in this course which I have committed so that I can improve upon those mystics or those flows in this course. And I can make better courses for you in the future. And don't forget to check out my other courses as thank you so much. Bye bye.