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Create Stuffed Animals in Blender!

teacher avatar Ashley H

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Basic UI

    • 2. Edit A Model

    • 3. BodyBuilding

    • 4. Adding Ears

    • 5. Eyes and Noes

    • 6. Color and A Mouth

    • 7. Getting Walls Up

    • 8. Final

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About This Class

~Create a cute stuffed animal~

This class will over a variety of blender basics that will result in this stuffed animal.

You'll learn the UI, simple modeling, materials, particle effects and how to create a quick background.

Sites I recommend for background art would be any of the following:

Hope you enjoy the class!


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Ashley H


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1. Basic UI: Hello and welcome to Blunder Beginner, a short Siri's that will show you how to make stuffed animals of blender. I'll also show you a little bit about rendering how to make us, um, floors, some walls and some of the basics of blender so you can make your own creatures. All right, when you guys look up blunder, you'll see a screen very similar to this. You'll see that. Have the splash screen here by clicking in Saudi or move it. You could just bring it back by clicking on the icon up here. These five screen Osho recent projects Ally to recover last sessions and has some helpful links to what pages and manuals they might want to check out later on. You can also switch how the interface reacts to other software similar for three D modeling , like three S, Max or Maya. It's for people who want different keyboard shortcuts and such. All right, the default in Blender. I just start off with a three D cube just like this one. You also have a camera and a point light. Let your scene inside this view, we're gonna have a bunch of different types of areas each section that has one of these lines that the very edge is an area. So this section here a similar area, This is an area. This is another area. Each of these areas contains an editor getting into the different types. By clicking on this and this and basically everywhere you see that icon, you'll find different editors on different types. In many different types of editors. You'll see a tool shelf like this one you can open and close it with a tiki. Or you can click on the little plus sign right here. Morgan, just drag it back. This also has one as well, pretty much the same concept. Except he used the N key and you'll find other editors have the same thing just like that. Like if you went to the UV editor, you also have same thing when you press in and teeth. So that's a quick reminder and of your upon yourself, unsure of how to get back to the default screen, you can always go to file a loaded factory settings that you fix everything. So if you have been some other editor, I don't mean to have that or if you end up dragging around your riders into some strange proportion. You can always load the default of your back or, if you accidentally split them, dragged those around and end up with a bunch of different Attar's. You can always use your default factory settings or even just try and join the areas and do you that you just want to right? Click just on the line when you see those icons and you get these options to join our split . Whatever you'd like to do. For now, I'm just gonna go back to load my factory signs, so that's kind of your basic you. While overall all right, Blender uses a lot of keyboard shortcuts and the mouse it is opposite of most software programs. You'll be clicking with your right instead of your left in some other cases to select something, and when you click on on the left, you want to be moving the cursor around in wonder to kind of fix that. One of the things you can do is you can go to file user preferences, and you can go to input and just switch that if you like. But I'm so used to it now Just cute by default for me to make it easier for you guys. I'm also bantering on screen cast keys that will. You guys can see what keys I'm using, All right. And when you will find a three d header telling here which you can use to change your three D uh, editor here you have different options to change. Your viewpoint is so you can change its different toe perspectives that you like. And, um, if you use your never pad, you can also switch to that. If you don't have another bad, you can go to file a user preferences inputs and I'm like, number bad right there. I don't need that. All right. You can select different objects with this option. Here, I can disliked everything. For example, organ Reese like everything that a few select. You want to select multiple objects you can right click on it and hold shift till next object. Click on it and you can de select again with a you can add a new object where the cursor is so large eggs cube. You can go to object to delete the cube and all the shortcuts are located right next to the button there and this cursor. I want to reset it. Playing a div, you align you and center acute cursor and bugle. All right, Those are some of the basic functions for Korean objects and, well, all the basic functions for the header. 2. Edit A Model: all right. So one of the other interesting things about the header as it has different moats that the object could go into if you selected objects because he have it selected here, you can go to object mode and you go to other types of boats. The ones will mainly be using this edit object mode. In edit mode, you're able to move around. All the different points these Burgess sees now allow you to modify the object. You can just right click on the various E and drag it around with these Ah, aero gizmo. Or you can grab it with G. That would want you to move around freely. I didn't want that. So I will use controls. Eat on, do it. So each of these points is averted. See, a bunch of courtesies together can make a and, for example, these two courtesies or these diverted sees here will make a pitch. You can go and switch to edge mode here and you can see the edge right there and select different edges. We want to move a section of the object. All right. If you go to face mode with entire face, which would be a bunch of really sees at a time. All right? We don't need to use this cube, though, so I'm going out this and go back to object. Millet, You can also press tab and will switch to the mood. All right, so I don't really need this cube, So I'm just gonna go ahead and delete it. My pressing X, and I'm going to create a new you ve sphere by holding shift a. All right, I'm gonna leave all these defaults here. We don't really need to change anything right now, but I will add smooth shading right here doesn't make it look nice and shiny. I think I look like a good head. Let's go into edit mode and change the scale. You can also scale Aldrick mode, but hasn't moved. I find to be a little he's here. I'm gonna zoom in here using the middle mouse button, and from here, I'm going to de select everything with a and I'm going to scale. Well, actually, let me show you this breast A You're sucking everything. It hits scale. This is uniforms Scale square. Select the entire thing. We don't really need that. I'm on a scale on one access, so I'm going to do select. And now it's like your thing Chris Licht. And then I will do, um Why? And as you can see here, you can scale it and different, um, amount. If you go too far, it turns black, which means it's scaled. And so, you know, which will probably have some issues rendering later on. So trying not to make sure try and keep it from getting two flipped around and not skilled in the unusual manner nothing could do is you can also scale by a certain amount. By pressing 1.5, for example, this will scale it by that amount. You can see at the bottom here how much it scaled to, and I think that looks good. So I'm going to just release it. All right, so that is gonna be our head right there. What I like to do now is just name this spear head. So over here in the properties panel, a man will change the objects name. This is the object tab have changed head and they've also changed. It. Here is well, just so you guys hold Mormon over you and later on. We have a bunch of objects. It's really handy to name them all right. Now that we have ahead, we could move onto making a body. Let's make a new value and hold shift a year and create a new UV sphere and like the other one, regard hit shading smooth to make it look nice and shiny. And then we're going to go into edit mode. In this shape, I'm trying to aim for more of a teardrop sort of form. So I'm going to try and pull up the first courtesy on top. If I select the very top one, it will deflect everything else. And just like that one here, I'm going to actually turn on proportional. I didn't do this will make everything move. Not just the courtesy. So this is with proportional, and this is what it turned off. You can see the difference pretty clearly. I'm regulars connected so that everything inside this ring will move. What I want to do, though, is change the size of the ring by using the mouse wheel. Yes, we can get different sizes. I think that's pretty good. So I'm just gonna leave it right there. 3. BodyBuilding: Okay, so now let's see if we can pull down the bottom of this just a little bit more to do that, I'm going to change the view. I'm gonna try and go from bottom and invert it by pressing nine and set me back a little bit. That see, this will show us the bottom of the object here. Okay. And there is the bond emergency. Great. Now that we have that, we just need to fix the view a little bit. All right. A little closer to this, I think looks better. You can hold shift and middle mouse button to drag the camera around to get different angles. Okay, I just move the bottom up just a little bit. Let's see how it looks. Let's go from an emo to object mode and soon back out a little bit. I think that looks pretty good. As far as a tear shape goes teardrop shape. All right, Now that we have a basic shape for the bears body, why don't we just try and scale a little bit With s a little bit bigger there, and let's move it a little bit closer to the head. I'm just going to have it zeroed out here and we can just call it body. You guys want to Let's take this head. Let's drag it up there. Have a nice looking ahead there. All right? So something most we could do instead of trying to remake this body later on or other parts as we could just duplicate a model that we have And just edit that. And I'm gonna duplicate this body with shifty, and I'm going to use that to create arms and legs. I'm going to scale it down s and I'm grand name this arm. All right, I'm gonna go into edit mode now, and I'm going to do one simple change. I'm gonna take this centerpiece, and I'm going Just raise it up a little bit. But now originals projection. So it looks a little bit more like miss. But I don't really like that, though, so I'm going to change that bit more. All right. I'm kind of moving around, and that little tiny bump inside gives a little bit of a realistic view. I'm gonna move the arm and rotate it so it fits alongside the body. No. All right. And we could just duplicate this object again and reverse it 4. Adding Ears: - All right. So what you should have had now is if you have had this bear just belt done, we should have an arm. I had mine scaled the 0.58 You could skillet to every Like, um, I did X 25. Why 90 z 90 now, this one I did x 25. Why 90 Anzi on 80 and down here is he's 1 80 90 45 And this is just gonna be the same rotation. Is this? I scaled the bottom feet down the 0.7 a supposed toe 0.58 but you can do every would like to make it look good. However, you like your animal to end up. But why? We work on some years now to give it a little bit more of a shape for its face. All right, To make some years, it's gonna be pretty much the same as we've been doing earlier. We're going to a mesh and I'm making a UV sphere. I'm gonna Helen smooth shading edit mode and I'm going to turn it to Was that fracture, was it right? That's right. And I'm going to move this point right in the centre living the curse around the way CNN center have are proportional leading turned on. Yeah, I'm going to move mint. And so he was. I look no, I really like that. Look. No, I think I'm going to just use projected. See how that looks. I think that looks a little softer, although it looks from the weird because I'm predicting at a strange angle. So we try. I reject it. Like so. I want to make bigger if I want to really smooth out that year. Toe like a potato ship or something. Now, I can actually like that for in here, but you can adjust a hurry like it's a huge here, but it's in here. I'm going to scale it down. I don't know. Maybe point to or something. Looks like how it looks on the beer. Okay. That's really small for Matzke. Live a little bit more. What kind of like that? I feel small, maybe probably like 0.6. No, makes all 0.6 looks 0.6, and I'm just Grant implicate this with shifty, shifty, and there you got some ears now? Ah, let me make sure they're like about the same height. I try and keep the stuff consistently. Cam. Okay, so it's kind of that looks like it looks a little weary of the back that might want to bring the ears for a little more. Maybe just drop the head down a little. I don't know, I kind of like that, but this is my own style. So whatever kind of style you're looking for, you can adjust to how you see fit. And they came not so fat by doing the proportional Anything I did with the ears, and you can kind of play around with it, make it your own. 5. Eyes and Noes: Okay. Great. Now it looks like the bear is pretty much ready for the face. Why? We broke on making that face. Now I'm gonna make some eyes. I'm just gonna keep it simple. Just go with a UV sphere again. I really like that shape. As you could tell, that's something I changed up a little bit, but going to edit mode object. And I'm just grass select. Just this middle part. Uh, let me change the settings to right? Yes. That looks like it's just in the middle there. And remember, you can drag your cam around holding shift. All right, Now, I'm gross. Like, this whole ring just right here by clicking and holding shift on this area. Okay, That just likes one more edge. So I'm going press Ault instead. All right, this gives me a little bit of space here, but this is not really what I want. I don't want proportional edit to be turned on some great to not proportional at it. And I'm going to go and change it to wire frame in wire free mode. This will allow you to select all the vergis ease in the front and the back at the same time. And one guy do now is a grand press. Be to select a bunch of different, very disease. Well, I guess in this case, if I'm an edge moon, I'm going to slip into much of edges. What's changed? But let's just change it to Burgess seem Odil, it makes a little easier to use. Okay. Okay, Great. Let's turn it back to solid mood. Yeah, and I'm just grand scale it all right? I rotated and duplicated the object. I think it looks pretty good like this. If I like this, we will. Can it be looking eyes here? All right, Now I'm gonna add a small those here to do that. I'm just gonna killer you. These here, my favorite object, Gretchen on smooth. Good turn on edit mode. And I'm going to select this middle of ring again, like last time. And I'm just going to use proportional adding to get into into the shape that I'd like. All right, let's see if I could just fix this up a little bit here, too. - Okay . I like how that looks 6. Color and A Mouth: Okay, Now I'm gonna work on making a mouth do that. We're gonna make a new object once I hit the right keys. Of course. All right. I'm gonna make it Tourists the very bottom here, and I'm gonna rotate it, um, on the Y 90 degrees. All right. And we're going to go into edit mode once you've zoomed in a bit, and we're going Teoh, select half of it in a minute Here. Gonna put in wire frame mode. That way, we don't, uh, miss any of the Bernie sees in the back. All right, We're just to leave the liver disease going to rotate when I want to fill in the hole. That delaying those left and ran. Use old so I can click on there. Right. There we go. A brand used f or the face key to make a face interview the same on the other side. Okay. Looks good when you have this and ah, smooth it out. All right, well, it's a scale it and move it towards the bear. Simple mouth. But I like enemy amounts, so I'm gonna fix it, man, that I just needed to do a little bit. Just in real quick. Um, okay, we're almost done with their bare. Let's see, we can add some materials and give it a little bit of color. Let's go and click on our object. I'm grass starts joining the entire bear together except for the face those we're going to a different color. Everything that's going the same color ongoing, joined together by selecting it. It's looking the other object and control J look the oh, okay, So I have can't come over here. And I've made a new material and I haven't sent to the all the defaults and I've called it for You can see that the color has changed on the object itself. We're now go to Linda, render and go to cycles render because it has a longer options. As faras materials and rendering goes, you can see the change in the lighting. As soon as I've done that. I'm also going to apply material to the face and I'm gonna have all been the same object material. So I'm going to just make a new material and call it shiny. It's order me a nice, shiny black hello black table. All right. Thank you. All right, no was changed the rendering mode so that it will show that it's a material or texture. Great. Now I could see a little bit more what we're doing. Let's click on this. They end up for a change it to a darker color. Mm. I would make it like a reddish bear today. All right. I really don't like that. My orientation is kind of messed up. My pivot point right here. Which means I'll move the bear around like this. I much rather have a centered around the object. So I'm gonna dio control shift, We'll see. And that will reset my pivot, point a number and choose to geometry to origin. And that will have this centers in the object. I think it's a little bit easier to look at that way. I'm also going to just make all these join together because I'm not really good. Be moving them or anything, so I'll join them. All right? Great. No, that have that to going. I'm going to make a new window here. Gonna pull this out, and I'm going to press t two member toolbar intermittent the other far, and I'm gonna go here and go to you eat in the interior. No, wait. Now I'm gonna go to no dinner from here. I'll be able to change this around a little bit. I'm going to also add a new material, a glossy material I'm going on here and then click on add. There's different types, ones you see here. And I'm looking for a glossy material, which is this I'm new community. Halfway or so. And when you do now, it's at a mixer material which will allow you Teoh mix these two materials changes to a rendered mode. It could kind of see a little bit of shyness. It's already starting. Look pretty good there. I'm gonna make us a little bit darker, and you can see a game darker or lighter. All right. Great. Now let's work on making some swear Shater for the bear here have diffuse. But what I like to use is a ramp color. I can click shift A no, I can't search for ramp cool area. And for me personally, I think I'm gonna go with the darker red color and I'm here, right. You something a little bit later, maybe Like a pinkish color. All right, that's a pretty good start. 7. Getting Walls Up: All right. Now, let's make it a little bit easier to see your bear going to change the light for a point light, which only has a limited amount of way around it to a sunlight. I'll fill the room with light. The other problem is that's gross. Slow down the rendering a little bit, but it's gonna look a lot better in the end. All right, now I'm going to work on adding a floor, so I'm just gonna start with a plane. We don't really need to be complicated. So we had a mesh plane scale. Scale it. So a great person s compressed 10 3 normal sized floor. Grimmette get lower below the bear and back a little bit. Looks like a pretty good floor. And it and Chris you to unwrap it. Actually, let me show you something first. If we don't wanna wrap it, we're not going to be able to display or texture. So when we go over here and click on material and we go, Teoh would floor, we're gonna find that it's a lot harder a floor on here. Good ad texture, image, texture and good, but that in the color, if you go to any of these sides? Like Plex, All pixel bay up splashed. They all have free images. You can use your own occupations. You don't need any copyright. It's completely free. Just download something you like. Um, So for example, this one see free for curry of use. No attribution required. You can like it, but you need an account. So I'm gonna go back. I am sure and download it. Download on your robot download and that you could just go downloads branches called this wood floor, and then I'm gonna go back. Open it. Going to go Teoh downloads in going to find would I would I accidentally made a new folder. Oh, well, wood floor, open that image. All right, so we're basically they're the same thing you're missing is to me too unwrapped. And that will give you your floor so they unwrapped. You can also really wrapping right here. I I like to do just regular on rap because it's just one cube. But when you get more complicated, you're gonna want to use a player. Types of unwrapping. That looks pretty good. I'd say here we have, like a long Kurt AIDS X Thank you. Does he? Yeah. You know, something like that. This is it. You could have one. No, I You've won. Yeah. They're something it doesn't really matter. Response Slapping it on there anyways, unwrap Could be that one. Can I wrapped and make a new one called Whoa. And for that, we're going Teoh, add a image texture. We don't have an image yet, so let's ah, look up here and say like, Mm. So, like, wallpaper. Maybe a Could you Something like Brick This who You can go with this freak for Grecia use? No, actually, she required download. Download. Wall paper, open down loans. Small paper open. Most look here and click Wall Baker, Okay. 8. Final: Okay, let's add like a, uh, a baseboard. And so we can do that pretty easily. Just by making a cube could make a big the same size at the floor skillet by 10. And, um, we'll take out the inside faces in just a minute. It was just a quick slap on peace you wouldn't. And set, though he also press I can. You, both of them. It's a put hope of an edge around them. Alright, Right. Delete that with that face. Next. All right, now we're going to connect the inside pieces so they don't look so wacky once we get it kind of set, right? Okay. Almost most there. Okay, Now we're just going toe click on these. Virgin sees these corner ones that are missing that face, and we're gonna make a new face there, man, press f, and I'll make any face that we don't have that whole anymore. Okay, It looks like the bear is pretty much done. So now you guys have finished the project. I encourage you guys to work on your own projects and see if you can create a different kind of preacher or maybe make a different room or changing up a little bit, have different colors, play around and see what you guys can create. I look forward to you guys. His creations. Thank you.